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“Jack is beyond extraordinary in HOW he uses his gift to help people.”

“I am still here to tell my story, thanks to Jack. He was so accurate that my dermatologist asked for his number and my OBGYN told me to ‘keep him on the payroll’. Jack has been astounding at directing me towards doctors who have been able to help me.”

“I booked a 30 minutes reading but he graciously went on for a whole hour trying to find the reason for my mysterious medical condition. I am grateful for his insight and amazing ability to see through human anatomy.”

“I believe Jack is not just a psychic but an amazing healer. Sincerely thank you for his insightful wisdom and a beautiful soul session.”

“Jack was amazing! He pinpointed an issue that has spread since birth through my body and brought incredible clarity to me. I am very grateful.”

“Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to Jack’s kindness, clarity, and insight.”

“Jack is more than a gifted psychic, he’s a great therapist and a good friend that we all need in our life. God bless Jack, I’m very pleased I found him.”

“I really appreciate Jack’s thoughtfulness and quality of presence. He has helped my husband, my children and myself by ascertaining information he could only know through his psychic ability. I am very happy that our paths crossed.”

“Jack Rourke is truly a gifted spirit, who has touched my life profoundly.”

“Jack gave me a very accurate health reading that was confirmed by my neurologist just 90 minutes later. I will use Jack again. He is a blessing to humanity.”

“Please express my deep gratitude to Jack Rourke. It was life-changing to talk with him.”

“Not only is he an incredibly gifted psychic with insight and accuracy that will blow your mind, he is also a remarkably beautiful soul.”

“Jack was very generous with his time. We have recommended him to many people.”

“Jack is amazing. He nailed me and my situation.”

“I had a interview on Tuesday, just like Jack predicted. Please convey my message to Jack, really thankful for giving me a heads up on the interview.”

“Can you please let Jack know things he said in our session came to fruition and it was incredibly spot on? I am always amazed. I’m sure he knows that but the help he has given me is beyond appreciated.”

“I really Loved my session with Jack, it was the clearest I’ve ever had! He validated things I had thoughts about, and also cleared up some problems. He’s Amazing and such a nice person! I will recommend him to everyone.”

“Many thanks to Jack. I now believe in miracles, considering I have lived with blindness, poverty and pain for decades. I am so glad Spirit brought you into my life, you are a gift to all of us.”

“Jack clearly has psychic abilities. However, it is his psychic gifts combined with an extraordinary level of empathy which makes Jack stand out above the rest. I recommend him without hesitation.”

“Jack described in detail my entire health situation and what would occur over the next few months. He was right, not just on the details but in the timings as well.”

“Jack is amazing, the best psychic I’ve ever experienced. He has a wonderful gift. My sister booked a reading with Jack for Wednesday!”

“I had a reading with Jack last Thursday. Please tell him how grateful I am for his insight- he was spot on, and so incredibly helpful with helping me navigate this stressful work situation.”

“Please tell Jack that I just came home from the local urgent care office and that he was right about the inflamed sternum and thank him for me. Thanks.”

“The reading from Jack on Sunday was wonderful! He saw down to the root of my issues. He was kind and insightful; loving and articulate. His voice and manner had me instantly relaxed and I can tell he genuinely cares.”

“I got a reading with Jack in April – it was amazing.”

“I Was crying and felt really devastated until I spoke to Jack. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Jack is a sweetheart. God bless his beautiful heart. I’m so happy with my reading.”

“I have talked with other intuitive coaches before but never had such meaningful insight and specific next steps to help me keep moving forward. I am grateful. Thank you.”

“My reading with Jack was one of the best readings I have ever had in my LIFE! His insight and honesty are absolutely PROFOUND!”

“I have spoken to Jack 3 times over the past 3 years. Everything that he said was either true at the time or came true after we spoke.”

