Psychic Service versus Psychic Entertainment

This article will help you understand the difference between psychic service that is organized to help you and psychic readings formatted as entertainment.

Jack Rourke’s client-focused appointments are not a form of entertainment. They are fun. But, the sole focus of his psychic work is on serving your real world needs. 

psychic entertainment

The average psychic medium demonstrates phenomena in a presentational fashion akin to an entertaining performance. A psychic performance is when you remain quiet and the psychic just tells you what ever they see without regard for how what they share might impact you.

Psychic readings formatted as a performance can trigger a sense of wonder and magical feelings that provide a kind of high. When you expect or want a psychic to tell you something that will make you astonished, uplifted or excited about the future, you are not seeking guidance. You are seeking to be entertained. 

A psychic reading is entertainment when it is structured for you to passively witness and then emotionally react to it. Most psychic readings are formatted as entertainment. There is the psychic who performs the demonstration of extrasensory perception, and the witness who experiences it.

Jack’s psychic appointments are solely focused on helping his clients. If a client watches their appointment like they are watching a movie, they do not get helped. It does not matter whether a client gets swept away by magical feelings and loves their psychic session. A reactive mindset does not gain lasting benefits from the psychic process because it is still dependent on the outer world making them feel how they wat to feel. 


If a client needs help but they view their reading as something entertaining to make them feel good, then they will not fully benefit from their appointment because they have the wrong mindset.

A mindset that holds the belief intuitive readings should impact me like entertainment means you are a passive witness to something you emotionally react to outside. This point of view is not helpful because any positive effect a reading might have will only last until you are influenced by something else.

Jack’s client focused appointments are offered  for the purpose of permanently empowering you through anchoring you internally to your source. Then, every psychic session is deliberately structured to enhance your confident engagement with life so you can decisively take-action and achieve regardless of your circumstances.

Psychic Relationship

Every psychic session with Jack is modeled to how life actually is. Jack teaches that the Universe is not something happening to us. It is flowing through us in response to the contents of our character and our karma – our decision making. 

So, to assist clients assert the power of their decision making, every client-focused session with Jack is a step-by-step collaborative progression toward wholeness and clarity using extrasensory perception in a spiritually transformative manner that models reality and produces achievement. 

Jack understands life requires proactive engagement. This is why he does not provide sessions formatted as entertainment.  Presentational style psychic readings only reinforce the wrong expectation that life is happening at me – the world should give me what I want.

The Ethical Purpose for Jack’s Client-Focused Methods

When Jack mentors psychotherapists, he reminds them their capacity to genuinely help the patients they serve correlates to their capacity to enter into a space of truly loving them.

By offering guidance on “loving them”, Jack is teaching psychotherapists about the transformational power of conscious union. What conscious union means is this.

Although, Jack Rourke’s business is a helping service, his appointments function spiritually without a helper or those needing help because duality is the foundation for all suffering.

Jack is committed to serving clients from a spiritual place of union. This is why he does not provide sessions as entertainment where there is the performer who demonstrates psychic phenomena and the one who observes and feels psychic details.

Instead, every client-focused session is a step-by-step collaborative progression toward wholeness using extrasensory perception in a spiritually transformative manner that produces achievement. Because only from a place of conscious union can psychic service offer spiritual realization that frees anyone from the conditions that inspire suffering.

What is Psychic Entertainment

A psychic reading formatted as entertainment is when someone is hired to demonstrate ESP so the witness can acquire uplifting magical feelings, contact invisible beings, or experience their worldview and metaphysical beliefs as real. Most people who call themselves a psychic or medium are psychic entertainers. The information they supply is not specifically targeted to be helpful. Instead, the psychic reading is a demonstration intended to portray ability and a belief system. Any benefit to the client is secondary.

Jack Rourke is not a psychic entertainer. He is a spiritual helping professional who uses ESP in a very deliberate way. Helpful, need-specific details may include the use of facts from your past, potential future, biology, relational dynamics, and more. What is communicated to you will answer your questions and address your concerns in a manner that will help you achieve, supply a better understanding of yourself and others, restore emotional clarity, collaborate more effectively with your doctor, and make empowered decisions in need-relevant real-world ways. 

The reason most psychics are entertainers is they offer their abilities to provide an experience their client witnesses without understanding or meeting the client’s deeper needs. You can tell when a psychic reading is considered entertainment when afterward one feels compelled to offer admiration, criticism, or praise rather than noting any transformation that occurred as a result of the psychic reading fulfilling previously unmet needs. 

Many psychics do not know they are psychic entertainers. This lack of understanding is not their fault. The problem is ignorance. There is a lack of nuanced spiritual training among psychics which results in extrasensory perception functioning as a mystically entertaining experience rather than the healing purpose they are empathically capable of providing.

Psychic Entertainment versus Psychic Helping

It is very important to understand the difference between psychic readings formatted as entertainment and psychic appointments that are designed to help you. Often when people feel helped by what they consider a good psychic it is because the psychic offered a sentimental experience that relieved their worry and helped them feel more certain by uplifting them paranormally. However, when we go to a psychic and they make us feel better, it does not mean that the positive effects will be permanent. Often they are not, because psychic readings formatted as entertainment are not intended to resolve anything. Sadly, with conventional psychic readings formatted as entertainment, what can feel beneficial and long-lasting, can sometimes result from spiritually bypassing stress.

