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  • Why Jack created the client-focused™ psychic method
  • How a Client-Focused™ appointment is conducted
  • Why  Client-Focused™ Psychic Sessions are more valuable than common psychic readings


Why Jack created his client-focused™ psychic method 

Jack Rourke is a master psychic and spiritual teacher with a fully developed skillset and thirty years of professional experience helping people from all over the world. He is not a psychic who offers feel-good psychic readings inspired by pop-culture metaphysics. Why? Because, Pop culture metaphysics is not helpful when you need actionable insights for solving real-world problems such as dealing with divorce or navigating heartache, or any other complex uncertainty, or painful circumstances.  

Extrasensory Perception as Jack wields is a very real, practical, and powerful spiritual tool for helping clients make difficult decisions, better understand themselves and others, take action, and live powerfully and without fear. This is why, in the spirit of historical masters, our appointments are focused on methodically serving your real-life needs from a confidential and spiritually grounded place of informed expertise rather than working to inspire entertaining magical feelings. Jack calls his process a “client-focused psychic method” since he is devoted to serving your real-world needs using ESP to create real-world benefits for you rather than the beyond.

Since the late 1990s, psychic TV shows and the internet have spawned thousands of people who claim to be psychic. These are largely untrained people seeking to experience the identity of being psychic. It takes no skill or informed compassion to tell fortunes, speak about metaphysics, teach manifestation, or give impressions about colors, numbers, soulmates, and spirit guides. 

After thirty years of personal discipline and working professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor, Jack Rourke has evolved spiritually and developed deep wisdom. He has also served hundreds of clients who have been deliberately and accidentally, misled, harmed, confused, and even taken advantage of by unskilled psychics. Consequently, he understands the average person seeking a psychic has not been spiritually trained or schooled in the use or interpretation of ESP. And, since most psychics are not properly trained either, the result of these two people’s interactions often promotes misunderstanding. 

Just telling a client about their future opens a gap between who the client thinks they are, and how they believe the world works and what they want to be or who think they should be. This mental gap, between now and the future, can produce an identity crisis triggering confusing emotions, guilt, fear, choice paralysis, and anxiety even among people who just want their psychic to entertain them.

The remedy for accidentally creating suffering as a psychic is an ethical, emotionally safe, and predictable method for sharing psychic information that is based on facts, and aligned with genuine spiritual teaching and the client’s actual needs. Following this logic, Mr. Rourke created his client-focused psychic method to make his appointments predictable, easy to understand, and laser-focused on systematically fulfilling your needs. 

Step-by-step Overview of Jack’s client-focused™ psychic method 

Below is an outline of Jack’s step-by-step client-focused psychic process. You can see every appointment is systematically structured to support and provide for your achievement using extrasensory perception. We believe One should only schedule with a psychic who works how they want and for the purpose they need so we strive for total transparency.

  1. The introduction – during the introduction the client learns the reasoning for our methods and how to personally benefit from them. Jack also explains, how he sees, communicates, and uses psychic information per our psychic methods.
  2. The Diagram – Jack will ask, how can he help you? This is when clients share why they made their appointment and the help they are seeking. Jack may share his understanding of your circumstances with you and illuminate the context of your predicament and any helpful insights concerning how he will address your concerns. Then, using a legal pad, Jack will map out your questions and concerns to very clearly identify exactly what your needs are. If necessary he will reformat your questions to make them conducive for activating an extrasensory flow state. During this portion of your appointment, Mr. Rourke will clarify your needs, empathize with you, and create additional questions on your behalf that he feels are most helpful for targeting the information you need. While doing all this he creates asymmetrical patterns on-page to override linear thinking, trigger right-brain extrasensory flow, and attune to the invisible.
  3. The Flow – There is an intelligence that works through Jack and guides him. Once in the altered state, Jack will address your concerns often ebbing and flowing between topics exposing a central theme holding you back. This is not trance-channeling. Jack is focused, funny, and very precise. Although he will dominate your conversation, you may ask additional questions. Jack will answer them. But your session will always return to your primary concerns because our commitment to you is to give you the information you need to help you align spiritually and make empowered decisions moving forward. When asking questions mid-session we ask that you please be mindful. At times Jack may be very still and quiet, seemingly doing nothing. Or, he might appear to be mumbling to you or perhaps to himself. This is his process. When quiet he is listening and observing extrasensory details. When engaging in some kind of unusual dialogue, he is communicating with the invisible on your behalf in response to your needs. 
  4. The Resolution – Nearing the end of the session Jack will begin an overview of all the shared insight, direction, and facts learned during your session. It is also the time for clarification and perhaps a final question before saying goodbye.

 Please keep reading to learn how Jack handles predictive info. 

Since our psychic appointments are focused on helping clients in real-world ways using spiritual insight and guidance, we ask clients to enter their appointments as they would with any mainstream practitioner whose job is to confidentially help them. This means having basic questions prepared in advance, being candid about why your appointment was made, indicating the help you are seeking, and deferring to Mr. Rourke’s methods and expertise. Jack will not deviate from the stated purpose of his service or his clearly explained step-by-step psychic methods.

Predictions Versus Client Focused Foresight

A psychic prediction by a normal psychic is akin to, “Here’s what I ‘see’, good luck”. Jack Rourke is an expert at providing predictions who after thirty years of serving the public deeply understands why predictions can be difficult for those not trained in extrasensory perception to understand and benefit from them. For this reason, Jack has adapted predictions into a process he calls foresight.

Foresight is a sophisticated psychic method for working with the future that Jack developed while working with police and intelligence services. Foresight observes future events and their context. Using contextual information Jack will help you understand your preferred timeline and your options. He will then assist you to skillfully align with your inner power and then your goals while creating an action strategy with you for achieving. Foresight is extremely useful in dealing with romantic entanglements, medical issues, business decisions, and more.

Why do we include counseling and coaching in our psychic appointments?

As a helping service, your session may include counseling or coaching that is relevant to your needs. Counseling is spiritual guidance for connecting with or understanding your true self. Coaching is how to implement spiritual guidance in an actionable manner to achieve your goals or fulfill your needs.

Jack Rourke’s client-focused psychic service truly helps people who want real, professional psychic service. Click “Book Now” below. Tell us how Jack can help you today!

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