This page discusses what it means to be a real psychic. How a real psychic is commonly recognized. The difference between the common understanding of a real psychic and a genuine extrasensory professional who is rightly deemed psychic. And finally, at the bottom of this page, you can read a philosophical question and answer interview with Jack Rourke who has been widely recognized as a real psychic.

Psychics serve in different ways. From left: Jack Rourke, Sydney Friedman, Chip Coffey & Mary Occhino

 What is the definition of a real psychic?


  1. A psychic is defined as a person who claims to use extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance, or who performs acts that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws.
  2. A psychic can also be defined according to Merriam-Webster as one who is sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influencesmarked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding
  3. relating to the soul or mind

Why do people search for a real psychic?

A top concern when looking to set a psychic appointment is whether the psychic you choose is real.  The common-sense assumption is that a real psychic should be good at telling you what you want or expect to hear. With this in mind, it is also generally assumed that a real psychic is someone who should demonstrate extrasensory perception in accordance with your beliefs while uplifting and inspiring you. But what if I told you your expectations can actually prevent you from experiencing the real benefits of a psychic appointment even when you are sitting with an extremely talented and very real psychic?

Experiencing someone demonstrating accurate extrasensory perception can feel magical. The awe that blows your mind when a psychic says something they shouldn’t know proves they’re real in their claim that they are psychic. But what if a psychic reading can be far more valuable than that?

I want to tell you a secret. The ability to discern accurate information in an other-than-ordinary way doesn’t necessarily make you psychic. Paranormal sensing is part of what it means to be human. Children can have prophetic dreams and see deceased grandparents. Lovers, husbands, and wives can sense trouble with their beloved at a distance. Anyone can have valid impressions about someone’s character and even sense information remotely under the right conditions. To be psychic is not the ability to give predictions, speak to the dead, or impress others with feats of telepathy.

Real psychics are recognized by the very real way they can relieve suffering and foster meaningful transformation in the lives of those they serve. Let this truth sink in. To earmark one as psychic just by way of their ability to demonstrate phenomena is not good enough. The bar must be raised. There are shocking accurate sensitives who are still dishonest. These individuals are not true psychics. Furthermore, a psychic might tell you the name of a departed loved one and still be completely illogical. They may have no ability to dispatch meaningful spiritual advice to guide you forward. They can even be emotionally imbalanced and egocentric how they feel drained by reading for you. Likewise, there are tarot readers, mediums, love psychics and energy healers etcetera who say or do incredible things but their appointments only build themselves up as a “real deal psychic” while ignoring your personal needs.

A real psychic is best found by asking yourself, what do I need?

A real psychic is indeed someone who can demonstrate extrasensory perception through the fruits of their service. The spiritually motivated seer is not concerned with putting on a show.  Instead, the seer uses their “gifts” to interface with the soul to meaningfully help you. Too often the search for a real psychic is only focused on whether a sensitive can provide a desirable mystical experience. It is important to understand a genuine psychic is more than someone whose paranormal ability inspires magical sensations of the beyond.

It can be fun to experience an element of mystery during a psychic encounter. Your psychic’s office may be filled with mystical emblems and ritual objects. The psychic might also have a magical-sounding name or speak eloquently all kinds of confusing esoterica.  You’ll notice, as a client, a mysterious atmosphere invites us to indulge in topics you don’t often feel safe talking about anywhere else. A seemingly real psychic might even encourage sharing your beliefs as a way of confirming you are safe with them or perhaps, that you too are gifted spiritually in your own special way. All of this can be fun. But how does all this help you? Be mindful, a carefully crafted mystical atmosphere can also be a coercive strategy for bypassing your actual spiritual path in favor of the ego’s need for comfort and control. To find what is real with any psychic, mystical sensations do not really matter. What is truly important and most meaningfully real is the help you receive fostering lasting change.

A real psychic is a restorative mirror of reality itself

real psychic“A real psychic is someone who no longer wears extrasensory perception as a disguise that earmarks him or her as special. Nor does a true seer see others as broken and needing to be healed.  Instead, a real psychic is spiritually motivated. She embodies compassion in the form of a fearless unwillingness to be bullied by the illusion of physical life or mankind’s delusional reliance on mental addictions as a means to acquire a mentally preferred experience of self.”                                                     – Jack Rourke

A real psychic offers their mind, their body, and being in service to unconditional love. This does not mean a real psychic is obliged to agree with or support the client’s every whim. It means the wise spiritually mature seer can tolerate your pain and misunderstanding. He or she can be with you as you are – not needing you to be anything else, all the while expertly capable of leading you back to your true self. The real psychic can do this because their identity is not a mental one based on ESP.  The real psychic and his or her service is an expression of union with what is actually real – the eternal timeless awareness underlying physical life and all mental concepts.

