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3 Things You Can Learn from Meeting with a Medical Intuitive

A medical intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who can receive information from the body. By accessing and interpreting this information, a medical intuitive can understand what parts of the body need work.

As more people struggle to achieve total health and wellness from conventional medicine, the idea of working with a medical intuitive is highly attractive. Not only can people discover what areas need attention, but also they can nurture their whole self – mind, body, and spirit. 

If you are thinking about meeting with a medical intuitive like Jack Rourke, here are three things you can learn. 

1. You are made of energy.

Everything in the universe is made of energy, including ourselves. This means that every part of your body generates a frequency. When you’re healthy, the frequencies are able to flow freely throughout the body. However, when you come into contact with things that are bad for you, such as pollutants, toxins and bacteria, they disrupt the flow of energy. 

With a psychic reading, you can learn what parts of the body are giving off negative frequencies. Through years of experience, Jack Rourke has learned to “read” the body like a 3D holographic image. Though Jack can’t legally diagnose or prescribe treatment, his findings can be used to support your conversations with your doctor.

2. Your body can heal itself.

The body is an amazing vessel. We usually don’t give it enough credit. Society is quick to jump to over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs to “fix” their health problems. But, the body is capable of healing itself.  

As an example, when you cut your finger, it bleeds and a scab forms over so it can heal. Also, the brain monitors your body and continually checks in to see if you need your blood pressure raised, your body temperature lowered, your hormones adjusted, etc. This is why these numbers are always in flux. 

It’s clear that the mind and body are connected. When you believe that you can get better, your treatments are more effective. Additionally, you can support healing by eating clean, exercising, being mindful, thinking positive thoughts and surrounding yourself with good people. 

3. Negative emotions affect the physical body.

Abstract forms of energy play a vital role in your physical health. When you feel happy and loved, you support healing. When you feel worried and anxious, your healing is slowed or stifled as a result of the stresses your think put on your nervous system

By meeting with the best psychic in Los Angeles, you can understand your inner emotions and identify areas that need work. There are a variety of ways to promote healing, such as counseling, acupuncture, meditation, etc. 

Jack Rourke is a medical intuitive who can help you understand what’s going on with your body. To schedule a psychic reading, contact Jack today at 866-280-6888. 

Why you should consult a Medical Intuitive?

Are you suffering from persistent medical conditions? Maybe it is time for you to consult a medical psychic.

Just like with anything else, you can find a medical psychic for your health questions. A lot of people don’t know, but medical psychics do exist.

A medical psychic is the same as a medical intuitive. But a medical intuitive is not the same as an energy healer.  There are a lot of sensitive people who think they are medically intuitive. However, a great many of these individuals are actually nutritionists or doing metaphysical scans that only point out energy blockages.

What we eat is very important. Food can be healing. Energy healing is also a real thing. But, unskilled energy work in the form of reiki, sound healing, crystal work, angel therapy, and trance mediumship can make you feel uplifted, and energized and still never provide the actional insight your doctor can work with.

Medical intuition as Jack Rourke practices is a form of extrasensory perception that can discern the real state of your physical anatomy.  Because a medical intuitive reading with Jack can reveal the actual contents of your anatomy – a medical intuitive session can be very helpful and at times contribute directly to the ending of discomfort. Please understand medical intuitive session is a methodical process we outline on our medical intuitive page.  This service is not a form of entertainment. Nor is it a cure. Instead, a medical intuition methodical process intended to support your conversation with your physician.

No psychic can legally diagnose or prescribe treatment. Jack does not offer treatment or medical advice, nor does he prescribe. He does not cast spells, blame your ills on spirit attachments or entertain any metaphysical ideas commonly used by less-informed sensitives to rationalize illness as indirectly your fault.  What Jack does do is routinely serve medical professionals and clients like you who are dealing with ongoing and strange issues by providing detailed information through highly skilled medical intuitive readings to the best of his ability.

Contrary to popular belief, a medical psychic can help you discover several things about your health.

  1. You may learn insights you can use to ask better questions with your physician.
  2. You might learn why it’s safe to let your body heal itself.
  3. You may get help Identifying and neutralizing stress-inducing beliefs
  4. You might learn how to tap into and harness the energy in different parts of your body.

Jack Rourke helps many people. But if you’re unwell always seek professional medical assistance from a qualified doctor rather than a medical psychic. Trust your doctor’s expertise and get a second opinion from another medically qualified expert rather than a psychic. Jack Rourke is not a qualified doctor. He will not diagnose you. Nor will he advise you on treatment.