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  • What Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic method is
  • How a Client-Focused™ appointment is conducted
  • Why  Client-Focused™ Psychic Sessions are valuable versus General psychic readings 

Jack Rourke’s Client-Focused™ Psychic Service

Real ESP for real-world issues that really matter

Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic appointments are professionally formatted and skillfully executed to address and resolve your most important personal, interpersonal and spiritual concerns.  

The most common style of psychic reading is “general”. What is a general psychic reading? A general psychic reading is an unfocused and broad overview of whatever the psychic sees that is offered while the client remains quiet. Jack does not provide general psychic readings.

Jack does not provide general psychic readings because his intent is to help not entertain. General psychic readings are formatted as metaphysical performances packaged with new age beliefs and presented as a mystical experience for you to witness. The benefits of a general psychic reading are the sensations they inspire in the forms of excitement, anticipation, awe and magical feelings of connection. But, uplifting feelings do not fix real-world problems. They only serve as feel-good entertaining distractions.

Although general psychic readings are meant to be “spiritual” experiences because of their preoccupation with distracting beliefs and feelings they foster dependence on imagination and idealized outer circumstances. From this point of view, general psychic readings are more than not helpful. They can in fact be spiritually detrimental since general psychic readings orient the client toward sensation and ideas that risk emboldening the ego rather than illuminating soul processes underlying the false self. 

Jack Rourke’s client-focused psychic service truly helps people heal hurts, massively achieve and dramatically change their lives.

Jack’s Client-focused™ psychic readings are structured to serve the authentic spiritual purpose of your soul’s journey. For this reason, Jack’s client-focused™ psychic readings are solely focused on addressing and resolving real-world issues using extrasensory perception. To use psychic perception with such skillful precision takes years of disciplined practice. It is Mr. Rourke’s decades of spiritual practice and study, coupled with his experience serving law enforcement, psychotherapists, and the medical community that makes his client-focused™ psychic method so effective.

For Jack Rourke, extrasensory perception is a powerful spiritual tool he uses to genuinely help people. During his client-focused™ psychic appointments, the entire session is formatted and executed to provide for your unique individual needs. Unlike general psychic readings which are unspecific and formatted to aggrandize the psychic, a client-focused session is not presented as a display of ability. It is a helping service. This means that while the positive impact of a general psychic reading is usually temporary and covertly detrimental to the client spiritually,  the professionally-formatted client-focused™ psychic session Jack Rourke provides is permanently transformative for you.

For example:

1. Many psychics call themselves “medical intuitive” or healers. But they wrongly use their sensitivities to rationalize why “spiritually” or “psychologically” their client is “manifesting” an illness or issue. They make their client both responsible for creating their illness and then undoing it. Such an insinuation is hurtful since it is usually fundamentally untrue and can trigger a frustrating inner conflict within the client. Even when assigning internal blame uplifts the client by confirming their point of view.

Jack does not metaphysically assign blame during his client-focused™ medical intuitive readings. Instead, with his spiritual discipline and hard-earned expertise, he offers fact-based clairvoyant insight that is unique to your body. Real objectively verifiable information you can use with your healthcare provider.

"Jack, regarding Monday’s reading: The problem you saw with my abdominal sphincter muscles. This was it! Yesterday, Dr. Fred Lerner closed my “wide open” ileocecal valve and pyloric valve. He knew exactly what you were talking about and it took him about 15 minutes to fix. I feel amazing today. My intestines are no longer burning. First full night’s sleep in many months. Dr. Lerner said it’s likely I’ve had this problem for 10-15 years. I now have my “team” — Dr. Khalsa, Dr. Lerner, and you! Thank you so much!!!"
Michele D.
Beverly Hills, CA

2. Many psychics call themselves love experts. Then they help you feel better during heartbreak by “spiritually” rationalizing blame. Or worse, they pretend to cast a spell or manipulate your partner using occult powers giving you false hope.

A client-focused love and relationship psychic reading is not about assigning blame or avoiding hurt. As a professional psychic focused on love, Jack skillfully restores inner harmony for you by triggering a comforting felt sense of being loved, understood, and valued for who you genuinely are. His love and relationship psychic readings include facts, accountability, and the realities necessary for healing your relationship with your painful circumstances. 

