Thank you for visiting our psychic readings appointment page. Below you will find details outlining our methods and the kinds of psychic readings Jack provides. You will also learn about our prices. And, you will discover exactly how Jack conducts his methodically detailed and accurate Client-focused™ psychic sessions.

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke provides Client-Fcosed™ psychic service that is one on one and by phone only. Our office hours are as follows:  Administrative assistance is available from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. Psychic appointments are provided Monday – Friday 10:30 am – 4:00 PM PDT.  

Fees: All appointments are prepaid at the time of scheduling. Sessions are offered to new clients in 60, 90, and 120-minute increments. Prices are 269, 395, and 500 USD respectively. Follow-up support sessions and ongoing monthly rates are available to existing clients. We accept Visa, MC & AMEX via PayPal, Square, and Venmo. You do not need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal. Paypal encrypts & securely processes credit cards & Venmo like any other financial system. For a detailed description of how we determine our prices, please visit our prices page.

" This man is beyond gifted! He is accurate to a point that even someone like myself who has been doing readings my entire life is impressed. He really is just out of this world. Honest, caring, to the point, and the real deal. You will get more than your money’s worth with Jack. "
Amanda B.

How do I schedule my psychic appointment? 

All clients are required to self-schedule from our “Book Now” page. From there you can select and confirm an appointment of your choice. Upon scheduling, you will immediately receive a confirmation email containing important details about your session. Jack will ring you promptly at your appointed time.

Existing clients may request  Emergency, Off-hour & Same-day Sessions. However, since these appointments interrupt the existing schedule they are subject to availability and special pricing. It is important to remember every appointment requires preparation. When you schedule an emergency appointment we must take into consideration how your request impacts the existing schedule and the time it will take to prepare for your care. Remember, every session begins with a meditation on you prior to the on-phone portion of your appointment.

Special Pricing: Fees for all special arrangements depend on when your request is made, the time your appointment is executed, and how the appointment impacts the existing schedule. Same-day session fees are usually the normal advertised price. Unless accommodating you requires reorganizing our schedule or scheduling unreasonably impacts work-flow, or another client, leading to a loss of revenue.  Emergency weekend & off-hour rates range from $300 for 30 minutes and 500 USD to $1,200.00 per hour depending on the time of day. For example, 9:00 PM PST on Sunday evening equals $1200.00 USD. emergency appointments are available to existing clients only.

How Jack’s Psychic Readings are different

Jack’s Client-focused™ method is a combination of analytical remote sensing and spiritually embodied extrasensory discernment employed in a free-flowing, yet structured extrasensory process formatted to accurately address your needs in a factually detailed solution-oriented fashion. 

Our psychic readings are not a form of metaphysical entertainment.  They are always one on one only and specifically formatted and intended to help you with your unique questions and concerns. Our readings are for aiding in decision making. Reducing confusion by providing clarity and soothing heartache by providing compassionate actionable insight. To these ends, we require that clients enter into their appointments similarly to how they would engage any mainstream professional whose job is helping them. This means clients are expected to be transparent about why they made an appointment and the help they are seeking. It also means clients are required to defer to Jack’s expertise and allow him to work his process for you. Do this, and you will discover Jack is a compassionate, generous, and exceptionally skilled psychic professional who deeply cares about helping you live your best self. 

Jack will modify his helping approach to be more collaborative if he determines this is the best way to assist you to see or feel yourself or your situation differently. So, although Jack will likely dominate the conversation while in service, please understand we do not provide presentation style readings, akin to a metaphysical performance where the psychic only speaks and the client only listens. Instead, Jack might include you in his systematic addressing of your questions and concerns if he determines this is the best way to help you while employing his fact-driven, soul-centered, client-focused™ method.

Jack’s specialty is outlining and discerning truths related to real-world issues. Problems that really matter to you. Accurate insight is offered on love, career, health, and all manner of personal concerns using his client-focused™ protocol. Will Jack discuss topics and say things he cannot possibly know? Yes. This happens all the time. But, surprising you, or creating a “magical spiritual” feeling through demonstrating extrasensory perception in accordance with your definition of psychic or spirituality, or how you want or need him to perform is not the purpose of our service.  In addition, please remember, predictions are a metric for how your energy is aligned at the time of your psychic reading. Your circumstances will change based on your decisions, emotional disposition, habits, perception, and or lack of value-adding action.

