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Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity and is an esteemed faculty member of the Infinity Foundation. He is the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic™ and a recognized ESP expert who Russian State Media declared as the top psychic in America. Dubbed “world-renowned” by AOL celebrity news in 2009 for his international client work, CNN turned to Jack for a spiritual perspective on the passing of Pop Super Star Michael Jackson. CBS featured Jack as the real-life version of the psychic detective portrayed on their hit TV show The Mentalist. Jack investigated the Jon Benet and Casey Anthony murder mysteries for FOX, The Eliza Lam disappearance for the WB network, and Jack is a recognized psychic authority whose been featured by the Associated Press, Coast to Coast AM, ABC, NBC, Buzzfeed, Showtime, the BBC, CBC, SyFy, Destination America, the History & Travel channels & more.

For 27 years Jack has provided professional psychic service to businesses, individuals, and law enforcement. It need be said that although Mr. Rourke is extremely accomplished, having appeared on and consulted for Books, TV, and Film projects,  first and foremost, his primary vocation is caring day-to-day for individuals, with whom in many instances, he has decades-long relationships. 

Jack is humble yet extremely gifted. He is a lab-tested psychic who matured into a heartfelt healer and modern mystic who has astounded the heartbroken and hopeless by impacting their lives for the better over many years. He is kind. He is gentle. He is tough. He is funny. He does not, and will not make a show of his abilities. Instead, Jack is an unwavering source of love, certainty, insight, inspiration, strategy, and support. He is a man who does not bend to expectation or entertain any egocentric metaphysics that distract from creating meaningful client outcomes.

Mr. Rourke holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity for his near three decades of spiritual service. He is the best-selling Sounds True™ author of “The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception. He is a recognized expert who has also contributed to the books Kids Who See Ghosts and, What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening. Additionally, Rourke co-authored the 2007 21c Psi Survey with the American Institute of Parapsychology. 

As a lab-proven psychic Jack has been recognized by ABC News, NBC, FOX, Showtime, Destination America, the BBC, SyFy, the History & Travel channels, and more. Dubbed world-renowned in 2009 by AOL celebrity news, CBS television depicted Mr. Rourke as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV show The Mentalist. In 2010, CNN turned to Jack for a spiritual perspective on the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson. FOX then hired Mr. Rourke to profile the Casey Anthony and Jon Benet Ramey mysteries in 2012. And, in 2017 Jack was recognized in a two-part interview on Russian State Media as the top psychic in the United States. Subsequently, BuzzFeed Media featured Jack as the top love and relationship psychic in Los Angeles in 218. He went on to consult on the AMC Studio’s reboot of Psychic Kids in 2019 and predict the Game of Thrones Finale for the TV Guide Channel. CW Network hired Mr. Rourke to investigate the mysterious death of Elisa Lam in 2020 and it was during this filming that Jack provided never before seen clues to her disappearance. In recognition of his decades-long professional psychic service, Mr. Rourke was chosen and then photographed as the Modern Mystic of America for a European Gallery Show to be announced in 2021…Radio appearances include the popular Coast to Coast with George Noory, Coast to Coast with John B. Wells, Overnight America, Playboy radio, and many more.

Early Life, Spiritual Studies and Psychic Training

Jack discovered his instinctual capabilities as a young man. He then began a years-long disciplined training regime to perfect his psychic faculties. This process included supervised double and triple-blind trials, remote discernment exercises, book learning, academic & spiritual mentoring as well as devout contemplative practices for more than 8 years before ever reading for the public. Even now, after all of his experience, Mr. Rourke continues his studies and daily meditation practices while serving individuals, businesses, and law enforcement as one of the most prominent professional psychics in North America.

Jack’s Psychic Client Service

Mr. Rourke has spent more than 25 years honing his unique psychic methods while in continuous service to the public. His professional client base now extends across North America and the English-speaking world. Jack’s clients are located as far away as Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, China, India, Singapore, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Dubai, Qatar, Greece, and every single European nation.

Client referrals are routinely accepted from clergy, medical doctors, and mental health professionals. Rourke holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity in recognition of his depth of knowledge and public service as a spiritual & clairvoyant coach. His clients include medical doctors, billionaire entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, Olympic and professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, members of the military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities, as well as countless famous faces in the entertainment industry.   

