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How to Discover Your Authentic Self

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Do you feel that after years of trying to please others, you’ve lost yourself in the process? “Being yourself” sounds easy. All you have to do is get up in the mornings and do what you want, with no fear of how others will think of you. However, this isn’t the way the world works. All too often, we find ourselves changing our authentic selves so that we can be accepted by others. In the process, we lose who we are as individuals. 

Is there a way that you can take a step back and discover your true self? Yes, and we’re here to show you how this can be done. 

Discovering Your Authentic Self is an Ongoing Process 

It’s normal to have different variations of yourself. You might act one way in front of your coworkers and another way in front of your spouse. But, this isn’t what being “authentic” is about. It’s about being honest, self-aware and humble. By being open to who you truly are, you must be able to take feedback from others and recognize your changing identity. Here are some steps to doing so. 

  • Look at your backstory. We all come with a “story.” Take a look at your backstory and how life’s events have shaped you as a person. What was your childhood like? How do you handle new situations? You can do this in your head, during a visit with a psychic in Los Angeles or in a journal. 
  • Think critically. Being authentic means that you consider all facts and form your own opinions without letting others influence you. To do this, you must learn to think critically. Train yourself to look at situations with an open mind. Ask questions and pay attention to details.
  • Reassess your goals. Where do YOU want to end up in your life? Your values and goals will change over time, but they should be based on what’s important to you – not what’s important to others. Talking with a Los Angeles psychic can help you uncover what really matters to you. 
  • Be honest. Honesty isn’t always easy, but it builds trust and openness in relationships. It also allows you to share information consistently. Of course, you’ll need to balance honesty and speaking without filters. 
  • Give yourself space. It’s hard to find your authentic self when you’re surrounded by other people, especially those who project their feelings onto you. Be sure to set time aside for yourself so that you can address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Benefits of Being True to Yourself 

It’s not always easy to be yourself, especially in a world that is fixated on stereotypes, comparisons and bullying – all of which takes place on social media. But, the fact that you’re looking to unearth yourself shows that you are open to facing your truths and forming your own opinions. Here are the benefits to enjoy by being true to yourself.

  • Increased happiness 
  • Stronger friendships 
  • Boosted confidence
  • Less self-doubt
  • No need to “prove” yourself to others  
  • Ability to inspire others 
  • Better decisions made for your life 

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