Please note: Jack’s sole focus is helping you using ESP. He does not deviate from his client-focused™. The client-focused™ method Jack uses with you is the exact extrasensory protocol Jack’s employed when successfully collaborating with medical doctors, making accurate global predictions for NBC, FOX, and the Associated Press®, clairvoyantly profiling criminals & missing persons for law enforcement, and provide actionable healing insight to more than ten thousand grateful clients since 1996. You are in excellent hands. Read our customer feedback and review Jack’s professional bio. Discover why Jack is a truly unique psychic professional.

Our psychic sessions are not for everyone. Since there is a high demand for Jack’s time, and there are limited personal appointments offered each week, we only accept clients with whom we feel we can make the most spiritually powerful impact. We do not accept appointments with potential clients who are simply curious about psychic phenomena. Nor do we schedule with those who want Jack to work how they think is best. We also turn away tourists and people who are seeking a mystical experience of their personal belief system. Above all, and as a matter of good conscience, we will refuse or refund appointments when we feel we cannot truly help or satisfy your needs.

"My psychic session with Jack last night was one of the best readings I have ever had in my LIFE! His insight and honesty were absolutely PROFOUND! Today I feel as if a Big Load has been lifted from my shoulders and that I can truly begin living."
Robin H.
Portland, OR

What kind of Psychic Readings does Jack offer?

Psychic Service is provided in 60-minute standard and comprehensive 90 & 120-minute formats.

For New Clients: Your private session will begin with a thorough 20- 30 minute explanation of our service. Therefore, standard sessions can be 90 minutes or longer. Please plan accordingly.  Next, Jack will walk you through refining your questions to ensure your needs are fully understood and subsequently satisfied. During this portion of your session, Jack will create an intuitive outline using your questions and concerns. He uses the intuitive diagram as a platform to psychically direct his attention into subjects, into people, and into circumstances – to pull back extrasensory information you want to know, need to know, or you should know. While in session subjects you did not plan to discuss can pop up. Your appointment will ebb and flow depending on what information comes forward during your reading. You may indeed ask follow-up questions.  But Jack will always return to your primary questions because he is committed to providing the insight you need to address your concerns so you can make effective decisions moving forward.

Standard psychic sessions are 60 minutes and priced at 269 USD. The standard psychic session offers transformative in-depth guidance on your most important concerns. These highly informative and methodical appointments are required for medical intuitive readings and offering on-going support for achieving your personal goals and neutralizing any concern. Standard sessions are ideal for relieving heartache and addressing career challenges. No matter your need, the standard session spiritually offers the purpose and clarity required for you to overcome feeling stuck and live your best self.

Comprehensive psychic sessions are 90 minutes and priced at 395 USD. These appointments are for a complete inventory of the causes and conditions underlying the patterns in your life. During this appointment, you can explore your circumstances as deeply as you like while acquiring spiritual guidance on real issues that really matter to you. Whether you’re seeking insight into a romantic entanglement, medical intuition, career, or finding your life’s purpose, a comprehensive psychic session with Jack is a thorough and transformative investment in your well-being.

Comprehensive Plus sessions are two hours and are priced at 500 USD. Comprehensive Plus is for exploring multiple in-depth concerns. This appointment serves the same needs and includes all the benefits of the comprehensive session with the added value of a more nuanced approach for understanding and spiritually resolving your personal challenges across a variety of independent topics.

30 minute Follow up Support Sessions are available to Existing Clients Only. They are priced at 175 USD. These Basic psychic sessions are a meaningful form of ongoing self-care. You will gain illuminating insights and on going invested support of your long term progressive wellness. Thirty-minute follow up sessions help you make empowered choices and are wonderful for addressing 1 to 3, possibly 4 questions in-detail depending on the complexity of your concerns. From your support session, you will also receive personal insights and actionable guidance tailored to meet your needs. Due to time constraints, support sessions are not for medical intuition. Support sessions cover love & interpersonal relationships, career, and any other spiritual or practical issue you need real help with.