"Jack is the most talented psychic I have ever encountered. He speaks not of himself, as is the norm among sensitives, but of the work and research, he is a part of. While others seek to resolve personal inner demons, Jack is a conscientious seeker of truth, knowledge, and understanding for the improvement of the human condition."
Dr. Barry E. Taff Ph.D.
Los Angeles, California

More on Psychic Jack Rourke in the Media

In July 2020, Jack investigated the mysterious death of Elisa Lam for the CW Network. He was then named, a Modern American Mystic in a new book about ESP scheduled for release in 2021. In 2019, Jack predicted the end of the long-running HBO series Game of Thrones for the TV guide channel and in 2018, Mr. Rourke was featured by Buzzfeed Media as the top love and relationship psychic in Los Angeles.

During the year 2017, Jack was recognized in a two-part interview on Russian State Media’s REN TV as the top psychic in the United States.  Later, Jack was again interviewed on Russia’s News Channel One where he provided world predictions.  His other TV appearances include ABC News, NBC, CBS, FOX, SHOWTIME, DESTINATION AMERICA, the BBC, and SYFY as well as the HISTORY and TRAVEL channels and more.

As a leading psychic Jack has been featured by Swedish Celebrity News and appeared in The Wall Street Business Network, The New York Post, The Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star, Utah’s The Daily Herald, USA Today, The Sacramento Bee, The San Jose Mercury News, the SunHerald, the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Pasadena Star-News, and countless other domestic news media outlets as well as the news media in India, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Germany, France, Belgium and more.

In 2009 Jack was depicted as the “real-life” version of the fictional psychic detective Patrick Jane to promote the first season DVD release of the hit CBS television show “THE MENTALIST”. For this project titled,  “Cracking the Crystal Ball”, Jack discussed his psychic police work alongside former FBI.

Also, in 2009 Jack was dubbed “world-renowned” by America Online’s celebrity news site This occurred while Jack was working as a technical advisor during the press campaign for the feature film Push. Jack earned the moniker “world-renowned” for three reasons.

    1. Because of his work on criminal and missing person’s cases.
    2. Since his predictions and commentary have been distributed globally by the Associated Press, ABC News, Fox, CBS, NBC, and CNN.
    3. And thirdly, because his client base extends well beyond the continental United States to include peoples in Australia, the U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Denmark, Colombia, Canada, France, Scotland, Italy, Israel, and Eastern Europe.

2012 saw Jack psychically profile the Casey Anthony murder mystery on FOX Television and release his best-selling book The Rational Psychic.

In 2016 Jack lent his expert commentary to the film “Ghosts and the Hereafter”. Billed as the definitive documentary on ghosts and the afterlife, Mr. Rourke is heavily featured alongside such authorities as Dr. Raymond Moody Ph.D., James Van Praagh, and DR. Norm Shealy. As a leading authority on ESP, and author, Jack has also consulted on such feature films as Lionsgate’s The Haunting in Connecticut, Insidious 2, and Paramount Picture’s Friday the Thirteenth VII. His radio appearances include, but are not limited to multiple appearances on  Coast to Coast with George Noory, Over Night America with John Grayson, the Syndicated MANCOW Morning Show, UBN Radio, Playboy Radio, and many more.

Psychic Predictions in the Media

In 2017 Jack was featured as the top psychic in the USA by Russian State Media. In a two-part interview on Ren TV Jack predicted Russian intervention in North Korea. Weeks later this prediction came true when Rueter’s News Service broke the story. Jack also made accurate predictions while being interviewed by Associated Press.

  • In 2006 for 2007  Jack predicted a collision between a submarine and what Jack called a “Chinese oil tanker” off the coast of Africa. Two months later this prediction turned out to be a collision between a Japanese supertanker and the American naval submarine the USS Newport News.
  • Then, in 2007 for 2008: Mr. Rourke predicted the August 2008 invasion of the Republic of Georgia by Russian troops.

Another interesting set of predictions occurred in 2012 for 2013 when Jack appeared on NBC’s The Trisha Show. Jack noted the months a “major arrest of an Olympian” would occur and “the death of a blonde female country music star” would happen. These two time-specific predictions turned out to be South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius who murdered his companion, and an American country music star who sadly succumbed to suicide.

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