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Super Healing: Can the Body Really Heal Itself from Within?

Your body has the incredible capacity to heal itself, though we still have a lot to learn about how this process works and the components included. For many decades, doctors have focused on treating symptoms, often with medications or surgery. This may be necessary if you’re battling a life-threatening infection, but it completely fails in other instances. 

Let’s learn more about how the body heals itself, the reasons this process doesn’t always work and how a medical intuitive can help. (Note: This article is only for informational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Always talk to your doctor about starting any new treatment plan.)

How Does the Body Restore Itself? 

Healing happens in several different ways. Here are a few of the most significant: 

  • Cells. Cells can heal themselves when they become damaged or diseased. In fact, your body is constantly removing damaged cells and replacing them with new ones. 
  • Immune system. Your immune system is complex and designed to deal with intruders like bacteria, viruses and toxins. Mucus traps these particles and destroys them. 
  • Inflammation. Even though inflammation can become a problem, it’s actually the body’s reaction to an injury or infection. Inflammation allows the body to focus on the areas that need healing.
  • Stem cells. Adult stem cells are constantly working to regenerate into new cells like bone, tissue and cartilage. However, they’re not as efficient once you get older. 

Why Isn’t My Body Healing On its Own? 

While all of this sounds promising, it’s definitely frustrating when you don’t see your body working in this way. This is especially true for people with autoimmune conditions, as these disorders actually work against the body by attacking its own cells.

Let’s cover some of the reasons why the body sometimes fails. 

  • Not enough rest. The body needs high-quality sleep, as this is when the bulk of repair and regeneration happens. Not getting enough rest decreases the time your body is spent healing, plus lowers the immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.
  • Poor diet. A nutrient-rich diet is essential for the healing process. Unfortunately, many Western diets contain environmental toxins that build up in the body and put strain on your entire system. A poor diet can also cause inflammation and digestive issues. 
  • Lack of exercise. Americans are increasingly leading sedentary lifestyles, and this contributes to poor health as well. The body needs exercise to stimulate blood flow, bring oxygen and nutrients to your cells and remove waste. 
  • Free radicals. Free radicals eliminate waste from damage inside the cell, but inflammation, stress and infection increase free radical production. When your body produces too many free radicals, they can damage cells. 

Meet with a Medical Intuitive Today 

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