Psychic Reading

There are many types of psychic readings. If you think you need to make a consultation, it is best to define the reason why you are going with a professional. Also, try to find a consultant with extensive experience and trajectory, to achieve real results.

Maybe your intentions refer to a particular problem, or to a subject; then with that defined, the psychic can be guided to allow you to receive the extrasensory information that helps you to make wiser decisions. Is important to know the kinds of consultations, to choose the one most fits your needs.

Structured Psychic Consultation

This reading consists of the interpretation of a set of symbols and patterns that have a defined meaning. Examples of this type of practice are the cartomancy, the tarot, the dreams’ analysis, and numerology.

This type of consultation is widespread, and several options can be found, by telephone, online or personal meetings. The main difficulty of this practice is that it lends itself to non-professionals and scammers. Those cheaters want to take advantage of the people who come to them in search of real help.

Unstructured Psychic Consultation

What the counselor perceives of you, is the primary source of information in this kind of sessions. The reading will reveal your current life situation, your past, emotions, your spirit, and relationships. In this type of meeting, the professional connects and interprets different aspects of the universe that are not at the mere sight.

Through what the psychic perceives, they receive hidden information that leads directly to the subject in consultation. Mr. Rourke uses this method, thus using his gifts of clairvoyance and extrasensory perception to experience the circumstances of the case and to be able to advise accordingly.

In addition to these two types of consultation, you can conduct the psychic reading towards specific topics:

- Career Readings: They are those that have to do individually with your vocation or your finances. Through this meeting, Mr. Rourke will attend specific issues such as the continuity of studies, career changes, inter-office policies, the transition to retirement, or projects planning, among others.

- Love & Relationships Readings: As social beings, one of the most transcendental aspects of humans is their interpersonal relationships. In these consultations, Jack helps to solve the delicate and sensitive issues of the heart. A value promise from America's best psychic is that he will tell you what you need to hear, and not what you want to hear.

- Medical Intuition: This type of consultation covers everything related to health issues, and the emotional states of human beings. Throughout his career, Mr. Rourke has helped a large number of doctors to help them to deal with the medical problems that afflict their patients. It is advisable that you always consult your doctor for these issues since the diagnosis or advice given in medical matters by someone not licensed as a health professional is illegal.

- Psychic Detective: This work is done using ESP to help law enforcement officers solve crimes or in missing people cases. The trajectory of the professional is a critical issue because those subjects that are usually confidential.

Whatever your case may be, you are just minutes away from the famed Jack Rourke helping you probe into all the energies around. You can start on the path to a full and happy life. Book through our online calendar, or email Liz for further info, pricing, and scheduling.

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