"Hi Jack…..just wanted to share something with you…… a year ago you said I would meet someone and I would look back on life and wonder WTF was I thinking!?!”…..Well, my engagement photos are proof of your ‘insight’……the entire past year was exactly how you predicted it would be… bada-bing, bada-boom! …THANK YOU!!!!"
Kim K.
San Diego, CA

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How your psychic reading session with Jack will work

Our psychic sessions are formatted to deliver personally empowering transformative results using Jack’s client-focused™ method.  The client-focused™ is a structured yet free-flowing process that systemically meets your needs. This is the exact same extrasensory process Jack has used successfully when working with medical doctors, law enforcement professionals, professional athletes, and many high profile clients whose lives demand results.

Below is a step by step how a Psychic Session with jack is formatted

Every psychic reading Jack performs is unique and is entered into with absolute love, respect, and commitment to your well-being.

1. Your psychic session starts with a thirty-minute meditation in service to you, prior to Mr. Rourke calling you.

2. For new clients, your telephone appointment begins with a detailed explanation of Jack’s extrasensory process. Please plan to spend extra time with Jack during your first appointment. Depending on your needs, extra time could be up to 20 – 25 minutes of overtime

3. Next, following your onboarding instructions, Jack will create an intuitive outline he will use to execute psychic service in support of, and in accordance with, your individual needs. Each session always begins this way as a collaborative process where Jack works with you outlining your questions and concerns to target your exact needs – rather than perform for you like an entertainer.

4. Jack will then briefly inform you of what you may feel during your session as a result of him entering into service on your behalf. Finally, Jack will communicate with the invisible.

During your session, Jack will immerse himself in the felt experience of your being and then target your concerns, the people, or the circumstances you want insight on.

* While in an altered state, Jack will access your past, present, and future sensory experiences. He will seem completely ordinary but will allow all these impressions to take effect in his body, across his emotions, and within his mind and spiritual faculties*.

Please understand, all your relationships and sensory experiences, past, present, future, no matter how personal, are potentially accessible to Jack’s highly evolved psychic senses. It is imperative you recognize that by engaging our psychic services you are granting permission into your personal psychic atmosphere.

* In the case of medical intuitive sessions, Jack will inventory highly personal information related to your biological functioning, or the anatomical state of your loved one. This is a slow and methodical organ by organ, system by system, process that can take 45 minutes to an hour alone. A full medical intuitive scan is not possible when combined with a handful of other questions. If there is a medical issue and you have other questions jack will target a single specific medical issue instead. Verbalizing psychic observations of your body is required for medical intuitive sessions. This process is slow and time-consuming. If slow detailed accounting of your past and present health experience is distressing to you, do not ask for a medical intuitive reading. *

How does a Psychic Reading by phone with Jack Work?

As a professional psychic los angeles and spiritual counselor committed to serving your higher purpose, rather than talking at you in an impersonal presentational fashion akin to a performance, every session with Jack begins with him working with you – before he accesses extrasensory consciousness for you.

Your psychic reading with Jack starts even before he picks up the phone and speaks with you. During his pre-appointment meditation, Jack prepares for his time with you by psychically immersing himself in the felt experience of your being. When your actual phone time with Jack begins he will first explain his unique psychic process. Next, Jack will help you clarify the reasons for your psychic reading so that he can target the most meaningful and helpful information for you. This portion of his process involves creating an intuitive outline using your questions and concerns. Jack uses this intuitive diagram as a platform to help direct his attention into subjects, into people, and into circumstances – to pull back extrasensory information you want to know, need to know, or you should know.

While in session subjects you did not plan to discuss can pop up. Your appointment will ebb and flow depending on what information flows forward during your reading. You may indeed ask follow-up questions.  But Jack will always return to your primary questions and concerns because he is committed to providing the insight you need to address your unique questions and concerns so you can effectively make decisions moving forward.

