Learn why questions are important for helpful psychic sessions

On this page you will learn:

• Why questions are required for our psychic appointments

• How to formulate questions and prepare for your psychic session

• Why telling you what is seen is powerful & telling whatever is seen is not  

real psychicJack Rourke is a best-selling author, and internationally recognized psychic expert who has served domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies, politicians, mental health professionals, and medical doctors using extrasensory perception. His abilities have been studied by academics and vetted by legal services. He has nearly 30 years of active experience counseling clients from every corner of the globe. He does not need you to have questions for your appointment. He requires you to have questions because as a holistic professional, the sole purpose of his service is to help you by supplying need-relevant actionable information you are to use to make empowered decisions.

Why Mr. Rourke’s psychic service is solely focused on client’s need

Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic appointments are a spiritually motivated meditative expression of extrasensory perception offered through the lens of somatic and ancient therapeutic wisdom for the sole purpose of helping clients achieve. It is for this reason that each client-focused™ appointment is deliberately organized to meet each client’s uniquely personal, interpersonal, and spiritual needs using their questions and concerns to ensure individualized professional care for their well-being. Care that is tax-deductible as a coaching service.

Your psychic appointment will do more than answer your exact questions. Your session will ebb and flow based on what is clairvoyantly discerned in association with both your stated and unspoken needs.

The client-focused appointment micro-targets your needs and then expands to encompass outward providing a macro amount of details relevant to your concerns. It is common for unexpected information to arise during a session. Such as when a medical concern or similarly urgent matter is spontaneously discerned when only asking about a heartbreak. You are in excellent hands. Our psychic service is designed to meaningfully contribute to your life in a manner that permanently benefits you.

Why questions are required for your psychic appointment

  1. Clients are commonly impacted by psychic amnesia. Psychic amnesia is commonly caused by psychic mediums telling clients whatever they see. When psychics ramble unexpected or irrelevant details clients frequently feel compelled to respond to these things and then forget why they made their appointment which leaves their needs unmet. Another example of psychic amnesia is when empathic attunement to the client’s aura activates their sympathetic nervous system causing nervousness. Forgetting is a common stress response to the boundary crossing that occurs during a psychic reading. Because our service understands the nuances of ESP and prioritizes client well-being and fulfillment, we ask clients to write their questions down prior to their appointment. This way you do not forget why you scheduled your appointment or what you want to ask. In short, questions help ensure our client’s specific needs are met.
  2. Your questions define your needs and prepare you for psychic interaction. Verbalizing questions helps dispel anxiety by activating the prefrontal cortex. Neurologically this activates the social engagement system which puts clients at ease allowing them to more fully benefit from their appointment. Client questions also indicate their goals and unconscious intentions for their appointment. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. But this does not mean we will give you what you think you need. Often what clients think they need or should have, is their problem. Misidentifying needs and unrealistically pursuing unnecessary outcomes can cause suffering and confusion. Your mindset matters. Our appointments do far more than supply information. They can reframe and align your mindset to accommodate your true needs. Things you did not realize were important or missing from your action plan while you were worried. Working with your mindset based on your needs and helpful spiritually discerned details directs you toward inner connection. This deeper level of need fulfillment offers potential longer-lasting and even permanent alignment with your goals and personal power so you can be free of confusion, conflict, or suffering and fully thrive moving forward.
  3. Your questions define your boundaries. By verbalizing your questions, you outline the limits of your understanding of a situation and what you are willing to discuss. So, questions point to what you want to talk about and what you may be unaware of, do not need, or want to discuss. All these elements combined define your boundaries and underscore your needs. Functional healing relationships require boundaries. Psychics who just tell you whatever they see are harmless when they espouse self-aggrandizing beliefs concerning otherworldly tales of past lives, departed loved ones, and the beyond to create a magical experience. But a professional spiritual practitioner like Jack Rourke will not disregard your boundaries. He will never arrogantly assume whatever he sees means that, “this is what you need to talk about.” Decades of experience have taught him such a lack of care for your boundaries can result in a shock to your system and in extreme cases be traumatizing… Being mentally and emotionally exposed to experiences you were not prepared to discuss is potentially harmful and painful. Jack abides by your boundaries to protect you from psychological or emotional harm during the psychic interconnection to you. Keep in mind, just because you don’t include a topic in your questions does not mean it goes unseen. The fact you did not bring an issue up tells Jack he must be extra kind or careful in certain areas. Remember, Jack’s sole focus is to help you. The purpose of his work is never to speak out loud about your personal history, wounds, or private moments to shock you for fun by showing you your secrets are seen.

How to write or ask your psychic questions

You do not need to worry about how to ask your questions. Although clients are required to have specific questions prepared for their psychic appointment Mr. Rourke does not require clients to understand how to ask their questions.

