How much do our Psychic Readings Cost?

Since the sole focus of our mission is helping people, our everyday appointment prices are kept as low as possible. Session fees are set using simple math. We divide our operating expenses by the number of appointments Jack can safely perform each week. There are limited appointments each week.

Operating expenses include all the contractors and vendors that supply the marketing, reception, customer service, and computer-related skills that allow us to schedule, coordinate with, and serve our clients. Our margins are very thin. Mr. Rourke gets nothing until all expenses are covered. Nevertheless, to make appointments even more affordable returning clients may still schedule for a half-hour at a reduced rate. 

We also keep our prices as low as possible by monitoring what others are charging. Our prices are deliberately set below less experienced practitioners who engage in vanity pricing to ensure those who need quality help can afford the meaningful psychic service they need when they need it.

Appointments are offered to new clients in 60, 90 and 120-minute increments although actual sessions times are longer. However, the actual duration for 1st time client sessions can run from approximately 135 to 165 minutes. Jack invests extra time with all new clients. Please plan according.

New client sessions are priced at $296, $395, and 500 USD. Medical intuitive sessions are $595. Flat thirty-minute & 60 minute follow-up Support Sessions are available to returning clients at $196 & $296. (*Please keep in mind your first appointment with Jack will go long for FREE.)

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" This man is beyond gifted! He is accurate to a point that even someone like myself who has been doing readings my entire life is impressed. He really is just out of this world. Honest, caring, to the point, and the real deal. You will get more than your money’s worth with Jack. "
Amanda B.

Discover Which Psychic Reading is best for you.

All new client psychic sessions begin with an introduction to our unique methods and service philosophies. Since our psychic appointments are formatted to help you, it’s important to understand our processes. 

60 minutes New Client psychic sessions offer transformative in-depth guidance into your most important concerns. No matter your need, your appointment will provide a complete inventory of the causes and conditions underlying the patterns in your life. Whether you’re seeking insight into a romantic entanglement, career concern, or help with getting unstuck or finding your life’s purpose, your psychic session with Jack is a thorough and transformative investment in your well-being.

Two hour New Client psychic sessions are ideal for exploring multiple  concerns in-depth with ample time for follow-up questions. This appointment serves the same needs and includes all the benefits of the one hour appointment with the added value of a more nuanced approach for understanding your circumstances and spiritually resolving your personal challenges across a variety of independent topics.

30-minute Follow-up Support Sessions are available to Existing Clients Only. They are priced at 196 USD. These Basic psychic sessions are a meaningful form of ongoing self-care. You will gain illuminating insights and ongoing invested support for your long-term progressive wellness. Thirty-minute follow-up sessions help you make empowered choices and are wonderful for addressing 1 to 3, possibly 4 questions in detail depending on the complexity of your concerns. From your support session, you will also receive personal insights and actionable guidance tailored to meet your needs. Due to time constraints, support sessions are not for medical intuition. Support sessions cover love & interpersonal relationships, career, and any other spiritual or practical issue you need real help with.

All cancellations are also subject to admin fees to cover the non-refundable client acquisition costs we pay when accepting your appointment. For additional details about cancelations please visit our terms and conditions page by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

How we set prices & manage our low-cost premium psychic services 

Jack is an internationally recognized extrasensory expert who could command high premium prices for his appointments. Nevertheless, we do our very best to keep prices as low as possible because we want people who need help to be able to afford the assistance they need when they need it.

Unfortunately, due to the post-COVID economy, we too have been impacted by the cost of living increases and increased fees by the many vendors and contractors we rely on as a business. However, we are still less expensive than other service providers even though Jack does command high premium prices. 

For example: As of 2024 a local practitioner is charging $375 for 50 minutes and $325 for a 30-minute. By comparison our new client sessions are more than two hours log and our returning client sessions are one-hour for $269 and 30 minutes for $196 and Mr. Rourke routinely goes longer depending on the client’s needs.

Emergency Off-hour & Emergency Last-minute Same-day Appointments

More affluent clients who demand off-hour access to Mr. Rourke help us keep our business more affordable to everyday clients who schedule during normal business hours.

Emergency off-hour appointments are those set after 5:00 PM and before 9:00 AM Monday thru Friday and anytime on weekends. Off-hour appointments are only available to established clients who have an ongoing relationship with Mr. Rourke and are subject to availability.

When booking an emergency weekend and off-hour sessions it is important to remember every appointment requires preparation. This means there are periods of time before and after an emergency session that must be accounted for. Also, when you schedule an emergency appointment you must remember we are working extra hard to accommodate your needs – sometimes after very long days or during much-needed downtime. Therefore, prices for last-minute and emergency off-hour sessions vary. Emergency, weekend, and off-hour sessions are priced higher than normal.  Off-hour fees depend on when your request is made, the time your appointment is executed, and how the appointment impacts the existing personal and professional schedule.

Emergency last-minute same-day rates during normal business hours can range from $300 – $750. The exact price depends upon the time of day and the impact on the existing schedule.  

Emergency off-hour & after-hour services are priced from $1050 before 7:00 PM. Appointment prices go up to $1250 USD on weekdays between 7:01 PM PST and 10:00 PM PST.

