A psychic detective is someone whose ESP is used by law enforcement – typically during criminal or missing person investigations. Jack Rourke is a former psychic detective who has worked on decades-old missing person cases in the past – as well as murders, suicides, financial crimes, assaults, and robbery investigations. However, day-to-day client sessions are now solely focused on helping clients address and resolve their most important personal, interpersonal and spiritual concerns using his unique client-focused psychic method.

"Everything you told me in our reading more than a year ago has come true with regard to my job. I was recruited after my first year to work in a dream-come-true clandestine assignment just like you said. I do think of you from time to time and how powerful your readings were."
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Mr. Rourke does not accept investigative requests for help from the public. Psychic detective services are only contracted with our existing long-term law enforcement partners.

A psychic detective is not someone who hires themselves out hourly similar to how a conventional psychic might conduct appointments for the general public. The psychic detective process is much more involved and time-consuming. This level of psychic work requires interfacing with objective investigators, performing research, and following up on every psychic lead.  One case can easily dominate every hour of our business preventing Jack from serving the dozens of clients he cares for each week in our private sessions.

Another obstacle the public forgets is that when loved ones reach out to a psychic detective, they themselves are often under a cloud of suspicion by law enforcement. Because of this, any psychic work can be viewed by local police as counterproductive and even adversarial. It can appear the psychic is willfully or accidentally furthering an alibi for potentially guilty parties.  Additionally, most agencies are required to pursue any reasonable lead making the psychic a very costly problem for police. This is why Jack works as an ally for the police we have relationships with, but only when they ask.

How does one become a Psychic Detective?

Becoming a psychic detective means earning the trust of law enforcement. Even then, it’s likely your service to police will remain private and confidential. The reason for this is, generally speaking, law enforcement professionals do not reveal publicly or rely on in a courtroom, that they avail of extrasensory insights.

What does a clairvoyant actually do when helping police?  Well, a psychic detective might generate new leads by tuning into either the mind of a perpetrator, victim, or missing person. A good clairvoyant may also retro-cognitively observe whatever unfortunate events are under investigation. Acting as a remote witness, the psychic detective can then provide potentially useful information for police to follow up on.

Los Angeles Psychic detective Jack Rourke

“Psychics do not solve crimes. Police solve crimes.
Psychics are just another resource at the authority’s disposal.”
– Jack Rourke

Los Angeles Psychic Detective

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Psychic detective Jack Rourke lecturing about psychic police work with former FBI

Los Angeles Psychic Detective Jack Rourke

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Your Personal Psychic Detective

While Jack no longer works on open criminal or missing person cases with private clients as a psychic investigator, his decades of experience make his sessions extremely impactful. During your personal reading, you will benefit from Jack’s experience working as a remote witness and psychic detective for our agency clients. Having honed his abilities working under such strict and controlled conditions, Jack is able to access practical extrasensory information for you that you can use to improve your circumstances.

"Jack Rourke read for my son and blew him away. He then read for me & several of my girlfriends. He is totally down to earth yet thorough, detailed, kind, and very professional. I called while going through my divorce. Jack gave me specific information that was really helpful to me and my accountant. But when Jack told me the name of my husband’s attorney I almost dropped the phone. It was an obscure middle eastern name. There’s no way he could have known that. Jack is amazing and so helpful!"

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