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Getting a psychic readings can be fun. Common psychic readings inspire magical feelings of awe and wonder. But, when you are seeking real help using extrasensory perception, awe and wonder and the average psychic cannot assist you. Why? Because connecting with or viewing the invisible is a very different ability than the wisdom and skill required to understand and intelligently manage your concerns while using extrasensory perception to genuinely help you. 

The extraordinarily helpful psychic appointments Mr. Rourke provides are a serious yet fun, soul-centered, and solution-oriented spiritual counseling service. One rooted in thirty years of professional experience genuinely helping clients, using a sophisticated client-focused extrasensory method to provide real-world answers and fact-based actionable insight and guidance to discerning clients worldwide.

Jack’s appointments are offered as supportive love and relationship readings, transformative spiritual mentoring, medical intuitive guidance, and career readings. But, Jack will assist you with any real-world personal, interpersonal, or spiritual concern that is truly important to you.

This page will introduce you to Jack’s unique and profoundly helpful spiritual services. Here we will explain the following:

  1. Who Jack Rourke is including the depth of his experience and expertise. 
  2. Who our appointments are for, and who they are not meant for
  3. The purpose of our service, and our philosophy
  4. Our step-by-step client-focused process for caring for you.

Who is Jack Rourke

Jack Rourke is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and extrasensory expert whose absolute passion is helping you achieve, make empowered decisions, and live your best self.

Jack is most known for being a best-selling author on the prestigious Sounds True platform. The man both BuzzFeed and Russian State Media declared the top professional clairvoyant in America.

Day to day, however, Jack is a spiritual mentor who celebrities, Fortune Five hundred CEOs, and amazing people like you, consult with when feeling discouraged, heartbroken, stuck, or uncertain.

Jack is a credentialed clergy and authority on human performance and spiritual transformation. Notably, he is also a documented clairvoyant and scientifically proven medical intuitive who holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity for his demonstrated expertise and professional public service. 

Jack’s extrasensory perception is immersive. It is as if he is in the environment of the information he views. While working with you he will witness the contents of your aura the same way. Objectively, as if the contents of your experience are projected in the air in front of him. You can observe this in how filmmakers over the years have captured Jack staring straight-ahead tracking in formation with his eyes while in service. 

What makes Jack such a uniquely gifted holistic helper is his innovative spiritual understanding and practical ability to use extrasensory perception to help people in real-world ways. He does not rely on 18th-century metaphysics or magical laws as is most common. Instead, Jack’s approach to ESP integrates psychology, neuropsychology, comparative religion, the science of Yoga, and philosophy, into a modern spiritual process for providing actionable facts, and truly illuminating the lives of those he serves and their loved ones.

For Jack spirituality is not something he believes. It is his real lived experience he can communicate in a way that benefits you. Jack has first-hand knowledge of applying spiritual principles successfully for personal development. He has lived through near-death and out-of-body experiences. He is intimately familiar with mediumship as a former spiritualist and has witnessed countless paranormal phenomena throughout his career.

But. What makes Jack truly special is his illumined warmth and humor. His nuanced understanding of pain and confusion, human patterns and perception, romantic challenges, spiritual practice, and perhaps most importantly, how to integrate clairvoyant facts and ancient wisdom into life-changing strategies that permanently heal hearts, foster transformation, and provide a clear path forward.

Dubbed world-renowned in 2009 by America Online Celebrity News, CNN sought a spiritual perspective from Jack upon the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson. 

CBS Television featured Jack as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV Show, The Mentalist. And, Jack was hired by FOX and CW Networks to profile the Casey Anthony, Jon-Benet Ramsey, and Eliza Lam murder mysteries. 

Mr. Rourke has also been featured by the Associated Press, ABC News, NBC, CBS, the CBC, BBC, History and Travel Channels, SyFy Network, Showtime, and countless other reputable media outlets including The New York Post, Authority Magazine, and more.

Jack’s valued clients include Members of the U.S. Congress, billionaire philanthropists, UN diplomats, Royal princesses, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, Ivy League Professors, medical doctors, Monks and Clergy, Professional & Olympic athletes, defense contractors, law enforcement, military and intelligence personnel, NASA visionaries, known self-help authors and gurus, as well as famous life-coaches and countless celebrity faces.

