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“When you need a real psychic source, Jack Rourke is your secret weapon. A spiritual ally helping you live your best self!”

Psychic Los Angeles – Thank you for visiting Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles. We are excited to help you! “Psychic Readings Los Angeles” is a serious yet fun, soul-centered & solution-oriented spiritual counseling service. One that employs an accurate evidential psychic method to provide real answers and fact-based actionable insights to discerning clients worldwide.

Our success is we do not provide conventional psychic readings. Our proactive psychic appointments are skillfully executed and professionally formatted to address and resolve your most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns for the sole purpose of helping you achieve and live your best self. For this reason, our methodical client-focused™ psychic processes are only for people seeking real-world growth, practical healing insights, creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information needed for relieving heartache, ending confusion, and making empowered personal decisions. As a genuine spiritual service, our psychic appointments also restore emotional clarity, enable mental precision, and foster physical embodiment so you can decisively engage with life divinely aligned and authentically empowered.

Our clients include billionaire entrepreneurs, fortune 500 CEOs & philanthropists – psychotherapists, medical doctors, and dentists, – Clergy, Professional & Olympic athletes – law enforcement, military & intelligence personnel – NASA visionaries, politicians, and countless recognizable faces. You are in excellent hands!

Jack Rourke is an internationally established extrasensory expert, spiritual counselor, best-selling Sounds True author™, and success strategist who for 25 years has provided professional psychic service to businesses, individuals, and law enforcement worldwide. His clients are located across North America and as far away as Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, China, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Dubai, Qatar, and every single European nation.

Dubbed world-renowned by AOL celebrity news in 2009 for his global client base and work on criminal and missing person’s cases, Jack’s psychic sessions are typically focused on love and relationships psychic readings, medical intuition, and career readings. But, Jack will help you with life coaching or any serious personal or interpersonal concern that is truly important to you. 

When you need authentic psychic support, the kind that permanently mitigates uncertainty and fosters dynamic change, you need Jack Rourke’s modern psychic process. Click any “Book Now” button to self-schedule your appointment today. To Learn How to use our scheduler Click here .