“I just want to thank Jack for his kindess and generosity during our session. He probably gets this 50 times a day but I’ll share my gratitude anyway. I was stuck. But after speaking with Jack, I now understand how to become unstuck. Priceless. The difference between yesterday and today is I now have an absolute confidence and knowing that I can walk through the muck I have created and end up in a better, stronger place. I have talked with other intuitive coaches before but never have I received such meaningful insight and specific next steps to help me keep moving forward. I am grateful. Thank you”

– Gina T.

“I have been looking for a condo for three years and nothing like this has ever come on the market. And now here it is just like you saw. The entire back overlooks a cobblestone courtyard with the circular drive you saw. Also, you previously saw the Charles River and the park with the bust of the man’s face. (JFK park) You saw historic mansions, (Brattle Street,Tory Row during The American Revolution) which are one block over and more cobblestones. Another confirmation of your amazing gift! We put in a high bid and now are waiting to hear. I am so glad Spirit brought you into my life, you are a gift to all of us.”

Many thanks, Susanne

“Thank you Jack. You have such a great way of seeing & explaining my situation. My life falls apart but you give me such great clarity I’m able to piece it together again. Thank you. ”

– Tamara

“Please thank Jack for me. I am not exaggerating when I say his reading was the best session I have ever had. I was stunned by the fact that I literally sobbed during our appointment. I don’t do “that”! 🙂 I don’t believe I have ever encountered another human being who, because of what he said and how he said it, made me feel so understood. The nature of the shame and guilt and horror I feel about myself and certain things in my life are so intimate and so secret. Having Jack really know that truth, as horrifyingly awful as it feels being exposed, it also somehow touched a place of vulnerability within me. I appreciate that it was a man as kind and perceptive as Jack is, to be there with me in that space. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. I will be scheduling more sessions soon. ”

– Cate M., MA MFT

“Jack Rourke is truly a gifted spirit who has touched my life profoundly. A month ago I didn’t know what was going to happen or where my next paycheck would come from. I was broken, in tears, and saw no hope for my future. Jack, put me at ease with his compassion and amazingly accurate psychic intuition. Details were given down to the very location where my next new job would be, and he assured me all would be well. – The minute you have your reading and the events start happening, you will automatically recall Jack’s prediction for you and you will be astonished. By far, Jack is the most gifted psychic I have ever encountered!”

– Concetta

“I’ve never had a psychic reading before so I didn’t know what to expect. I called about my kids and some work issues and Jack surpassed on all accounts. When I asked about a building I was acquiring Jack literally walked me through it using his visions – which was all correct. Then he directed my attention outside and described another building down the street. He said I was going to own this second building as well. The funny thing was, that was my office – the very place I was sitting talking to him on the other side of the country. Jack is amazing. Next time I’m booking an hour.”

– Brian

“Thank you so much for your insight today. I’ve worked with many coaches/psychics but I’ve never felt this relieved after a session before. I feel like a big weight has been lifted and that it’s time to let go of “my story” and live my life.Your intelligence is greatly appreciated! ”

– A

“Jack was amazing! He pinpointed an issue that has spread since birth through my body and

brought incredible clarity to me. I am very grateful. Now I can cure it!”

– Josh

“Please send Jack my deepest heartfelt gratitude. I was beyond hopeless when I spoke to him on Saturday. And, if it wasn’t for his foresight so close to the Hearing, I probably wouldn’t have remembered what he told me when I was in distress yesterday morning in the hallways of court after the tentative ruling came in. My brain literally stopped working. I couldn’t think. I must have been in shock. Then, the breakdown happened. My lawyer was telling me to “pull it together”. He said, think, we are NOT leaving here with NOTHING, there has to BE SOMETHING.” Right then I started remembering some of what Jack had told me, it helped switch my brain on. Then all of the pieces of the puzzle began calmly fitting into place, one by one. Within 20 minutes I had a list for the Judge, all of which he found to be reasonable requests. So, thank you, thank you! Jack is the BEST.”

