This web page is intended to help you understand the business of Jack Rourke’s profoundly helpful psychic appointments from an operations and ethics perspective. Our goal by sharing these behind the scenes details is to help you distinguish our value adding psychic service from other online psychic reading businesses.

We produced this article because Jack believes in transparency. We value your needs and we want you to understand our service so you can trust that every aspect of Jack’s efforts are designed to provide for your wellbeing.

Why Explain our Psychic Ethics and Business Practices

People commonly assume all psychics share the same beliefs, work the same way, and for the same outcomes. This is a mistake. Choosing the right psychic requires selecting an practitioner who specializes in your area of concern. Someone who services the outcome you seek while also possessing the skill to address and resolve your concerns in a manner that compliments you. For this reason we openly share our business ethics and the spiritual principles that guide how we conduct our appointments. Jack Rourke always advises working with a psychic who works how you want and for the purpose you need. 

All psychic practitioners are not the same. The interpersonal skills, spiritual beliefs, the outcomes a psychic might strive for with clients, as well as their extrasensory abilities can all differ. Understanding the outcomes a psychic strives for with clients and their professional ethics are equally important when you are seeking spiritual assistance. Our hope is by explaining Jack’s distinct business philosophy as it relates to his ethics and client care, that you will better understand our commitment to you and how we differ from other services.

Our intention is to empower you. We want you to get the personalized professional psychic service you feel is best for you, exactly when you need it most. Let’s begin distinguishing our service from others by introducing you to Mr. Rourke’s psychic expertise.

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke’s Public Recognition

Los Angeles Love PsychicJack Rourke has perfected his psychic skillset and acquired a very special form of wisdom over more than thirty years using extrasensory perception to help people in real world ways. He is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and extrasensory expert whose absolute passion is helping you achieve, make empowered decisions, and live your best self.

Jack is most known as a best-selling author on the prestigious Sounds True platform. The man BuzzFeed and Russian State Media both declared the top professional in America. Day to day, however, Jack is a spiritual mentor who celebrities, Fortune Five hundred CEOs, psychotherapists, as well as Self help authors and Gurus consult with when they’re feeling discouraged, heartbroken, stuck, or uncertain.

Dubbed world-renowned in 2009 by America Online Celebrity News, CNN sought a spiritual perspective from Jack upon the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson. CBS Television featured Jack as the real life version of the paranormal detective depicted on their hit TV Show, The Mentalist. And, Jack was hired by FOX and CW Networks to profile the Casey Anthony, Jon-Benet Ramsey, and Eliza Lam murder mysteries.

Mr. Rourke has also been featured by the Associated Press, ABC News, NBC, CBS, the CBC, BBC, History and Travel Channels, SyFy Network, Showtime, and countless other reputable media outlets including The New York Post, Authority Magazine, and more. Most notably, he is the only medical intuitive in America scientifically proven using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

However, what makes Jack truly special is his illumined warmth, humility and humor. His nuanced understanding of pain and confusion, human patterns and perception, romantic challenges, spiritual practice, and perhaps most importantly, how to integrate extrasensory facts and ancient wisdom into life changing strategies that permanently heal hearts, foster transformation, and provide a clear path forward.

Suffice it to say, Jack is an expert unlike any found on any corporation’s payroll.

Psychic Readings Online are Big Business 

Unlike corporations who are fixated on driving sales and keeping you on the phone as long as they can for a per minute fee, Jack is the boss. He has no financial incentive for spending extra time with clients. In fact, it is the opposite. The more time he invests with a single client the fewer clients he sees that work day. Yet, he routinely invests extra time to better care for you.

Now that we’ve skimmed the surface of Jack’s professional expertise, let’s talk about the business of readings for a minute. Then, I will share three things that distinguish Jack Rourke’s service from big corporations who exploit public interest in paranormal phenomena for profit.

Selling readings online is Big Business. All those google ads you see online are put out by large marketing companies conducting multimillion dollar operations. According to market data reported by Statista, starting from a value of $1.9 billion in 2011, the market size of the reading industry reached over $2 billion for the first time in 2019 and became even more valuable in 2022. Between 2023 and 2030 the compounding annual growth rate for the online reading market is forecast at 5.50%. This is why there are so many large companies buying ad space on Google. And, did you know many of these platforms are owned by the same parent company? Do you think this is a good thing?

When money is the motive behind selling readings per-minute online, there can be three risks you the consumer need to watch out for.

1. Some large reading companies prioritize profits over ethics leading to questionable business practices. One very famous celebrity endorsed reading company inserted their telephone number into the Google business profiles of hundreds of mom and pop readers all across North America by exploiting Google’s suggest edit function. Jack coordinated with the FBI on behalf of victims until the case was closed due to Google refusing to comply with subpoenas.

2. Per-minute readings can quickly add up, and clients may end up spending more than they initially anticipated without getting the help they need. Additionally, some companies may have hidden fees or charges that are not clearly disclosed upfront. Clients should carefully review the pricing structure and terms of service before engaging in per-minute readings.

