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Can a Psychic Help with My Money Problems?

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A popular question that people have for psychics is whether or not they can help with money problems. The short answer – yes. Now, things aren’t as easy as looking into the future and telling you that you’re going to win the lottery. But, psychics can help with your money problems in other ways. 

If you schedule a psychic reading with Jack Rourke, we can discuss your financial problems and what you hope to change. What may come as a surprise to you is that perceived money problems usually go much deeper than the surface. 

Money Means Something Different to Everyone  

We live in a material world where money is of significant importance. People believe that if they have money, they’ll be happy. But, this isn’t necessarily true. 

Take some time to understand what money means to you. Do you see it as a necessity that provides you with the essentials? Do you see it as your key to being successful and independent? Now, consider why you feel that you are experiencing money problems. Is the situation really as dire as you think? 

When most people say they have no money, rarely do they mean they have no food, no home and no clothes. The first step in a money reading is to understand why you feel the way you do. This is where a good psychic in Los Angeles can help. 

Identifying the Money Problem

A successful psychic reading will help you understand why you’re short on money. Is it because you overspend? Have trouble managing a budget? Are prone to making impulse decisions? 

Some people have the Jones Effect, which is the need to keep up with their peers and get closer to people who they see as superior. People who try to compete end up overspending, wasting money and never being happy with the things they have. 

Of course, the Jones Effect isn’t the only reason why people have financial problems. Here are some of the biggest money worries that clients share:

  • Not being paid enough 
  • Struggling to make a business work
  • Trouble managing a budget 
  • Not saving enough 
  • Too much college loan debt 

Determining a Solution 

By identifying the problem, you can work toward a solution that will help your money woes. For example, if you have a startup, a psychic can help you identify new paths to take your business. If you have trouble keeping jobs, a psychic can help you uncover the reasons why. 

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a shift in attitude. Is there something holding you back? Do you need to count your blessings more? You can be successful in other ways beyond money, and by recognizing this, you will be more open to accepting new opportunities that come your way. 

If you are having money problems or need direction in your professional life, contact Jack Rourke for a career reading. Jack can help with all types of matters related to your career, including salary negotiations, project planning and re-entering the workforce.