Lots of Love,


“I’m gob smacked! Jack gave exact details about my children. He described allergies, illnesses and funny things only our family knows. He freaked me out when he described the view from the chair I was seated in during our reading! Then he really helped me understand my sister the most. I’ve been angry at her for years. I felt so incredible after my reading I cancelled my therapist’s appointment LOL. Please give Jack a huge hug for me and tell him thank you!!!!!”

– Dottie

“Speaking to Jack was life changing for me. I want to stay with the momentum.It’s already helping me move forward personally and in my professional life I am happier too!”

– Andrea

“He blew my mind. Jack Rourke is the motherfu*cking real deal.”

– D’Shawn

“Please let Jack know things he said in our session came to fruition and it was incredibly spot on?

I am always amazed. I’m sure he knows that but the help he has given me is beyond appreciated!”


“My father is sick with a brain tumor. It’s hard to get him to tell us what he feels or if anything is bothering him. In my 2 readings with Jack I have been told what to watch out for & it’s all come true. For example, Jack warned me he saw a blood a blood clot in my dad – two weeks later the doctors found it! I feel a lot better after speaking to Jack, because I know that he is telling me what to expect not what I want to hear & it gives me some peace of mind.”

– Lisa

“I talked to Jack today. it was very exciting! I felt nervous and excited at first, but then he started telling me things that nobody knows, and I relaxed. We talked like I use to talk to my Dad, Jack mentioned things that I have been thinking about for awhile now but I never talk about to anyone. Jack’s abilities are amazing! I felt very encouraged and strengthend after our reading. God bless Jack!”

– Tracy-Ann

“My mom and I were really worried about my sister’s health. I was also going through a difficult time with my marriage. My friend suggested a reading with Mr.Rourke after she had an amazing experience with him. I was a little nervous but Jack was so funny and really put me at ease. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. During his reading he described all the symptoms my sister was dealing with. He even told me where my sister’s doctors thought she suffered an aneurysm. But Jack said that was incorrect. He then told me exactly where the aneurysm was. Two days later I spoke to my sister. Her doctors found the aneurysm exactly where he described. My mom then booked a reading with Jack too.”

– Stacy

“During my first reading with Jack I inquired about a trip to South America. He said he saw me making friends with someone associated with the Saudi Royal family. I did indeed meet a man who in fact formerly worked for the Saudi Royal family. During my next session Jack told me a specific month when I was going fall ill and that I’d be shocked that I got a cold sore. I have never in my 50+ years had such a thing. Yet it happened just as he foresaw. I couldn’t believe it.”

– Barb

“Jack is the real deal. From the first minute of our reading, Jack was spot on. His reading answered many of my questions concerning the sale of my business and new career. At the end of the reading I was allowed to ask questions. He answered them all. I feel honored to have had a reading from him and will definitely be consulting with him again in the future.”

– Stacy

“Jack was awesome to speak with. He has a great personality, very engaging and extremely knowledgeable. Jack gave me great insight into what is going on with my health. He was no nonsense, truly sincere and gave honest answers to my concerns. He has truly helped me understand my situation and gave accurate answers. Jack gets deep into the situation so that you can fully understand what is going on and the path you should follow. Experience with Jack was eye opening and and the fact that he took extra time to address everything speaks volumes about his kindness and it was highly appreciated.”

– Shehbaz

“Jack, I felt compelled since we JUST had a reading last night. I figured out some of the things that he said that didn’t make sense at the time but now do and thought he may want to know. You kept talking about my grandmother. I now believe you were referring to was my husband’s deceased mother. Her name was Mary (you mentioned a MER name)… You also kept bringing up a ring that you saw slipping off her finger and that it was meant for me but that it was secretly taken by someone else in the family against her wishes. And you mentioned a scar near her throat/upper chest. And someone visiting our daughter and putting a necklace around her neck as she sleeps. WELL…. my husband’s mom died of breast cancer and she DID have a ring that the family believes was stolen by relatives AND it was meant for her first grand-daughter which is OUR daughter. Mom was very frail at the end which explains the ring slipping off. And she did have a scar near her throat where they inserted a port for the chemo. Anyway, I just told my husband this and he was amazed. So thank you again! ”

– Debbie

“Jack’s reading has already begun to crystalize. I am tearing up as I write this, life is beautiful when we are on our path.”

