Princess Birthday Party

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Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

Birthday Party Services by Princesses In The Park

If you are looking for a new way to celebrate your child’s birthday in South Edmonton, then we have just what you are looking for. Our team of experienced themed event hosts travel to your location dressed in the costume of your kid’s favorite superhero, Disney character or princess to deliver a magical experience to your guests. Our team brings crafts, games, stories and most of a magical experience for the birthday boy or girl.  

What Characters Can You Bring to My North Edmonton Birthday Event?

We are constantly working to bring you the characters that you have come to love.We currently have Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric from Little Mermaid, Flynn Ryder from Rapunzel. Belle from Beauty & the Beast.

Characters Coming Soon:

Olaf from Frozen, Marshall from Paw Patrol, Ryder from Pay Patrol

What is a Birthday Party in West Edmtonton, AB?

A birthday party is when a child celebrates the day he or she was born by inviting a group of friends to their house or venue for a celebration. There is usually games and an activity and of course cake. It is customary for the birthday boy or girl to have a cake brought to them while everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday to You” and once the cake arrives and the song is finished, the birthday boy or birthday girl is supposed to blow out the candles. There is even a long-standing joke that if the birthday-boy or birthday-girl leaves any candles left active, that they have that many girlfriends or boyfriends depending on their orientation. Princesses In The Park does not supply cakes for the celebration but will help sing the birthday song with your kids.


Do you Provide Service in all of Edmonton, AB?

Yes, we provide birthday services in Abbottsfield, Alberta Avenue, Argyl, Aspen Gardens, Athlone, Avonmore, Balwin, Bellevue, Belvedere, Bonnie Doon, Calder, Calgary Trail North, Calgary Trail South, Capilano, Crestwood, Cromdale, Delton, Delwood, Dovercourt, Duggan, Eastwood, Northlands, Elmwood Park, Empire Park, Forest Heights, Fulton Place, Glengarry, Glenora, Gold Bar, Grandview Heights, Greenfield, Grovenor, Highlands, Holyrood, Edmonton, Kenilworth, Kensington, Killarney, King Edward Park, Lansdowne, Lauderdale, Laurier Heights, Lendrum Place, Malmo Plains, McQueen, Montrose, Newton, North Glenora, Ottewell, Parkdale, Parkview, Pleasantview, Prince Charles, Prince Rupert, Quesnell Heights, Rideau Park, Rosslyn, Royal Gardens, Rundle Heights, Sherbrooke, Spruce Avenue, Strathcona, Strathearn, Terrace Heights, University of Alberta Farm, Virginia Park, Wellington, Westbrook Estates, Westmount, Westwood, Woodcroft

Are you looking for a magical new way to celebrate your child’s birthday or special event? Princesses In The Park is here to help. We offer a great birthday experience including a visit from their favorite Princess or Fairy Tale character. We offer games and crafts and are sure to make your little girl or boy’s birthday party magical and something to remember. Call us at 780-902-7543 or visit our website to find out how you can get our special events team to deliver an affordable party today.

Princess Birthday Party

Princesses In The Park


Princess Birthday Party

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  • “…Jack described my entire health situation and what would occur over the next few months. He was right, on the details and in the timings as well (which psychics generally are not accurate with)…. My second reading he knew details of my health and a surgery that were spot on and incredibly specific…Speaking with him has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. It felt like talking to a wise kind friend.”
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  • “I wish there was a way to give jack 6 stars! Jack is undoubtedly an extremely gifted psychic as evidenced by all the great reviews and client stories. With the first contact, the quality of Jack’s psychic abilities becomes immediately apparent. After working with him a few more times, you quickly realize that what makes Jack so special is NOT just his psychic abilities but how he has chosen to use his gift…I believe he is the best psychic out there. – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -.”
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Who is Jack Rourke?

Jack Rourke is the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic & one of the most prominent professional psychics in North America. His expert commentary is featured in the books Kids Who See Ghosts and What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening. Jack also co-authored the 2007 Psi Survey with the American Institute of Parapsychology… CBS Broadcasting featured Jack as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV show The Mentalist. Jack was the go-to guy when CNN needed a spiritual perspective on the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson. And, FOX Television hired Jack to psychically profile the Casey Anthony murder mystery… Jack’s accurate predictions have been featured by the Associated Press and NBC television. You may have also seen Jack on The History & Travel Channels, the BBC, SyFy, ABC, and many more reputable media outlets. Jack maintains a daily private practice serving discerning individuals worldwide. His clients include medical professionals, members of the U.S. Military, law enforcement and intelligence communities – political officials, professional athletes, and many recognizable faces. For more info about Jack Rourke read our ABOUT page.

