Psychic abilities have captivated humans for centuries. From ancient oracles to modern-day mediums, there are countless people who say they can see the future, communicate with the dead, or perceive events through extrasensory means. But are these people actually real? This article will teach you why some psychics are very real and how a good psychic might help you.

Psychics do not really know things magically. In a way, we only “remember” extrasensory details by calling them into awareness from where they are stored outside the personal brain. – Jack Rourke


Forty Percent of American Say Yes to Are Psychics Real

Ask yourself, “Are psychics real”? If your answer is yes, or, you are at least curious if psychics are real, then you are in good company!

According to pew research, roughly six-in-ten American adults accept new Age beliefs. Specifically, four-in-ten believe in psychics and that spiritual energy can be found in physical objects.  

Why You Can say Yes to Are Psychics Real

The Rational Psychic

On the surface, the existence of psychic power seems to defy the laws of science and reason. However, Jack Rourke, author of The Rational Psychic  explains that psychic power only seems unreasonable because it is wrongly thought to be a supernatural force only special people wield. Psychic power, according to Rourke, is not a magical ability. Psychic power describes a process. Let’s look more closely at what he says this process is.

To understand what psychic power is, it is helpful to define the words psychic and power separately. Power, when associated with extrasensory perception, is a bioelectric emanation of the human nervous system. Think of power in this metaphysical context as electricity passing through your nerves and radiating outward creating a glowing halo around your body.

Now, as we turn attention to the word psychic in relation to “psychic power”, consider the word psychic as a descriptor indicating the mental and emotional origins of the “power” flowing through your nervous system. Psychic Power then, is nothing more than your mental and emotional bioelectric output how-ever it is influenced by the qualities of your thoughts and feelings.

Next, let’s define the word psychic as it relates to a person who can sense psychic power. Here the word psychic just indicates someone who can attune to and empathically experience the mental and emotional vibrations of others, and then  factually understand them. This process is like a television that receives a signal and then translates it into objectively accurate and meaningful images and sound – independent of the five physical senses. 

If what you have read so far seems too fantastic, please keep reading. The answer to the question are psychics real is yes. But not for the supernatural reasons many would have you believe.

Psychic Perception Shapes Your Worldview Everyday

It is important to separate metaphyseal beliefs that pretend to validate psychics from practical examples of psychic functioning is at a basic level. By looking closely at the above explanations for what psychic power is, and who a psychic is, you can see that all human beings are psychic to a small degree. For example, you feel and interpret the energetic output of others empathically every time you make an assumption based on your responses to gut feelings people in your life.

Making a snap judgment about someone based on a felt sense demonstrates how natural feeling and interpreting the energetic output of others is. In fact, human beings sense and respond to each other’s nervous systems everyday. You might feel your friend or partner’s mood shift. You may also feel something is not right when you walk into a room after an argument. And, it is a beautifully common for loved ones to finish each other’s sentences or provide for one another intuitively without the other needing to ask. These are all examples of feeling and responding to emanations from the nervous systems of others.

How Psychics Perceive Information Differently than Most

When imagining a “real psychic” most people are curious about more supernatural forms of sensing such as speaking with the departed or observing the past or future accurately. But again, to understand how such things are possible, you need to first learn the basics of ESP.  The more “fantastic” forms of ESP are simply the basics applied for achieving more seemingly supernatural outcomes. So, let’s look more closely at how highly sensitive people perceive information differently than non-psychics in a way that leads to what is commonly thought of as psychic.

Fundamentally speaking, a psychic person is unique in two ways. Number one, they tend to be more sensitive to the nervous systems of others in general. And two, psychics are more consciously attuned to deeper meanings and literal patterns of information deep within and behind logical thoughts and associations informed by the five physical senses.

By the strictest definition, psychic perception is a process by which one can discern objectively verifiable information independent of the five physical senses. Independent of the five physical senses just means information that can be observed and is not sourced from the physical senses. For example, information that is not sourced from the physical senses means, data that is not derived from light passing into the eyes. Nor sound waves impacting the ear drums. Instead, psychic perception is the direct observation of information resulting from a nonphysical transfer of “energy” between the “outer” environment and psychic’s subconscious. 

