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What is Life Coaching?

life coachLife Coach Los Angeles, California –  Every life coaching session is a confidential place for self-discovery. In a life coaching session, you can learn skills to cultivate purpose and the passion necessary for achieving! Sustaining your goal-focused efforts through a series of complex decisions is key. So, life coaching also involves teaching you how to inwardly align in support of your outer efforts for the expressed purpose of helping you achieve.

Life coaching can also be an illuminating and empowering method for discovering how thoughts and feelings conflict with your stated goals. Many people want to achieve extraordinary lives. But no matter the effort still do not get ahead.  Life coaching helps resolve self-sabotage, poor decision making and lack of motivation by identifying the ways you might unconsciously meet needs that actually contradict what you say you want to accomplish.

After achieving a state of dynamic inner and outer alignment a self-amplification process follows which drives you forward.

Our life coaching process does not measure progress by who you become but by how powerfully you yield to wielding your authentic person. For this reason, life coaching with Jack Rourke is truly a path that enhances who you genuinely are while helping you negotiate transitions and realize your goals. The end result is not about change. It is about letting go and embracing self-amplification. This is what makes life coaching in Los Angeles truly rewarding.

Who is Life Coach Jack Rourke?

Los Angeles-based life coach Jack Rourke is a recognized extrasensory expert skilled, best-selling author, and success-strategist whose clients include billionaire entrepreneurs, fortune 500 CEOs & philanthropists – psychotherapists, medical doctors, and dentists, – Clergy, Professional & Olympic athletes – law enforcement, military & intelligence personnel – NASA visionaries, politicians, Supermodels, Hollywood stars and countless recognizable faces.

"I am a Life Coach and I’ve worked with many coaches (Tony Robbins included) and I think Jack is the best I’ve ever worked with. So glad I found him, life-changing!"
Andrea G.
New York, New York

As an expert life coach Jack is someone who enables personal transformation by offering objective feedback and enough constructive resistance so that those things that are not serving you break away. What remains is a more resilient and illumined self capable of maximizing life.

Working our life coaching process is not about gaining new strategies per se. Jack will not teach you how to be a better person. Instead, he will pull from you the truth of who you are by helping you see you are naturally equipped with the perfect foundation for what can be life as a massive experience unique to you. A life filled with deep connections, joy, accomplishment, and real fulfillment.

Los Angeles Life Coach Jack Rourke will help you succeed by

  • Identifying your real goals
  • Breaking from self-sabotage
  • Shattering delusions
  • Eliminating self-doubt
  • Harnessing anxiety
  • Creating certainty from within
  • Feeling connected & Fulfilled
  • Feeling powerfully authentic
  • Being capable of intimacy & creativity
  • Taking deliberate action

NYC PsychicFor more than two decades Jack has been internationally recognized as a professional psychic los angeles & spiritual counselor. But what does that mean? It means that he has coached more than fifteen thousand individuals through their most difficult times – death, divorce, disease. Times when life seems most painful and without any purpose.

Did you know that some of the biggest self-help advocates are privately coached by Jack Rourke? That’s right! Renowned public speakers, authors, experts, professional athletes, actors, and politicians turn to Jack when they feel stuck, hollow, and alone! One high-profile client, who we will not name, even turned his private session with Jack into a weekend-long Las Vegas retreat! A getaway self-improvement seminar costing thousands of dollars! While another wonderful life coach we adore was helped with a health concern by Jack. This was an appointment when he also predicted her short-lived role on CBS TV’s Big Brother.

Are you ready for a life coaching session to help you create positive practical change? Then reach out and let us know how Jack Rourke’s Life Coaching can help you today!

Life Coaching Helps You Achieve Serving Los Angeles and Beyond Since 1996

Love & Relationships

Clearly define unconscious patterns

Learn truths. Gain objective feedback. Illuminate your partner’s needs and motivations. Deeply understand your circumstances so you can create the love you want.

Career & Financial Issues

Get actionable help with decisions

Achieve your goals. Equitably negotiate divorce, navigate office politics, and ease transitional stress through foresight and enlightened strategies.

Medical Intuition

Gain empowering insight

Medical intuition is a methodical psychic process that increases body awareness and supports constructive dialogue with your health care provider.

Gain Clarity & Get Unstuck

Enjoy forward momentum.