Telephone appointments are exactly the same as in-person psychic readings. In fact, in many ways, we believe they are superior. 

We do not offer any service via video conferencing. A session with Jack is not a metaphysical performance.  While Jack is working he sits in a dark room wearing an earplug and a headset. He works this way to induce as much of a sensory deprived state as possible. This allows him to focus solely on his internal process. The light, sound, and movement from video conferencing can be an overstimulating distraction that inhibits deeper psi functioning. For this reason, Jack never video chats. 

The advantage phone sessions offer to clients is that they allow you to remain anonymous and comfortable in your personal space. Our many long-term clients actually prefer the convenience, privacy and secure intimacy telephone sessions provide. This is particularly true for our high-profile clients.

"Six months ago I had a reading with Jack. He told me in three months I was going to get a promotion and start commuting out of state before finally selling my house and moving. I thought no way that’s happening. Well, I’ve been commuting to Oregon for the last few months and now my house is for sale. So many things Jack said have all come true. He’s brilliant. I’m so glad I’ve found him. Thank you."
Gloria T.
San Diego, CA

Psychic Readings with Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke Inspire Real Results
Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke

Renowned Psychics Lisa Williams & Jack Rourke – FOX TV

A psychic reading by phone with Los Angeles psychic Jack Rourke is not full of mystical language or dependent upon you adopting any metaphysical belief system.

The most common questions Jack deals with during his psychic readings are related to love and relationship problems followed by career, medical concerns, and financial worries. Over the years, however, Jack has effectively performed psychic readings on a wide variety of topics ranging from insights into dire illnesses, how to cure a child’s bedwetting, to issues related to national security.

Foresight gained from psychic sessions can be very helpful on nearly any topic. Jack is here to help you. There is no personal issue important to you that Jack will retreat from. The only exceptions are requests for psychic readings on ghosts and similar aspects of the paranormal and providing messages from ‘spirit’. These are subjects Jack does not involve himself in.

"My father is sick with a brain tumor. It’s hard to get him to tell us what he feels or if anything is bothering him. In my 2 readings with Jack, I have been told what to watch out for & it’s all come true. For example, Jack warned me he saw a blood clot in my dad – two weeks later the doctors found it! I feel a lot better after speaking to Jack because I know that he is telling me what to expect not what I want to hear & it gives me some peace of mind."
Rosalyn, J
Long Beach, CA

"Jack read for me and two of my three adult daughters months apart without knowing we were related. He was amazing – correctly describing neurological issues my husband and eldest daughter are struggling with. Jack was empathetic thorough and right on the money."
Alexandria, T

About Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke’s Client base

As a leading professional psychic performing psychic readings in Los Angeles, Jack serves people from all walks of life. He makes you feel like you’re talking with a trusted personal friend. No matter who you are, or what your need is, you will find when sharing a confidential concern with Jack that he accepts you for exactly who you are, wherever you are in life. Whether your questions have to do with the sale of a home, a business decision, or a painful relationship, Jack demonstrates why he’s considered one of the best psychics in America the way he cuts through confusion inspiring within you a new level of awareness.

Jack’s everyday clients are ordinary moms, dads, grandparents, students, and working singles. However, a great many noteworthy professionals have also benefited from Jack’s psychic readings by phone. These individuals include heads of state, clergy, members of the law enforcement and intelligence communities, engineers, social workers, medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, defense contractors, members of the U.S. Armed Forces, known artists, actors and authors, and officials with the U.S. State Department to name only a few.

"When I first contacted Jack I was going through a rough patch. But Jack gave me the courage to go after what I really wanted. Things have worked out far better than I could have imagined. I got the exact Job he said I would. My new boyfriend is amazing, as Jack predicted. And I just feel like a brand new person! My reading was so inspiring and everything Jack predicted has actually happened."
Tina R.
Pittsburgh, PA

Our psychic service supports your goals & spiritual transformation

As you might imagine Jack is asked to assist with concerns an ordinary professional might never be asked to help with. So we like to remind clients there are limits to the service we offer.

