A psychic entertainer is someone who provides readings akin to a metaphysical performance. This means using ESP to provide mystical experiences of “connection” while clients remain silent in order to prove ESP real.  Jack Rourke is NOT a psychic entertainer. He is a proven psychic expert who offers psychic service solely to help people with their personal and interpersonal worries. This is why his appointments are organized to meet each client’s unique needs using their specific questions and concerns.

life coach For the spiritually motivated psychic counselor suffering is relieved by facilitating practical expression of the client’s inner alignment with divine flow. Psychic phenomena presented as something entertaining which the client only witnesses are therefore not helpful. The reason, occult powers put on display as if happening to an observer invites them into an uplifting mental interpretation of reality rather than a direct and transformative experience of what actually is and always has been. The simple truth that all suffering results from a spiritual disconnect encased in the delusion one is limited.”       – Jack Rourke Psi. DD.                    

What you will learn about psychic Entertainment

This article will help you distinguish Jack Rourke’s helpful client-focused™ psychic appointments from psychic entertainment. What we also refer to as a “conventional psychic reading”.

On this page you will learn:

  • What a conventional psychic reading is.
  • Why Jack Rourke does not offer conventional psychic readings akin to a form of psychic entertainment.
  • How psychic entertainment is viewed from the vantage point of a professional psychic.
  • Why Jack Rourke expertly wields psychic perception without indulging in manipulative sentimentality or mystical magical feelings of “connection” that offer clients no long-term value.

How Jack Rourke’s Psychic Service is Special

Jack Rourke is a studied, documented and internationally recognized psychic expert. He is a best-selling author, personal coach, and spiritual teacher who has helped thousands of people from all over the world using extrasensory perception.

What makes Mr. Rourke so uniquely helpful is simple. His psychic appointments are an extremely informative spiritual counseling service that employs evidential psychic methods for the sole purpose of supporting personal accomplishment in the lives of those he serves.

Jack does not advocate for a belief system. He does not demonstrate phenomena to provide a metaphysical experience or prove ESP real.  Instead, Mr. Rourke is focused on delivering spiritual insights and fact-based transformative results that will help you achieve. In short, Jack Rourke expertly wields psychic perception without indulging in manipulative sentimentality or mystical magical feelings of “connection” that offer you no long-term value.

Unlike corporations marketing psychic readings for a per-minute fee, or spiritualist mediums who by virtue of their training offer presentational psychic readings to support a belief system akin to a metaphysical performance, Jack Rourke is not a psychic entertainer.

What is a psychic Entertainer?

It is important when seeking help to distinguish between a psychic professional whose work is formatted to serve your wellbeing and the most common forms of psychic readings called general psychic readings.

A general psychic reading is formatted as a performance. A psychic reading formatted as a performance means the client remains quiet while witnessing the psychic speak to prove ESP as real. The result can be magical feelings of connection and confirmation of one’s belief system. But general psychic readings do not provide lasting assistance because they are not formatted to help the client. General psychic readings serve the invisible in the form of the beyond, the dead, “spirit” or  “guides”. A positive experience during a general psychic reading is wonderful

A psychic who unknowingly formats their appointments like an entertainer risks building up their personal image at the client’s expense. There is also a possibility the general psychic reading might foster emotional bypassing, and encourage magical thinking without providing practice help.

By virtue of their distracting sentimentally and mystical sensations, conventional psychic readings are a form of psychic entertainment. You can also recognize a conventional psychic reading as one where you remain quiet while the psychic provides general information as a kind performance. A conventional psychic reading is fun in how it includes uplifting messages. But together these aforementioned phenomena are a kind of entertaining metaphysical experience supported by a belief system, packaged to satisfy curiosity or demonstrate or prove ESP as real.

When a conventional psychic reading is simultaneously cathartic emotionally, mentally uplifting while inviting us to question what we accept as real due to the paranormal experienced during a psychic reading, common sense wisdom determines the psychic is real or good. But the mental and emotional shift that occurred only changes our interpretation of the outer world and our imagined relationship to it.  Using this logic, we can see conventional psychic readings and the psychic entertainers who provide them are truly striving to validate the existence of ESP and the goodness of their psychic identity. Rather than serving their client’s personal needs. This is why conventional psychics can be amazingly talented but are nevertheless a kind of entertainer – similar to a TV evangelist.

Why Jack Rourke does not work like a Psychic entertainer

Like many psychics, Jack could point to his childhood paranormal experiences as evidence he was born psychic. Unlike most psychics, however, he does not use his childhood to justify he was born special and therefore destined to be me kind of divine messenger.

What makes Jack unique is he has always questioned his capabilities differently than most. Instead of asking why me, why am I psychic like most, which usually leads sensitives to determine they are in some way special, Jack has always asked how extrasensory perception was possible? He always wanted to know how ESP could be real and how it worked?

Since Jack grew up pre-internet and before psychic phenomena was a staple on television questioned there were not a lot of readily available resources that explained ESP. The information that was most available commercially mostly relied on spiritualism. Or, first persona accounts by authors who misinterpreted metaphysics to rationalized the existence of ESP using mystical metaphor. The books failed to answer Jack’s questions about how ESP worked.