"My wife had been talking to Jack for some time. A lot of the things she shared with me about their conversations were dead on. I could see she really felt better after speaking with Jack. She suggested I speak with him. I was curious but didn’t know what to expect. I have to say speaking to Jack felt like talking to an old friend. It was only after I hung up that I realized there was no way he could have known the things he did or have the insight to make sense of our circumstances the way he did. Thanks, Jack you’re a good dude. Much appreciated."
Jason M.
New York, NY

Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic appointments deliberately target and resolve real-world issues in a style that can make a permanent difference in your life.  Even when you are dealing with the most complex personal, interpersonal and spiritual concerns because Jack’s focus is on you. 

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Continue reading below to learn more about how Jack Rourke’s psychic service is unique compared to general psychic readings.

What is the Client-focused™ Psychic Method?

Technically speaking, Jack’s Client-focused™ psychic method is a combination of analytical remote sensing and spiritually embodied extrasensory discernment. More importantly, the client-focused™ process is a carefully organized spiritual expression of proper focus, embodied presence, and the right motivation.

During a client-focused™ psychic appointment, the information supplied is a presentation of sensory and extrasensory perceptions formatted to accurately address and resolve your precise needs in a factually detailed solution-oriented fashion consistent with the highest spiritual teachings. This is why a client-focused™ session is a genuine place for self-discovery and transformation. 

Why a Client-focused™ process

An undisciplined general psychic reading can over-penetrate the client’s boundaries. This can be traumatizing to unsuspecting or highly sensitive people.  Jack’s client-focused™ process is structured to protect your boundaries while providing for your specific individual needs.

Jack uses ESP surgically for a meaningful purpose. He clairvoyantly attunes to your energy body and will only focus on and communicate specific patterns of information that are relevant to addressing and resolving your precise concerns.  This is what a professional does – he or she helps you. 

To best provide for your needs, Jack’s psychic sessions are also extremely transparent, thoroughly explained, and deliberately formatted to help you achieve while also ensuring your energetic wellbeing. The results of Jack’s breakthrough client-focused™ psychic appointments are an empowering experience of personal fulfillment and harmonious alignment with divine presence. 

Client-Focused™ Psychic appointments are a 4-step process

1. The introduction – Rourke puts a strong emphasis on transparency and clarity. So, the purpose of the introduction is to help clients understand ESP and how he uses it so clients can personally benefit in the most meaningful ways…. For new clients, the introduction begins with a nuanced description of extrasensory perception. Next, Jack explains why he uses the client-focused method™. Finally, he provides a detailed description of how he experiences psychic information, why he communicates it as he does, and how to interpret that information effectively.

2. The Diagram– Using a legal pad, Jack maps out your specific questions and concerns while creating asymmetrical patterns on-page to override linear thinking and trigger psi-functioning. By attuning to his inward flow this way Jack will simultaneously help you identify your precise needs. He will also reformat your questions to make them conducive for right brain extrasensory perception.

3. The Flow– Jack will address your stated concerns and more from an altered extrasensory state. This is not trance-channeling. Jack is focused, funny, and very precise. He will dominate your conversation. But he will require your participation to ensure you understand what’s shared to ensure you experience the full impact of what’s presented. You may ask additional questions. Jack will answer them. However, your session will always return to your primary concerns unless an urgent topic emerges directly using ESP.

4. The Resolution – Toward the end of the session an overview is offered of all the shared insight, direction, and facts learned during your session. It is the time for clarification and perhaps a final question before saying goodbye.

How General Psychic Readings Can be harmful

General psychic readings are like metaphysical performances that happen to you. They are attempts to demonstrate or prove a “spiritual” connection. Unfortunately, the result is frequently akin to a form of metaphysical entertainment that misrepresents both the validity of ESP and its effectiveness in resolving the heartache of those who suffer. Jack Rourke’s psychic services are not a form of entertainment

When psychic readings are something that the client only witnesses, the client through no fault of their own can encourage the seer to violate their boundaries in order to create that magical feeling of connection. Unskilled psychics thrive on this permission because it makes the client vulnerable to suggestions and absolves the seer of responsibility for the suffering they may inspire by penetrating too deeply into the psyche of the client without selfless skill or specific intent.