Jack’s only focus is on helping you live your best self.  First and foremost, our psychic sessions are formatted to be a personal process of self-discovery and spiritual healing. As such, our psychic readings are conducted for the sole purpose of providing actionable insight, helping you spiritually identify potentialities and work with any underlying challenges you may be facing. We do not provide presentational readings where you simply witness ESP. For example, like when psychics give impressions that provide a mystical experience or some kind of paranormal encounter while you remain quiet.

Although Jack began his career as an acclaimed spirit medium he no longer provides medium services. This means under most circumstances he will not deliver messages about, or from, discarnate people, ghosts, dead pets or ubiquitous “spirit”.

"I just wanted to say thank you. I feel…I don’t know…lighter…calmer. I did give myself a few minutes to cry my eyes out after we got off the phone. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Lisa M.
San Jose, CA

How to get a good psychic session

We require that you enter into your psychic reading similarly to how you might avail of any professional whose job is helping you. Know that we are here to help you and are committed to your well-being. Please let go of all expectations. It is not Jack’s responsibility to tell you what you like or what you want to hear. What you can trust is that he will tell you exactly what appears for you so that you can make informed and empowered decisions.

During your session, we ask that you yield to Jack’s expertise and allow him to work his unique process for you. He has developed and refined his client-focused™ process over 20 plus years working successfully with the public. He does not deviate from his methodology because it works. We invite you to read our client feedback.

If you’re a visitor to California and you want to book a psychic reading as part of your LA experience please know ours is also not that kind of service.  Jack no longer offers a performance styled metaphysical encounters that showcase ESP as real. If you genuinely need assistance please be reassured our clients are located all over the world. We are here for you even when you are at home abroad.

For a complete listing of our policies and cancellation procedures please visit our terms of service page.

"Everything you told me in our reading more than a year ago has come true with regard to my job. I was recruited after my first year to work in a dream-come-true clandestine assignment just like you said. I do think of you from time to time and how powerful your readings were."
Name Withheld

Why Jack’s psychic readings are so effective

Psychic Los Angeles – Psychic readings with Jack Rourke are helpful because they’re fact-driven and designed to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

During your psychic reading, you will feel like you’re talking to an old friend. Jack’s warm yet direct rational style naturally makes you feel at ease. Moreover, as a psychic and intuitive coach, you’ll find his spiritual wisdom and extrasensory ability enables him to clearly illuminate even your most complex concerns.

Jack delivers highly accurate psychic readings but this isn’t why he is one of the top psychics in Los Angeles. The reason for Jack’s success is simple. With him, ESP is neither weird nor especially mystical. Instead, a psychic reading with Jack is a real way of gaining accurate predictions and acquiring the healing insight you need for making empowered choices and resolving personal challenges.

Whether you’re looking for casual insight or support dealing with a painful matter of the heart, Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke is for you. If you’re looking for a psychic near me, you have many choices for a psychic reading in Los Angeles, CA.  Consider what kind of psychic session you need. Do you need a love psychic? Perhaps you’re looking for a medical intuitive reading or spiritual guidance? Maybe you need a psychic reading to get you personally unstuck? If you’re searching for a psychic resource please look around our website. Learn why Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke is truly a gifted seer with an understanding of the human condition who’s passionate about assisting you to live your best self.”  Then send us an email and tell us how Jack can help you too. We look forward to serving you!

*Our psychic service is not for everybody. We do not offer a conventional psychic experience. We are a spiritual counseling service whose sole focus is helping clients with their personal and interpersonal concerns. If anxiety or inattention compels you to interrupt or talk incessantly without assimilating information, please inform Mr. Rourke at the beginning of your appointment. To benefit from your session you must allow extrasensory perception to occur naturally within the structured format we provide. Interruptions can otherwise indicate that our service may not be suitable for your needs. You should only schedule a psychic appointment with a psychic who works how you want and for the purposes you need. This is the only way to ensure your happiness. We explain our psychic process thoroughly to ensure all clients have the information they need to determine whether our service, in the manner we provide it, is right for them. Mr. Rourke will not deviate from his client-focused™ methods or conform to your expectations.*