Psychic Reading in Los Angeles by Jack Rourke 

Extrasensory perception as Mr. Rourke wields is a powerful spiritual tool for personal transformation, spiritual development, and achievement.

Jack Rourke has conducted more than twenty thousand psychic readings over his career in various ways for all different people from all over the globe.  But the reason his appointments are so uniquely helpful is despite being a devout spiritual practitioner and former lab-studied psychic, Jack tailors his psychic sessions to skillfully meet your real-world needs.

Day-to-day, Jack’s methodical client-focused™ psychic appointments are arranged as love and relationships psychic readings transformative spiritual mentoring, and career psychic readings. But, Jack will assist you with any personal or interpersonal concern that is truly important to you

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This website also contains TV footage of Mr. Rourke being interviewed alongside FBI colleagues and video testimonials from clients whose lives have been saved by his anatomically precise medical intuitive readings. Day-to-day, Jack’s methodical client-focused™ psychic appointments are arranged as love and relationships psychic readings transformative spiritual mentoring, and career psychic readings. But, Jack will assist you with any personal or interpersonal concern that is truly important to you

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What kind of Psychic Readings does Jack provide?

Jack Rourke’s client-focused method™ is a sophisticated form of remote extrasensory perception that is best described as interoceptive clairsentience and objective clairvoyance that is directed into the client’s aura and enhanced by secondary forms of remote sensing such as clairaudience.

Private sessions are typically focused on love and relationships psychic readings, medical intuition psychic readings, spiritual mentoring, and career psychic readings. However, Jack will help you with any serious personal or interpersonal issue that is truly important to you. 

"Hi Jack…..just wanted to share something with you…… a year ago you said I would meet someone and I would look back on life and wonder WTF was I thinking!?!”…..Well, my engagement photos are proof of your ‘insight’……the entire past year was exactly how you predicted it would be… bada-bing, bada-boom! …THANK YOU!!!!"
Kim K.
San Diego, CA

What purpose do Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings serve?

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic appointments are one-on-one by phone only and skillfully formatted to meet your precise needs for the sole purpose of helping you address and resolve your most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns.

Focus is on ending confusion, relieving heartache, and helping you achieve so you can live your best self. As such, our free-flowing yet methodical client-focused™ psychic appointments are only for those seeking real-world growth, actionable yet practical healing insights, powerful creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information & foresight needed for optimizing mindset, aligning spiritually, and making empowered personal decisions. 

" This man is beyond gifted! He is accurate to a point that even someone like myself who has been doing readings my entire life is impressed. He really is just out of this world. Honest, caring, to the point, and the real deal. You will get more than your money’s worth with Jack. "
Amanda B.

Overview of Jack’s client-focused™ psychic method 

Every psychic appointment Mr. Rourke conducts is skillfully formatted and professionally executed for the sole purpose of helping you achieve and live your best self. 

Below is an outline of Jack’s step-by-step client-focused psychic process. You can see every appointment is systematically structured to support and provide for your achievement using extrasensory perception. We believe One should only schedule with a psychic who works how they want and for the purpose they need so we strive for total transparency.

