If you’re seeking the best psychic near me, what you are really looking for is a professional who can provide clarity, guidance, and real insight. This means that no matter where you are, who you are really looking for is  Psychic Jack Rourke.

Widely regarded as the best in his field, Jack Rourke offers unparalleled psychic readings by phone that combine intuition, empathy, and years of practical experience helping people using extrasensory perception in real world ways.

Jack’s readings provide a transformative experience that goes beyond mere predictions and the usual psychic fair. His client focused methods are designed to fulfill your real world needs. Whether you’re facing a major life decision or simply seeking peace of mind, Jack Rourke’s readings stand out as the premier choice for anyone searching for the “best psychic readings near me”. 

Top three reasons why Psychic Jack Rourke is the Best Psychic Near Me:

  1. Proven Accuracy: Jack Rourke’s readings are known for their high level of accuracy, providing clients with precise real-word actionable insights that are specific to their needs. 

  2. Extensive Experience: With more than thirty years of client focused experience as professional psychic, Jack has not only honed his psychic abilities to deliver exceptional psychic readings. He has developed innovative techniques for improving the lives of others using extrasensory perception. 

  3. Client Focused Service: Unlike most psychics who dabble in a variety of metaphysical modality to sentimentally inspire magical feelings of connection, Jack Rourke is a recognized expert in the art of extrasensory perception.  He is the only psychic who’s clairvoyance has been validated using functional magnetic resonance.

Searching for a “Psychic Near Me”?  Welcome to Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles

“Jack Rourke is your secret weapon. A spiritual ally helping you live your best self!”

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"Jack Rourke is the most amazing psychic I have ever encountered. But he is more than a psychic. You go to him when you want real answers and a way to change your life. Highly recommended!"
Kathryn M.
Los Angeles, CA

Nowadays, people Google psychic near me when seeking metaphysical assistance. This action is practical but it can prevent you from finding the exact psychic nearby you need. Understanding your needs is important because searching online could result in your finding a psychic who’s better at marketing and branding than caring for your wellbeing. So, this page is dedicated to helping you learn why my opinions may be helpful and then what you should consider before searching for a “psychic near me”.

My name is Jack Rourke. I have been a professional psychic for 30 years. I’m the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic. And, for the last decade and half a good portion of my practice has been helping psychically sensitive people cope with, and understand their extrasensory experiences. Including how heightened sensitivity impacts their lives. In my book, I explain the causes of extrasensory perception, the subjective nature of psychic phenomena and how to distinguish ESP from paranormal perceptions as well as normal psychological and physiological processes.  

Having conducted over ten thousand professional psychic readings and been the subject of research myself, I have made plenty of missteps in my career as well as experiencing truly beautiful moments with clients over many years. Along the way, I am grateful for having earned the respect of academics and achieving recognition for my expertise from mainstream media outlets. More important, though, is the collective trust that has allowed me to make tangible differences in the lives of those I’ve served. 


"Jack’s readings are uncanny! I’ve referred him to many friends who were all amazed. He clearly has a special gift. I just wanted to share that and say thank you."
Jeannie J.
Boston, Massachusetts

What kind of Psychic appointments does Jack offer?

Searching for a psychic near me is helpful when you need assistance in understanding uncertainties or managing spiritual and confusing situations.  A psychic session can help you relieve heartache, gain clarity, overcome feeling stuck, and learn the information you need to live your best self.

Jack offers psychic readings to address love & relationship problems, career & financial stressors, health worries, spiritual issues, and more. During your telephone psychic reading with Jack, no concern of yours is off-limits. This is because Jack’s commitment to you is providingreal ESP for real issues that really matter to you.” For this reason, Jack’s clients include psychotherapists, professional athletes, political figures as well as law enforcement and intelligence professionals.

 A psychic appointment is your retreat from the day-to-day into comfort. It is a place to candidly inquire, regroup and receive discreet transformative guidance in support of your personal best. Jack’s psychic readings are not a metaphysical performance where he talks and you only listen as a way to entertain you or prove ESP is real. For Jack ESP is a fact. He is here to help you. You will gain fact-based actionable extrasensory insights and personally empowering soul solutions for resolving your real-world questions and concerns.

Your entire appointment will be formatted to meet your needs using Jack’s contemplative client-focused™ soul-centered extrasensory method. Jack structures his psychic sessions because as the most prominent professional psychic in North America, he holds himself to very high standards. He is committed to informing, comforting, and clarifying your circumstances in a manner that fosters fulfillment and personal transformation for you.