– Ellen

“Jack, Thank you for your most insightful and from the heart reading at Heart & Soul. I so enjoyed connecting with my nephew, mom, dad, everyone. Your spirit is true and your heart is full of love. Thank you for the loving connection today and thank you for your wisdom and the honor upon which you give your readings. I feel lighter and more at peace today. We will meet again.”

– Blessings, Bernadette

“Jack, I wanted to sincerely thank you for the session with my mom. She came out of it like a more uplifted person. The deaths of her dad and her brother deeply impacted her which affected her relationship with our immediate family, her health, self-esteem and always left her asking questions. You provided her with the comfort and closure she yearned for. Thank you!!!!”

– Michelle

“Jack Rourke read for my son and blew him away. He then read for me & several of my girlfriends. He is totally down to earth yet thorough, detailed, kind and very professional. I called while going through my divorce. Jack gave me specific information that was really helpful to me and my accountant. But when Jack told me the name of my husbands attorney I almost dropped the phone. It was an obscure middle eastern name. There’s no way he could have known that. Jack is amazing and so helpful!”

– Rebecca

“I never had a psychic reading over the phone. Wow! Jack is amazing. He really lived up to his reputation.

I’ll be calling him again for sure. Thank you.”

– Candance

“Finally, my wait for a job interview has come to an end.

I had a interview on Tuesday, just like Jack predicted. Please convey my gratitude to Jack. I’m really

thankful for giving me a heads up on the interview 🙂 ”

– Meena

“I gave Jack three pictures of a property my deceased ex husband and I have in Poland. Without looking at the pictures, he turned them face down and drew a map of the place and started telling me details about it. He correctly told me the size, where and how many buildings there were; he told me where there is a lake, horses, roads and even the make of the vehicle we had in the driveway. Then he told me I had to be careful because of the property’s insurance. He was right, I had let it expire! AMAZING”

– Oksana

“Jack is Amazing! He hit the nail right on the head. My father had a very distinctive deformtiy to his hand he couldn’t possibly have known about. But Jack described seeing him and then told me a message from my dad I desperately needed to hear. What I really wanted was information about my health. I have been to 15 doctors. They can’t figure it out. Jack told me exactly what I’ve been struggling with descrbing all my symptoms in detail making me feel like he really sees something no one else can. I felt so much relief after my reading. Thank you so much. God Bless.”

– Edgar

“When I first contacted Jack I was going through a rough patch. But Jack gave me the courage to go after what I really wanted. Things have worked out far better than I could have imagined. I got the exact Job he said I would. My new boyfriend is amazing, as Jack predicted. And I just feel like a brand new person! My reading was so inspiring and everything Jack predicted has actually happened.”

– T

Jack’s readings are uncanny! I’ve referred him to many friends who were all amazed. He clearly has a special gift. I just wanted to share that and say thank you.”

– Jeannie

“I came to Jack at the most challenging and frustrating time in my career. Through his first two readings with me, he never once mentioned the clock – he was dedicated to help me understand my position in a new light, and patiently answered all my questions until we had gotten to a stronger place of understanding of what I needed to do to reach my goals. He clearly has psychic abilities. However, the psychic gifts combined with an extraordinary level of empathy makes Jack stand out above the rest. I recommend him without hesitation.”

– Jane

“Getting a psychic reading from Jack was like talking to an old friend except even my friends don’t know the things about my life Jack saw. Words cannot say how grateful I am for the clarity and peace of mind I feel as a result of my session with Jack. He really helped me realize the importance of reconnecting with myself and all the things that will make me truly happy. Jack Rourke is for real and truly amazing!”

