Jack Rourke is an internationally renowned Los Angeles psychic, spiritual teacher and bestselling author with scientifically proven psychic abilities that enable him to offer transformational guidance to his clients. He can help you regain control over your career, relationship, and life with his actionable client-focused™ psychic readings and intuitive foresight.

Los Angeles psychic Jack Rourke is more than a professional psychic reader

Every psychic possesses a set of unique skills that make them best at what they do. But not all psychics have the experience or spiritual capacity to adapt what they see to fulfill their client’s needs or provide solutions for their lives. This is the difference between a good psychic and a true professional. A professional psychic can selflessly serve the wellbeing of his or her clients. Jack Rourke is more than a professional psychic. He is a master seer devoted to spiritually serving those in need.

What makes Jack an especially gifted seer is his rare form of clairvoyance. Most psychics can in varying degrees can view exclusive information through their mind’s eye. Jack Rourke’s clairvoyance is special because his extrasensory perception holographically immersive.

Jack’s clairvoyance allows him to see extrasensory information objectively as if it is outside of him in the environment. This especially rare capability is what allows Jack to so accurately perceive the human anatomy as a medical intuitive, or view crime scenes as if he is witnessing the crime, or observe aspects of your life as if he is inside your situation living out what he is psychically experiencing.

It is Jack’s 30 years of professional experience helping people from all over the world with their personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns, and his uncommon psychic ability that enables him truly and meaningfully help his clients. Some of the other psychic powers Jack possesses include:

  • Intuitive foresight – Jack has provided uncannily accurate predictions for the Associated Press, NBC, CBS and ABC TV. He can sense information from the future. However, for individuals he provides foresight rather than predictions to empower your decision making. His precognition of future events is sensed in the form of visions, hearing voices, and feeling the emotional and physical interactions of things to come.
  • Clairvoyance – Each time Jack sits down with a client for an appointment, he has specific images flash before his eyes that are pertinent to their situation. These visions help him offer valuable insights to his clients inspired by his interpretation of past, present, and future information.
  • Clairaudience – This is the gift of being able to hear psychic information. Jack uses his power of clairaudience to discern situational context and glean insight into the relationships a client may be facing to empower decision making. Jack's unique clairaudience even allow him to hear conversations that happen in remote places including in the past or future.
  • Clairsentience – Clairsentience is the ability to extract information from physical sensations. Jack has discovered the viscera are a direct link to the akashic record. His heightened clairsentience is what enables him to relive the events of his clients lives or remotely observe the medical issues of his clients from across the world. And, with the help of this special gift, Jack has also helped law enforcement as a psychic detective.

How psychic Jack Rourke help you?

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke’s psychic appointments are by phone and skillfully formatted to meet your precise needs for the sole purpose of helping you with your most important personal, interpersonal, or spiritual concerns.

Focus is on ending confusion, relieving heartache, and helping you achieve so you can live your best self. As such, our free-flowing yet methodical client-focused™ psychic appointments are only for those seeking real-world growth, actionable yet practical healing insights, powerful creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information & foresight needed for optimizing mindset, aligning spiritually, and making empowered personal decisions.

Our service is for people who want real help. Day-to-day Mr. Rourke’s methodical client-focused™ psychic appointments are arranged as medical intuitive readings, love and relationships psychic readings, transformative spiritual mentoring, and career psychic readings. But, with 30 years of professional psychic experience serving experts in the legal, financial, political, medical, therapeutic, and religious communities, Jack can assist you with any practical or personal issue that is truly important to you.

Psychic reading for love and relationships

A psychic can offer great insights into your love life and relationships. A gifted psychic can sense the tensions and negativities that are affecting your relationship and guide you with advice as to how you can take your relationship forward. Jack is an expert in identifying your partner’s unspoken intentions and feelings.

Furthermore, a psychic can discern what’s hindering your love life and help you overcome such obstacles. Jack Rourke can equip you with the necessary tools and valuable tips to live an enlightened life.

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