3. Lack of Personal Connection: With a large company, clients may not have the opportunity to develop a personal connection with their readers. Also, practitioners may have a high volume of clients and limited time to spend with each individual. As a result, clients may feel like they’re just another number and may not receive the personalized attention they need. But this sort of client neglect is fine for faceless corporations. They keep you calling back while never permitting you too deep a bond with your service provider. This makes you loyal to the corporate brand rather than the individual caregiver.

Your fulfillment doesn’t matter to big reading companies. They employ thousands of remote workers to answer your phone call 24/7 no matter their experience. From the marketers point of view what matters is their phones are manned. They accept some callers will be unhappy sometimes. It’s a numbers game. Big companies only care about getting you on the the phone. They operate like a Vegas Casino. So long as the phones keep ringing, the house always wins.

Unlike corporations that market readings as a wellness gimmick, Jack is a solopreneur who makes a big impact only because of his proven skills and hard earned experience genuinely caring for those he serves. His office is not a big company that charges for readings per minute. Technically, although segments of time are required to organize the work calendar, Jack’s appointments are structured around your needs and not necessarily time at all. And, since the sole focus of his mission is helping people, rather than ever escalating per minute costs, our psychic appointment prices are kept as low as possible. Session fees are set using simple math. Operating expenses are divided by the number of appointments Jack can safely perform each week.

Operating expenses include all the contractors and vendors that supply the support services and computer-related skills that keep his office afloat. Margins are thin. Mr. Rourke gets nothing until his assistant Elizabeth is paid and all business expenses are covered. The only difficulty, business wise, is Jack routinely spends extra time with clients because he genuinely cares. Jack puts people over profit.

Three Ways Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles is Unique

An appointment with Jack Rourke is more than a reading. His client focused sessions are a fun, soul centered and seamless four-step progression toward clarity, fulfillment, and personal power.

Although there are many, let’s now talk about just three important things that distinguish Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings service from others who sell readings online. Those three important things are client focus, transparent credibility and generosity.

Client Focus

The first important marker of excellence that distinguishes Jack Rourke’s appointments from the average online reading service is the fact every single aspect of his appointments are designed to provide for you.

The average practitioner demonstrates ESP in a presentational fashion akin to a performance without thought for how what they say impacts you. Marketing companies that sell readings online also format their calls as entertainment. They do this to appeal to the widest audience possible.

A psychic reading is entertainment when it is structured for you to passively witness and then emotionally react to without deeper consideration about how to meaningfully provide for you. By structuring psychic readings like entertainment, those who claim to serve spirit solicit praise that builds up their identity while they avoid your more complicated personal concerns. Psychic sessions organized as entertainment are really about the psychic and their belief system not you. Meanwhile, marketing companies actually encourage emotional reactions. They hook you in with magical feelings that feel spiritual yet their offering serves no lasting meaningful purpose either.

Although it is fun witnessing predictions or hearing about your life, when you need genuine spiritual assistance with real life issues, just listening to a demonstration of extrasensory perception is not helpful. Jack’s psychic sessions are not entertainment. Therefore, they are not for everyone. His client focused appointments are deliberately designed to help you. Jack has spent thirty years working with surgeons, psychotherapists and law enforcement as well as people all over the world in sometimes life threatening circumstances. He is a master psychic who understands what to do, when to do it and how to use extrasensory perception to help you in real world ways.

Transparent Credibility

Extrasensory perception as Jack employs it is scientifically proven to help you in real-world ways. As I mentioned earlier, he is the only known medical intuitive whose clairvoyance has been verified by doctors and surgeons. Of additional value, is the deep wisdom Jack has acquired from working with thousands of people over the years. Wisdom he uses routinely to counsel clergy, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, famous life coaches and self help authors who are all active clients.

The reason established experts turn to Jack is because he does not conduct his sessions to entertain anyone. He will never just tell you whatever he sees without a clearly defined value adding purpose. Nor will Jack share extrasensory information without regard for how those details might impact you.

Jack is above all an expert at what he does. His psychic service is not the kind of thing where the feedback talks about how amazing he is. I mean, sure there’s that, but what users repeatedly underscore, and what we want clients to focus on is, the unique quality and credibility behind Jack’s work and how he helps you. His ability to help clients is evidenced in the videos from patients whose lives were saved by his medical intuition and the impact statements from clients who lives were changed through his counsel. People who were otherwise failed by mainstream wellness practitioners.

So, whether it’s helping clients navigate career decisions, overcome relationship challenges, or by offering anatomically precise medical intuitive readings, Jack and his team are dedicated to supporting you address the root causes of suffering while fostering lasting growth and resilience so you do not need spiritual help in the future.


Typical readings operate on a clock with a mind on money. And with corporate readers online, there is a predetermined expectation for ever increasing revenue. Jack Rourke is very different.

Jack habitually invests free extra time with his clients. Because Jack prioritizes a genuine connection with each person who seeks his guidance. Extra time is invested to understand every clients’ concerns, aspirations, and struggles so that every appointment is personally meaningful on a profoundly transformational level.

