Confessions of a Hollywood Psychic: Three things celebrities ask psychic advisors

Confessions of a Hollywood Psychic : Jack Rourke

With the success of Hollywood Medium starring Tyler Henry America is once again excited about spirit communication and the phenomena of ESP. But what’s life like for a real working psychic in Hollywood and what do celebrities really want to know from their spiritual advisors?

Los Angeles is a growing metropolis that is wonderfully diverse in its people and artistic culture. A short time ago in fact I was seated next to the editor of a swanky magazine at a cocktail party overlooking the Sunset Strip. It was a lovely gathering of a dozen or more interesting people, most of whom were artists and entertainment professionals. The conversation was animated and at times raucous. And while we sipped our drinks tourists craned their necks to glance at the many loud and famous faces among our party. Sounds terribly cliché yet quintessentially Hollywood doesn’t it?

Being a Hollywood psychic, meaning I just happen to reside in the Hollywood district in Los Angeles, I seldom confess what it is I actually do for a living. When asked about my vocation I tell people I’m an author. Or I say, “Oh, I’m a consultant”. And since there are plenty of freelancers in Los Angeles whose jobs defy clear description, ambiguity is thankfully easy to affect.

I don’t mean to mislead you. I’m proud of my work and grateful for the appreciation of my many clients. I avoid talking about my work simply because it’s a way to remain professionally discreet and personally humble. If I’m honest though, I’m also vague about my job because so few possess a spiritually sound fundamental understanding of what healthy service-oriented ESP really is. Moreover, after twenty years working as a professional clairvoyant in Los Angeles, sometimes I need a reprieve from the occasional eye-rolls and veiled condescension of misinformed “civilians” when the topic of ESP is broached.

So there I was actually being social rather than working with clients when out of the blue our host prompted the magazine editor seated next to me to ask what I do for a living. In response, I offered one of my well-rehearsed deflections and it worked like a charm! I said I was a consultant who did some writing. The magazine woman’s eyes quickly glazed over with polite disinterest. Inside my head, I exhaled a sweet sigh of relief. But just when I thought I was out of the woods our host exposed my truth. “Jack is a famous psychic”, she exclaimed. And the entire table stopped talking and turned toward me.

Without warning the formerly buttoned-up woman next to me became emotional and asked if I could talk to her dead dog. I confess I felt a little put off by her request. That said, I had lost my dog the summer before so by no means was I unsympathetic. I was positively grief stricken by my Lucy’s passing.  It’s just that talking to invisible pets simply isn’t something I do. So after a short reassuring conversation I turned my attention back to the group.

The rest of our party was ordering more cocktails but soon they too began peppering me with questions about psychic abilities and more specifically celebrities. Do I have any secret movie star gossip? Have I ever read for the Kardashians? I told them to check out US Magazine where Kim Kardashian was quoted claiming a psychic told her she would have twins in 2018. To their collective disappointment, I do not discuss who my clients are or what we may have shared during private sessions. In fact, I turned down an appearance on Good Morning Australia because they wanted celebrity predictions from me. Similarly, I was once ridiculed during a taping of an NBC talk show for refusing to include celebrity chatter in the New Years’ predictions I was hired to foretell. I got the last laugh though. Within two months several of my predictions came true. Most notable was the murder perpetrated by Oscar Pistorius. The producers contacted me after the fact to inquire if I might come back on to discuss the case. I declined.

“Psychics are a lot like attorneys. Everyone mocks them until they need one”.

Psychic-mediums intrigue television audiences and inspire good ratings. By and large paranormalists also love attention and speak easily about themselves making it easy to recruit them for TV shows much to their own detriment. Extrasensory people are largely misrepresented in the media as self serving and illogical and we have no one to blame but ourselves. So I understand why the public can be cynical and sometimes downright condemning concerning ESP. VOGUE magazine even did an intriguing expose asking “Why do people become addicted to psychics?” All this being said, the truth is most psychics I know are sincere professionals who provide meaningful and often life-changing support to smart sensible people without any acclaim whatsoever.

I’ve come to accept that being looked down upon and misunderstood occasionally is just part of life as a psychic. We, psychics, are a lot like attorneys. Everyone mocks them until they need one. Word of warning though, be careful who you make fun of in Hollywood. It’s a very small community. Psychics may be fun to laugh at but like many of my colleagues, my clients include more than just famous faces. I serve agents, lawyers, casting associates directors, producers as well as the wives, mistresses, prostitutes, parents, brothers, sisters, and children of key Los Angeles players. We, psychics, hear many secrets and more importantly, have both the opportunity and the ability to see beyond carefully crafted public personas.

I don’t mean to give the impression I lead a glamorous life. I certainly do not. However, let me tell you another story from a year or so ago when I was the guest at yet another insider party. It will illustrate very clearly just how small Hollywood is for a psychic like me.

Good fortune had landed me an invite to an exclusive get-together at a beautiful home in an upscale section of Beverly Hills. Truthfully I knew virtually no one at this event despite feeling surrounded by acquaintances. It was only after I absentmindedly struck up a conversation with someone I swore I knew that I realized, much to my own embarrassment, that I only knew the man from my TV. Needless to say the crowd was filled with many recognizable faces from both the big and small screens.

After years of training and practice, I will almost never get a spontaneous psychic impression in social situations. Somehow though, on this occasion, I suddenly felt a very familiar presence that caused me alarm in a very psychic-like way. I was reaching for an hors d’oeuvre when a particular celebrity stood out from the crowd as if some cosmic force was shining a light down upon their person. This experience unnerved me by making me feel strangely conspicuous. After nearly knocking the serving tray out of the poor waiter’s hand, I caught a grip of myself when it occurred to me this celebrity had no idea who I was.