Weekend appointments are also scaled. Prices range from $1,050 USD up to $1,500 USD on weekends depending on the time of day and the changes to the existing schedule necessary for accommodating you.  For example, a last-minute session at 9:00 PM on Saturday evening might be $1350.00 whereas a 9:00 AM appointment on Saturday or Sunday could be $1050.00 depending on the existing schedule.  

* There are absolutely no cancelations, refunds, or changes to specially arranged same-day,  last-minute, or emergency appointments. *

* We typically do not offer emergency appointments to new clients. There is an onboarding process for new clients where Jack walks each new client through his process and explains exactly how he works. This takes extra time that is not available during emergency sessions. Also, we have learned that sometimes people ask for an emergency session because they do not want to wait the typical 3 -10 days it takes to get an appointment. We have found that new people who are in such a hurry are often not experiencing an actual emergency. Furthermore, their impatience prevents them from reading our website and appreciating the service we provide and the manner we provide it. These individuals often expect a psychic reading as they have had in the past or how they see them on TV. These people are then made very uncomfortable by the focused skillful methods of our process. For these reasons, emergency sessions are offered only to existing clients familiar with our methods and already benefitting from our service.

"I cannot rave enough about how outstanding my session with Jack was. After only a few minutes he provided evidential information and I felt like I knew him for years…His intuitive abilities identified the root cause of the recurring relationship issue I was having. And, he provided a clear roadmap for positive change and success. I left the session feeling motivated and energized. Truly a gifted psychic. Absolutely the best!…"
Jennifer H.
Los Angeles, CA

A psychic session with Jack is your best choice

Our psychic sessions are formatted to deliver personally empowering transformative results using Jack’s client-focused™ method.  The client-focused™ is a structured yet free-flowing process that systemically meets your needs. This is the exact same extrasensory process Jack has used successfully when working with medical doctors, law enforcement professionals, professional athletes, and many high-profile clients whose lives demand results.

As a recognized psychic expert Jack no longer offers psychic readings as a form of metaphysical entertainment. Nor does he showcase his talent as a way to explore mystical beliefs or inspire magical feelings of “connection” that offer you no long-term value. Instead, we encourage clients to enter into their appointments similarly to how one would engage with any mainstream professional whose job is to help them with their unique and personal questions and concerns. 

You will find Jack welcoming, extremely candid, and truly accepting of who you are. Every day for the last 25 years Jack has worked with all different kinds of people from all over the world. Jack can help you too!

How are psychic appointments formatted?

Every psychic reading Jack performs is unique and is entered into with absolute love, respect, and commitment to your well-being.

1. Your psychic session starts with a thirty-minute meditation in service to you, before calling you.

2. We believe in transparency and serving your best interests. For new clients, your telephone appointment will begin with a detailed explanation of Jack’s extrasensory process. Please plan to spend extra time with Jack on your first appointment. Depending on your needs, an extra 30-50 minutes is commonly spent with new clients introducing you to Jack’s methods. 

3. Next, following your onboarding instructions, Jack will create an intuitive outline he will use to execute psychic service in support of, and in accordance with, your individual needs. Each session always begins this way as a collaborative process where Jack works with you outlining your questions and concerns to target your exact needs – rather than perform for you like an entertainer.

4. Jack will then briefly inform you of what you may feel during your session as a result of him entering into service on your behalf. Finally, Jack will communicate with the invisible.

During your session, Jack will immerse himself in the felt experience of your being and then target your concerns, the people, or the circumstances you want insight on.

* While in an altered state, Jack will access your past, present, and future sensory experiences. He will seem completely ordinary but will allow all these impressions to take effect in his body, across his emotions, and within his mind and spiritual faculties*.

Please understand, that all your relationships and sensory experiences, past, present, and future, no matter how personal, are potentially accessible to Jack’s highly evolved psychic senses. You must recognize that by engaging our psychic services you are granting permission into your psychic atmosphere.

* In the case of medical intuitive sessions, Jack will inventory highly personal information related to your biological functioning, or the anatomical state of your loved one. This is a slow and methodical organ-by-organ system-by-system process that can take 45 minutes to an hour alone. A full medical intuitive scan is not possible when combined with a handful of other questions. If there is a medical issue and you have other questions Jack will target a single specific medical issue instead. Verbalizing psychic observations of your body is required for medical intuitive sessions. This process is slow and time-consuming. If a slow detailed accounting of your past and present health experience is distressing to you, do not ask for a medical intuitive reading. *

Who is Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke?

Jack Rourke is the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic & one of the most prominent professional psychics in North America. His expert commentary is featured in the books Kids Who See Ghosts, What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening, and he co-authored a 2007 Psi Survey with the American Institute of Parapsychology. CBS Broadcasting featured Jack as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV show The Mentalist. Jack was the go-to guy when CNN needed a spiritual perspective on the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson. And, FOX Television hired Jack to psychically profile the Casey Anthony murder mystery. You may have also seen Jack on The History & Travel Channels, the BBC, SyFy, ABC, NBC, and many more reputable media outlets. Jack maintains a daily private practice serving discerning individuals worldwide. His clients include members of the U.S. Military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities – political officials, professional athletes, and many recognizable faces. `

For more information about our psychic readings, you can learn exactly how our psychic sessions are conducted by visiting our psychic readings page.