Jack Rourke is a credentialed clergy and devout spiritual practitioner whose best-selling book “The Rational Psychic” changed the public discourse around extrasensory perception. Jack is also a teacher and mentor to hundreds of psychics worldwide. As an internationally recognized psychic expert, Mr. Rourke provides a sophisticated client-focused™ extrasensory service that is deliberately formatted to help those in need.  He does not provide general psychic or intuitive readings to demonstrate or prove ESP is real. Nor does he conduct the most common form of psychic readings to inspire mystical feelings in people the way most psychics and mediums do. Jack is a master psychic who professionally uses ESP to counsel and help people.

This page will teach you what a general psychic reading is and why they are not truly helpful, and sometimes even harmful, in Mr. Rourke’s informed opinion.

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Ordinary psychics and mediums might want their readings to benefit you the client. But, their primary objective is actually only to offer you an experience of their connection to the beyond. 

Why General Psychic Readings are not helpful

General psychic readings can be harmful and are often not helpful long-term for two basic reasons.  First, most psychics and mediums report they serve “Spirit” or “the Beyond”. This means any benefit a client derives from their session is secondary. Under these circumstances, the client is just a witness to what the psychic does. But what the client does not know, and most psychics have great difficulty admitting, is that general psychic readings are really structured to validate the psychic’s identity while covertly providing for their personal needs.

The second fundamental reason general psychic readings are not helpful to clients in real need is the session dynamic of the general psychic reading. During general psychic readings, the client acts as a witness while the psychic performs. This too is problematic.

When a psychic reading is set up like a performance it wrongly emulates and reinforces the falsehood that life happens to you – rather than through you and for you in response to your decisions and feelings. A helpful psychic reading is a process where the psychic-to-client interaction functions as a healing relationship influenced by skillfully applied extrasensory perception. This is why, when you need real psychic help with real-world issues – you must seek a professional whose skillset is beyond a general psychic reading.

What is a General Psychic Reading

General psychic readings are the most common form of psychic reading even though they are unskillful and functionally unhelpful.

A general psychic reading is when a psychic tells you whatever they see while you agree or disagree for no specific purpose other than hoping to hear or witness something that inspires a mystical sense one is communing with the beyond.

The reason general psychic readings are the most common form of psychic reading is this. Even when impressive, general psychic readings require little if any skill. Emotionally fragmented people, those with a predisposition toward heightened sensitivity or those with very little training can access information through their minds in general ways that seem to be paranormal or psychic. Such random perception is like inviting a strange into your home to flick through your TV channels just to tell you what’s on.

Because general psychic readings do not require much skill, it is why many sensitive people report being natural psychics. Or, psychic since birth. Being naturally psychic is imagined to be supernatural and thereby wrongly implies such an individual is especially gifted. Nothing is farther from the truth.

The true reason extrasensory perception is commonplace among certain kinds of people is ESP results from a conditioning process. For some people, the conditioning is how their childhood home unknowingly predisposed them toward extrasensory capabilities. Others who claim natural psychic ability may have always been fascinated by mystical things and learned to perceive themselves as psychic. Still, others take classes and come to understand themselves as psychic because of how their beliefs condition them toward accepting a psychic persona. Needless to say, what’s described here is not a complete list of how people come to know themselves as psychics. What is important to know is that after one identifies as psychic the way to reinforce that belief is by performing general psychic readings.

General Psychic Readings reinforce Egoic function

What can make general psychic reading most harmful is the assumption they are spiritual.  This is not an article on spirituality. But, suffice it to say genuine spiritual practice undermines and dissolves the ego while general psychic readings serve the ego of the psychic by aggrandizing them and the observer of the psychic reading by placating their attachments to emotional bypassing and desire.

For example, when a psychic exhibits impressive ESP the natural reaction is to note how amazing that individual is. Likewise, general psychic readings where the client sits in judgment evaluating the “realness” of a psychic, do so without any informed subjective awareness of what ESP is or how it works other than how it validates the observing ego’s feelings or point of view. Under these circumstances, the client is critical rather than soft and open. Conversely, clients may be too eager to feel a spiritual connection, lower their boundaries and then psychologically enmesh with the psychic to create spiritual feelings of “connection”. These co-dependent dynamics are potentially harmful.

