This page introduces you to Mr. Rourke’s spiritual philosophy as it pertains to his professional ethics and use of extrasensory perception.  Although there are commonalities among less skilled psychics, Jack Rourke is a master at what he does. It is a mistake to assume all psychics work the same way or hold the same belief system. Only schedule with a psychic who works how you want and for the purpose you need. This is the only way to ensure your happiness. Please continue reading to learn the principles that guide Jack Rourke’s work and teaching.

The Ethical Purpose for Jack’s Client-Focused Psychic Methods

When Jack mentors psychotherapists, he reminds them their capacity to genuinely help the patients they serve correlates to their capacity to enter into a space of truly loving them.

By offering guidance on “loving them”, Jack is teaching psychotherapists about the transformational power of conscious union. What conscious union means is this.

Although, Jack Rourke’s business is a helping service, his appointments function spiritually without a helper or those needing help because duality is the foundation for all suffering.

Jack is committed to serving clients from a spiritual place of union. This is why he does not provide sessions as entertainment where there is the performer who demonstrates psychic phenomena and the one who observes and feels psychic details.

Instead, every client-focused session is a step-by-step collaborative progression toward wholeness using extrasensory perception in a spiritually transformative manner that produces achievement. Because only from a place of conscious union can psychic service offer spiritual realization that frees anyone from the conditions that inspire suffering.

Psychic Readings Los Angeles – Jack’s Spiritual Beliefs

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Jack with his soul brother, His Holiness Thupten Ngodup State Oracle of Tibet

As a former spiritualist-medium, lab-studied psychic, and parapsychological researcher, Jack is a master psychic whose spiritual practice and teachings are based upon self-realization born from non-duality.

Non-duality is the recognition that underlying the multiplicity and diversity of all experience there is a single, infinite, and indivisible reality, whose nature is pure divine consciousness. According to non-dualists, this pervading presence is from which all objects and selves derive their interdependent existence. Non-duality, as Jack draws upon it, comes from the wisdom found within yoga, mystical Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other ancient traditions. 

As a psychic, Jack’s purpose is to help people. His lived experience of non-duality prevents him from conducting appointments the way most psychics do.  Most psychics seek to give their clients a mystical experience using commercial metaphysical concepts like spiritualism, teaching manifesting, and other pop culture forms of spirituality. But Jack views much of commercial metaphysics as harmful because they are pluralistic ways of spiritually bypassing life’s stresses mentally.

Bypassing stress mentally occurs when psychics espouse mystical concepts that point attention away from the self and into the emotionally distorted astral realms. What the general public feels as contact with the beyond fools them into thinking what they encounter through their psychic spiritual. When in fact, any attempt to connect with something outside that seems spiritual is what is blocking one from discovering divine presence living as their life.

Jack’s commitment to realizing the one source within, and then supporting its empowering influence in the lives of those he serves, is why for ethical reasons Jack does not offer the entertaining experience of communing with the dead or spirit guides. As a spiritually disciplined individual who is internationally recognized as a psychic and spiritual teacher, Jack only offers private appointments to help those in need. Mr. Rourke does not put extrasensory perception on display to inspire sensations of mystical connection or sentimental metaphysical beliefs about angels, spirit guides, demons, manifesting soulmates, casting spells, or any other nonsense unscrupulous or misinformed individuals use to manipulate or entertain clients for money. Jack’s only focus is helping people.

best love psychic Los AngelesFor the spiritually motivated psychic clarity is provided by facilitating the client’s inner alignment with the divine flow within. Psychic phenomena presented as something the client only witnesses are not helpful. Occult powers put on display direct attention outward triggering uplifting sensations explained as contact with the beyond. But when attention is focused outward duality and dependence on the ever-changing world is created. Such a psychic interaction is metaphysical entertainment that fosters further uncertainty since its positive impact is temporary. My goal is creating permanent certainty with clients by aligning them directly with the transformative essence of creation within and the power of their decision making.” – Jack Rourke

Everything Jack does with and for his clients is motivated by loving care based on his thirty years of experience as a psychic and spiritual counselor. It is, for this reason, that Jack is surgical in his compassionate approach to using extrasensory perception and medical intuition only as a holistic helping technique.

Spiritual Ethics of our Psychic Service.

  1. We promise to always communicate honestly and transparently by spelling out exactly who our service is for, the outcomes we strive for, and our exact methods. Appointments are for helping you. Sometimes this requires telling hard truths with a mindset of caring for you and helping you achieve.
  2. We promise to support your creative autonomy. Our service will always empower you with fact-based extrasensory insight so you can make informed decisions or reframe your point of view to create and experience the person you want to be. We will never negate or undercut your power by pretending life is happening to you. Nor will we require you to adopt exotic beliefs or bed to your expectations to please you. Our work will lead the way in response to your needs.
  3. We promise, as a helping service, to holistically support the awakening of your innermost divine being. We will never metaphysically rationalize blame. Instead, Mr. Rourke will always provide actionable solutions and deep penetrating insight into the matters you are concerned about.

People who benefit most from our psychic service want the service we provide in the exact manner we provide. Only schedule with a psychic who works how you want and for the purpose you need. We are not a normal psychic business that demonstrates psychic phenomena in a presentational fashion akin to a form of metaphysical entertainment you witness and critique. Instead, Mr. Rourke is a multi-disciplined holistic helping professional. Appointments are only for those seeking genuine help and spiritual guidance per their needs and our client-focused methods.

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