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5 Signs You’re Compatible with Your New Partner

Are you currently dating someone new and wondering if the relationship will go the distance? While no one has the exact answers to the future, there are some telltale signs that can tell you where your relationship is headed.

Of course, we’re referring to more than simply finding someone who is attractive and fun – we’re talking about compatibility! In fact, some experts say that compatibility is more important than love and goes a long way in creating a lifelong partnership.

Below are five signs that you and your new partner are compatible with one another. For further insight into your relationship, contact a Hollywood medium online. Jack Rourke offers relationship psychic readings to give you the answers you’re looking for. 

1. You communicate well with each other. 

Communication is important for every relationship, but it’s something that many couples struggle with. You and your partner need communication to tell each other how you feel and what you need from the relationship. Communication also keeps you connected. 

If you find that communication comes naturally in your relationship, this is a great sign. Perhaps you have a similar communication style or you’re able to disagree over things without it ending your relationship. Either way, open communication is the foundation for a healthy relationship. 

2. You care about the same things. 

It’s incredibly helpful to date someone who has the same interests and hobbies as you. This makes it easier to spend quality time together. Aside from leisure activities, it’s also good for a relationship when you care about the same things – political topics, core values, how to spend money, etc. If you can agree on these things, you’re more likely to have a long and successful future together. 

3. You don’t have to change to be loved. 

On the first few dates, it’s normal to be on your best behavior. But you should never have to change who you are based on the person you’re dating. If you have to change to receive love, then that person does not deserve you! Strong relationships are built on unconditional love, which means your partner should love you no matter what you look like or how much money you make. 

4. You can disagree or fight without ruining your relationship. 

Fighting is not a sign that your relationship is failing – as long as it’s not happening regularly! The reality is that all couples fight from time to time, especially when talking about sensitive matters like kids, money, sex or time spent at work. These “hot button” topics can strike a chord and make people defensive. 

Keep in mind how you approach these disagreements. When you’re compatible, fights don’t take on a “me vs. you” feel. It’s “us” against whatever you are dealing with. So, have the fight and find the compromise that will make both of you happy. 

5. Your relationship is easy and effortless. 

Again, the first few dates with someone might be more stressful because you’re putting your best foot forward and learning about each other. But as you settle into your relationship, it should feel easy and effortless. Your partner loves you just the way you are – and you them – and you have similar interests. Being together should feel easy and natural. 

Everyone deserves love! If you have questions about your most recent relationship, contact Jack Rourke for a love psychic reading. These readings are incredibly insightful and can help you better understand how compatible you are with your new partner. Our Hollywood psychic has appointments available now.