Jack Rourke’s Client-Focused™ Psychic Service

Jack Rourke does not provide the most common form of psychic readings. The most common form of psychic reading often referred to as a general psychic reading or psychic medium reading, is a metaphysical commodity packaged within new age beliefs and sold to you as an experience. Mr. Rourke does not sell access to experiences. Why? Because psychic philosophies sold as “spiritual” experiences are rarely authentically spiritual and their impacts are temporary and often spiritually harmful.

The psychic service Jack Rourke engages in is a purposeful extrasensory discernment. One that includes the application of actionable psychic facts and genuine spiritual wisdom focused on the client’s wellbeing. Wisdom learned from ancient traditions with proven and practiced benefits for the purpose of helping you live a spiritually empowered life.

A spiritually empowered life is what provides fulfillment and purpose. It is also what enables meaningful vocation and loving relationships. Jack’s exceptional extrasensory skills, deep understanding of human nature, and commitment to spiritual wisdom are what make him such an especially effective psychic and spiritual guide who helps thousands of people all over the world every year.

Continue reading below to learn more about why Jack Rourke’s psychic service is unique and valuable compared to general psychic readings.

The psychic readings you get from roadside & online psychics are similar to the ones you see on TV. These processes are called “general psychic readings”, or sometimes “psychic-mediumship”. General psychic readings are like performances that happen to you. They are attempts to demonstrate or prove a “spiritual” connection. The result is akin to a form of metaphysical entertainment.  Jack Rourke’s psychic services are not a form of entertainment

Entertaining psychic readings that happen to you violate your boundaries and penetrate your energy body without specific intent. Rather than psychically violating your boundaries without a meaningful purpose, Jack uses ESP surgically. He clairvoyantly attunes to your energy body and only focuses on specific patterns of information in your aura to address and resolve your precise concerns upon your request. Why? Because Mr. Rourke offers psychic service for the sole purpose of helping you with your most important personal, interpersonal or spiritual concerns.    

To best provide for your needs, Jack’s psychic sessions skillfully target the exact issues you need help with. Appointments are extremely transparent, thoroughly explained, and deliberately formatted to help you achieve while also ensuring your energetic wellbeing by supporting your boundaries. The results of Jack’s breakthrough client-focused™ psychic appointments are an empowering experience of personal fulfillment and harmonious alignment with divine presence. 

Our client-focused ™ appointments are very different than general psychic readings.

Unskilled general psychic readings can be harmful to both the psychic and client. Every week Mr. Rourke cares for clients who’ve been hurt or confused by general psychic readings with other psychics. Likewise, Jack routinely coaches psychics on the harm they do to themselves and their clients via poor psychic functioning.

According to Mr. Rourke, people who provide general psychic readings by nature of their misunderstanding and lack of experience, do not specifically intend to do harm. They do harm by accident since they do not intend to specifically help you.

Ordinary psychics and mediums want their readings to benefit you the client. But, their primary objective is really only to offer you an experience of their connection to the beyond. So, why are general psychic readings accidentally harmful and not helpful sometimes? Because most psychics and medium report they serve “the beyond” – not the client. The client is just a witness to their connection to “spirit”.

Being a witness to a connection to spirit can be part of the harm done by general psychic readings. Yes, general psychic readings can be fun and uplifting. But what makes the process uplifting is actually a serious cause for concern according to Jack. Because general psychic readings are usually a process of psychological enmeshment wrongly interpreted as proof of a “spiritual connection”.

It does not matter how accurate a psychic is. You must understand that psychism is a mental phenomenon that violates your boundaries. General psychic readings are not implicitly spiritual interactions by the strictest definition. The uplifting feelings gained from general psychic readings, you think are spiritual, actually result from your boundaries becoming entangled with the psychic. This is what enmeshment feels like. Enmeshment can feel magically spiritual. And, it is this uplifting magical feeling that can be in a way addictive. So addictive in fact, that the sensations of enmeshment function as a gateway to a psychological phenomenon called “spiritual bypassing”.