Are Psychics Real by Seeing into the Mind

For a psychic to accurately attune to the pictures accessible via their mind, they must first openly feel through their heart center. Why? Because the mind is what animates the contents of the heart’s felt experience into imagery.

Claiming a psychic can peer into the mind to gain objective facts is admittedly strange. But have you ever noticed inner sights and sounds that play like a movie in your mind? This activity is always happening. Even when you are not paying attention to it. And, what you likely do not know, is behind this movie is a staging area deep within the subconscious. A place that contains extrasensory information that has nothing to do with you personally at all.

Here is the main ways psychic people can witness extrasensory information and non-psychic people cannot. Non-psychic people do not notice they possess an impersonal reservoir of information within their mind. These details are invisible because they have not been conditioned to witness the deeper regions of their subconscious.

Conventionally sensing people cannot witness extrasensory information because they cannot observe mental regions beyond linear logical thought. Instead, they are attached to surface opinions, prejudices, and preferences, as well as reactions to ideas, and emotions that support their individual identity and worldview. Likewise, there are many people who claim to be psychic but do not really know what ESP is. These individuals are attached to their image as a psychic and all the beliefs they think makes them psychic. But psychic power and extrasensory perception are not belief systems. Together they are a paradox. Extrasensory perception is a naturally occurring phenomena. While psychic perception is a condition where your mind operates in an other than ordinary way.

Are Psychics Real? ..Yes, and here’s how they work

When the average person forms an opinion based on a response to someone’s “vibe” they focus mentally on what they think they know. A psychic is different. A psychic can direct attention beyond thought into the subconscious where data are arranged prior to their forming coherent patterns of ego affirming information that is consciously known. Put more succinctly, a skilled seer does not just pay attention to what they think but rather how thoughts form. By observing how thoughts form, the psychic can recognize sensory information within the staging area below conscious awareness that contains both personal sensory perceptions and impersonal extrasensory impressions. 

The abstract impressions deep within the subconscious both contain transpersonal artifacts that make ESP possible. Transpersonal artifacts, according to Jack Rourke, are mental and emotional details encoded within the “energy” empathically consumed as the psychic power radiating from the nervous systems of other people and the environment. These impressions are not unlike the cellular memories encountered by transplant patients when they recall events, habits or dietary preferences from the organ donor’s life.

So, you can now see that psychics do not really know things magically. In a way, they only “remember” extrasensory details by calling them into awareness from where they are stored outside their personal brain. With discipline, time, and practice, the ability to focus within and observe impersonal information is what can lead to a second way of experiencing life other than how the five physical senses uses the brain to create an individual worldview. This fundamental process is why you can answer yes to the question, are psychics real?

Three Ways a Good Psychic can really Help You

Are Psychics RealJack Rourke teaches that Love as a psychic power is the magnetism that holds the human experience in balance relationally. The only reason believing psychics are real is difficult according to Rourke, is too many people who identify as psychic fracture community. “Paranormal enthusiasts routinely inflate their personal significance or attempt to influence others using supposedly secret knowledge, presumably acquired by psychic perception for their personal benefit. This is not psychic.”

Jack Rourke is strict. He affirms it does not matter how sensitive or accurate a person is. What makes a true psychic is possessing the ability to selflessly serve others. Below are three examples how a genuine psychic can use extrasensory perception to help you.

1. Empower a client with fact-based actionable information they can use to make real life decisions of consequence during a career psychic reading.

2. Provide anatomically accurate medical intuitive information a client can use to better communicate with their doctor to resolve health concerns.

3. Illuminate convoluted interpersonal matters during love and relationship psychic readings to relieve client heartache, end confusion, and support self care. 

Where to find a real psychic?

When you are looking for a real psychic  it is best to get a referral from a trusted friend who has had a good experience with a psychic. But, do you research. Your friend might have different needs than you. What they think a good psychic is will b dependent on their needs not yours. So, even with a trusted referral, always investigate if the psychic they suggest is best for your needs. Remember, you should only schedule with a psychic who works how you want and for the purpose you need. This is the only way to ensure your fulfillment.☼

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