Who our service is for

Jack’s appointments are only for people seeking actionable insight and helpful guidance rather than mystical experiences.

Since our sessions are solely focused on helping clients in real-world ways using intuitive insight and spiritual guidance, we ask clients to enter their telephone appointments how they would with any mainstream practitioner whose job is to confidentially help them. This means having basic questions prepared, being candid about why your appointment was made, indicating the help you are seeking, and deferring to Mr. Rourke’s methods and expertise.

The most common reasons people seek help from Jack is assistance with love and relationships. However, he also consults on career and political issues, family conflicts, and matters related to personal growth, along with providing detailed medical intuitive guidance. But after serving thousands of people from all over the English-speaking world, over thirty years, Jack can and will help you with any personal or interpersonal concern that is important to you when you need deep insight and clarity to make empowered decisions.

Because our extrasensory appointments are not a form of entertainment, they are not for everyone. Entertainment is something you passively witness and then emotionally react to. If one believes life happens to you and you are dependent upon reacting to circumstances, then this mindset makes one a victim of life. Therefore, Jack will never conduct his appointments in a manner that emulates life as something happening to you that you react to akin to entertainment. Instead, his sessions are deliberately structured to enhance your confident engagement with life by empowering your inner knowing so you can decisively take action, achieve, and thrive! 

Mr. Rourke’s long-term success with clients is rooted in the spiritual truth that life is not happening to you but through you for your benefit. His gift is helping you master life flowing through you as your source, and your life, by optimizing your creativity and magnifying the beauty of who you really are. This is genuine spiritual work.

Spiritual work also means that as a helping service, Mr. Rourke will only tell you what he sees within the context of your clearly identified needs while striving toward an established value-adding goal using his step-by-step client-focused methods for your benefit.

Do not worry though. Jack is a masterful seer and expert at what he uniquely does to provide for those he serves.

It is normal for clients to feel stuck or confused and not know what their needs are. It is even more common for clients to misidentify what their needs are. This is why a portion of our appointments are always dedicated to clarifying what your genuine needs and goals are.

For ethical reasons, Jack will never just tell you whatever he sees without a plan or regard for how extrasensory information might impact you. Nor will he perform as a medium that talks to the dead. Our appointments are also not for tourists, the curious, people wanting proof ESP is real, or those chasing mystical experiences such as energy reads or communing with guides, angels, ancestors, or spirit. All these meaningless things are the work of fortune-tellers who even with good intentions lead you farther away from your true power.

People who love and truly benefit from our service are not interested in distracting themselves with mystical sensations or paranormal things as remedies for their real-world concerns.

The purpose of our service

The sole purpose of our service is to illuminate your path. Expose opportunities for you to make new decisions, and then empower you with the exact information you need to make those decisions or navigate changes or relationships in the way you feel is best for you.

So, the purpose of our service is really straightforward and very simple. You. You are the purpose of Jack’s appointments. Your needs. Your wellbeing. Your love and achievement. The only purpose for our spiritual service is to embolden you through systematically addressing and resolving your most important concerns and showing you a powerful way forward so you can live your best self.

This means the purpose of our medical intuitive appointment is to provide information you are to research, validate, and use to ask better questions of your physician so you can collaborate more effectively in your health care.

The purpose of all our other appointments is to provide actionable facts or calming clarity through sharing practical healing insights, powerful creative solutions, and the exact intuitive insight and guidance you need to make empowered decisions. Why?…Because we are a sophisticated extrasensory helping service committed to your personal, professional, and romantic success!

Jack genuinely cares about you and all his clients. Therefore, as an extrasensory helping service, every aspect of Jack’s offering is deliberately organized and executed to protect and provide for you for very specific reasons.

Please understand, that when dealing with uncertainty related to problematic situations we know people often think predictions are a solution. Jack views this as harmful. We know this opinion is uncommon. However, Mr. Rourke operates from perhaps a more illumined perspective than most. Whereas, the common reader who may be spiritually misinformed or ill-trained is happy to capitalize on fears by making predictions.

Mr. Rourke will never provide predictive material unless your needs and their context are clearly established, and together you are working toward a clearly defined value-adding purpose.

