On this page you will learn:

  • What Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic method is
  • How a Client-Focused™ appointment is conducted
  • Why  Client-Focused™ Psychic Sessions are valuable versus General psychic readings 

Why the Client-focused™ Psychic Method?

Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic appointments are professionally formatted and skillfully executed to address and resolve your most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns.  

When you need psychic help the skill and experience of a trusted practitioner who has a track record of genuinely helping others is what you need. Jack is a fully developed psychic with an advanced capability to holistically help those in need. His psychic appointments are a carefully executed helping service that has developed over thirty years of working with law enforcement and medical professionals – people who require real results. You may read Jack’s biography here.

 Because of Jack’s comprehensive professional experience, the psychic sessions he provides are very different than a “normal” psychic reading. Mr. Rourke does not present information for your approval as is common because telling you what you already know can harm you by reinforcing what you wrongly think to be true. Or, fail to reveal for you what you need to know. Likewise, for spiritual and ethical reasons, Jack does not offer service to inspire a mystical or sentimental reaction in you as is mediums do during conventional psychic readings.

Mr. Rourke’s sole focus is providing actionable insight and guidance that supports your well-being and your ability to achieve your goals and thrive. This is why clients are required to enter their appointments as they would with any mainstream professional whose job is to confidentially help them. Meaning, clients are required to be candid about why the appointment was made, and the help they are seeking and then defer to Mr. Rourke’s methods and expertise.

How do Jack’s Client-focused™ psychic readings work?

Jack’s Client-focused™ psychic method is a structured extrasensory process that targets actionable information for the purpose of fulfilling your specific needs. As a process, the targeting techniques of Jack’s client-focused™ psychic method is a form of analytical remote sensing while the actual discernment of extrasensory information is more spiritual.

While viewing and sensing of extrasensory details Mr. Rourke engages in a fully immersive psychic witnessing of his extrasensory experience. Information is discerned as sensations of pressure and sounds through his body, visions in his mind’s eye, and he objectively sees holographically projected details as if they are hanging in the air around him. And, although Jack will not perform as a medium, nor will he discuss or commune with spirits for you, while working medical intuitive sessions interaction with invisible guiding intelligence is noticeable.

Step-by-step structure of Jack’s client-focused™ psychic method 

The client-focused™ psychic appointment is a four-stage process for new clients that are strictly organized around your questions and concerns to ensure your needs are met. Complimentary extra time is invested by Mr. Rourke to ensure you understand his methods and therefore can use the time and the process in the most meaningful way for you.

  1. The introduction –  at this stage, the client learns the reasoning for our methods and how to personally benefit from them. Jack also explains, how he sees, communicates, and uses psychic information in accordance with our methods to serve the client’s needs.
  2. The Diagram – using a legal pad, Jack maps out your questions and concerns while attuning to his inward flow. Here Jack is intuiting your precise needs while reformatting your questions to make them conducive for psi-functioning. During this portion of your appointment, Mr. Rourke will clarify your needs, empathize with you and create additional questions on your behalf he feels are most helpful for targeting the information you need. While doing all this he creates asymmetrical patterns on-page to override linear thinking, trigger right-brain extrasensory flow, and attune to the invisible.
  3. The Flow – Jack will address your concerns from an altered extrasensory state. This is not trance-channeling. Jack is focused, funny, and very precise. Although he will dominate your conversation, you may ask additional questions. Jack will answer them. But your session will always return to your primary concerns because our commitment to you is to give you the information you need to help you align with your authenticity and make empowered decisions moving forward. When asking questions mid-session we ask that you please keep alert. At times Jack may be very still and quiet seemingly doing nothing. Or, he might appear to be talking to you or perhaps to himself. This is his process. When quiet he is listening and observing extrasensory details. When engaging in some kind of unusual dialogue, he is actually communicating with the invisible on your behalf in response to your needs.
  4. The Resolution – is an overview of all the shared insight, direction, and facts learned during your session. It is also the time for clarification and perhaps a final question before saying goodbye.

Jack Rourke’s client-focused psychic service truly helps people heal hurts, massively achieve and dramatically change their lives. Click “Book Now” below. Tell us how Jack can help you today!

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