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Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic appointments are by phone and skillfully formatted and tailored to meet your precise needs for the sole purpose of helping you with your most important personal, interpersonal or spiritual concerns. Focus is on ending confusion, relieving heartache, and helping you achieve so you can live your best self. As such, our free-flowing yet methodical client-focused™ psychic appointments are only for those seeking real-world growth, actionable yet practical healing insights, powerful creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information & foresight needed for optimizing mindset, aligning spiritually, and making empowered personal decisions. 

Jack is a warmhearted spiritual professional with a proven skillset. This website contains written feedback from clinical experts as well as videos of Mr.Rourke being interviewed for TV alongside FBI and actual clients whose lives have been saved by medical intuitive information supplied during their appointments.  

Known self-help gurus and authors rely on Jack because his powerful psychic sessions ebb and flow yet remain spiritually enriching and professionally structured to address and resolve even the most difficult real-world concerns. Jack’s compassionate attention to you the client is to ensure your appointment provides the exact guidance required to fulfill your unique needs. To this end, your psychic session with Jack will equip you with actionable facts, provide emotional clarity, and help you reclaim mental precision so you can decisively engage with life divinely aligned and authentically empowered to achieve. Why? – because we are a holistic extrasensory helping service committed to your spiritual well-being, happiness & success!

 Mr. Rourke’s methodical client-focused™ psychic counseling sessions are typically arranged as love and relationships psychic readings, anatomically precise medical intuitive psychic readings, spiritual mentoring, and career psychic readings. But, with nearly 30 years of expert professional experience, Jack can assist you with any practical issue that is truly important to you.

All appointments are strictly formatted to fulfill your needs using your questions and concerns and are solely focused on addressing and resolving your most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns. Clients are required to enter their appointments how they would with any mainstream practitioner whose job is to confidentially help them. This means having your questions prepared in advance, being candid about why your appointment was made, indicating the help you are seeking, and deferring to Mr. Rourke’s methods and expertise.

Jack is a credentialed clergy & spiritual teacher whose client-focused™ method developed over twenty-seven years of professional public service. Including service to law enforcement, members of the U.S Congress, intelligence operatives, and medical doctors. People who require real results. We do not deviate from our methods.

Since we are a helping service for those in spiritual and practical need, our appointments are for people seeking solutions rather than an experience. Our highly personalized client-focused™ psychic method is not a form of metaphysical entertainment. Appointments are not for tourists, the curious, or those only seeking predictions. Mr. Rourke does not demonstrate psychic phenomena to provide a mystical experience. Instead, every session is deliberately formatted to provide actionable solutions and guidance related to your exact needs and goals. Focus is only and always on helping you. Mr. Rourke will not deviate from the stated purpose of his service or his methods.

Please read this website. Learn about our unique methods, the purpose of our service, and the outcomes we strive for. Then, when ready, click “Book Now” and tell us how Jack can help you too.  You are in excellent hands!

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