Spiritual bypassing is a feel-good yet harmful coping mechanism unskilled psychics accidentally trigger in their clients which helps the psychic & client both release stress and avoid uncomfortable circumstances. Such an encounter is not spiritual. It resolves nothing. Does not last, and does not genuinely contribute to your spiritual evolution. In fact, spiritual bypassing during a general psychic reading can be a covertly selfish mental intrusion into your boundaries. Where the psychic uses their “natural psychic ability” to create a paranormal experience to impress you for the sole benefit of emboldening their psychic persona. This is a process that ultimately only serves the psychic’s ego. 

Unlike many who offer general psychic readings, Jack Rourke is a skilled professional. His service does not rely on paranormally stimulating your energy field or sentimental coercion that triggers spiritual bypassing. The benefit for you is this. Where the effect of a general psychic reading wears off in a few days, Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ sessions can have a profound practical and spiritual impact on your life that is permanent.

Learn how Jack has used real ESP to help resolve real-life issues for clients like you. Scroll down our home page to read our client feedback. Or, check out our Google reviews and tell us how Jack can help you today.

“Jack Rourke is a masterful psychic who uses psychic perception surgically to discern and experience your energy body in response to your questions. He then psychically translates fact-based actionable insights to you so you can maximize your wellbeing and live your best self.”

Below describes in detail Jack Rourke’s Client-Focused Psychic Method™. Here you will learn:

  • Why a client-focused™ psychic method
  • What our Client-Focused Psychic method™ is.
  • Who Client-focused™ psychic sessions are for?
  • For what purpose do we offer psychic service.
  • How a Client-Focused™ appointment is conducted
  • How Client-Focused™ service differs from conventional psychic readings

Our client-focused™ psychic method is a structured yet free-flowing process that is systemically formatted to meet your needs. Service is offered for the sole purpose of helping our clients achieve and live their best selves. Jack’s client-focused™ psychic method is the exact same extrasensory process he’s used successfully to work with medical doctors, intelligence & law enforcement professionals, Foertnue 500 CEOs, professional & Olympic athletes, and many high-profile clients whose lives demand results.

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Jack’s psychic methods are deliberately organized to meet your needs and help you achieve!!

What is the Client-focused™ Psychic Method?

Mr. Rourke’s client-focused method™ was developed as an antidote to the psychic malpractice he believes is spiritually damaging to those seeking authentic spiritual growth.  Jack coined the term spiritual malpractice to describe the myriad dysfunctions that can occur among psychic practitioners and enthusiasts when together they unskillfully engage in the most common forms of psychic readings.

Jack is ever mindful of the problems created by spiritual detrimental psychic practice. As such he works continuously to ensure he is always evolving and growing his psychic techniques and spiritual understanding as related to the truly supernatural nature of the human condition. Jack puts in such effort to ensure his best practices always create powerful outcomes for his clients and the psychics he mentors.

Mr. Rourke, is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. However, after nearly 30 years of professional psychic work the extrasensory information, he experiences is immersive. In a literal sense, the psychic details visually float as if in the air around him. But the client-focused™ method is not a showing off of this ability. Instead, Jack uses his capabilities solely to teach, guide, and assist others.

Technically speaking, Jack’s Client-focused™ psychic method is a combination of analytical remote sensing and spiritually embodied extrasensory discernment. More importantly, the client-focused™ process is a carefully organized spiritual expression of proper focus, embodied presence, and the right motivation.

During a client-focused™ psychic appointment, the information supplied is a presentation of sensory and extrasensory perceptions formatted to accurately address and resolve your precise needs in a factually detailed solution-oriented fashion consistent with the highest spiritual teachings.

Our psychic appointments are not a time to experience psychism as proof of ESP or the most popular metaphysical beliefs. Instead, the teachings Mr. Rourke orients his work around are at the core of every ancient mystical tradition. The client-focused ™ Psychic method does not rely upon commercial psychic or metaphysical concepts such as those offered by The Secret, Abraham Hicks, or any channeled material including insights from “spirit”, Spiritualism or Theosophy. This is why a client-focused™ session is a genuine place for self-discovery and transformation. 

Who are our client-focused™ psychic appointments for?

Since the sole purpose of our client-focused™ psychic service is to help people by confidentially addressing and resolving their most important and specific personal, professional, spiritual, or interpersonal concerns, our service is not for everyone. You should only schedule an appointment if you are seeking help.