What is the cost for an appointment?

Sessions for new clients are conducted in 60, 90 & 120 minute increments: priced at 269,395 and 500 USD respectively… 30 minute follow-up support sessions are available to returning clients for 175 USD. Payment via Visa, MasterCard or American Express is accepted via Paypal or Square. Paypal and Square are secure merchant services that process credit cards. You do not need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal. Paypal processes credit cards like any other financial system.

Can I schedule an appointment for the same day?

Yes you can – schedule permitting. However, typically clients schedule 3 to 10 days in advance due to demand. Also, we like to ensure new clients are familiar with our service and actually want the offering we provide. A few days gives you time to formulate your questions for Jack and familiarize yourself with the contents of your scheduling email. For these reasons, we generally accept same-day sessions (in the absence of an emergency) from previous clients – provided they contact us before 10 am PDT. The best thing is to use our self-scheduler and then reach out. If we can accommodate you earlier than you booked, we will.

What kind of psychic abilities does Jack have?

After decades of training and practice, Jack’s psychic abilities offer him an immersive experience… Jack is primarily clairvoyant. This means he sees detailed psychic visions both in his mind’s eye and projected outside of him superimposed over the physical world – allowing him to literally “look around” inside his visions. Jack also hears and feels extrasensory information. However, what is unique with Jack is how he skillfully shifts awareness between various metaphysical vantage points. This allows him to provide shocking, inexplicably detailed information and truly transformative personal guidance.

What kind of psychic readings does Jack Rourke provide?

Jack provides client-focused™ consultations spanning Love & Relationships, Career and Financial issues and medical intuition.  But, your psychic session can target healing insight on almost any practical, interpersonal or spiritual circumstance.

Jack’s client-focused™ method is a highly effective free-flowing, soul-centered yet structured extrasensory process formatted to address your unique needs. This is the exact extrasensory method Jack’s used to successfully collaborate with medical doctors, make accurate global predictions for NBC, FOX and the Associated Press®, clairvoyantly profile criminals & missing persons for law enforcement and provide actionable healing insight for more than ten thousand grateful clients since 1996Thus, your appointment will illuminate your path forward for the purposes of fostering personal transformation and making empowered decisions on the precise real issues that really matter to you. For more information about Jack’s ESP click here.

Standard psychic sessions are 60 minutes and priced at 269 USD. The standard psychic session offers transformative in-depth guidance on your most important concerns. These highly informative and methodical appointments are required for medical intuitive readings and offering on-going support for achieving your personal goals and neutralizing any concern. Standard sessions are ideal for relieving heartache and addressing career challenges. No matter your need, the standard session spiritually offers the purpose and clarity required for you to overcome feeling stuck and live your best self.

Comprehensive psychic sessions are 90 minutes and priced at 395 USD. These appointments are for a complete inventory of the causes and conditions underlying the patterns in your life. During this appointment, you can explore your circumstances as deeply as you like while acquiring spiritual guidance on real issues that really matter to you. Whether you’re seeking insight into a romantic entanglement, medical intuition, career, or finding your life’s purpose, a comprehensive psychic session with Jack is a thorough and transformative investment in your wellbeing.

Comprehensive Plus sessions are two hours and are priced at 500 USD. Comprehensive Plus is for exploring multiple in-depth concerns. This appointment serves the same needs and includes all the benefits of the comprehensive session with the added value of a more nuanced approach for understanding and spiritually resolving your personal challenges across a variety of independent topics.

Follow-up Support Sessions are 30 minutes. They are priced at 175 USD. Basic psychic sessions are a meaningful form of on-going self-care. ou will gain illuminating insights and on going invested support of your long term progressive wellness. Thirty-minute follow up sessions help you make empowered choices and are wonderful for addressing 1 to 3, possibly 4 questions in-detail depending on the complexity of your concerns. From your support session, you will also receive personal insights and actionable guidance tailored to meet your needs. Due to time constraints, support sessions are not for medical intuition. Support sessions cover love & interpersonal relationships, career, and any other spiritual or practical issue you need real help with.

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