On this page, you will learn:

  • The spiritual ethics underlying Jack’s Client-focused Psychic Methods
  • How Jack experiences extrasensory perception
  • What the client focused method is
  • Why Jack created the client-focused™ psychic method
  • How a Client-Focused™ appointment is conducted
  • Why  Client-Focused™ Psychic Sessions are more valuable than common psychic readings
  • How Psychic Predictions are Handled

The Ethical Purpose for Jack’s Client-Focused Psychic Methods

When Jack mentors psychotherapists, he reminds them their capacity to genuinely help the patients they serve correlates to their capacity to enter into a space of truly loving them.

By offering guidance on “loving them”, Jack is teaching psychotherapists about the transformational power of conscious union. What conscious union means is this.

Although, Jack Rourke’s business is a helping service, his appointments function spiritually without a helper or those needing help because duality is the foundation for all suffering.

Jack is committed to serving clients from a spiritual place of union. This is why he does not provide sessions as entertainment where there is the performer who demonstrates psychic phenomena and the one who observes and feels psychic details.

Instead, every client-focused session is a step-by-step collaborative progression toward wholeness using extrasensory perception in a spiritually transformative manner that produces achievement. Because only from a place of conscious union can psychic service offer spiritual realization that frees anyone from the conditions that inspire suffering.

How Jack experiences extrasensory perception.

Extrasensory Perception as Jack wields it is a very real, practical, and powerful spiritual tool for helping clients make difficult decisions, better understand themselves and others, take action, and live powerfully and without fear

When you need real-world actionable insights for solving real-world problems such as dealing with divorce or navigating heartache, or any other complex uncertainty, or painful circumstances Jack’s client-focused sessions are the way forward. 

Jack is not a normal clairvoyant who might close their eyes and peer into their mind’s eye. Instead, he will remotely view the contents of your aura objectively, as if projected in the air in front of him. You can observe this in the documentary footage on our website. There you can see how filmmakers over the years have captured Jack staring straight-ahead tracking invisible information with his eyes while in service.  

Something else that is unique about the way Jack experiences ESP is this. Your first-person sensory experiences may also become his own during your session. What you are looking at, hearing, thinking or physically doing can all register in his awareness.

Time or distance also does not matter. Jack’s experience of ESP can be immersive. It is as if he is moving through your anatomy, or in the environment he is attuning to living it, or looking over the shoulder of a suspect observing their thoughts and actions simultaneously.

Aside from being clairvoyant Jack is also clairaudient, meaning he hears information, clairsentient, meaning he physically feels information. Basically, whatever sensation one can experience physically, Mr. Rourke can discern metaphysically as patterns of information he will interpret for you in accordance with your needs.

But what makes Jack truly special is his illumined warmth and humor. His nuanced understanding of pain and confusion, human patterns and perception, romantic challenges, spiritual practice, and perhaps most importantly, how to integrate extrasensory facts and ancient wisdom into life-changing strategies that permanently heal hearts, foster transformation, and provide a clear path forward.

Ok. Now that you have some basic details about how Jack processes extrasensory information. Let’s talk about why he created the techniques he uses.

Why Jack created his client-focused™ psychic method 

From the beginnings of modern spiritualism in the 1850’s until the 1920’s extrasensory perception was performative. Meaning, the purpose of public displays of ESP was proving extrasensory perception, ghosts, and the afterlife were real.

During the Victorian era mediums provided private seances for the rich and powerful and later played to packed opera houses throughout Europe and America. Now, reality TV and the internet are the new vaudeville.

Since in the late 1990s, TV networks have broadcast paranormal programs reviving wide-spread interest in psychic phenomena. These dramatized displays of ESP, both the earnest and cartoonish alike, inspired thousands of people to claim spiritual abilities.

Then, without meaningful training or nuanced understanding for what ESP really is or how it works, thousands of people began talking to the dead and demonstrating their version extrasensory perception.

The result has been a generation of clairvoyants who through no fault of their own function like entertainers offering magical feelings of connection to the public while they humble-brag about serving spirit. And, with no ill intent, extrasensory perception became a commercial commodity mixing with self-help and pop culture metaphysic creating confusion about what spiritual living truly is.

