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Thank you for visiting Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings. We are excited to assist you! Psychic Readings Culver City is a serious yet fun, soul-centered & solution-oriented spiritual counseling service that provides real-world answers, personal guidance, and fact-based actionable insights to discerning clients worldwide. Please scroll down to learn Jack’s psychic expertise and how he will help you. We look forward to serving you!

"Jack is amazing. Love him! Highly recommend. He is skilled, articulate, and spot-on. Clearly an outstanding professional but something more. I’m kind of awestruck. HUGELY appreciated his help. Very, very helpful. "
Dr. Maggie M. PhD
Chicago, IL
Psychic Los Angeles
"Jack Rourke is the most amazing psychic I have ever encountered. But he is more than a psychic. You go to him when you want real answers and a way to change your life. Highly recommended!"
Kathryn M. PhD
Los Angeles, CA

Who Is Culver City Psychic Jack Rourke?

Foremost, Jack Rourke is a kind, forthright, and ethical source of confidential expert spiritual support and guidance. Jack is internationally recognized as the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic™ and one of the most prominent professional psychics in North America. CNN sought a spiritual perspective from Jack upon the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson. CBS Television featured Jack as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV Show The Mentalist. Jack was hired by FOX Network to profile the Casey Anthony and Jon-Benet Ramsey murder mysteries. And, the CW Network tasked Jack with psychically investigating the death of Eliza Lam.

Authority Magazine featured Jack as one of the top spiritual consultants in America. Dubbed “world-renowned” in 2009 by AOL celebrity news and declared the top psychic in America by Russian State Media & Buzzfeed, Jack Rourke is a former spiritualist minister turned psychic detective and documented medical intuitive whose client-focused™ psychic method developed over three decades serving psychotherapists, medical doctors, law enforcement, and three-letter intelligence professionals. His unique ability to dissolve confusion and deliver transformative insight is why discerning clients from around the globe confide in Jack. You may read Mr. Rourke’s impressive bio HERE.

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Psychic Readings for Real issues that Really Matter

Love & Relationships • Career • Personal Development • Medical Intuition

Chicago psychic Jack Rourke is a modern mystic who uses extrasensory perception in profoundly helpful real-world ways. Every one of his psychic sessions are strictly focused on methodically addressing & resolving your most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns.

Our clients include members of the U.S. Congress and UN Diplomats, celebrity self-help authors & gurus, Olympic & professional athletes, law enforcement and intelligence personnel, as well as countless famous Hollywood faces. People who, like you, need real results.

But, what makes Jack truly special is his unparalleled psychic skill, warmth, humor and humility. Kindnesses he uses to masterfully illuminate pain and confusion, human patterns & perception, romantic challenges, spiritual evolution, and perhaps most importantly – how to integrate clairvoyant facts & ancient wisdom into life-changing strategies that truly heal and provide a path forward.

How Jack’s Psychic Sessions Will Serve You

Jack's psychic appointments are skillfully tailored to fulfil your real-world needs. Your session will end confusion, soothe heartache, and provide fact-based actionable insights so you can decisively engage with life, divinely aligned, and authentically empowered to achieve, and make informed decisions. Why? –because we are a sophisticated extrasensory helping service committed to your spiritual well-being, happiness & success!

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