– Jason

“I easily recall the reading that I was privileged to have with Jack Rourke. Before sitting with him, he had come highly recommended and so I was excited that I was going to be seeing him. I worked at the time as a Teacher in a maximum security prison with youthful offenders, and I joked to one of my students, that wouldn’t it be something if this man were able to discern that I was a teacher, and that I “sucked at math.” (In all fairness to me, I wasn’t a math teacher). When I traveled that night to see Jack, he had a very warm, and natural personality. He advised me to not speak, or reveal anything about myself; only to respond with a yes or no, when he asks, “Do you understand this?” He closed his eyes and relaxed, but in no time, had to ask me, “Who’s the teacher?…sucks at math?” I’m laughing writing this, because those were my exact words. He then went on to identify highly specific medical issues I possessed, that were in no way generalities, and that were only known to me. He named the precise location of the problems, and concerns, and provided some suggestions. Toward the close of my sitting, Jack went on to sense who was near to me, in spirit. I had hoped that he would tell me that my sister was present. That’s exactly who he stated was coming through, and I was privileged to be able to ask her some questions through him. He described her death, and the sudden nature of it, and how upset she was over having died young. It was an immeasurably memorable experience I had sitting with Mr. Jack Rourke, a most compassionate person, whom I hold in the highest regard as a genuinely gifted Medium and Medical Intuitive.”


“You were right about so many things. I’m in awe of you. Thank you for your wonderful reading.

Sincerely, Angie”

“Everything you told me in our reading more than a year ago has come true with regard to my job. I was recruited after my first year to work in a dream-come-true clandestine assignment just like you said. I do think of you from time to time and how powerful your readings were.”

– Name withheld

“Jack thank you so much for meeting with me while I was visiting my daughter and son in California. I’m from Texas and have always wanted a reading. I was so pleased with the reading you gave me. You gave me so much information. I will cherish this moment forever,thank you so much. Hope to meet with you again, my husband would like a reading someday.”

– Cassandra

“I just want to thank you for the information you shared with me during our phone conversation February 8, 2013. It was very accurate and empowering. Take Care of yourself and keep doing what you do ( for the sake of world consciousness). You are a blessing to us all.”

– Sue

“I just wanted to say thank you. I feel…I don’t know…lighter…calmer. I did give myself a few minutes to cry my eyes out after we got off the phone. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Lisa

“Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation for Jack’s kindness, clarity, and insight.”


“Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. My worker’s comp case was resolved.

The amount was pretty close to what you told me. Your reading made me calm through today’s court hearing.

You also made me giggle about my future. Lol. I will definitely make another appointment with you.

Thank you so much.”

– Myuki

“Six months ago I had a reading with Jack. He told me in three months I was going to get a promotion and start commuting out of state before finally selling my house and moving. I thought no way that’s happening. Well, I’ve been commuting to Oregon for the last few months and now my house is for sale. So many things Jack said have all come true. He’s brilliant. I’m so glad I’ve found him. Thank you.”

– Gloria

“Jack’s service, professionalism, kindness, generosity, and genuine concern for his clients’ well-being are something I’ve rarely encountered. As a scientist and medical professional, I place high value on rational, egoless, non-dogmatic ways of discerning what IS true from what I wish to be true. Jack surpassed on all counts, and with a palpable, grounded sincerity. Months after my reading, the benefits still continue. May we each undertake our work with similar reverence. Much gratitude, Jack.”

– Lena

“My session with Jack last night was one of the best readings I have ever had in my LIFE! His insight and honesty were absolutely PROFOUND! Today I feel as if a Big Load has been lifted from my shoulders and that I can truly begin living.”