Jack Rourke chronicled his struggle accepting pop culture metaphysical explanations for ESP in his best-selling book, The Rational Psychic.    

The showmanship, vanity and illogical ways extrasensory perception was depicted in the media and by high-profile practitioners seemed to harm people in Jack’s opinion. What they advocated did not mirror the profound experiences he knew to be real.

As the years, he became increasingly demoralized despite achieving international recognition and professional success of his own.

All the public praise made Jack uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, he walked away from a multimillion-dollar television deal and began turning away countess media interviews.  

Jack did not want the focus on himself.  Instead, he wished clients would focus on the benefits extrasensory perception could provide. If it was worked with as a helpful tool rather than a mysterious means of acquiring magical feelings or escaping difficult ones.

Jack’s goal has always been to help people using extrasensory perception. It was through contemplative spiritual practice that he wrestled with the vanity he saw baked into spiritualism and conventional intuitive reading. It took until he was in his forties until Jack felt called to modernize extrasensory perception to serve the living rather than the dead or any personal vanity disguised as spirit.

 After years more patience, practice, prayer, and professional development, Jack’s client-focused extrasensory method was born.

What is Jack’s client-focused method?

Jack’s client-focused psychic method is a seamless four-step progression toward clarity, fulfillment, and personal power that is solely focused on fulfilling your real-world needs.

The client-focused method is a culmination of decades of spiritual practice and hard-earned experience. Wisdom Jack has acquired using targeted extrasensory perception to serve doctors, surgeons, and law enforcement, as well as thousands of individuals worldwide in sometimes life-threatening circumstances.

Jack named his appointments “client-focused” because unlike other reading services, his attention is solely focused on serving you, rather than the beyond by stimulating magical feelings of connection believed to be proof of one’s metaphysical beliefs.

Genuine extrasensory perception is a powerful spiritual tool for helping people.

It requires great skill to interpret extrasensory information in a reliable, value-adding way. Tremendous empathy, life experience, compassion, and the capability to meaningfully share your felt experiences through melding with your aura while showing you the way forward is also required. This, and more, is the spiritual expertise Jack Rourke offers you through his client-focused method.

Step-by-step Overview of Jack’s client-focused™ psychic method 

Below is an outline of Jack’s step-by-step client-focused psychic process. You can see every appointment is systematically structured to support and provide for your achievement using extrasensory perception. We believe One should only schedule with a psychic who works how they want and for the purpose they need so we strive for total transparency.

The introduction – during the introduction the client learns the reasoning for our methods and how to personally benefit from them. Jack also explains, how he sees, communicates, and uses psychic information per our psychic methods.

The introduction is important. It is designed to help you understand our service fully so you can more meaningfully participate and deeply benefit from your session.

All clairvoyants are not the same. Any novice can tell you what they see akin to a self-aggrandizing mystical performance. But to truly help someone, either through spiritual mentoring, or providing rock-solid information, something more than just charm, metaphysical beliefs and extrasensory perception is required.

Since we are a helping service, clients must let go of being a passive witness to life and adopt the perspective that the universe is flowing through them working for them in response to the contents of their character and their decision making.

The introduction portion of our appointment is designed to help you shift from a passive witness of your session to being fully engaged, yet open and decisive participant in your session and your life moving forward.

Neither our service, nor life is a form of spiritual entertainment that gives experiences to you. Entertainment is something you passively witness and then emotionally react to. If one believes life happens to you and you are dependent upon reacting to circumstances, then this mindset makes one a victim of life. Therefore, Jack will never conduct his appointments in a manner that emulates life as something happening to you that you react to akin to entertainment. Instead, his sessions are deliberately structured to enhance your confident engagement with life by empowering your inner knowing so you can decisively take-action, achieve, and thrive regardless of your circumstances.

Something else that is important to understand is this. Mr. Rourke does not just tell clients what he sees akin to entertainment because clients are not trained how to interpret ESP.

Nothing is left to chance. We explain everything. Jack will never just tell you whatever he sees without a plan, proper context, or regard for how extrasensory information might impact you because we care about your wellbeing and your success.

