Psychic Predictions & the Client-Focused Method

This page explains Mr. Rourke’s Clairvoyant Foresight, why he does not provide predictions, and how & why he uses precognition differently than ordinary psychics. 

We are not a prediction service. A psychic prediction by a normal psychic is akin to, “Here’s what I ‘see’, good luck”. Presenting information as predictions is harmful to individuals. It causes grasping for the future, takes attention away from their intuitive connection with the present moment, and undermines their decision-making while also implanting harmful thoughts about the way their life “should” be.

As a helping service, Jack will not provide predictive material outside the context of your identified needs while working toward an established value-adding goal using his client-focused methods. Clients commonly think knowing the future is an anecdote to their stress. This is only true for very few rare individuals. In reality, needing to know the future is the function of anxiety, and dependence on the future makes anxiety worse. This is why Jack has developed an empowering alternative to conventional predictions called clairvoyant foresight to help his clients.

Foresight is a sophisticated psychic method for working with the future that Jack developed while working with police and intelligence services. Foresight observes future events and their context. Using contextual information Jack will help you understand your preferred timeline and your options. He will then assist you to skillfully align with your inner power and then your goals while creating an action strategy with you for achieving. Foresight is extremely useful in dealing with romantic entanglements, medical issues, business decisions, and more.

Psychic Predictions in the Media

Psychic Predictions Los Angeles – Over the last 25 years Jack Rourke has made extremely specific and very accurate psychic predictions in private appointments and on national television. His accuracy includes naming what will happen right down to the months and weeks that things occurred.

In private appointments, Jack has predicted multiple unplanned pregnancies and when pregnancies will occur as a result of fertility treatment. He has predicted court cases for clients, multinational business dealings for CEOs, and political conflicts for Congresspeople as well as other important details in the day-to-day lives of those he serves.

For the media, Mr. Rourke has provided accurate world predictions to the Associated Press, NBC, ABC, CBS, the BBC, CBC, CNN, FOX, Nipon Network, Russian State Media, Swedish Television, History and Travel Channels, and many more.

Mr. Rourke correctly predicted the outcome of The Game of Thrones finale for the TV Guide channel when Jack stated “There will be no throne at the end of Game of Thrones.” Remember, the Iron Throne was destroyed at the series end. More seriously, in 2017 Jack was featured as the top psychic in the USA by Russian State Media. During a two-part interview on Ren TV Jack predicted Russian military intervention in North Korea. Weeks later this prediction came true when Rueter’s News Service broke the story.

Another interesting set of predictions occurred in 2012 for 2013 when Jack appeared on NBC’s The Trisha Show. Jack noted the exact months a “major arrest of an Olympian” would occur and “the death of a blonde female country music star” would happen. These two time-specific predictions turned out to be South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius who murdered his companion, and an American country music star who sadly succumbed to suicide. Going way back, Jack made many accurate predictions while being interviewed by the Associated Press. Most notably:

  • In 2006 for 2007 Jack predicted a collision between a U.S. submarine and what he described as a “Chinese oil tanker” off the coast of Africa. Two months later this prediction turned out to be a collision between a Japanese supertanker and the American naval submarine the USS Newport News.
  • Then, in 2007 for 2008: Mr. Rourke predicted the August 2008 invasion of the Republic of Georgia by Russian troops.

World predictions are entertainment. Jack does not make predictions for private clients. Please keep reading to learn more about our client-focused foresight and how it can help you.

What are Psychic Predictions?

Psychic predictions are the direct intuitive knowledge of future events either via clairvoyance or similar felt sense. Precognition is very real. But, in the hands of an unskilled practitioner, psychic predictions are a self-aggrandizing activity for the psychic and potentially harmful to the client who innocently seeks them out. This is why after 30 years working as a professional psychic and spiritual counselor, Jack Rourke provides predictive material very carefully and in a very specific way only to help you.

Psychic Predictions Formatted as Entertainment are NOT Helpful

The common way psychics tell the future is to predict what will happen to you. Under these circumstances, the future is the subject of the psychic reading and you are the observing object. The future then, is what happens to you the observer. This format of passively receiving information about the future is structured as entertainment.

The pleasure of witnessing the future without having to do anything to create that future to experience it is what makes psychic predictions a form of entertainment. People love to hear predictions as an entertaining narrative of what’s to come. They enjoy reacting to the future positively. Entertaining predictions also provide hope the future will be what we want. But without careful attention to context and the influence of your decision-making power, predictions as something you witness can be harmful.

Conventional psychic predictions wrongly reinforce a falsehood that life is happening “at” you rather than through you and for you. Passively receiving psychic predictions might leave one feeling victimized by circumstances and negate your creative control.

Predictions formatted as entertainment where a psychic just tells you whatever they see, also irresponsibly leaves the interpretation of the foreseen details to the client. This is dangerous. Clients cannot witness directly what the psychic experienced. Therefore they have no context for the prediction they received. Nor do they have experience processing or interpreting precognitive extrasensory information. For these reasons and others, unskillful psychic predictions can trigger confusion, choice paralysis, self-doubt, anxiety and even destabilizing overwhelm in clients. This is why Jack does not give general psychic readings formatted as entertainment where he “tells people whatever he sees.”

Psychic Predictions Require Expertise

Offering psychic predictions is serious business. Giving predictions requires the psychic to accept responsibility for helping the client process the prediction and then integrate that knowledge into their decision-making in harmony with their values, needs, goals, and personal capabilities.