I felt noticeable because over the previous months I had conducted multiple psychic readings for the aforementioned celebrity’s live-in romantic partner and the person this individual was cheating with. Both lovers had found out about one another and if you can imagine, turned to me to assist them to process their dysfunctional relationship with said celebrity.

Psychically entering the private space of this famed actor revealed a great deal. The kind of stuff gossip rags drool over. But as a Hollywood psychic my number one job is to create a confidential and secure space wherein clients feel safe letting their guards down. I call this holding space. Creating trust and privacy this way allows for a timeout where empathy and meaningful extrasensory insights can lead to liberating growth and great personal realizations. Often times I forget what’s said during a reading because I’m operating in an altered state. However, on this night everything came back to me. All the confidential facts both shared and gleaned during my multiple sessions with the jilted ex-lovers.

“Oddly, the more scorned I feel the more it indicates how unseen I really am. And weirdly, this makes me feel safe.”

As I’ve said, confidentiality is the key to providing professional quality psychic service. So, unfortunately, sometimes as a professional seer, you just have to let people think your work falls somewhere between circus performer and charlatan. It sucks honestly. And it’s emotionally a burden sometimes, but being misunderstood as a psychic is something I’ve learned to deal with.

When I feel disrespected I use demoralizing sensations as a source for cultivating humility. In truth, I’ve found ridicule can also be fuel for generating compassion and personal dignity. I’ve come to recognize that the more scorned I feel the more it indicates how unseen I really am. And weirdly, this makes me feel safe. I confess though, meeting the aforementioned two-timing actor challenged all the transformative “skill” I developed by dealing with ridicule.

Later that evening, the actor (or actress) I’m speaking of and I, was part of a group of people talking on a beautiful patio. And although I’ve concealed and altered any distinguishing details I’ll confess this person is known for their snarky sense of humor. So when it finally came out that I was a Hollywood psychic the snide remarks started.

The people in our company began chuckling at my expense – rather obnoxiously I might add perhaps bending to celebrity pressure. I’ll concede the remarks were funny at first but over time they got old fast. Truthfully it wasn’t long before I was pissed. I felt demeaned by a person who I knew for a fact was responsible for tremendous hurt. Someone who was at that time actively waging a public relations campaign based on a lie. Yet still, I smiled and I took the insults. This was not me taking the high road. I simultaneously felt disingenuous for not standing up for myself and disappointed for having a bigger ego than I was previously willing to admit.

“True clairvoyance is seeing through illusion.”

Later that evening I found myself alone, face to face in the kitchen with the actor who repeatedly insulted me. It was time to refresh my drink and we both reached for the same bottle of wine. Feigning politeness, I silently gestured I’d wait my turn. But when this individual handed me the bottle they caught me day-dreaming. In my head, I was playing out a scenario where I exposed this person’s secrets inflicting upon them the pain I felt as a result of their sarcasm. I was only roused from my imagination by their animated cough. I looked over and our eyes met…Then something curious occurred. My mind went completely blank and a pregnant pause hung in the air like a ghost… The dickhead who I felt attacked me an hour prior vanished along with any sense of fame, wealth, or acrimony. All I saw in the eyes staring into mine was softness. Here was someone who was really afraid of being seen for how fragile, false, and addicted they really were. None of the insults thrown in my direction were personal. I was profoundly humbled.

True clairvoyance is seeing through illusion. To achieve this level of equanimity though, we must first shy away from both liking and disliking – approving and disapproving so that we can walk a middle path and be with life as it actually is. Included in this practice is a willingness too, to feel your vulnerability as well as that of others.

Celebrities are just people – flawed, innocent, sometimes sad, and sometimes joyful people like you and me. So what do famous people ask their psychics? They want to know if their children are healthy. They want guidance on loving and being loved. And they inquire about their business dealings like everyone else. But the most gifted of them all seek counsel on how to be more completely human in a life that forces artifice upon them.

Hollywood Psychics: Questions Celebrities Ask

Whether you’re a celebrity or someone working outside the spotlight, largely, we all have the same dreams and aspirations. We want our children to be happy and healthy. And, sometimes there are decisions to be made and heartaches that need attending to.

As a thirty-year Hollywood resident, with decades spent building client relationships inside the entertainment business, you can be sure Jack knows a secret or two. Perhaps the biggest is that even the rich and powerful at times rely on psychic counsel.

Mr. Rourke always gets asked about his celebrity clientele. But he has never and will never reveal who they are. Nor trade on their positions of power – much to the irrigation of many television talk show hosts.

For fun, because, people get intrigued by celebrities. We have made a list of possible questions a celebrity might ask their favorite Hollywood psychic.

  1. What is my career trajectory in the film industry?
  2. Will I get the role?
  3. Do I have any real friends?
  4. Will I ever get married? Or, will my marriage survive Hollywood?
  5. Is my lawyer, the studio, this contract right for my long-term goals.

The list of questions could truly be endless. You can see Hollywood psychics are not that different from other psychics per se. Jack Rourke is just unique because he is trusted. He is on the inside. And, his advice and projections have a long track record of selfless helping those who so many want so much from. Maybe he is trusted so much because in the world of extrasensory perception he too has been recognized as the one true Hollywood psychic who really makes a difference.


Jack Rourke is the author of The Rational Psychic a Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception and a well-known Los Angeles psychic. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, Fox, SyFy, the History and Travel Channels, and more. For additional information visit: