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“Jack gives you the real insight you need to live the love you really want.”

best love psychic Los AngelesLove Psychic Los Angeles CA – When your heart hurts and love becomes painful or confusing, it’s natural to want a love and relationship psychic reading.

While working through convoluted matters of the heart you need a psychic who deeply understands relational dynamics and the anxieties heartbreak causes. You need a helpful psychic who can truly see your authentic self as well as the patterns playing out between you and your partner. Someone who can genuinely communicate solution-oriented insights and actionable details that compassionately restore clarity, calm, connection, and the confidence to move forward loving and being loved.

After thirty years of serving professionally as an internationally recognized expert psychic and spiritual counselor, Los Angeles psychic Jack Rourke specializes in love and relationship psychic readings.

Every day Jack provides profoundly helpful love and relationship psychic readings to gay and straight individuals and couples, young and old… Clients commonly schedule when navigating divorce or romantic entanglements, infidelity, or when seeking to better understand themselves and their partner during separation or after break-ups so they can create a meaningful path forward. But Jack will assist you with any romantic issue that is truly important to you.

You deserve the best when you need love and love and relationship psychic. Click “Book Now” below to self-schedule. Tell us how Jack can help you. We look forward to serving you!

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"Jack is awesome. I had so many questions about my relationship. I honestly didn’t see how we could move forward. Jack nailed my boyfriend’s personality and made so much sense. Having a relationship psychic reading with Jack was the best decision I made for myself today. Thank you so much."
Faye M.
Chicago, IL

"I cannot rave enough about how outstanding my session with Jack was. After only a few minutes he provided evidential information and I felt like I knew him for years…His intuitive abilities identified the root cause of the recurring relationship issue I was having. And, he provided a clear roadmap for positive change and success. I left the session feeling motivated and energized. Truly a gifted psychic. Absolutely the best!…"
Jennifer H.
Los Angeles, CA

Why Love & Relationship Psychic Readings are Healing

“Jack Rourke’s Love & Relationship Psychic Readings cuts through BS, lies, and sentimentality and tells you what the facts are. Dealing with reality is how Jack helps people resolve heartache and foster fulfilling love connections.”

Turning to Jack for a psychic reading on love and relationships is your best option when your heart hurts. Why? Because, Jack Rourke has a nuanced understanding of human suffering and the spiritual gifts, wisdom, and abilities needed to illuminate your circumstances and provide a path forward.

Jack views love as a process of opening to who we truly are. He understands love can be scary. But love is also an amazing expression of personal creativity and a source of joy, belonging, and sexual satisfaction. For these reasons, Mr. Rourke genuinely appreciates how important the right partner is. What’s also wonderful about Jack is he is skilled at helping us find and relate to our special someone accurately so that the connection we create is lasting and meaningful.

Love and Relationship psychic readings are not a form of mystical entertainment where Mr. Rourke predicts future lovers to make you feel good. He does not abide by childish metaphysical sentiments such as soulmates or twin flames. Love is not fated to you. Love according to Mr. Rourke is something adults build. Love requires commitment and work.

Our love and relationship psychic readings prepare and guide our clients in doing this work so they can experience harmonious heartfelt connections with themselves and others. So, during your love and relationship psychic reading, Jack will not sugarcoat things. He illuminates the reality of your unique situation and then provides the actionable details necessary for you to make decisions in ways you feel are best.

"My wife had been talking to Jack for some time. A lot of the things she shared with me about their conversations were dead on. I could see she really felt better after speaking with Jack. She suggested I speak with him. I was curious but didn’t know what to expect. I have to say speaking to Jack felt like talking to an old friend. It was only after I hung up that I realized there was no way he could have known the things he did or have the insight to make sense of our circumstances the way he did. Thanks, Jack you’re a good dude. Much appreciated."
Jason M.
New York, NY

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Who are Love & relationship psychic readings for?

Jack understands the needs and hurts within same-sex and heterosexual partnerships. Inter-office or extramarital indiscretions are also common topics.  We all find love and connection where we feel safe. What Jack helps you find is how romantic love can be genuine and deeply rewarding when you create the right circumstances for yourself.

Jack’s telepathic and precognitive abilities enable him to work with couples and individuals in a spiritually profound and deeply personal manner. He is warm, kind, and always objective yet on your side. You will feel like you are speaking with an old wise friend who only wants you to succeed in expressing and feeling fulfilled based on who you truly are.

Offering love and relationship psychic readings takes a special kind of sensitivity. Not every psychic is good at working on relationships. Many so-called love psychics tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. Others cannot truly observe your circumstances because of their emotional limits.