The Diagram – Jack will ask, how can he help you? This is when clients share why they made their appointment and the help they are seeking. Jack may share his understanding of your circumstances with you and illuminate the context of your predicament and any helpful insights concerning how he will address your concerns.

Then, using a legal pad, Jack will map out your questions and concerns to very clearly identify exactly what your needs are. If necessary he will reformat your questions to make them conducive for activating an extrasensory flow state.

During this portion of your appointment, Mr. Rourke will clarify your needs, empathize with you, and create additional questions on your behalf that he feels are most helpful for targeting the information you need. While doing all this he creates asymmetrical patterns on-page to override linear thinking, trigger right-brain extrasensory flow, and attune to the invisible.

The Flow – There is an intelligence that works through Jack and guides him. Once in the altered state, Jack will address your concerns often ebbing and flowing between topics exposing a central theme holding you back. This is not trance-channeling. Jack is focused, funny, and very precise.

Although he will dominate your conversation, you may ask additional questions. Jack will answer them. But your session will always return to your primary concerns because our commitment to you is to give you the information you need to help you align spiritually and make empowered decisions moving forward.

When asking questions mid-session we ask that you please be mindful. At times Jack may be very still and quiet, seemingly doing nothing. Or, he might appear to be mumbling to you or perhaps to himself. This is his process. When quiet he is listening and observing extrasensory details. When engaging in some kind of unusual dialogue, he is communicating with the invisible on your behalf in response to your needs. 

The Resolution – Nearing the end of the session Jack will begin an overview of all the shared insight, direction, and facts learned during your session. It is also the time for clarification and perhaps a final question before saying goodbye.

Now that you have a basic understanding of our client-focused service, I will ask you to please keep something in mind.

Our client focused appointments are designed to address and resolve your most important, personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns using extrasensory perception.

Every session is tailored to meet your precise individual needs.  Appointments are only for those seeking real-world growth, practical healing insights, powerful creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information needed for clarifying and relieving heartache, aligning spiritually, optimizing mindset, and making empowered decisions.

Since we are a helping service, Mr. Rourke will only tell you what he sees within the context of your clearly identified needs while striving toward an established value-adding goal using his step-by-step client-focused methods for your benefit.

Do not worry. It is normal for clients to feel stuck or confused and not know what their needs are. It is even more common for clients to misidentify what their needs are. This is why a portion of our appointments are always dedicated to clarifying what your genuine needs and goals are. In fact, everything we do is purposefully designed to provide for your needs.

Please keep reading to learn how Jack handles predictive info. 

Since our psychic appointments are focused on helping clients in real-world ways using spiritual insight and guidance, we ask clients to enter their appointments as they would with any mainstream practitioner whose job is to confidentially help them. This means having basic questions prepared in advance, being candid about why your appointment was made, indicating the help you are seeking, and deferring to Mr. Rourke’s methods and expertise. Jack will not deviate from the stated purpose of his service or his clearly explained step-by-step psychic methods.

Predictions Versus Client Focused Foresight

A psychic prediction by a normal psychic is akin to, “Here’s what I ‘see’, good luck”. Jack Rourke is an expert at providing predictions who after thirty years of serving the public deeply understands why predictions can be difficult for those not trained in extrasensory perception to understand and benefit from them. For this reason, Jack has adapted predictions into a process he calls foresight.

Foresight is a sophisticated psychic method for working with the future that Jack developed while working with police and intelligence services. Foresight observes future events and their context. Using contextual information Jack will help you understand your preferred timeline and your options. He will then assist you to skillfully align with your inner power and then your goals while creating an action strategy with you for achieving. Foresight is extremely useful in dealing with romantic entanglements, medical issues, business decisions, and more.

Why do we include counseling and coaching in our psychic appointments?

As a helping service, your session may include counseling or coaching that is relevant to your needs. Counseling is spiritual guidance for connecting with or understanding your true self. Coaching is how to implement spiritual guidance in an actionable manner to achieve your goals or fulfill your needs.

Jack Rourke’s client-focused psychic service truly helps people who want real, professional psychic service. Click “Book Now” below. Tell us how Jack can help you today!

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