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The mind is something so powerful that it can be both your best ally and your greatest enemy. It is possible that you find in your mind the necessary strength to face a crisis and overcome it. On the other hand, you can sabotage yourself and trace the path to your failure.

The sessions with Jack Rouerke, the best Psychic in New York, pursue your personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. These goals can be achieved through the psychic reading, but also gaining self-discovery, which allows you to empower yourself and driving you to a happy life.

Is it possible to find the “aurea mediocritas”, meaning that point where you can see things in balance, and be able to face them with serenity? Certainly yes, and sessions with Jack will constitute a powerful tool that will help you live more focused on reality, and pointing to the positive side. For now, to prevent your mind from playing tricks on you, help yourself by avoiding some bad habits.

3 Psychic Habits of Mental Self-sabotage

1. Do not forgive others

Resentment towards situations or people brings only difficulties for yourself. To be resentful is “Take the poison yourself, but waiting for the other to die”. These negative feelings have harmful effects on your mood. Within its consequences are permanent states of tension, depression and stress.

To free your mind, you must forgive. The solution is simple, but not that simple since you must do it from the heart, with honesty. It is not even necessary to talk with the person (sometimes you may be resentful with deceased people) It is an internal act, which comes from inside.

2. Do not forgive yourself

What happens when yourself are the target of your evil thoughts? The negativity proper to existence can be achieved by the forms of failure, submission, shame, fear, abandonment, or resentment. As a result, you will live depressed, tense, stressed and frustrated.

The best tool you can use is acceptance. Accept what? First, that what has already happened in your life is part of the past, and that you can not change it. Also, you must accept yourself as a human being, susceptible to making mistakes and failures.

As an alternative therapy, try to repair the damage, but make an effort only in those situations where you can make a difference.

3. Wanting to have control

The best things in life are not controlled. When you try to control a situation, usually everything good in it ends (like love, for example). Wanting to subdue others and the circumstances of your demands is impossible. Paradoxically, the more you want to control everything, something superior to you will dominate the situation: your obsession. This unstoppable impulse for control will lead you to a path of loneliness, frustration and dissatisfaction.

To avoid this evil practice, make an honest mental examination of your life, and separate those things that you can control and make another group with those you can not (which are the most). Then concentrate on changing what is within your reach, and leave the rest to destiny.

Let Jack Rourke Accompany You on this Path

In addition to self-help, allow the best Psychic in New York to help you improve your existence. The sessions of this famous mentalist point to concrete results, to right actions that will enhance the quality of your life. You can book now by our online form, or send an email to Liz, for the info, pricing, and scheduling.