Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles is a spiritual coaching system that employs extrasensory methods. This means, that as a psychic service our sole mission is fostering client transformation by applying spiritual guidance in accordance with Jack’s fact-driven client-focused psychic method™.

We are committed to providing spiritually secure solid ground for you to retreat to when you need it. No matter what uncertainty you’re facing, no matter what decisions you have to make – it does not matter whether you’re feeling confused, excited, hurt, frightened or alone – Jack will unburden you, answer your questions, and outline a clear path inward and forward.

Jack is committed to embracing who you are beyond culture, sexual orientation, social mask, class, celebrity or inhibiting personal expectations. He never pins a psychological label on you or helps you bypass reality using metaphysics. He never asks you to adopt any strange beliefs. Nor does he blame you for “manifesting” what you’re going through.

It is our pleasure to offer you our spiritual healing service. It is one that is for addressing real issues that really matter to you. This means Jack’s clairvoyant discernment is always fact-driven, solution-oriented, intuitive guidance in support of your goals and unique unfolding wherever you are on your life’s journey.