Transformative Life Coaching in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California – Life Coaching with Jack Rourke is a confidential self-discovery process that embraces who you genuinely are while helping you negotiate life’s transitions and realize your goals.

"I am a Life Coach and I’ve worked with many coaches (Tony Robbins included) and I think Jack is the best I’ve ever worked with. So glad I found him, life changing!"
Andrea G.
New York, New York

As an expert life coach Jack is someone fosters your transformation by offering objective feedback and enough constructive resistance that your illumined self emerges from the shadows of your awareness. For more than two decades Jack has been internationally recognized as a professional psychic. But what does that mean? It means that he has coached more than fifteen thousand individuals through their most difficult times – death, divorce, disease and when life seems meaningless and without any purpose.  Jack is the man renowned public speakers, experts, and professional athletes, actors, and politicians turn to when they feel stuck, hollow and alone. Do you need guidance through uncertainty? Are you ready to get real and accept the kind of positive impact that creates tangible practical change? Then reach out and let us know how Jack can help you today!

Who can benefit from Life Coaching

People who most benefit from life coaching are those curious about their interior world and open to object feedback. Effective life coaching isn’t always about taking physical action. Sometimes by simply adjusting our beliefs or individual frame of reference in terms of how we view the world and then experience ourselves, the external appears to change all by itself. Opportunities manifest or those things that used to bother us seem to vanish. But, before we go any further, the practical question you really need to first ask yourself when considering whether life coaching is right for you is,  “What’s my desired outcome?”

If you have a great product, a solid distribution network, and a proven marketing strategy but you need capital, then what you need is a financial guru. Someone who can introduce you to money people whose passions are making lucrative deals and bringing innovative products to market.

If you are compulsively overwhelmed emotionally and so mentally disorganized your interpersonal relationships, physical health and security are in jeopardy, then you may need a psychotherapist. But, should you, know who you are, feel functionally solid, yet still want more from life and feel a bit confused or stuck how to breakthrough, then life coaching is for you.

Why try Life Coaching

Life coaching offers a way to understand and move past those unseen “somethings” holding you back. Life coaching offers you objective insight into your unique needs and motivations. Understanding these things allows you to let go and stop controlling or demanding romantic partners, family members, and co-workers show up as you think they should.

When you know what drives you, you can make empowered choices that fulfill you precisely how you need. As such, a good life coach helps you find your center. He or she puts you on your path and then helps you walk it by gently guiding you from stepping off track into old, habitual, counterproductive patterns. So, working with a life coach like Jack Rourke is really an achievement strategy.  A method for breaking through and transitioning into a new experience of who you really are.

The value of Life Coaching

Each mile marker on your spiritual path is a point of no return. Little by little you become a more authentic version of yourself that will follow through – can have an emotionally and sexually satisfying relationship, and easily live a fulfilling, transparent and purposeful life that ultimately does not require coaching anymore.

The real tangible value life coaching adds to your life is freedom! Freedom to live fearlessly. Freedom to be seen and heard for who you are. Freedom to passionately express your uniqueness through your career and personal relationships. Put another way, the most powerful benefit life coaching offers you is the capacity to function as empowered presence. Them not only will you live fully the value of who you are, but you will also elevate the lives of those around you – just by being you.