General psychic readings serve the ego, dissolve boundaries, negate accountability, and undermine rational decision-making thereby making clients susceptible to coercion. Client suggestibility might be relatively harmless as is the case when a psychic reinforces what a client likes or believes to be true. But when general psychic readings covertly serve the ego, it is very easy for even well-meaning psychics to slide into malpractice similar to how unscrupulous “psychics” encourage belief in illogical or even detrimental metaphysical concepts.

General Psychic Readings are not intended to help clients

Psychic readings impact people’s mindsets and influence how people feel. This is why general psychic readings are fraught with risk. And, it is why you should only work with a psychic who is capable of understanding their psychic responsibility while providing for your well-being rather than advocating for a metaphysical belief system.

But, here is what you really need to know. By design, general psychic readings are only psychic training exercises. General psychic readings are not supposed to help the client. You probably did not know this. But, this all-too-common presentational style of psychic perception is how young psychics are taught to trust their intuitive knowing. Young psychics repeat what they see, sense, and feel subjective to their sitter and then seek external validation by asking the client if they are correct.  At issue is the fact that general psychic readings as teaching tools are not designed to help anyone other than the psychic.

Any stress-reducing amazement the client experiences as an uplifting “feeling of connection” as a result of witnessing a general psychic reading is only temporary and a source of secondary gain for the psychics. How do psychics benefit secondarily you might ask?  The feelings of psychic connection that occur during general psychic readings uplift and reduce stress for both the client and the psychic.

The real hard truth is, most psychics, no matter how accurate, do not advance beyond the novice stage of using general readings to amaze others and unknowingly serve themselves by emboldening their personal ego-identity as a psychic. This is why general psychic readings are not the best option for those seeking authentic spiritual assistance or real help with real-world issues.


General psychic readings are not structured to be helpful long-term and are fraught with risk. It does not matter how accurate a psychic is. What must be understood is psychism is a mental phenomenon that requires a skilled spiritual practitioner to be truly helpful. Conducting general psychic readings doe snot permit a psychic to evolve spiritually because they are dependent on mental concepts that confirm their ego in the form of being psychic.

Yes, general psychic readings can be fun and uplifting. But that’s part of the problem. The magical feelings associated with general psychic readings can be addictive. This is actually another serious concern according to Jack. A general psychic reading can create dependence causing people to chase the stress-relieving high of talking with a psychic. What is this helpful high that people chase?

The magical high people attempt to acquire from psychics results from participating in a general psychic reading. General psychic readings include psychological enmeshment. This shared mind state produces feelings of false intimacy and magical feelings of “spiritual connection” when conjoined with ESP. Here is another problem. Although general psychic readings feel spiritual, general psychic readings, are not spiritual interactions by the strictest ego-dissolving definition.

General psychic readings are only mental actions. The uplifting feelings gained from general psychic readings, which are commonly thought of as spiritual, actually result from your boundaries becoming entangled with the psychic. This is what enmeshment feels like. Enmeshment can feel euphoric. It’s why codependent romance is so appealing in the beginning and even addictive. So addictive in fact, that the sensations of enmeshment that occur during general psychic readings commonly inspire a psychological phenomenon called “spiritual bypassing”.

General Psychic Readings and Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing is a feel-good yet harmful coping mechanism unskilled psychics accidentally trigger in their clients which helps the psychic & client both release stress and avoid uncomfortable circumstances. Such an encounter is not spiritual. It resolves nothing. Does not last, and does not genuinely contribute to your spiritual evolution. In fact, spiritual bypassing during a general psychic reading can be a covertly selfish mental intrusion into your boundaries. Where the psychic uses their “natural psychic ability” to create a paranormal experience to impress you for the sole benefit of emboldening their psychic persona. This is a process that ultimately only serves the psychic’s ego.

Unlike many who offer general psychic readings, Jack Rourke is a skilled and devout spiritual professional. His service does not rely on paranormally stimulating your energy field or sentimental coercion that triggers spiritual bypassing. The benefit for you is this. Where the effect of a general psychic reading wears off in a few days, Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ sessions can have a profound practical and spiritual impact on your life that is permanent.

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