Most psychics do not understand the professional responsibility giving predictions requires. But, Los Angeles psychic Jack Rourke is an expert at using psychic predictions. He deeply understands that seeking predictions is either an attempt to optimize decision-making or manage feelings in one of two ways. Predictions are either a client’s attempt to neutralize anxiety due to worry about the future or acquire uplifting news about the future to have something positive to look forward to.

Since seeking predictions can be a way to emotionally manage one’s relationship to the future our psychic appointments do not supply predictions formatted as entertainment as is most common.

As a skilled professional with 30 years of experience, Jack understands that leaning on the future as the source of one’s well-being is self-abandonment. And that, depending on the future for stability is the number one cause of anxiety. It is for these reasons and others that Jack provides an extremely helpful precognitive service called client-focused foresight. 

A Closer Look at Client-focused Foresight

What is client-focused foresight? Imagine having a friend who could clairvoyantly time-travel to the future to bring back circumstantial details holding the issues you are most concerned about. Then, describe the information in a way that helps you make your decisions in a manner consistent with who you want to be and what you want to achieve. This is client-focused foresight.

Client-focused foresight is the exact extrasensory method Jack has developed and employed over thirty years of working successfully with doctors, surgeons, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals. “Client-focused” means rather than focusing on or demonstrating entertaining connections to the beyond, angels, spirit guides, or other mystical beings, Jack’s sole focus is on serving you and your needs practically here and now in real-world ways.

With private clients, Jack uses client-focused foresight to provide extremely helpful guidance that is specific to your situation. Examples of such guidance are foreseeing specific medical issues, corporate merges, and personal interactions impacting romantic relationships in a way that uniquely empowers your decision-making while preparing you for what will come.

Unlike conventional psychics, Jack does not tell you what will happen next week or next year as if you are a victim of your circumstances with no ability to influence what you experience moving forward. Instead, he listens to your needs and helps you clarify your goals. Then he provides actionable guidance on how to achieve your goals and fulfill your needs in response to what he experiences while mystically moving down the timeline on your behalf.

If Mr. Rourke sees a future event you need to know about he will tell you. Keep in mind that predictive material is offered solely at Jack’s discretion and is given to you only as a measurement of exactly where your compass is pointed at that moment.

Every prediction is only a metric. This means that when predictive material is supplied Jack is giving you notice where your compass is pointed and where you are headed right that second. The future is fluid and requires you to take action. If you like where you are going then you must make decisions that stay that course. If you do not like where you are headed then, the information supplied as a prediction is for you to use to change directions by making new decisions.

Jack will do everything he can to interpret and explain what his clairvoyance reveals so you can benefit and act in harmony with your goals and values moving forward. But, it is your responsibility to use predictive material wisely.

Using predictive material wisely means letting go of the notion you need to watch out for your prediction to come true before taking action. This is like waiting to see how the movie ends before making your decision. Do not sit back and wait to see if what was predicted comes true. Why? Because the purpose of our service is not to provide predictions for you to marvel at as if it were entertainment. Our service is to give you a heads-up so you can take action.

Client-focused predictive information is NOT offered to uplift you, validate your opinions, or make you happy. Our goal is only to empower you with actionable information in response to your questions so you can make empowered decisions.

Please understand that simply making you aware of a future event, can change the sequential circumstances that produce the forecasted event. Why? Because the information we supply interrupts the formation of events based on your old assumptions and their associated feelings and actions. Everything, you do, think, feel, and say influences the outcomes you experience moment by moment moving forward. Our goal is to make you conscious of this process so you can collaborate with it effectively.

psychic predictions Los Angeles“Life is not happening to us. The universe is always flowing through us, working for us, in response to the contents of our character and our karma. To harmonize with life we must harness our creativity. So, for predictive material to be truly helpful, a psychic must understand how we experience our lives is in our control. My client-focused psychic method provides for this truth and supports our growth and liberation.” – Jack Rourke

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Psychic Predictions Summary
  1. We do not offer conventional psychic readings similar to what you might have experienced in the past or seen on TV. We do not provide conventional psychic readings because conventional psychic readings are not formatted to help you. Instead, they are designed to impress you or make you feel better. A conventional psychic reading is when you remain quiet while the psychic provides general information as a kind of performance. A conventional psychic reading is also one when uplifting messages are provided as an entertaining metaphysical experience to portray a belief system, satisfy curiosity, or demonstrate or prove ESP as real by offering a magical feeling of connection. Mr. Rourke serves a higher purpose. His psychic sessions are strictly organized to target, address, and help resolve your most important personal, interpersonal and spiritual concerns in very specific ways. He does not give predictions for the sake of just telling you what might happen in the future.
  2. Your appointment will be organized to meet your needs using your specific questions and concerns. Because our goal is to help you, please understand this means that in many ways you will be the focus of the appointment, not the future and not the beyond. Although your appointment will likely stray into unplanned topics, Mr. Rourke will ask for your specific questions. It is best to have them ready. Please note that the highly attentive personal style of our work is what makes our psychic appointments so effective. But people who are not actually seeking help can be made very uncomfortable with the vulnerability they feel as a result of our highly personalized psychic methods.       
  3. We are not a prediction service. Predictions are a normal part of every psychic session. But they are never the purpose of an appointment. Predictions are only offered as a way to provide insight and guidance while addressing a need in accordance with Mr. Rourke’s client-focused methods.
  4. We require our clients to enter their appointments how they would with any mainstream professional whose job is to confidentially help them. This means deferring to our methods, Mr. Rourke’s expertise while being candid about why the appointment was made and the assistance you are seeking. When clients are considering whether to schedule with us, we ask them to think of our service as one that provides for their healthcare or well-being. You do not schedule with a doctor just to experience how they work and what they might tell you. You set an appointment to get help with a problem.