Much like a good movie, the entertaining psychic reading stays with us for a little while. But, eventually, we cannot recall viscerally why it made us feel so good. Then, we book another reading to get another boost. Jack Rourke’s client-focused psychic reading formatted to help us is different. Months down the road we might remember the psychic reading but not truly feel its significance because the painful energy that drove us to get psychic help is now gone rather than circumnavigated and repressed using metaphysical sentimentality.

Client-Focused Psychic Help is Not Psychic Entertainment

Jack Rourke is a multifaceted extrasensory professional with a deep commitment to service. All his psychic appointments are tailored to your unique needs and solely focused on addressing and resolving your most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns. Such psychic appointments are not formatted as entertainment.

Since our psychic sessions are not a form of entertainment, they are not for everyone. Private appointments are not for tourists or those ONLY seeking predictions. Sessions are also not for the curious, people wanting proof ESP is real, or those chasing uplifting mystical experiences. Likewise, we do not provide mini-readings or energy readings. Nor will Jack channel or communicate with guides, angels, ancestors, or “spirit” to deliver messages. Why? Because these common psychic services are entertainment since they only require you to sit back and witness something magical.

So, the first reason Jack does not present psychic information formatted as entertainment, which is to say just “tell the public whatever he sees”,  is safety. Over the years Jack has encountered hundreds of people who have been confused and harmed by something an unskilled psychic has said to them. Most psychics, according to Jack, and the general public, are not trained to interpret or help people integrate extrasensory perceptions into their lives.

Interpreting psychic information and helping someone integrate extrasensory information is a critical skill the average psychic does not fully understand. Jack Rourke is an expert. Therefore, he will never just tell people whatever he sees. There are very specific reasons for why and how Mr. Rourke uses ESP to help you. Please trust the process.

How Psychic Reading Evolved to be Formatted as Entertainment

The tradition of psychics demonstrating their “connection to the spirit world” only as something people witness can be traced back to the mid-late 19th century to the birth of modern mediumship.

Modern spiritualism, from which mediumship arose, began in approximately 1848 when Margaretta and Catherine Fox first began interpreting knocks and noises in their home as communications from a ghost they surmised was a deceased former tenant.

Over many months word of the mysterious paranormal activity in the Fox home spread. Local intellectuals and curiosity seekers visited the small rural home to experience and figure out what might be going on. What followed were decades of public attention that led these young women with few options in life from obscurity and no right to vote, an education, their own money, or a career to a life filled with international travel and acclaim.

Whether or not the Fox sisters were genuinely psychic is not the question here. What is important to point out is the way these sisters were conditioned to present seemingly psychic information as a performance within the social and religious context of their day.

Friends and neighbors were frightened by the notion the dead walked among the living. As the public became accustomed to the possibility that the Fox girls could see and talk to the dead, people began to ask for private sittings. Soon strangers would meet in small groups. The purpose of these small groups at first was just to witness how the Fox girls connected with spirits. Later, the bereaved began asking the Fox sisters to speak with their specific dead loved ones. This required the young women to present information as proof the dead lived on. 

Since gathering together to hear from the dead was frightening and conflicted with Christian teaching, attendees began singing hymns and offering prayers. This created a ritual around talking to the dead. As the seance process became increasingly formalized it evolved into a structured event with the medium being the headliner. This is where the term “platform medium” comes from. A platform is an elevated area at the front of a meeting room or the church. A platform is also literally a stage, as was the case when mediumship became a Vaudeville sensation. 

By the 1890’s the Fox sisters enjoyed audiences with European royalty and sold-out performances in fancy concert halls where they demonstrated their ability to talk with spirits. Due to their fame, thousands of people in England and America discovered their psychic ability to predict the future and commune with spirits. Headlining entertainers began to notice the attraction psychic power had on audiences. Famous magicians and performers cashed in by showcasing their newly discovered powers on stage. Not all were impressed. Harry Houdini famously made it his mission to expose psychics as frauds.

There is an opinion that the Fox sisters never intended to be mediums. Some believe these were precious young girls reacting to noises in their tiny rural home – noises only ever intended to playfully frighten one another and their mother. Their mother was frightened. It was by telling neighbors tales of her haunted house and her daughters who could talk to ghosts that the Fox sister’s public life began. 

Psychic Entertainment Conflicts with Spiritual Realization

Around the same time, approximately 1890 to 1910, the Theosophist movement was taking off in the United Kingdom. Theosophy was a conglomeration of mystical beliefs borrowed from many cultures and curated by the Russian mystic  Madame Blavatsky and her followers.

Theosophists were fascinated by psychic power. One prominent Theosophist, C.W Leadbeater, wrote extensively on clairvoyance, the astral world, the aura, and all kinds of psychic things. Although Theosopshis did study Indian yogis Leaderbeater and his cohorts failed to acknowledge the admonition against pursuing psychic power which is taught in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Mystical Christianity.

What Theosophists and Spiritualists both failed to recognize was craving psychic power fortifies the false self through the self-aggrandizing use of psychic powers. Of note here is that spiritualists and Theosophists of the Victorian era are not that different from many modern psychics and mediums in their pursuit of money, social status, and public acclaim. This is the second reason Jack Rourke does not put his abilities on display as if to say look what I can do. Instead, he asks, “How can I help you?”

life coach For the spiritually motivated psychic facilitating the client’s inner alignment with divine flow is the way. Psychic phenomena presented as something the client only witnesses are not helpful. Extrasensory perception put on display and explained as contact with the beyond directs attention outward triggering uplifting sensations in the client that deify the seer. This is counter-productive as the goal is to always align clients directly with the transformative essence of creation within and the power of their decision-making.” – Jack Rourke 

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