The watershed moment, when Jack knew undisputedly that his mind perceived information in an other-than-ordinary way occurred in 1984. A man appeared in his childhood bedroom commanding him to “not be afraid”. Jack was lifted from his body. The man then spoke again. “Your sister is dead.” The messenger pointed and said one final word, “Look”. Jack turned to his right. There was his twin sister. This precognitive event was a crisis apparition that showed Jack’s life and death was not s it appeared. It was this event that proved to him that paranormal and psychic phenomena are not things requiring exotic beliefs.

Nevertheless, 30 years ago, when Mr. Rourke was a young psychic, he identified as a spirit medium because he could see the faces of the departed and hear their names. He later had other precognitive, out-of-body, and paranormal experiences. For these reasons, when Jack first entered into public service, he would create heartwarming mystical experiences with his clients wrongly thinking this is what it meant to be a good or spiritual psychic representing what is. But he never stopped questioning.

After years searching for concrete answers to how and why clairvoyance was real Jack fell into a state of discouragement. He searched and searched for real insight into ESP and found nothing but old wives’ tales. At that time, he did not know there was a science called parapsychology that studied precognition and the like. He writes about this dark time in his best-selling book The Rational Psychic.

Jack determined he had to find his own answers to his paranormal questions. Answers that would not rely on spiritual metaphors that inflate any psychic’s significance. He pushed and challenged himself as a psychic. He committed to daily psychic exercises and book study. He would randomly point to places on local maps and attempt to remotely view that location and then visit it to validate what he wrote down. With clients, he would not allow them to speak. He would not even permit knowing his clients’ names. Jack feared a name might hold ethnic clues he wanted to psychically discern for his clients.

When Jack was a young psychic, in the mid-1990s until the mid-2000s, his readings were very conventional in that they were meant to demonstrate and prove ESP and the afterlife real.  He worked hard using ESP to provide shocking facts about the lives of those who sat before him. He became a special guest reader at metaphysical centers in Orange County and Pasadena. He even had an office in a psychotherapy suite in the upscale Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. By this time Jack had made a name for himself throughout Southern California providing stunningly accurate place readings at historical locations. He was offered work as a reverend at a spiritualist chapel in Hollywood. Soon TV opportunities began pouring in culminating with the development of his own daytime talk show.

Jack had become a sought-after spiritual medium capable of giving names and uncanny details as messages from the deceased. But this work and life became increasingly unpleasant. Jack realized with great pain that the emptiness he felt mirrored the lack of substance spiritualism really offered those who were truly suffering.

After working so hard to prove to himself and others that psychic ability was real Jack really only learned one thing. His clients wanted help, not a “spiritual’ show. This epiphany forced Jack to go deeper. Soon, the psychic world began to appear like a form of showbusiness. It became painfully obvious how the metaphysical and paranormal communities were populated with dramatic, oversensitive, attention-seeking, and self-aggrandizing personalities who were marketing gimmicky spirituality in pursuit of their own fame as psychic celebrities. Jack retreated from psychic life, rejecting cliché spirituality and the personalities associated with psychic phenomena as expressions of vanity. After seeking deeper meaning on a more authentic spiritual path Mr. Rourke returned more assertively to serving the public by using ESP to help people rather than prove anything including himself as real.

Beyond Psychic Entertainment & Conventional Psychic Readings

Almost no psychic decides to become a psychic entertainer. Unless they willfully hire themselves out to appear at parties or festivals to satisfy public curiosity by offering their services for fun. But a psychic entertainer can also be someone who is serious about serving spirit. They could be someone who genuinely wants to help people but does so in a manner that preserves their psychic identity by fostering dependence on paranormal concepts and mental phenomena.

The course of Mr. Rourke’s personal growth and diversion from spiritualism and conventional psychic readings took more than a decade and is ongoing. Until now, after more than 25 years working as a psychic, he is an internationally recognized spiritually grounded psychic professional whose sole focus is helping those who seek his service.

Jack has been vetted and published by the esteemed Spiritual Book Publisher Sounds True. He has been endorsed by the American Parapsychology Association. Served as the only psychic to ever conduct field research with Parapsychologist Dr. Barry E. Taff Ph.D.  And, he has been studied by academics and vetted by law enforcement agencies and the legal affairs department of multiple TV networks. For you, there are interviews available online with Jack and dozens of reviews. We also supply a tremendous amount of information about him including television portrayals of his work, philosophy, and interviews of Mr. Rourke with the FBI. Generally speaking a conventional psychic or psychic entertainer will not have these credentials. Why? Because their expression of ESP is about affecting an experience that proves who they are. For the psychic entertainer, all their efforts strive to validate belief systems or emotional states that secure their identity as psychic. But for someone like jack who uses ESP professionally, his efforts are only focused on serving others.

Learn More about Psychic Jack Rourke’s from his best-selling book The Rational Psychic™

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