Mr. Rourke’s client-focused method™ was developed as an antidote to the psychic malpractice he believes is spiritually damaging to those seeking authentic spiritual growth.  Jack coined the term spiritual malpractice to describe the myriad dysfunctions that can occur among psychic practitioners and enthusiasts when together they unskillfully engage in the most common forms of psychic readings.

Jack is ever mindful of the problems created by spiritually detrimental psychic practice. As such he works continuously to ensure he is always evolving and growing his psychic techniques and spiritual understanding as related to the truly supernatural nature of the human condition. Jack puts in such effort to ensure his best practices always create powerful outcomes for both his clients and the psychics he mentors.

Why General Psychic readings can be accidentally harmful

Ordinary psychics and mediums want their readings to benefit you the client. But, their primary objective is really only to offer you an experience of their connection to the beyond. So, why are general psychic readings accidentally harmful and not helpful sometimes? Because most psychics and medium report they serve “the beyond” – not the client. The client is just a witness to their connection to “spirit”.

Yes, general psychic readings can be fun and uplifting. But what makes the process uplifting is actually a serious cause for concern as well according to Jack. You see, general psychic readings are usually a process of psychological enmeshment that produces a magical feeling of “spiritual connection”. It does not matter how accurate a psychic is.  What must be understood is that psychism is a mental phenomenon that violates your boundaries in a way that produces a very pleasing feeling when not unnerving.

General psychic readings, therefore, are not spiritual interactions by the strictest definition. They are mental. The uplifting feelings gained from general psychic readings, which are commonly thought of as spiritual, actually result from your boundaries becoming entangled with the psychic. This is what enmeshment feels like. Enmeshment can feel euphoric. It’s why codependent romance is so appealing in the beginning and even addictive. So addictive in fact, that the sensations of enmeshment can function as a gateway to another psychological phenomenon called “spiritual bypassing”.

Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing is a feel-good yet harmful coping mechanism unskilled psychics accidentally trigger in their clients which helps the psychic & client both release stress and avoid uncomfortable circumstances. Such an encounter is not spiritual. It resolves nothing. Does not last, and does not genuinely contribute to your spiritual evolution. In fact, spiritual bypassing during a general psychic reading can be a covertly selfish mental intrusion into your boundaries. Where the psychic uses their “natural psychic ability” to create a paranormal experience to impress you for the sole benefit of emboldening their psychic persona. This is a process that ultimately only serves the psychic’s ego. 

Unlike many who offer general psychic readings, Jack Rourke is a skilled professional. His service does not rely on paranormally stimulating your energy field or sentimental coercion that triggers spiritual bypassing. The benefit for you is this. Where the effect of a general psychic reading wears off in a few days, Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ sessions can have a profound practical and spiritual impact on your life that is permanent.

Learn how Jack has used real ESP to help resolve real-life issues for clients like you. Scroll down our home page to read our client feedback. Or, check out our Google reviews and tell us how Jack can help you today.

“Jack Rourke is a masterful psychic who uses psychic perception surgically to discern and experience your energy body in response to your questions. He then psychically translates fact-based actionable insights to you so you can maximize your wellbeing and live your best self.”

How Jack helps you

You may be wondering how something supposedly spiritual like a general psychic reading can make you dependent on the outer world? During a conventional psychic reading, common psychics encourage dependence on the outer world. They do this by supporting the idea your wellbeing is dependent upon the future, external circumstances, people, money, paranormal events, or beliefs as the sources of stability for your identity. These dependencies are delusional attachments from a spiritual perspective.

During a client-focused™ appointment, Jack works directly with the essence underlying your energy body – targeting information across timelines. He does not work mentally like a therapist, or sentimentally like a conventional psychic or medium. By attuning directly to your energy body Mr. Rourke circumnavigates the personality and its dependencies on illusion. He observes you at a transpersonal soul level using ESP as an instrument to support your spiritual alignment.

Spiritual alignment is the only way to become truly free of suffering. Therefore, Jack’s client-focused™ technique is the opposite of a conventional psychics’ strategy for helping you. Jack sees you as already free.  The conventional psychic views you as stuck, dependent upon an illusory block they can solve.

Who are our client-focused™ psychic appointments for?