Jack Rourke is a Real Psychic with the professional skills to assist you

Jack Rourke is the best-selling author of “The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception”. He has also contributed to the books Kids Who See Ghosts, and What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening.

Jack also co-authored the 2007 21c Psi Survey with the American Institute of Parapsychology. As a paranormal expert, he is also the only psychic to have conducted field research with academic parapsychologist Dr. Barry E. Taff whose most famous case became the bestselling book and feature film, The Entity. As a recognized authority, Jack consulted on the Hollywood films, Push, Insidious, Haunting in Connecticut, Friday the 13th Part VII, and he appeared in the documentaries “Queen Mary Hauntings” and “Ghosts and the Hereafter”.

For television, Jack was a development consultant for the 2020 reboot of AE Studios’ Psychic Kids. Notably, CBS television depicted Mr. Rourke as the real-life version of their fictitious psychic detective “Patrick Jane”. The main character on their hit TV show, The Mentalist. Of note is the Mentalist’s first season DVD special featuring Jack being interviewed about his psychic police work alongside former FBI.

Dubbed world-renowned in 2009 by AOL celebrity news, CNN turned to Jack for a spiritual perspective on the passing of Superstar Michael Jackson in 2010. FOX then hired Mr. Rourke to profile the Casey Anthony and Jon Benet Ramsey murder mysteries in 2012 on the now-defunct Ricki Lake re-boot. In 2017 Jack was recognized in a two-part interview on Russian State Media’s REN TV as the top psychic in the United States.  Followed by BuzzFeed Media depicting Jack as the top love and relationship psychic coach in Los Angeles in 2018.  For the TV Guide Channel in 2019, Rourke humorously predicted the Game of Thrones finale and then in 2020 CW Network hired Mr. Rourke to investigate the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. It was during this investigation that Jack provided photos of two never before seen persons of interest potentially related to Lam’s unsolved death.

Jack Rourke has also appeared on ABC News, NBC, FOX, SyFy, Destination America, The History & Travel Channels, Showtime, the BBC, and more. Radio appearances include the popular Coast to Coast with George Noory, Coast to Coast with John B. Wells, Overnight America, Playboy radio, The syndicated Mancow in the Morning radio network, and many more. 

Mr. Rourke operates the spiritual counseling service Psychic Readings Los Angeles through which he assists clients daily using his unique client-focused™ psychic method. 

Read a Q& A with Professional Psychic Jack Rourke below

“I think what we – and everyone on our team saw – that we liked about Jack, is his clear vision, his extreme ability to clearly state his intentions and beliefs, and his extraordinary empathy for others. I think all of those things combined is what we were selling. Not dissimilar to Tony Robbins, except when we heard Jack talk it just sounded believable, inspiring, interesting, and based on learnings that feel exhaustive and tied to other cultures. In sum, I would say what we really appreciated about Jack is his ability to understand and empathize with people, and envision where people need to be headed–but not in a judgmental way. That was what we always liked — Jack never felt judgy.”

– Brad Bernstein,
Chief Creative Officer, TEXAS Crew Prods.
Winner of 25 Emmy Awards

Real Psychic Jack Rourke

Jack Rourke sharing a teachable moment with International medium Lisa Williams

How did you get started in your business?
Being a psychic was never on my radar as a kid. Truthfully, I didn’t know about anything paranormal when I was young. And by the time I was old enough to know there were such things, maybe as a teenager, I gave it no thought. For me, psychics were sideshow things you saw on the boardwalk at the beach or maybe at a fair or some other tourist trap place. But back then there was no money to waste on such frivolous things. That would have been silly. The interesting thing was, that even though I had no overt interest in paranormal things, I was already experiencing anomalous sensory events in the form of lucid dreams, precognition, and out-of-body experiences as a child. Things I had no idea were not really normal.

I talk specifically about how I discovered my extrasensory nature and my journey toward becoming a professional psychic and spiritual counselor in my best-selling book “The Rational Psychic”. Suffice to say, it’s extremely common for extrasensory people to point to their unique childhood as evidence they were born special and therefore always psychic. However, I strongly disagree with this rationale. This is not to say that some people are not born more sensitive than others. It’s just a fact that no matter how sensitive a child is, there are always environmental or relational factors that contribute to the development of a predisposition toward paranormal sensing as an adult. The problem for most psychic people is these factors are uncomfortable to discuss. It is much safer to set oneself above the norm by rationalizing one is gifted by God and therefore one’s psychic power and identity is beyond repute. Holding this belief helps insulate one from vulnerability but consequently, sometimes reality too. This is a problem.