Clients commonly think knowing the future is an anecdote to their stress. This is only true for very few rare individuals. In reality, needing to know the future is the function of anxiety, and dependence on the future makes anxiety worse. Every week we field appointments with people suffering from something another reader said to our client months and even decades ago. Words matter. This is why Jack has developed an empowering alternative to conventional predictions called clairvoyant foresight.

Clairvoyant Foresight is a sophisticated psychic method for working with the future that Jack developed while working with police and intelligence services. Foresight observes future events and their context. Using contextual information Jack will help you understand your preferred timeline and your options. He will then assist you to skillfully align with your inner power and then your goals while creating an action strategy with you for achieving. Foresight is extremely useful in dealing with romantic entanglements, medical issues, business decisions, and so much more. 

What is Jack’s client-focused method?

Jack’s client-focused method is a seamless four-step progression toward clarity, fulfillment, and personal power. It is the culmination of decades of spiritual practice and hard-earned experience using targeted extrasensory perception to serve doctors, surgeons, and law enforcement, as well as thousands of individuals worldwide in sometimes life-threatening circumstances.

Jack named his appointments client-focused because unlike other reading services, his attention is solely on serving you, rather than the beyond.

All clairvoyants are not the same. Any novice can tell you what they see akin to a self-aggrandizing mystical performance. But, to truly help someone, either through spiritual mentoring, or providing rock-solid information, something more than charm, exotic beliefs and extrasensory perception is required.

Great skill is necessary for interpreting extrasensory information in a reliable, value-adding way. Tremendous empathy, life experience, compassion, and the capability to skillfully immerse oneself into the aura and share your felt experience while showing you the way forward is also required. This is the spiritual expertise Jack Rourke offers you.

Our client-focused appointment begins with learning how our extrasensory techniques work and how to benefit from them. Step Two is walking through your questions to identify your needs and establish context for them. The third step is deeply fulfilling your needs above and beyond what was expected. Keep in mind, since our appointments are a helping service, your session may include counseling or coaching that is relevant to your needs and goals. Counseling is spiritual guidance for connecting with or understanding your inner power. Coaching is how to implement spiritual guidance into actionable steps for achieving your goals or fulfilling your needs moving forward.

Step four of Jack’s client-focused method is the resolution. This is when Jack will provide a summary of your session including a highlight of any actionable next steps you need to remember. This is also the time for clarification and perhaps a final question before saying goodbye. You may read a detailed summary of our step-by-step client-focused processes by clicking the link in the main menu of our website or the drop-down on our home page.

One thing that is important to mention is this. Your appointment will ebb and flow depending on what comes up during your session. If Jack sees something you need to know he will have no other choice but to tell you. There is an intelligence that works through him and guides him and it prioritizes information in accordance with your wellbeing. You will learn more about this possibility as well as everything else you need to understand to truly benefit from your session during your appointment.

Jack is extremely generous and genuinely cares about each of his clients. Please plan for spending extra time with him especially if you are a new client.

Final thoughts

I hope this information about Jack’s service and expertise has been helpful. Truthfully, what’s shared here only scratches the surface. By no means does this page contain all you need to know about our appointments.

Please read our entire website including all drop-downs and subpages. Visit our FAQ and be sure to check out the other featured videos that clarify our methods, unique philosophies, and specific services. This website even contains TV footage of Mr. Rourke being interviewed alongside FBI colleagues and video testimonials from clients whose lives have been saved by his anatomically precise medical intuitive readings.

Finally, Jack is not a normal clairvoyant. He is so much more. We produced this convenient video because we care that you get the service you need. Do not schedule a session just because of Jack’s accolades or his hundreds of hard-earned five-star reviews. People who have loved and truly benefited from our service understood our methods and wanted the help we provide in the exact way we provide it.

We want you to be happy. Our website contains all the information you need to decide if the service we provide is best for your needs. Jack always says, you should only schedule with a practitioner who works how you want and for the purpose you need. This is the only way to ensure your happiness and fulfillment. Please read our website. Make sure our appointments are right for you.

One last thing. Since Jack is the sole service provider, there are limited appointments each week. We always sell out. So, have a look around. Then, click where it says, book now to self-schedule when you are ready.

Please remember, when you need professional psychic support through an awakened spiritual teacher, we are always here for you.

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