– Robin

“I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality of presence Jack brings to my session. His empathy and insight is very helpful and empowering. It often strikes me after a session and upon reflection just how perceptive his observations are and, to use his “Golden Standard” with regard to psychics, he has given me information which he could only have ascertained through his psychic ability and which turned out to be true. Often his wisdom becomes more evident over the longer term. It gives me comfort to know that I can seek his wisdom and insights as I continue on my path. It is his unique ability not only to see an event in a wide context in the present and in the future coupled with his dialogue / interaction / equanimity which is so reassuring and freeing. I am very happy that our paths crossed. He treats the somewhat trivial concerns along with the more profound ones with equal respect. Heartfelt thanks,”

– Roisin

“I had a reading with Jack yesterday because I had a session with someone else that left me with a lot of unanswered questions. Jack took so much time with me and showed me he REALLY was seeing my life! He described specific things about my ex to a tee, my situation and even identified me by my tattoos, unique hair and something else a little more personal lol. It was incredible and I’m so grateful. He’s freaking amazing. I will follow up soon 🙂 and will def be booking again.”

– Lena

“I just want to thank you so much for the reading you gave to me last night. You have an amazing gift and your words and insights really helped me to get clear about where my abundance thinking has been a little off. It has been a long time since I have experienced someone with the high profile you have that is humble and real…and truly dedicated to service. I highly respect your work and you made me feel like a respected colleague versus a client. Thank you!”

– Tom

“I felt a profound sense of comfort after speaking with you. Honestly, even though I was a bit of a skeptic, you said things I very much needed to hear. I do believe you are a gifted human being that is able to heal and provide support. Thank you so much for your words. I feel relieved and grateful I had a connection with my father through you.”

– Anna

“Hi Jack…..just wanted to share something with you…… a year ago you said I would meet someone and I would look back on life and wonder “wtf was I thinking!?!”…..we’ll, my engagement photos are proof of you’re ‘insight’……the entire past year was exactly how you predicted it would be… bada-bing, bada-boom! …THANK YOU!!!! Smiles!”

– Kim

“Please give Jack a huge thank you for the reading last night. I am extremely grateful for the clarity he provided as I am coming out of a most difficult period of my life.”

– Lucy

“I just wanted to tell you how nice it was for you to spend time on the phone with me. You don’t look old enough on your web site to have the wisdom of age but I am sure you were born with a gift that you can help others with. I have to thank you for helping me understand some things that perhaps I have overlooked. You seem like a very gentle soul with a lot of love in your heart.”

– Kristen

“Today my partner and I had the honor of having a session with Jack. It has left such an impact on us that words cannot describe what we’re feeling. We feel energized, excited, positive and enlightened. Jack discerned moments in our lives he had no way of knowing. He shared messages from loved ones on the other side that brought us peace and the way he communicated the messages left us feeling empowered. Jack is extremely gifted, compassionate, sensitive and understanding. His reading was so powerful and healing. Jack your spirit is one that everybody that comes to you will naturally want to take charge of who they are with pride and strength. Having a reading with Jack will most definitely give you the answers, confirmations and/or messages that will help you on your journey. Jack is the REAL DEAL and more.”

– Shoshana

“Ok Jack, I met you about two weeks ago. I have to admit I thought you were having many illusions of grandeur during our session. However I’ll be darned if a lot of the things you said have not already come to pass. Wow! I’m floored. You are amazing, I look forward to meeting with you again soon.”

– Alison

“I knew that Jack was my teacher the very first time I saw his pic. For some reason, whenever I pay for a session – unknowingly, I stare at his picture for a couple mins. There is so much depth in his eyes and clarity in his sessions. His eyes reveal for me the secret meaning of hope, betterment,and deeper understanding of life. Tonight though, I finally reailzed his eyes are nothing but a “reflection of light” inside me, inside my life. I could have waited until the next time I spoke to Jack but I just had to say thanks for all the love and support he’s provided me from day one. ”

– Mindy

“I got a reading with Jack in April – it was amazing. I’m wondering if he has any availability anytime soon for another reading? (60 minutes). Does he do weekends?”

– Claire