New clients, as part of the introduction to our service, will receive instructions on how Mr. Rourke works with questions in a manner that secures the result we strive for with clients. When formulating your questions prior to your appointment, remember our psychic service is strictly organized to address and resolve your specific and real-world personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns for the purpose of helping you make empowered decisions. Our goal is to supply helpful yet actionable information. So, please note the following.

Personal concerns have to do with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that impact your relationship with yourself, your goals, your identity, and your capacity for achievement.

Interpersonal concerns involve your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, interactions, wants and needs impacting your relationship with other people.

Spiritual concerns are your beliefs, feelings, and identity as they relate to your evolutionary relationship with a higher power.

Since our psychic service is formatted as a real-world helping service your psychic question should conform in the following three ways:

  1. Your psychic question should reflect your actual needs. For example, “I might have some changes coming up. I’m wondering if they will be okay?” This question is not acceptable since it is an unspecific request for an opinion about how you might feel. Your feelings are subject to your needs. This is why our service focuses on your needs. It is also not Mr. Rourke’s job to tell you what you may or may not like. For such questions, Mr. Rourke will instead, ask what your goals are in an attempt to identify what your actual needs are. He will then diagram out specific psychic questions to activate the extrasensory flow that’s relevant to your needs targeting the exact insights and strategies you need to know or should watch out for when pursuing your goals. The resulting information is what’s actionable.
  2. Your psychic question should not be binary or forced choice. Examples of binary and forced-choice questions are, “Will this happen?” Or, “Can I do this?” Or, “Will I marry my boyfriend, Bob?” These binary and forced-choice questions avoid taking responsibility for your decision-making by asking Jack to predict what you will do. You can do whatever you want. Because we are a holistic helping service Mr. Rourke will not predict what you will do or feel. Instead, he will help you identify your needs and then provide contextual foresight you can use to make empowered personal decisions for achieving your goals.
  3. Your psychic question must be non-leading and refrain from being coercive. Here is an example of an inappropriately coercive question, “As a light-working manifester and quantum healer, will my path penetrate all dimensions of trauma allowing me to illumine and uplift the world and all people, on all levels, so that I may live abundantly showing others freedom.” This type of question is coercive because it requires Mr. Rourke to buy into a grandiose ego-affirming belief system and worldview. Other examples of questions that require Jack to adopt beliefs are, “What is my spirit guide’s name?” or “Are there any spirits around me.” These and similar questions require Jack to conform to certain beliefs and deviate from the stated purpose of our service for the purpose of indulging in a mystical experience. Remember, our psychic service is deliberately formatted and executed to help people for the sole purpose of assisting clients with real-world issues. You may read about Mr. Rourke’s spiritual philosophy and ethics here and about our client-focused psychic service methods here.

It is important that psychic questions reflect your actual needs as you see them. As a client, if you conform to these basic instructions Jack will help you put a fine point on your questions. You need not worry. He helps clients organize their questions all day every day. He is eager and happy to help you. Just be as prepared as you can and allow Jack to help you. All you need to do is make an effort by having “good enough” questions that indicate your needs prepared.

Jack will take your “good enough” questions and make them better. Better means two things. More conducive to his client-focused™ psychic methods and more directly beneficial for you. So, another reason he wants to understand his client’s needs is when necessary he will reformat your questions with your needs in mind, to trigger a right-brain rather than a left-brain response. This targeting procedure requires a non-linear framing of intent. This is essential for activating the target-specific extrasensory flow Jack will observe and infer answers from. This is the same process he has used for decades with law enforcement and intelligence services. The clients who benefit most from our service participate in our processes in the manner they are designed.

What does a “good-enough” question look like?

A good enough question indicates your needs. Your need is the value you wish to take away from your appointment to help you make a decision or solve a problem.

How to form a good enough question – A good enough question begins with a topic that indicates a need and then emotionally subdivides forming questions that attempt to address or resolve that need based on how you feel.

For example:

  1. If your topic is your marriage. Are you afraid your partner is unfaithful? Are you hurt because there is an ongoing disagreement you need insight into and a strategy to resolve it? Perhaps there is a confusing conflict over child custody or parenting styles. A question could also be how separation is impacting your child or what is occurring in your former spouse’s home when your child is there.
  2. If your topic is your career a question might address how you are feeling confused or betrayed by inter-office politics. You might want to know who you can trust. You might need insight on how to navigate the difficult personalities at work. If you are applying for new work you may need help determining what is the best path forward based on the choices you are facing. Or, maybe you are negotiating and need insight into the people and financials involved so you can create the best outcome.
  3. If you are experiencing a break-up notice whether you are hurt or confused. You may wonder what your former partner is thinking or feeling. You may need insight into what pattern you are playing out. With heartbreak, it is common to need to know how to best navigate the grieving process and what to expect from or with the former partner moving forward. 