Jack’s contemplative client-focused™ method is a spiritually based, free-flowing, yet structured extrasensory process. It is a method of ESP Jack has developed over the last 25 years that’s specifically formatted to answer all of your questions in accordance with your unique needs.  This is the exact extrasensory protocol Jack’s used to successfully collaborate with medical doctors, make accurate global predictions for NBC, FOX, and the Associated Press®, clairvoyantly profile criminals & missing persons for law enforcement, and provide actionable healing insight to more than ten thousand grateful clients since 1996.

Jack has been recognized worldwide as a trusted authority in the field of extrasensory perception by CNN, NBC, CBS, The BBC, FOX, ABC and more. A detailed description of our services and exactly how Jack works is on our psychic readings page. Exam his extensive bio too. Read our client reviews. Tell us how Jack can help today.

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  • Best–selling author of “The Rational Psychic”
  • Named #1 Love & Relationship Psychic – Buzzfeed Media
  • Declared “Top Psychic in U.S.A” – News Channel ONE
  • Dubbed “World Renowned” – AOL Celebrity News
  • “A Real-Life Psychic Detective” – The Mentalist, CBS TV
  • Accurate Global Predictions via – AP, NBC, FOX, REN TV

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"I am a Life Coach and I’ve worked with many coaches (Tony Robbins included) and I think Jack is the best I’ve ever worked with. So glad I found him, life-changing!"
Andrea G.
New York, New York
"Jack gave me a very accurate health reading that was confirmed by my neurologist just 90 minutes later. I will use Jack again. He is a blessing to humanity."
Deborah H.
Los Angeles, CA

Three things to consider when seeking the best Psychic Near Me

psychic near me

People search for a psychic near me for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re seeking to connect to a loved one who has passed-on through a reputable psychic-medium? Perhaps you are intrigued by what a good tarot reader might tell you about your future? Or, do you wonder perchance what a good astrologer or numerologist may tell you about your compatibility with your latest romantic partner?

There are many kinds of psychics who use all kinds of tools and methods. How do you find the best psychic nearby? Well, let’s begin by setting aside your search engine. Because when searching for a psychic near me, you must decide exactly why you want to speak to a psychic. Knowing why you want to speak to your psychic will relax you. It will also enable you to better communicate your needs in terms of the way you’re feeling and why you’re needing objective healing clairvoyance.

Even after you’ve determined why you want a psychic reading, Googling for a “psychic near me” does not guarantee you’ll easily find the right psychic for your needs. Your search engine will compile a list. But, you will have to choose who you want to speak with. What criterion do you use to choose who you will book your psychic reading with?

Characteristics of good Psychic Near Me

Functioning as a psychic for hire is a sacred responsibility that requires a tremendous skill when spiritually motivated. Skills that go beyond mental mediumship, empathy and channeling guides and angels. The spiritual application of extrasensory perception requires radical objectivity, benevolent equanimity, fearless honesty, selfless attention, and deep compassion without rescue compulsion.

Beyond making predictions and explaining interpersonal dynamics, a good psychic must also have the capacity to illuminate their client’s troubles and help them discover their way out.  More importantly, solutions should be offered in a way that works best for the client rather than how the psychic would overcome your issue if they were you.

Most of all, serving as a psychic requires humility, and a willingness to be misunderstood, blamed, praised, and adored without ever accepting any description as your identity lest one loses sight of the primary responsibility a good psychic must accept. Hold you unsentimentally in their heart allowing you to experience your fundamental divine value through your psychic reading.  

So, when you Google for the best psychic near me or the best psychic readings near me, keep in mind the following three things:

  1. Find someone worthy of your trust and who you’re comfortable abiding by the methods. 
  2. Know why you want to speak to a psychic. Communicate what you want help or insight on.
  3. Listen to your feelings but instead of blindly reacting to them, ask yourself what unmet need are my emotions signaling to my awareness? Then trust.

I hope you found this note helpful.

Three additional things to consider when seeking a psychic near me

Once you know why you’re looking for a psychic reading near me, and you understand what you actually want from your psychic reading, there are three critical questions you should ask yourself to ensure you get the outcome you want with your psychic.

  1. You should ask yourself whether you are seeking out a psychic near me for personal reassurance of your spiritual beliefs?
  2. You should ask yourself if you are seeking a psychic near me because you want to be entertained?
  3. And then, consider whether you’re seeking real answers to a real problem – or if you want your psychic to help you realize a deeper more spiritually meaningful connection with yourself.