    1. The introduction – during the introduction the client learns the reasoning for our methods and how to personally benefit from them. Jack also explains, how he sees, communicates, and uses psychic information per our psychic methods.
    2. The Diagram – Jack will ask, how can he help you? This is when clients share why they made their appointment and the help they are seeking. Jack may share his understanding of your circumstances with you and illuminate the context of your predicament and any helpful insights concerning how he will address your concerns. Then, using a legal pad, Jack will map out your questions and concerns to very clearly identify exactly what your needs are. If necessary he will reformat your questions to make them conducive for activating an extrasensory flow state. During this portion of your appointment, Mr. Rourke will clarify your needs, empathize with you, and create additional questions on your behalf that he feels are most helpful for targeting the information you need. While doing all this he creates asymmetrical patterns on-page to override linear thinking, trigger right-brain extrasensory flow, and attune to the invisible.
    3. The Flow – There is an intelligence that works through Jack and guides him. Once in the altered state, Jack will address your concerns often ebbing and flowing between topics exposing a central theme holding you back. This is not trance-channeling. Jack is focused, funny, and very precise. Although he will dominate your conversation, you may ask additional questions. Jack will answer them. But your session will always return to your primary concerns because our commitment to you is to give you the information you need to help you align spiritually and make empowered decisions moving forward. When asking questions mid-session we ask that you please be mindful. At times Jack may be very still and quiet, seemingly doing nothing. Or, he might appear to be mumbling to you or perhaps to himself. This is his process. When quiet he is listening and observing extrasensory details. When engaging in some kind of unusual dialogue, he is communicating with the invisible on your behalf in response to your needs. 
    4. The Resolution – Nearing the end of the session Jack will begin an overview of all the shared insight, direction, and facts learned during your session. It is also the time for clarification and perhaps a final question before saying goodbye.

*Read a detailed explanation of Mr. Rourke’s client-focused methods here

What kind of psychic readings does Jack not provide?

For thirty years Jack has used real extrasensory perception to help clients with real real-world problems. He does not provide conventional psychic readings that are formatted to provide mystical experiences to prove ESP or any spiritual beliefs are real.

The reason Mr. Rourtke’s psychic appointments are unique is his appointments are formatted to help you. Conventional psychic readings are not designed to help you. Most psychic readings are formatted as psychic training exercises where the psychic tells you whatever they see and then you confirm or deny it. This presentational style of psychic perception is how young psychics are taught to trust themselves. Presentational style readings help the psychic they are not designed to help anyone else. A psychic professional has evolved beyond demonstrating training exercises.

In any profession, there is a big difference between showing a skill and using that skill in a manner that helps or serves others. The hard truth is, even when a psychic is accurate, it does not mean they have developed the skill set required to use extrasensory to help others.

As a seasoned professional Jack is a mature extrasensory expert who has evolved beyond demonstrating training methods. Appointments are not for creating an experience or confirming his identity. He is an established professional. Therefore, his sole focus during your appointment is applying extrasensory perception in meaningful service to you by helping you address and resolve your needs.

Jack is a credentialed clergy with a devout personal spiritual practice, the proprietary psychic method Jack employs for his clients is the exact method he uses to serve medical and law enforcement professionals. People who, like you, require real results.

Mr. Rourke is not a spiritualist medium. Jack serves you the client, not the invisible, not the beyond, and not the future. The absolute sole focus of our psychic service is to help you navigate uncertainty, achieve, and live your best self.

Mr. Rourke does not channel messages from dead people or pets. He does not commune with ghosts, or deliver messages from ubiquitous “spirit” or invisible guides. Jack is not an astrologer, numerologist, or tarot reader. He does not provide general psychic readings akin to a form of metaphysical entertainment.

General psychic readings are mostly harmless unless you sit with an exceptionally attuned individual. A general psychic reading is when you remain quiet while the psychic just tells you what he or she sees.

During the first 15 years of his career, would not permit his clients to talk. He did not even permit knowing his clients’ names when he was very young. Yet, the information Jack could provide to and about his clients was so specific and personal as to be distressing.

Jack no longer tells people whatever he sees. Each session is now free-flowing yet strictly organized to serve his client’s needs. Clients are required to enter their psychic appointments how they would with any mainstream professional whose job is to confidentially help them. This means indicating why your appointment was made, the help one is seeking, and then deferring to Mr. Rourke’s methods and expertise. You are in excellent hands!


"My psychic session with Jack last night was one of the best readings I have ever had in my LIFE! His insight and honesty were absolutely PROFOUND! Today I feel as if a Big Load has been lifted from my shoulders and that I can truly begin living."
Robin H.
Portland, OR

How do I schedule my psychic appointment? 

All clients are required to self-schedule from our “Book Now” page. 