No matter the subject, pay attention to what you are feeling and then ask yourself what result you want for that situation. Once you know what you will discover obstacles or fears. Obstacles and fear communicate what your needs are.

Jack genuinely cares for the people he serves.  He invests extra time in with punctual new clients to help them understand how he works which includes assisting them to develop and clarify their questions. Mr. Rourke may even create specific questions of his own that he determines will best fulfill your needs.

The extra time Mr. Rourke devotes to new clients routinely extends his work day by many hours. Imagine going to work every day and not knowing what time you will be done. This is the love and devotion Jack gives to his clients every day.

Sometimes people only have topics for their appointment. For example, they might list – family work, future, wife, money, and health.  These are topics, not questions.

If you only list topics for your appointment and you really don’t know what your questions are, this might be a sign you expect Jack to tell you whatever he sees.  Mr. Rourke does not tell people whatever he sees. Our process is very specific for many reasons. Most importantly, our process works.

Listing topics and expecting a general psychic reading will cause cancellation. Mr. Rouke does not deviate from his methods. Think about the help you are seeking. If you do not want help our service is not for you. If you do need help, go ahead and create some basic questions but be prepared to discuss your topics in order to clarify your needs and identify specific questions for jack to work with on your behalf. Extrasensory perception is not omnipotence. it is an extremely helpful process of spiritual discernment. 

Trying to figure out what your questions are during your appointment is not a good use of time. We clearly define and communicate our requirements and methods in advance. We know our process is unique. We over-communicate to help clients prepare ahead of time so they get the absolute most from their appointments. 

When clients resist explaining their reasoning for their appointment or have no questions prepared for their session, they are not abiding by our process the way they agreed to when they scheduled. Under these circumstances, they will not get the information Mr. Rourke can supply because he will not impose himself into your personal life more than what you allow by framing your needs as questions.

Predictive Questions

Sometimes people think asking what’s going to happen in the future or what someone else will do is a question. This is not a proper question. These are requests for predictions.

We are not a prediction service. Jack is extremely skillful in how he uses predictive material. He has provided uncanny accurate predictions for the BBC, the AP, NBC, ABC, Russian State Media, and other news outlets and politicians around the world. But these interactions were entertainment and for security purposes. Our responsibility to individual clients is different. We understand the consequence of predictive material and care deeply about you and your life. Therefore, predictive material is only offered carefully with specific instructions and under specific circumstances. 

Every psychic appointment Jack has ever provided includes predictive material. However, he will never just tell you what will happen unless truly warranted. Because telling you the future negates your decision-making power. Both, how you choose to interpret an event and what you actually do. So, imagine having a friend who could travel into the future to observe your goals and bring back guidance you can use to make decisions. This is foresight. This is how Jack serves his clients.  Please review our webpage that discusses precognition, foresight, and predictions for more details.

Please note: If a client does not have questions prepared for their appointment they are not abiding by the processes they agreed to when they scheduled their appointment. Jack is more than happy to help clients clarify their concerns and formulate their required questions. The only issue is should a client be especially unprepared or resistant to our helping them conform to our methodical client-focused™ format then they are violating their agreement to abide by our psychic methods. Under these circumstances, the time invested in exploring their situation to create the required questions will sometime be the insight and clarity that becomes the takeaway value for that session. Mr. Rourke is extremely gifted at what he does. When clients defer to his expertise and allow him to guide them their needs are beyond fulfilled. Please be prepared for your appointment.

Client Focused™ questions vs. telling clients whatever is seen

When an ordinary psychic medium “tells you whatever they see it does not mean that information is helpful to you.” Some mediums manipulate their clients by getting them to ask for whatever they see. By having you answer the question, “Do you want me to tell you everything?”, the psychic is doing two things. Number one, they’re tricking you into believing they do see everything which is false. And two, when a psychic gets you to admit you want to know everything they see, they are making you responsible for what they see and how you respond to that information.

Telling people “whatever” is a very clever manipulation that takes the pressure off the psychic and does not help the client. What concerns Mr. Rourke is conducting a psychic appointment this way is not only manipulative and unhelpful to the client. It is also harmful. Why? Because it trains the client to be a passive witness while also putting them in the position of interpreting and critiquing the information that is shared without any training to do so. Putting clients in this position can amplify anxiety and trigger self-concern. This is why telling a client whatever is not the same as a client-focused session dedicated to the fulfillment of your needs.

