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My name is Jack Rourke. I have been a professional psychic for 25 years. I’m the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic. And, for the last decade and half a good portion of my practice has been helping psychically sensitive people cope with, and understand their extrasensory experiences. Including how heightened sensitivity impacts their lives. In my book, I explain the causes of extrasensory perception, the subjective nature of psychic phenomena and how to distinguish ESP from paranormal perceptions as well as normal psychological and physiological processes.  

A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception

Renowned Los Angeles clairvoyant Jack Rourke reveals real-world causes for natural extrasensory perception in his book The Rational Psychic. Using credible scientific sources and paranormal anecdotes, Rourke points to a path toward healing and ultimately spiritual awakening through owning and understanding one’s paranormal and psychic perceptions.

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Why read The Rational Psychic™

The Rational Psychic™ sold out on Amazon in the United States and Canada prior to its official release. The Rational Psychic then debuted as the number one “Hot New Release” and took the number one spot on the occult/parapsychology list.

The Rational Psychic™ was acclaimed by academics intrigued by psychic phenomena. And, it was applauded by sensitives looking for a deeper more emotionally meaningful explanation for their other than ordinary perceptions.

However, there’s one thing that’s important to underscore. The Rational Psychic™ is not critical of extrasensory perception. In fact, it meticulously details why ESP is real.

All metaphysicians should retain healthy skepticism for mystical things. Because it is the only way to ensure healthy objectivity and emotional stability. “You don’t have to surrender logic or adopt any exotic beliefs to accept that psychic phenomena are real,” Jack explains. “Nor do you have to automatically deny any evidence about the paranormal to be a critical thinker.”

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Getting real about Psychic Phenomena

Endorsement for Rational PsychicJack Rourke begins his story by describing a unique near-death event that occurred the moment his twin sister died. This heartbreaking childhood tale is not meant to qualify Jack as a clairvoyant though. Instead, he uses his sister’s passing to teach readers that the emotional significance of a paranormal event is no reason to avoid critically examining it.

Using facts and scientific references, Rourke then presents a detailed, thoughtful, and often surprising explanation for natural psychic ability. It is a synopsis that will satiate the curious, inspire believers, and empower the developing psychic to be the best they can be.

So whether you’re seeking answers about your mysterious experiences or you’re interested in developing your personal psychic gifts, The Rational Psychic™ is a must-read book that will challenge what you think you know while making logical sense of the unexplained.

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