Client-focused™ psychic appointments are purposely structured to assist people seeking real-world growth, practical healing insights, creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information needed for relieving heartache, ending confusion, and making empowered personal decisions. 

As a genuine spiritual service, our psychic appointments also restore emotional clarity, enable mental precision, and foster physical embodiment so you can decisively engage with life divinely aligned and authentically empowered.

Because our psychic appointments are client-focused™ Mr. Rourke does not speak to the dead on command. Neither are pet services on offer. Additionally, Mr. Rourke does not provide general impressions. Nor will he provide messages from “spirit”, ghosts, or ascended beings. Likewise, he does not channel your guides or indiscriminately give predictions on command. (Learn more about predictions) Instead, the sole focus of Mr. Rourke’s work is deploying ESP skillfully to relieve suffering and resolve real-world issues for the purpose of helping you live the creatively dynamic and fearless expression of your authentic being.

Client-Focused™ versus Conventional Psychic Readings

From Jack Rourke’s perspective, all suffering has a spiritual solution accessible via extrasensory perception. He will discern actionable truths that address and resolve the real-world issues that really matter to you. Accurate insight, predictions, and solution-oriented coaching are offered on love, career, health, and all personal concerns. Jack will show you where your real power is and provide actionable solutions so you can achieve and live fearlessly.

A conventional psychic reading is different from a client-focused™ psychic session because the conventional psychic readings are mental demonstrations. Mental conceptualizations, even of “spiritual” things fail to resolve concerns because the connection is mental and not grounded in a union with what always is unchanging and thus implicitly real. In truth, a conventional psychic reading actually encourages dependence on the impermanent and limited outer worlds of physical and mental form.

Conventional Psychic Readings Foster dependence

You may be wondering how something supposedly spiritual like a conventional psychic reading can make you dependent on the outer world? Well, first and foremost, you must recognize that a conventional psychic takes more than money from you.

A conventional psychic will work hard to acquire your approval. When a psychic acquires your approval, they feel safer opening up and sharing the most sensitive areas of their psyche with you. From here the conventional psychic will pull you incrementally deeper into a paranormal experience.

The conventional psychic reading dissolves interpersonal boundaries whereas Jack’s client-focused™ psychic technique supports them.  Surrendering of your boundaries during a conventional psychic reading gives the psychic deeper access to your field of experience and thus more influence over your feelings. In essence, the conventional psychic absorbs you into their feelings by overcoming and pushing past your mental and emotional boundaries first. Next, they will attribute their insights as whispers from their guides or other heavenly beings to make you as the client feel safer allowing a stranger into your private mental and emotional space. None of this is done intentionally to deceive you. This is just how conventional psychics naturally operate or are taught to function.

When a psychic blends their energy with your mind during a conventional psychic reading it might feel “spiritual”. But just because a psychic “connection” feels good does not mean it is healthy.

During a conventional psychic reading, common psychics encourage dependence on the outer world. They do this by supporting the idea your wellbeing is dependent upon the future, external circumstances, people, money, paranormal events, or beliefs as the sources of stability for your identity. These dependencies are delusional attachments from a spiritual perspective.

Ordinary psychics want to make you happy so they provide for your delusions so you will depend on them. Another troubling issue with such outward focus is it furthers the notion “what happens to you” rather than through you is the cause of your happiness.

A client-focused™ psychic such as Mr. Rourke works directly with the essence of your energy body. He does not work mentally like a therapist, or sentimentally as a conventional psychic or medium to help you achieve happiness. By attuning directly to your energy body Mr. Rourke circumnavigates the personality and its dependencies. He observes you at a transpersonal soul level using ESP as an instrument to support spiritual alignment. Spiritual alignment is the only way to become truly free of suffering. Therefore, Jack’s client-focused™ technique is the opposite of conventional psychic’s strategy for helping you. Jack sees you as already free.  The conventional psychic views you as stuck, dependent upon an illusory block they can solve for you to further inspire belief in their paranormal skills.


Conventional psychic readings can be a fun mental excursion. But when you need genuine spiritual help conventional psychic readings generally yield only a temporary high that fades in significance over time.