Jack is a spiritual professional who helps people live their lives powerfully. His client-focused™ psychic method developed over 27 years of working with medical and law enforcement professionals. People who demand real results. He has learned over many years that just telling a client whatever and then leaving them alone is just as harmful as a doctor who might give a diagnosis and then leave you to figure things out. A patient needs the doctor to compassionately provide context and help them integrate what’s been shared so the patient can truly benefit. We believe psychic has a similar responsibility which is why our sessions are formatted to help you. 

Therefore, since the client-focused ™ method is a professional skill applied for the purpose of helping our clients, we require clients to enter into their appointments how they would with any mainstream professional whose job is to confidentially help them. This means deferring to Mr. Rourke’s expertise and abiding by his psychic methods. A patient does not go to a doctor or therapist just to see how they work and then render an uninformed opinion. Likewise, even clients of ours who are psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and intelligence personnel who are trained observers of the mind, defer to Mr. Rourke’s methods and his expertise because our service is designed to systematically help you. 

Jack will tell you exactly what he sees. But he will not speak stream of consciousness without concern for how that information might impact you or provide for your well-being the way unskilled psychic mediums do. Mr. Rourke is a professional. He targets information for you. Then, helps you understand it, interpret it accurately, and use it in a way that genuinely provides for your needs moving forward. 

People commonly get impressed by psychics and mediums who speed-talk telling people whatever they see. Randomly describing whatever is psychically seen without purpose is called “shot-gunning”. Shotgunning can indicate several issues. It can be a way to prevent clients from interrupting. It might demonstrate a psychic’s inability to hold focus so a client can ask a question. Or, shotgunning can indicate a psychic’s intolerance for the vulnerability they feel while in service. Basically, when a psychic “shot-guns” they are talking incessantly because they are nervous and fear losing control of the appointment.

From the vantage point of an experienced professional whose focus is on serving the client’s needs rather than the beyond or an invisible spirit, shot-gunning can be a sign a young psychic has not yet properly developed. “Shotgunning” information where a psychic tells you whatever is seen may seem impressive but in fact, shot-gunning is a basic technique taught to inexperienced novice psychics during training.

Telling people whatever comes to mind is meant to accomplish two training goals.

  1. Teach young psychics to mentally recognize extrasensory information in their mind’s eye.
  2. Help young psychics overcome the natural impulse to ignore and repress extrasensory details by conditioning them to verbalize quickly without thinking. (AKA,  speed talking or shotgunning)

The overall purpose of “shotgunning” in the classroom is to cultivate the psychic’s confidence in their psychic perceptions. By “shotgunning” information inexperienced psychics get immediate feedback from witnesses that positively reinforce their internal extrasensory processes. So, “Shotgunning” is a training method. It was never intended to be a style of public service.

The reason shotgunning has become a common psychic service style over the past 25 years is too many sensitive psychic aspirants have rushed into public service seeking fame on TV and over the internet. Because “those who can do, and the rest teach”, an entire generation of unprepared psychics who rushed into public service have been teaching for money and attention thereby passing down poor habits and metaphysical misinformation to a new generation of attention-seeking young psychics. For these reasons, poor instruction, attachment to praise, and overreliance on external approval, shotgunning has been “normalized” and come to define what a “good” psychic reading is. This is a mistake.

A psychic that only tells whatever is seen is not truly good for the client

Since a “normal” psychic reading where a psychic tells you whatever they see is designed to serve the psychic’s covert needs and not the client, any experiential benefit felt in response to a “shotgun” style psychic reading is almost always a temporary psychic high and not a solution to any client’s life issue. Evidence for a “normal” psychic reading only offering a temporary positive effect is the desire to recapture the psychic high in subsequent psychic encounters.

A “psychic high” is defined as a stress-reducing euphoria resulting from an enmeshed exchange between psychic and client that includes shared beliefs and the neurophysiological resonance of mystical experience felt as awe which activates the ventral vagal state humanly sensed as curiosity and safety. Therefore, when a psychic reading does not address a specific need but instead attempts to create a shared spiritual experience the client can become dependent on the psychic for stress reduction and confirmation of their belief system while the psychic risks addiction to the client’s praise or money. This is why formatting a psychic reading as a display of ability is self-serving on behalf of the psychic and not helpful long-term to the client.

Client-focused™ appointments empower clients by addressing real issues and solving real-world problems.

A professional psychic is like any tradesman. He or she is someone who has mastered basic techniques and innovated beyond them to the point they produce value-adding results without the need for permission or approval.

Jack Rourke is a profound professional. He only has one goal – caring for those in need in the exact way only he expertly does.

Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic services are deliberately formatted and solely focused on helping clients with their most important personal, interpersonal or spiritual concerns. Therefore, in accordance with our stated service goals and methods, we require questions when formatting appointments to ensure every client’s unique needs are fulfilled or circumstances transformed creating long-term well-being for our clients. ♦