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"Jack Rourke is the most amazing psychic I have ever encountered. But he is more than a psychic. You go to him when you want real answers and a way to change your life. Highly recommended!"
Kathryn M.
Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles

“Jack Rourke is your secret weapon. A spiritual ally helping you live your best self!”

Psychic Los Angeles – Thank you for visiting Jack Rourke’sPsychic Readings Los Angeles. “Psychic Readings Los Angeles” is a result-oriented, fun, client-focused™ psychic consultation and spiritual mentoring service offered by the internationally-renowned psychic counselor, success strategist and best-selling author Jack Rourke.

As the author of The Rational Psychic, a portion of Jack’s practice is dedicated to helping psychically sensitive people cope with and understand their extrasensory experiences. Other clients include psychotherapists, known authors and motivation speakers, professional athletes, medical doctors, politicians and many recognizable faces from the entertainment industry.

Jack offers psychic readings to address love & relationship problems, career & financial stressors, health worries, spiritual issues and more. During your telephone psychic reading with Jack, no concern of yours is off-limits. This is because at Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles, our commitment to you is providing breakthrough “ESP for real issues that really matter to you.”

Jack is more than what is commonly understood as “psychic”. He is a genuine seer with trusted extrasensory skills, committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of those he serves. 

For the past 25 years, Jack has consistently achieved extraordinary results for discerning clients worldwide. He has done this while earning the respect of academics and achieving recognition for his expertise from mainstream media outlets. Are you ready for a change? We welcome the opportunity to help you too.

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"Jack’s readings are uncanny! I’ve referred him to many friends who were all amazed. He clearly has a special gift. I just wanted to share that and say thank you."
Jeannie J.
Boston, Massachusetts

What kind of Psychic appointments does Jack offer?

You can talk to Jack about anything important to you. A psychic session can help you relieve heartache, gain clarity, overcome feeling stuck, and learn the information you need to live your best self.

 A psychic appointment is your retreat from the day to day into comfort. It is a place to candidly inquire, regroup and receive discreet transformative guidance in support of your personal best. Jack’s psychic readings are not a metaphysical performance where he talks and you only listen as a way to entertain you or prove ESP is real. For Jack ESP is already proven. He is here to help you. And through your psychic session, you will gain fact-based actionable insight and personally empowering soul solutions for resolving your real-world questions and concerns.

Your entire appointment will be formatted to meet your needs using Jack’s contemplative client-focused™ soul-centered extrasensory method. Jack structures his psychic sessions because as the most prominent professional psychic in North America, he holds himself to very high standards. He is committed to informing, comforting and clarifying your circumstances in a manner that fosters fulfillment and personal transformation for you.

Jack’s contemplative client-focused™ method is a spiritually based, free-flowing, yet structured extrasensory process. It is a method of ESP Jack has developed over the last 25 years that’s specifically formatted to answer all of your questions in accordance with your unique needs. This is the exact extrasensory protocol Jack’s used to successfully collaborate with medical doctors, make accurate global predictions for NBC, FOX and the Associated Press®, clairvoyantly profile criminals & missing persons for law enforcement, and provide actionable healing insight to more than ten thousand grateful clients since 1996.

Jack has been recognized worldwide as a trusted authority in the field of extrasensory perception by CNN, NBC, CBS, The BBC, FOX, ABC and more. A detailed description of our services and exactly how Jack works is on our psychic readings page. Exam his extensive bio too. Read our client reviews. Tell us how Jack can help today.

psychic readings los angeles
  • Best–selling author of “The Rational Psychic”
  • Named #1 Love & Relationship Psychic – Buzzfeed Media
  • Declared “Top Psychic in U.S.A” – News Channel ONE
  • Dubbed “World Renowned” – AOL Celebrity News
  • “A Real-Life Psychic Detective” – The Mentalist, CBS TV
  • Accurate Global Predictions via – AP, NBC, FOX, REN TV

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Sessions are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis. Priority is given to returning clients.

"I am a Life Coach and I’ve worked with many coaches (Tony Robbins included) and I think Jack is the best I’ve ever worked with. So glad I found him, life-changing!"
Andrea G.
New York, New York
"Jack gave me a very accurate health reading that was confirmed by my neurologist just 90 minutes later. I will use Jack again. He is a blessing to humanity."
Deborah H.
Los Angeles, CA