life coaching to solve problems

What Problems Can a Life Coach Help You Solve?

When making the decision to work with a life coach in Los Angeles, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Life coaches don’t just tell you what to do. They provide a variety of solutions to your problems so that you can make positive changes in your life. And while life coaches can help you identify problems and their causes, they are different from therapists. 

Below are some of the most common problems that a life coach can help you solve. Once your life coach identifies your problems, they can suggest personalized solutions to get you back on track. 

Fear of Failure 

Many people struggle with a fear of failure. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why people refuse to leave their comfort zone. The problem is that if you never try anything new, you won’t be able to learn and grow. 

A life coach can help motivate you, while also developing a healthier attitude toward trying. The effort you put in is what’s most important. By continuing to open yourself up and try new things, you can achieve anything you want. 

Feeling Stuck 

Life coaches tend to see a lot of clients who feel stuck in their lives and they’re not sure why. People can feel stuck in all sorts of situations, such as their jobs and relationships. If you can’t see yourself with a different life, you may be feeling stuck. But, the future is yours to conquer! 

You can work with your life coach to identify the things you really want, while creating a plan and leaning on your support system. A lot of times, people feel stuck because they’re afraid they’ll lose something, so chances are, you need a different perspective. 

Lack of Confidence 

Another common reason why people see a life coach is because they lack confidence. People who struggle with their confidence often don’t reach their full potential. They end up holding themselves back from opportunities like a promotion at work or a new relationship.

If you feel that a lack of confidence is standing in your way of reaching your goals, life coaching can help. You’ll discover where your lack of confidence comes from, while also building yourself up and standing up to your inner critic. 

Confidence can be rebuilt, but it takes a great deal of work, including identifying self-limiting beliefs and reframing them. 

Finding Your Purpose 

It’s important for people to know their purpose, as this is what brings meaning to their lives. Fortunately, a life coach can help with this. A life coach can help determine what makes you feel fulfilled. People who live fulfilled lives are in better health and may even live a longer life!

And when negative things do happen, having a greater purpose allows you to accept them easier. Life doesn’t always go our way, but having a purpose can help you see the bigger picture. 


Some people struggle to get things done, but it’s not because they are lazy or disorganized. Procrastination is often a coping mechanism we use to avoid the pain of something we don’t want to do. Kids might procrastinate when it comes time for homework, while an adult might push off a doctor’s appointment. 

A life coach will help you stop the cycle of procrastination by prioritizing, setting goals, taking breaks, rewarding yourself and holding yourself accountable. This can lead to a much happier and productive life because you’re getting things done and not beating yourself up for negative feelings. 

These are just some of the things life coaching in Los Angeles can help with. To book your session with Jack Rourke, contact us today. Jack can help with all sorts of issues to help you build a meaningful and fulfilled life.