medical intuitive is someone who uses extrasensory perception to discern the state of your physical anatomy. Jack Rourke is a medical intuitive. His medical intuitive skill first presented spontaneously as clairvoyance in resonance with a client afflicted by an exceedingly rare condition. In the two decades since first recognizing his medical intuition, Jack has harnessed this ability through patient experience. Medical intuitive services can be explained classically as a form of meditative absorption where the seer and the object become one. Put simply, your symptoms and sensory experiences register in Jack's body as if they are his own. But as Jack has matured, both in age and as a psychic, the extrasensory nature of his medical intuition has changed. He now views what he describes as a 3D holographic image of the client's anatomy while in service. These visions will often correspond with highly specific verbal instruction from subjective sources running concurrently with felt body sensations under optimal conditions. The results, regardless of distance or affliction always vary but have been largely been astonishing for those who do not understand ESP as logical. A medical intuitive reading is an extrasensory method for gaining greater body awareness. Information gleaned during a medical intuitive session is strictly for creating a dialogue with your medical doctor. Although no psychic, including Jack Rourke, can legally or ethically diagnose or advise any client on any ailment, Jack has repeatedly witnessed how medical intuition can offer clarity and comfort to individuals and their families.
"I have only met one of person in my life who is a true medical intuitive. His name is Jack Rourke. He has been my friend and colleague since early 2007. I’ve seen his incredible medical intuitive reading ability at work. He is truly remarkable for a man as young, normal and grounded as he is."
Dr. Barry E. Taff PhD
Los Angeles, California

Medical intuition can help clients:

  • Optimize emotional well-being during physical change
  • Prepare for end of life care for ill or aging loved ones
  • Identify and neutralize stress inducing beliefs
  • Find peace with one's present moment experience
  • Uncover unforeseen potentialities
  • Experience soothing empathetic resonance
  • Detail anatomical facts

Medical Intuitive Readings for Modern Times

Los Angeles psychic Jack Rourke is a highly gifted medical intuitive. He has assisted hundreds of clients using medical intuition over the past twenty-two years. Jack regularly consults with a wide variety of clients concerning their health concerns. He has collaborated with physicians helping them with their personal medical problems as well as those affecting their children and patients.
"Jack was amazing! He pinpointed an issue that has spread through my body since birth and brought incredible clarity to me. I am very grateful. Now I will cure it! I will always keep him in mind. Thank you a million!"
Chicago, IL
"My father is sick with a brain tumor. It's hard to get him to tell us what he feels or if anything is bothering him. In my 2 readings with Jack I have been told what towatch out for & it's all come true. For example, Jack warned me he saw a blood a blood clot in my dad - two weeks later the doctors found it! I feel a lot better after speaking to Jack, because I know that he is telling me what to expect not what I want to hear & it gives me some peace of mind."
Despite Jack's success and professionalism, however, we cannot offer you any reassurance as to how he might assist you for ethical reasons. When considering a medical intuitive appointment please know the following:
  1. Always consult a physician for all medical concerns.
  2. It is illegal for anyone other than a licensed medical doctor to diagnose or advise you on any medical issue.
  3. Medical intuitive appointments take time. We recommended you book for minimum of one hour.
  4. If you are uncomfortable discussing your condition or symptoms do not book a medical intuitive session.
  5. Ethically and legally we cannot, and will not, infer or offer you any guarantee.

What is medical Intuition? How does it work?

In modern times there are many empathic people with medical training who claim to perform medical intuitive readings. Among such people, however, there is simply no way to determine whether their "psychic" impressions are inspired by their academic training and clinical experience or actual ESP. A genuine medical intuitive such as Jack Rourke can glean specific information about your unique biology without medical training. From a psychic perspective it's as if this skill allows him to literally see you from the inside out as if he is looking at a hologram. During his psychic process Jack will inventory and verbalize his experience of your anatomy. This means he might describe past injuries or ailments. He may discern a present concern or possibly those you may encounter in the future.

Words of Caution about Medical Intuition

If you're unwell always seek professional medical assistance from a qualified doctor. Trust your doctor's expertise and get a second opinion from another medically qualified expert rather than a psychic. Jack Rourke is not a qualified doctor. He will not diagnose you. Nor will he advise you on treatment. You should not confuse a medical intuitive reading with homeopathy, faith healing or some form of energy medicine or alternative healing modality. Medical intuition is just a fallible process of gathering information using extrasensory perception. A medical intuitive session is a lengthy methodical process that will likely take longer than expected. Please be advised medical intuitive readings can also be potentially upsetting. This is especially true if you have a preconceived expectation about what you want to hear during your session. It is possible that your medical intuitive session might deliver information about your condition or future health that you will find distressing. It is not Jack’s responsibility to tell you what you want to hear. He can only tell you what he actually sees. He will work with that information and communicate it to you as constructively as possible based on his experience. However, if you do not want to risk hearing bad news or are uncomfortable having your ailment detailed repeatedly as it flows into Jack’s awareness, do not schedule a medical intuitive session. Many people find relief through our medical intuitive sessions. But our service is not about providing hope. It is about telling the truth in terms of how the information presents subjectively as ESP during your session. You are then required to validate all extrasensory information with your licensed physician. Decisions about your health care must only be made with your doctor. All medical intuitive sessions are intended to inspire dialogue with your doctor. You alone are responsible for determining whether any information provided during your medical intuitive session is accurate. Accurate information can be sandwiched between misinterpreted or potentially wrong information. Never take any psychic information at face value.  All medical intuitive information must be critically examined and discarded if proven useless. YOU ALONE ARE ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOU USE OR INTERPRET ALL INFORMATION ACQUIRED THROUGH YOUR MEDICAL INTUITIVE SESSION. By scheduling a medical intuitive session you are indemnifying and holding harmless Jack Rourke, Psychic Readings Los Angeles and all our business partners and subcontractors.
"Jack read for me and two of my three adult daughters months apart without knowing we were related. He was amazing - correctly describing neurological issues my husband and eldest daughter are struggling with. Jack was empathetic thorough and right on the money."
"I easily recall the reading that I was privileged to have with Jack Rourke. Before sitting with him, he had come highly recommended and so I was excited that I was going to be seeing him. I worked at the time as a Teacher in a maximum security prison with youthful offenders, and I joked to one of my students, that wouldn’t it be something if this man were able to discern that I was a teacher, and that I “sucked at math.” (In all fairness to me, I wasn’t a math teacher). When I traveled that night to see Jack, he had a very warm, and natural personality. He advised me to not speak, or reveal anything about myself; only to respond with a yes or no, when he asks, “Do you understand this?” He closed his eyes and relaxed, but in no time, had to ask me, “Who’s the teacher? at math?” I’m laughing writing this, because those were my exact words. He then went on to identify highly specific medical issues I possessed, that were in no way generalities, and that were only known to me. He named the precise location of the problems, and concerns, and provided some suggestions. Toward the close of my sitting, Jack went on to sense who was near to me, in spirit. I had hoped that he would tell me that my sister was present. That’s exactly who he stated was coming through, and I was privileged to be able to ask her some questions through him. He described her death, and the sudden nature of it, and how upset she was over having died young. It was an immeasurably memorable experience I had sitting with Mr. Jack Rourke, a most compassionate person, whom I hold in the highest regard as a genuinely gifted Medium and Medical Intuitive."