Find the best psychic readings near me

Psychic near me as entertainment

Finding a psychic near me to entertain you is easy. You can walk into almost any metaphysical bookstore and you will find an eager psychic ready to entertain you with their understanding of the spirit world. Real or imagined these folks will tell you just about anything they are comfortable with quite convincingly. Likewise, it is never hard to find a sidewalk psychic with a neon sign who will read your palm and speak all manner of spiritual platitudes to validate your understanding of spiritual things. Just be careful though, as these types of psychics are also known for telling you there’s something wrong with you. Something only they can conveniently fix. For the right price. Think curses, spells or spirits attached to you. All this is of course nonsense designed to separate you from your money in an entertaining yet fear-based and harmful manner.

Unscrupulous psychics can have extrasensory talent. So I want you to remember this:

According to Jack Rourke, “Having psychic talent does not mean one is ethical, honest or in any way authentically spiritual. The truth of the matter is, when looking for a genuine psychic near me, you want someone who not only has integrity and talent but also the ability to help you understand yourself better so you can live the life you want.”

Why visit a psychic near me for help?

If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a computer finding a psychic near me is easy. In the old days finding a psychic near me meant first finding someone who had a good experience with a psychic. That, someone, had to be someone you could trust – usually a family member or close friend. But if you came from a family who did not believe in or approve of psychics, then finding a “psychic near me” was almost impossible. Thankfully, we now live in an age when a psychic near me is just a click away.

Just because finding a psychic near me over the internet is faster and simpler in the 21st century doesn’t mean meeting a psychic near me that can actually help you is easier. With technology, the proliferation of psychic concepts has spawned a great deal of misinformation about what it means to be psychic. What I’m trying to say is that although it’s easy to find a psychic near me, it does not mean you can always easily find a skilled professional psychic who can actually help you.

Let’s look at the primary reasons people often visit psychics. The number one reason people visit psychics is to overcome is actually two-fold, overwhelming feelings of “stuckness” and fear of uncertainty. The next reason people go to their computer and Google psychic near me is they’re searching for relationship advice. Heartache is a powerful motivator. No one enjoys feeling the pain of a broken heart.

Neutralizing the fear of uncertainty and the pain of a broken heart are amazing opportunities for genuine psychics to truly make a difference in their communities and more specifically, your life.

What kind of psychic readings will a Psychic Near me offer?

Once you’ve found a psychic near me that you can trust you will need to decide what services you need. In most instances, your psychic will listen to what your concerns are and then offer you, counsel. Some sensitives and their enthusiasts will often insist you should only sit and be quiet while psychics use their intuitive powers for you. The truth is though, a good psychic session will be more like a conversation that includes both spiritual counseling and uninterrupted psychic discernment. The reason for this is simple.

According to Jack Rourke, “A psychic session should be undertaken as a form of healing service. A service that requires listening and attuning to your needs. A psychic attuning to your needs includes providing a secure space for you to unburden yourself by expressing your thoughts and feelings authentically.  And while as a client it may be impressive for your psychic to speak and to never require conversation with you during your psychic reading, the truth is a psychic who prevents you from speaking may not want you to contribute to your session because they lack the resources to process and work with your painful, confusion or difficult emotions in accordance with your precise needs.”

Another reason a sensitive may not permit you to speak during a reading is they may fear losing control of the session or not having an answer to your questions. Storefront psychics want to be in control. They will target your fear or steer you into mystical corners where they alone are in control.

Unscrupulous and improperly trained psychics secretly rely on cohesive sentimentality and metaphysical superstition because it gives them permission to assert influence over you using their psychic persona. This unpleasant reality returns me to a very serious point. When searching for a psychic near me always seek someone who is not only credible but also openhearted, flexible and compassionately engaged with you rather than committed to portraying the role of a mystic. Look for someone who is not an advocate for a specific belief system. Someone who is instead devoted to your wellbeing and willing to work within your frame of reference.

An honest psychic near me typically provides, but is not limtted to, the following services:
  1. love and relationship issues psychic readings
  2. career and financial psychic readings
  3. medical intutive psychic readings
  4. psychic detective services

Best psychic near me

If you’re looking for a professional psychic near me you will find Jack Rourke is committed to you living your best self. I invite you to read his psychic bio and then discover for yourself why he has been recognized as one of the top psychics in the United States. Thank you for reading this page about finding a psychic near me.