Unlike corporations who are fixated on driving sales and keeping you on the phone as long as they can for a per minute fee, Jack is the boss. He has no financial incentive for spending extra time with clients. In fact, it is the opposite. The more time he invests with a single client the fewer clients he sees that work day. Yet, he routinely invests extra time to better care for you.

Jack’s dedication is not motivated by profit. The sole purpose of his service is straightforward and very simple. You. You are the purpose of Jack’s appointments. Your needs. Your wellbeing. Serving your achievement through systematically addressing and resolving your most important concerns so you can live your best self. This is Jack’s mission.

Psychic Readings Los Angeles – Ethics

Jack believes ethical business practices are transparent and spiritually grounded.

Unlike profit motivated marketing companies that sell psychic readings online, psychic Jack Rourke sets and follows the highest standards for ethical service by first and foremost being extremely transparent.

Jack demonstrates his commitment to transparency through articles like this and the explainer videos we produce. You can be confident everything you need to know about our psychic service is also openly and deliberately shared in detail on this website and your client emails.

On the website, you can learn who Jack serves, step-by-step how he serves, how he communicates extrasensory information and why he serves his clients in the precise way he does.

Jack always has an eye on the big picture for you. Even during your appointment he continues to communicate to you by explaining how extrasensory perception works and why he shares something with you as he does. Careful attention is also spent helping you integrate the information shared so that it is useful to you moving forward.

Ethically speaking, Jack wants everyone to understand his service so they can decide for themselves if his service is the best option for their needs. He believes clients should only schedule with a practitioner who works how they want and for the purpose they need. In fact, he even offers you an entire webpage that describes his professional ethics and the spirituality that guides how and why he uses extrasensory perception the way he does.

Another dimension of Jack’s commitment to ethical business practices is this. As I mentioned before, he instructs his staff to always treat every client as if they are members of his spiritual family. Jack wants you to feel welcomed and safe yet free to be who you really are. Because, as a business organized as a helping service, Jack believes his relationship to you is as important as his spiritual relationship with the divine.

The Ethical Purpose for Jack’s Client Focused Methods

When Jack mentors students and psychotherapists, he reminds them their capacity to genuinely help the people they serve correlates to their capacity to enter into a space of truly loving them.

By offering guidance on “loving them”, Jack is teaching psychotherapists about the transformational power of conscious union. What conscious union means is this.

Although, Jack Rourke’s business is a helping service, his client focused  appointments function spiritually without a helper or those needing help because duality is the foundation for all suffering.

So, every client focused session is a step-by-step collaborative progression toward wholeness using extrasensory perception in a spiritually transformative manner that produces achievement. Because only from a place of conscious union can any healing service offer spiritual realization that frees anyone from the conditions that inspire suffering.

Since Jack is dedicated to ethically addressing and resolving real world concerns using extrasensory perception, clients can trust that they will always receive honest and straightforward guidance that prioritizes their needs over the business. In fact, every appointment Jack offers is structured to end reliance on further assistance. And, if ever there is a concern about whether a client will benefit from the service provided, an immediate full refund is issued upon receipt of their appointment. Ethically, Jack will not accept any appointment if there is ever any suspicion a client either does not understand or will not benefit from the service provided.

It is noteworthy to mention that the immediate refunds I just mentioned are given at Jack’s expense. His merchant bank does not return the fees they collect when clients schedule their appointments through the website. Nevertheless, whenever there is a concern about whether a client might benefit from their appointment, Jack pays the bank fees and directs Elizabeth to issue a full refund. He would rather lose money than accept an appointment when a client might not benefit from their session. Jack always says, “A person should only schedule with a practitioner who works how they want and for the purpose they need. This is the only way to ensure their happiness and fulfillment.”

Jack is also motivated to give back to the community and using his skills. This could mean volunteering, hosting workshops, or as in years past, offering pro bono readings to first responders and those in need. Jack and his team are dedicated to community engagement that not only enriches the lives of those served but also strengthens the bonds with longer term clients and the community.

Clients who choose to seek guidance from Jack and his team can take pride in knowing that they are supporting a business that prioritizes social responsibility and making a difference in the world over profit.

Thank you for learning About Psychic Readings Los Angeles

I hope this article about Jack’s business and ethics has been helpful. Truthfully, what we have shared here only scratches the surface of how committed Jack is to genuinely caring for you.

To learn more, I invite you to please click the links in the article and read our homepage. We produce content because we care about empowering you with the information you need to make an informed decisions about which psychic service is best for you.

If you are interested in our appointments, we ask that you not schedule a session just because of Jack’s accolades or his hundreds of hard-earned five-star reviews. People who have loved and truly benefited from our service understood our methods and really wanted the unique help we provide in the exact way we provide it.

We want you to be happy… One last thing. Since Jack is the sole service provider, there are limited appointments each week. We always sell out. So, if interested, have a look around. Then, click where it says, “Book Now” to self-schedule when you are ready. We look forward to serving you!

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