Life can make you feel damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Get help breaking patterns and discovering not where you’re stuck but why. Get answers. Find your power!

Caregiver Coaching™

Release, recharge & restore.

Psychotherapists, Psychics, and healers can feel drained, disingenuous, and overwhelmed. Caregiver Coaching is support for those whose business is empathetically holding space.

Personal & Interpersonal Insight

Escape confusion. End indecision

Relational clarity is the key to personal fulfillment & authenticity. Learn wisdom. Transform interpersonal dynamics. Get breakthrough Solutions.

How you can benefit from Life Coaching in Los Angeles

Our clients include billionaire entrepreneurs, fortune 500 CEOs & philanthropists – psychotherapists, medical doctors, and dentists, – Clergy, Professional & Olympic athletes – law enforcement, military & intelligence personnel – NASA visionaries, politicians, Supermodels, Supermoms, and countless recognizable faces. You are in excellent hands!

People who most benefit from life coaching are those curious about their interior world and open to object feedback. Effective life coaching isn’t always about taking physical action. Sometimes deep insights that help you see yourself differently are enough. There is no timeline. The best life coaching works at your pace one step at a time.

Life coaching can be very effective simply by how it helps you adopt positive beliefs. With a new brighter frame of reference, you will view the world more optimistically. After that, your experience of self will change. What you believe you are capable of will look far less limited and subsequently your inner and outer worlds click into alignment causing the external to change seemingly all by itself.

Before we go any further, the practical question you to ask yourself when considering whether life coaching is right for you is,  “What’s my desired outcome?

If you have a great product, a solid distribution network, and a proven marketing strategy but you need capital, then what you need is a financial guru. Someone who can introduce you to money people whose passions are making lucrative deals and bringing innovative products to market.

If you are routinely overwhelmed emotionally and struggle with disorganized thoughts triggering volatile interpersonal relationships, poor physical health, or financial insecurity then you may need a psychotherapist. But, should you, ordinarily feel functionally solid more often than not but just needs some insight, or yearn for more from life but feel a bit confused or stuck on how to break through, then life coaching is for you.

Why try Life Coaching

Life coaching offers a way to understand and move past those unseen “somethings” holding you back. Life coaching offers you objective insight into your unique needs and motivations. Understanding these things allows you to let go. It can help you stop wasting energy by being controlling or demanding. This allows you to divert this energy to create solution-oriented positive momentum.   

When you know what drives you, you can make empowered choices. As such, a good life coach helps you find your Why?. He or she puts you on your path and then helps you walk it by gently guiding you from stepping off track into old, habitual, counterproductive patterns. So, working with a life coach like Jack Rourke is really an achievement strategy.  A method for breaking through and transitioning into a new experience of who you really are.

What is the value of Life Coaching?

The tangible value life coaching adds to your life is great personal freedom.  Freedom to be seen and heard for who you genuinely are. Freedom to passionately express your uniqueness through your career and personal relationships. But, the most powerful benefit life coaching offers you is the capacity to function as an empowered presence that elevates the lives of those around you – just by being you.

Each mile marker on your spiritual path is a point of no return. Little by little you become a radically more authentic version and thus empowered being. The results are a fulfilling, transparent and purposeful life that ultimately does not require coaching anymore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Life Coaching? And, Does It Work?

Life Coaching is extremely effective when it focuses on solutions rather problems.

How do I select a Life Coach?

The three most important things to consider when selecting a life coach are: The life coach’s communication style – does it work for you? Do you feel safe being vulnerable with your coach? And, do you both share the same vision for what success looks like?

How much does life coaching usually cost?

The cost of life coaching varies greatly. First and foremost, you must determine the value of what the return is for your investment in life coaching? How much are you willing to invest in yourself for a specific outcome? A coach can only provide insight and strategies. Success depends on your willingness to assimilate new information and make proactive changes. Perhaps another way to determine the value of life coaching is to realistically determine what is the human cost for not upscaling and evolving?

How many coaching sessions will I need?

There is no hard and fast rule for how much life coaching is required. This is an individual decision based on your unique goals or which programs at your disposal you know you will complete. Generally speaking, life coaching is only valuable as long as you remain wholeheartedly open and committed to your plan’s choice inspiring demands and transformative effects.