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“Jack Rourke is your secret weapon. A spiritual ally helping you live your best self!”

Psychic Los Angeles - Thank you for visiting Psychic Readings Los Angeles. "Psychic Readings Los Angelesis a fun, client-focused™ psychic consultation and spiritual mentoring service offered by internationally renowned psychic and best-selling author Jack Rourke.

Jack Rourke is the most prominent professional psychic in North America. He is committed to informing, comforting and clarifying your circumstances. Jack's client-focused™ method is a spiritually based, free-flowing, yet structured extrasensory process specifically formatted to answer all of your questions in accordance with your unique needs. Sessions will illuminate your path forward for the purposes of fostering personal transformation and making empowered decisions.

During your psychic reading with Jack, no concern of yours is off-limits. He specializes in providing fact-driven actionable insights on real issues that really matter to you. An appointment with Jack is like speaking to a wise friend who understands you and also happens to have proven extrasensory ability.  A session is your retreat from the day to day into comfort. It is a place to candidly inquire and receive discreet transformative guidance in support of your personal goodness. Through your session, you can relieve heartache, gain clarity, overcome feeling stuck, address medical concerns and learn information you need to live your best self.

As a spiritual coach and psychic practitioner, Jack has been recognized worldwide as a trusted authority in the field of extrasensory perception by CNN, FOX, ABC and more. Exam his bio. Read our client reviews. Tell us how Jack can help today. 

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  • Best–selling author of “The Rational Psychic”
  • Named #1 Love & Relationship Psychic – Buzzfeed Media
  • Declared “Top Psychic in U.S.A” – News Channel ONE
  • Dubbed “World Renowned” – AOL Celebrity News
  • “A Real Life Psychic Detective” - The Mentalist, CBS TV
  • Accurate Global Predictions via – AP, NBC, FOX, REN TV

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Unlike mediums, or big companies marketing psychic readings for a per minute fee, Jack does not offer presentational style readings akin to a performance. Instead, he targets insight on the precise subjects and situations you need help with using an extrasensory process he's perfected over 20 years working with people who genuinely need help...  Jack's loyal long-term clients include psychologists, medical doctors, members of the U.S. Military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities, as well political officials, professional athletes, and many recognizable faces. There is a reason why so many searching for clarity and fulfillment through reliable extrasensory perception trust Jack's heart-felt rational service... He is so much more than an ordinary psychic. Put simply, "Jack is that rare real psychic who really makes a difference!

Find out how Jack can help you too. Service is offered to discerning individuals worldwide seeking reliable, fact-driven soul-centered psychic solutions.

"Jack's readings are uncanny! I've referred him to many friends who were all amazed. He clearly has a special gift. I just wanted to share that and say thank you."
Jeannie J.
Boston, Massachusetts