How to benefit your psychic session

To benefit from your psychic appointment you must follow our guidance and allow extrasensory perception to occur naturally within the structured format Mr. Rourke employs. He will not conform to your expectations. Nor will he deviate from his stated methods or purpose of his service. 

Clients are required to be in a calm quiet place conducive to a private conversation at their appointment time. Have headsets. We do not permit speaker phones. You may not be driving or walking down the street. Do not consume or be under the influence of any intoxicants.

Do not try to create a spiritual atmosphere by sitting on the beach or in a massage chair at the time of your phone call with Mr. Rourke. Your focus should not be on creating a mystical experience for yourself. Simply abide by our processes, be open, be curious, and be candid.

Have your specific questions prepared in advance. Remember, the sole focus of our psychic appointments is helping you with your personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns. People who resist our methods and chase mystical experiences or strive to experience their beliefs will be disappointed. While those with open hearts who relax into our process will experience the extraordinary.

A cautionary note about our psychic services

Psychic Readings Los Angeles is a spiritual counseling service that employs an evidential psychic method for the sole purpose of helping clients with their personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns.

Our psychic sessions are not for everyone. We only accept appointments with whom we feel we can make the most spiritually powerful impact. Those simply curious about psychic phenomena or people seeking a mystical experience of their personal belief system are not our clients. We also do not offer our service as gifts or accept tourists as clients. We are a helping service. As such, we will refuse or refund any appointment if we suspect we cannot truly help you or satisfy your needs.

The medical intuitive appointment is a slow and methodical organ-by-organ, system-by-system process that includes a personal inventory. If a slow detailed accounting of your past and present health experience is distressing to you, do not schedule a medical intuitive reading. The purpose of a medical intuitive session is to facilitate a more meaningful conversation with your doctor – not boost your ego or soothe your worries. 

We do not offer video conferencing via zoom or skype

While Jack is working he sits in a dark room wearing an earplug and a headset. He works this way to induce a sensory-deprived state that allows him to focus solely on his internal process. 

Visit our homepage for more information or to learn details about the limits of our service please consult our FAQ and terms & conditions pages.

"My father is sick with a brain tumor. It’s hard to get him to tell us what he feels or if anything is bothering him. In my 2 readings with Jack, I have been told what to watch out for & it’s all come true. For example, Jack warned me he saw a blood clot in my dad – two weeks later the doctors found it! I feel a lot better after speaking to Jack because I know that he is telling me what to expect not what I want to hear & it gives me some peace of mind."
Rosalyn, J
Long Beach, CA

"Jack read for me and two of my three adult daughters months apart without knowing we were related. He was amazing – correctly describing neurological issues my husband and eldest daughter are struggling with. Jack was empathetic thorough and right on the money."
Alexandria, T

"When I first contacted Jack I was going through a rough patch. But Jack gave me the courage to go after what I really wanted. Things have worked out far better than I could have imagined. I got the exact Job he said I would. My new boyfriend is amazing, as Jack predicted. And I just feel like a brand new person! My reading was so inspiring and everything Jack predicted has actually happened."
Tina R.
Pittsburgh, PA

"I just wanted to say thank you. I feel…I don’t know…lighter…calmer. I did give myself a few minutes to cry my eyes out after we got off the phone. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Lisa M.
San Jose, CA

"Everything you told me in our reading more than a year ago has come true with regard to my job. I was recruited after my first year to work in a dream-come-true clandestine assignment just like you said. I do think of you from time to time and how powerful your readings were."
Name Withheld

"Six months ago I had a reading with Jack. He told me in three months I was going to get a promotion and start commuting out of state before finally selling my house and moving. I thought no way that’s happening. Well, I’ve been commuting to Oregon for the last few months and now my house is for sale. So many things Jack said have all come true. He’s brilliant. I’m so glad I’ve found him. Thank you."
Gloria T.
San Diego, CA

Why Jack’s psychic readings are so effective

“Jack Rourke is truly a gifted seer with an understanding of the human condition who’s passionate about assisting you to live your best self.”  

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