What inexperienced psychics do is they attempt to uplift you by bypassing your painful situation by telling you about the future. This is never helpful long term. All that happens is you continue to replicate the conditions that lead to your current dissatisfaction. For these reasons and more, you need a professional love and relationship psychic with a proven ability to provide for you.

Jack Rourke is the best Love and relationship psychic in Los Angeles.

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Love & Relationships Psychic Readings FAQ

  1. How can Jack help me with a love & relationship psychic reading?

Jack can assist you with your relationship and a broken heart. He is a meaningfully partnered person who has spent 25 years spiritually counseling all kinds of people, from all over the world concerning their most personal relationship issues. Jack has a tremendous amount of insight to offer you even without his extrasensory capabilities. When you add in his psychic skillset, however,  what you discover is his uncanny power as a relationship psychic. Jack will reveal the exact patterns playing out in your situation while also nailing down precisely how to work with your partner based on their unseen needs & motivations. Most importantly, you will be instructed on how to work with the insight offered to you so you leave your session feeling understood, valued, informed as well as empowered to make the choices best for you.

  2. Is Jack the best love psychic in Los Angeles?

Every week we accept appointments from new clients who already sought love & relationship psychic readings from less expensive psychics and internet psychic mediums claiming to be love psychics. These new clients come to us when others disappoint them and they become our long-term clients. Why? Because there is a huge difference in terms of competency between a medium who purports to speak to the dead, a part-time psychic who shares your beliefs, and a proven professional psychic who works with clients every day.

Jack has been recognized as the top love and relationship psychic in the United States by Buzzfeed Media. His insight into the human condition earned him the privilege of having his book published by the prestigious Sounds True Publishing House. He has been featured in countless national and international media. You deserve the best love and relationship psychic reading. And, while every session is unique, we are confident Jack is one of the best love and relationship psychics working in North America today.

  3. How much does a relationship psychic reading cost?

Love and relationship psychic readings are priced in accordance with our normal standard one-hour rate.

  4. Can a relationship psychic reading from a Love psychic bring back my ex?

If a psychic ever asks you for extra money or promises they can make your loved one return to you they are a fraud. No matter how appealing their charisma is, they are deceiving you.

5. How will love psychic Jack Rourke help me?

Love and relationship psychic readings can help you:

  • discover your and your partner’s genuine needs and meet them
  • Stop hindering love in your personal life
  • Build trust and shared affection with your partner
  • Enhance your sex life and live with passion
  • target a partner’s true feelings and actions
  • End toxic shame & blame
  • Activate your power within romantic entanglements
  • Extract wisdom from the past and create new love
  • Wake up to patterns and break them
  • Attract harmonious committed partners

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Who is Los Angeles Love Psychic Jack Rourke?

Best Los Psychic Los AngelesLos Angeles love Psychic Jack Rourke is one of the most prominent spiritual counselors in North America and the author of Sounds True’s “The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception. He contributed to the books “Kids Who See Ghosts” – “What Wags the World, Tales of Conscious Awakening” and co-authored the 2007 21c Psi Survey with the American Institute of Parapsychology.

Dubbed world-renowned in 2009 by AOL celebrity news, Jack has been featured by The Associated Press, The New York Post, TV Guide Channel, Showtime, History and Travel channels, ABC, NBC, BBC, CBC the Syfy network, and more. CBS Television depicted Mr. Rourke as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV show The Mentalist. CNN turned to Jack for a spiritual perspective on the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson. FOX Network hired Mr. Rourke to profile the Casey Anthony and Jon Benet Ramey murder cases. And, CW Network hired Mr. Rourke to investigate the mysterious death of Elisa Lam.

Jack was featured in a two-part interview on Russian State Media as the top psychic in the United States while BuzzFeed featured Jack as the top love and relationship psychic in America. Mr. Rourke was a development consultant on AMC Studio’s reboot of Psychic Kids, The feature films “Push”, Insidious, The Haunting in Connecticut, and others. His Radio appearances include Coast to Coast with George Noory, Coast to Coast with John B. Wells, Overnight America, Playboy Radio, and many more.

Jack’s day-to-day client work is solely focused on helping clients address and resolve their most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns using the intuitive methodology he’s developed over three decades serving people officials, and individuals in sometimes life-threatening circumstances. His clients include billionaire entrepreneurs, fortune 500 CEOs & philanthropists, UN diplomats, Royal Princesses, and retail heiresses, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and surgeons, – Clergy, Professional & Olympic athletes – defense contractors, law enforcement, military, & intelligence personnel – NASA visionaries, politicians, and countless celebrity faces as well as known authors, and influencers in the life-coaching and self-help industries.