Psychic Readings Los Angeles – About Jack’s ESP

“I’m primarily clairvoyant. While in service psychic information is visible in my Mind’s eye. But it also displays itself in tiny snapshots or short movies superimposed over the physical world in front of my eyes. However, as I’ve gotten older, my ESP has become immersive. It’s as if I’m standing in the shoes of my client’s past, present or future self actually living their experiences. These perceptions are what guide my client work”

– Jack Rourke

Renowned Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke will use a variety of psychic talents and intuitive sensing abilities to discern information for you. The three modes of extrasensory perception he relies on most, however, are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. So what are these psychic modalities?

Extrasensory Perception

Extrasensory perception is commonly categorized according to the ways it can emulate conventional sense perceptions. Immature psychics are prone to inflating the significance of one mode of ESP over another. For example asserting that seeing psychic information clairvoyantly is more valuable or perhaps, more enlightened than discerning information through clairsentience (clear feeling). The truth is information can and will impress itself in a variety of ways. That is, so long as one sets aside their egotistical need to appear superior than another.

The manner through which ESP manifests in your conscious awareness will be unique to you. Jack frequently refers to his abilities as a tapestry of information. Signposts that point the way to serving his client’s needs most completely rather than his personal ego. But for curious potential clients let’s talk about the extrasensory perceptions Jack most commonly relies on when conducting a psychic reading.

Meet the Clairs

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke

Jack Rourke on FOX

Clairvoyance means Jack can see objectively verifiable extrasensory information subjectively in his minds eye. But his ability can also mimic conventional sight. Extrasensory perceptions will literally superimpose themselves over his feild of view.

Clairaudience means Jack can hear psychic information. During a session he might hear a name or distinct pieces of information concerning a particular person or environment that he tunes into. He has even, on occasion, remotely registered specific details of private conversations. In one instance this allowed Jack to provide his client valuable information during her divorce proceedings.

Clairsentience means Jack feels and interprets nonverbal data and “phantom sensations” in his mind and body. Such sensations can be emotional “flavors” that inform one’s circumstances. But often times Jack’s clairsentience registers specific traumas, medical issues or reveals accurate profiles a target personality. Physical impressions Jack may sense range from everyday aches and pains to surgeries and illnesses or even the affects of auto accidents, hypodermic punctures, stab wounds and gun shots. While other feeling based sensations reveal a targeted person’s emotional intent, general disposition, intellectual motivations, situational awareness and even their literal sense perceptions. Sometimes Jack will even view his target’s circumstances from their point of view “as if” he were that person. This type of discernment is particularly useful when working on criminal and missing person’s cases but has also proven helpful detailing less dire circumstances.

ESP ability in action

Typically all three of Jack’s primary extrasensory perceptions work together with secondary abilities impressing a tapestry of information upon him. The result is an experience that allows Jack to vicariously “live” what he’s psychically sensing so he can then communicate this experience to you. For example:
Psychic Reading by Jack Rourke

  1. Jack recently discerned an auto accident at a railway crossing. He first felt the impact to his head while describing the sound of a train whistle. Next Jack detailed the view from inside the car as if he were the wounded driver. All of these impressions were near simultaneous, much the same way one’s conventional sense impressions occur as a multi-layered experience.
  2. A second example of Jack’s ability is how in October of 2014 he detailed the circumstances surrounding a suspicious death while on a popular radio show. Jack correctly identified two men and a much younger woman who were with the deceased the night of his death by feeling their presence. He then described how the young man died by vicariously living out his final moments. This allowed Jack to correctly identify the cause of death as an overdose which was corroborated by the coroner’s report. Perhaps what was most impressive was the fact Jack’s clairvoyance showed the victim and his friends visiting a liquor store just hours before his untimely death. This perception was also verified by local police using surveillance footage from a local market the night of the young man’s death.

How does a psychic reading by phone using ESP help?

Jack’s ESP can provide specific insight into your circumstances. The benefits of psychic discernment are increased self-awareness coupled with feelings of being loved and deeply understood for who you most fundamentally are. After a psychic session you may also feel more connected with something much larger and more magical than just yourself as well. This is comforting. It’s important to appreciate that while intuitive guidance and predictions can inspire and even warn you of things to come, nothing is more valuable than feeling loved for who you really are. Often times, just simple validation is all it takes to feel empowered to create the love and life you want. It’s love of self, after all, that’s the foundation for personal fulfillment and one’s ability to share love whether it’s through friendship, business or romantic relationships. So, psychic readings are a wonderful resource for discovering and nurturing that innately loving and spiritual place within. And once you’re in touch with this truth of who you are, then anything is possible.