Since the sole purpose of our client-focused™ psychic service is to help people by confidentially addressing and resolving their most important and specific personal, professional, spiritual, or interpersonal concerns, our service is not for everyone. You should only schedule an appointment if you are seeking help.

Client-focused™ psychic appointments are purposely structured to assist people seeking real-world growth, practical healing insights, creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information needed for relieving heartache, ending confusion, and making empowered personal decisions. 

As a genuine spiritual service, our psychic appointments also restore emotional clarity, enable mental precision, and foster physical embodiment so you can decisively engage with life divinely aligned and authentically empowered.

Because our psychic appointments are client-focused™ Mr. Rourke does not speak to the dead on command. Neither are pet services on offer. Additionally, Mr. Rourke does not provide general impressions. Nor will he provide messages from “spirit”, ghosts, or ascended beings. Likewise, he does not channel your guides or indiscriminately give predictions on command. (Learn more about predictions) Instead, the sole focus of Mr. Rourke’s work is deploying ESP skillfully to relieve suffering and resolve real-world issues for the purpose of helping you live the creatively dynamic and fearless expression of your authentic being.


General psychic readings can be a fun mental excursion. But when you need genuine spiritual help General psychic readings mostly yield only a temporary high that fades in significance over time.

A client-focused™ psychic session is very different. It is grounded in reality. Meaning that which always exists independent of word or thought. Therefore, the spiritual alignment created through a client-focused™ appointment can have a profoundly transformative and lasting impact on your life. The result is proactive, spontaneous, confident, self-fulfilled capability to live fearlessly!

  • We do not offer a service similar to how you might have experienced a psychic reading in the past. Nor will we provide service how readings are typically depicted on television.
  • The sole focus of our structured client-focused™ psychic sessions is to help our clients with their most important personal and interpersonal concerns using our unique methods.  For this reason, your appointment will be organized to meet your needs using your specific questions and concerns. Because our goal is to help you, please understand this means that in many ways you will be the focus of the appointment, not the future and not the beyond. Mr. Rourke will ask for your specific questions. It is best to have them ready. The highly attentive personal style of our work is what makes our psychic appointments so effective! But people who are not actually seeking help can be made very uncomfortable with the vulnerability they feel as a result of our custom-tailored personalized methods. Just know you are in excellent hands and everything is always confidential.
  • We do not offer conventional psychic readings. A conventional psychic reading is one where you remain quiet while the psychic provides general information as a kind performance. A conventional psychic reading is also one where uplifting messages are provided as a kind of entertaining metaphysical experience to portray a belief system, satisfy curiosity, or demonstrate or prove ESP as real. We do not offer conventional psychic readings. If you want a conventional psychic reading you will need to schedule with a conventional psychic who offers the most common form of psychic service. 
  • We are not a prediction service. Predictions are a normal part of our psychic sessions. But they are not the purpose of our service. Sometimes people will try to manipulate the session outcome. They do this by refusing to participate in our process while trying to get information about the future. Or, they ask forced-choice questions that require yes or no answers to achieve predictions they want to hear. These strategies do not yield reliably accurate results because they are left-brain. We only offer predictions when they occur spontaneously as part of our formatted right-brain extrasensory process. This means predictions are only offered when relevant information appears within the context of the flow of non-linear information pertaining to your questions as a way of providing reassurance or guidance.
  • We require our clients to enter their appointments how they would with any mainstream professional whose job is to confidentially help them. This means deferring to our methods and Mr. Rourke’s expertise as well as being candid about why the appointment has been made and the assistance you are seeking.
 Psychic appointment Guidelines

Client-focused™ extrasensory perception is a powerful tool for spiritual transformation.  Spiritual evolution is an immediately beneficial, yet long-term commitment to the self-realization process. Jack has clairvoyantly coached clients through emotional, mental, spiritual, vocational, and medical crises to find peace and prosperity. Each individual is a different divine expression, shaped by unique causes and conditions, however. On the spiritual path, there are no quick psychic fixes. Relying on spells, the dead, or higher intelligence for getting what you want fast, are paths to deception. Fulfillment only occurs in accordance with your acceptance of love, transparency, and unification with the implicit gift that is your underlying divine authenticity.

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