A client-focused™ psychic session is very different. It is grounded in reality. Meaning that which always exists independent of word or thought. Therefore, the spiritual alignment created through a client-focused™ appointment can have a profoundly transformative and lasting impact on your life. The result is proactive, spontaneous, confident, self-fulfilled capability to live fearlessly!

Client-Focused™ Psychic appointments are a 4-step process.

1. The introduction – Rourke puts a strong emphasis on transparency and clarity. So, the purpose of the introduction is to help clients understand ESP how he uses it so clients can personally benefit in the most meaningful ways…. For new clients, the introduction begins with a nuanced description of extrasensory perception. Next, Jack explains why he uses the client-focused method™. Finally, he provides a detailed description how he experiences psychic information, why he communicates it as he does, and how to interpret that information effectively.

2. The Diagram– Using a legal pad, Jack maps out your specific questions and concerns while creating asymmetrical patterns on-page to override linear thinking and trigger psi-functioning. By attuning to his inward flow this way Jack will simultaneously help you identify your precise needs. He will also reformat your questions to make them conducive for right brain extrasensory perception.

3. The Flow– Jack will address your stated concerns and more from an altered extrasensory state. This is not trance-channeling. Jack is focused, funny, and very precise. He will dominate your conversation. But he will require your participation to ensure you understand what’s shared to ensure you experience the full impact of what’s presented. You may ask additional questions. Jack will answer them. However, your session will always return to your primary concerns unless an urgent topic emerges directly using ESP.

4. The Resolution – Toward the end of the session an overview is offered of all the shared insight, direction, and facts learned during your session. It is the time for clarification and perhaps a final question before saying goodbye.

Guidelines for a successful Client-focused™ Psychic appointment

Client-focused™ extrasensory perception is a powerful tool for spiritual transformation.  Spiritual evolution is an immediately beneficial, yet long-term commitment to the self-realization process. Jack has clairvoyantly coached clients through emotional, mental, spiritual, vocational, and medical crises to find peace and prosperity. Each individual is a different divine expression, shaped by unique causes and conditions, however. On the spiritual path, there are no quick psychic fixes. Relying on spells, the dead, or higher intelligence for getting what you want fast, are paths to deception. Fulfillment only occurs in accordance with your acceptance of love, transparency, and unification with the implicit gift that is your underlying divine authenticity.

  • We do not offer a service similar to how you might have experienced a psychic reading in the past. Nor will we provide service how readings are typically depicted on television.
  • The sole focus of our structured client focused™ psychic sessions is to help our clients with their most important personal and interpersonal concerns using our unique methods.  For this reason, your appointment will be organized to meet your needs using your specific questions and concerns. Because our goal is helping you, please understand this means that in many ways you will be the focus of the appointment, not the future and not the beyond. Mr. Rourke will ask for your specific questions. It is best to have them ready. The highly attentive personal style of our work is what makes our psychic appointments so effective! But people who are not actually seeking help can be made very uncomfortable with the vulnerability they feel as a result of our custom-tailored personalized methods. Just know you are in excellent hands and everything is always confidential.
  • We do not offer conventional psychic readings. A conventional psychic reading is one where you remain quiet while the psychic provides general information as a kind performance. A conventional psychic reading is also one where uplifting messages are provided as a kind of entertaining metaphysical experience to portray a belief system, satisfy curiosity, or demonstrate or prove ESP as real. We do not offer conventional psychic readings. If you want a conventional psychic reading you will need to schedule with a conventional psychic who offers the most common form of psychic service. 
  • We are not a prediction service. Predictions are a normal part of our psychic sessions. But they are not the purpose of our service. Sometimes people will try to manipulate the session outcome. They do this by refusing to participate in our process while trying to get information about the future. Or, they ask forced-choice questions that require yes or no answers to achieve predictions they want to hear. These strategies do not yield reliably accurate results because they are left-brain. We only offer predictions when they occur spontaneously as part of our formatted right-brain extrasensory process. This means predictions are only offered when relevant information appears within the context of the flow of non-linear information pertaining to your questions as a way of providing reassurance or guidance.
  • We require our clients to enter their appointments how they would with any mainstream professional whose job is to confidentially help them. This means deferring to our methods and Mr. Rourke’s expertise as well as being candid about why the appointment has been made and the assistance you are seeking.

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