What was pivotal for me, when I unequivocally discovered my mind worked in an unusual way, and I’ve talked about this on Ricki Lake and in my book, was what happened when my twin sister died at only fourteen.

The abbreviated version of this story is that she appeared to me at the moment of her passing by way of what Dr. Raymond Moody described as an empathetic near-death experience (ENDE). What really happened though, was this. A being appeared to me, told me my sister was dead and said not to be afraid. Then, he/it “lifted” me from my body, pointed to where my sister stood disembodied, and directed me to look.

When I turned my gaze to my right, I saw my sister standing there.  Now, regardless of whether this event was purely mental in the form of some kind of dream or not, the impact was significant. I experienced my sister’s crossing after one final goodbye. Later, I learned my sister had in fact died. Needless to say, although I had many other strange experiences as a youngster, this is the one I point to as the watershed moment when I learned for certain my mind processed information in a factual but other than ordinary way. All this being said, it was many, many years before I landed on the path that eventually led to my doing the work I do today.

I imagine there are advantages to ESP. Did being gifted enhance your life?
The thing is, I never viewed my ENDE or any other form of paranormal sensing as evidence I was special. As extraordinary as this may sound, even when my sister passed, what I encountered felt like any other sensory event life might bring your way. So, from early on, the only question I ever asked about why I experienced unusual sense perceptions was, “How could things like ESP, seeing my dead sister or  an out-of-body experience be possible?” I never asked, why me? These are two very different questions. Why me? Seeks to inflate my significance whereas asking how could a paranormal event be real seeks to understand what might be special about the world around us.

My search for answers to my psychic questions never led me to adopt the foregone conclusion “Oh, I’m psychic this is why what happened to me happened”. In fact, it took many years for me to accept that extrasensory phenomena were real before I could even entertain the possibility ESP was functioning within my being perceptually affecting me too. When I finally did accept this fact, I actually sought to rid myself of it as if ESP was a flaw I needed to fix. I wrongly believed if I could think like a “normal” person, my life would be better – easier- like how great I imagined other people’s lives were compared to my own.

Instead of ridding myself of anomalous perceptions, I learned something funny. The more I quieted my mind the more enhanced extrasensory perception became. It was like turning up the volume on a subjective stream of details that could be objectively verified as fact. In the end, I learned to understand and control psi functioning. To do this, I developed a daily routine of book learning, meditation, and then exercises that tested and explored how my mind worked. Eventually, I became part of a research study and later began collaborating with academics as well. After a few years, I became more comfortable speaking about my psychic experiences. Soon after people began asking me to read them. This slowly snowballed into a small informal client base that was really me practicing for free. All the while, I continued studying and performing training exercises. I did this for years, long before ever accepting a fee or advertising myself for hire.

If I may ask – if you do not see yourself as gifted, how did you come to be the authority you are on extrasensory perception?

You ask a great question. Thank you…let me think this through aloud and answer you in a roundabout way. But I promise I will come back with a direct answer.

Everyone thinks and feels. So everyone, and I’m generalizing, has a sense they understand their mind and how it works. It’s this layperson understanding that by default informs for people why they think ESP is or isn’t real in their opinion. When the truth is most everyone has no idea how their mind really works. And honestly, that goes double for psychic enthusiasts because most of them are immersed in imaginative belief systems that inhibit the direct observation of the inner workings of their minds.

Experiencing your thoughts in the form of religious beliefs or mystical metaphors that explain psi-functioning is not the same as examining how the mind assembles perceptions. So, to begin to really understand ESP you have to first discover how to critically observe subjective experience as it unfolds prior to the formation of concepts that become self-affirming beliefs. This is difficult as it requires cultivating the capacity to merge with the impersonal calm underlying the processes that birth thought.

What I am referring to here is more than cognitive diffusion – the ability to look at thoughts rather than through them as if they are a filter distorting your worldview. Allow me to explain. Imagine observing your thoughts without identifying with them. Then, imagine turning toward the awareness that’s seeing your thoughts and merging with that. If you can adopt this impersonal divested vantage point, you then have the opportunity to observe sensations as they are organized in the brain. Prior to the feelings or opinions about what is discerned obscures awareness. It takes discipline to bypass merging with and reacting to concepts that conflict with or confirm the ego-identity.

Most people can’t help shortcutting this hard work. They simply react to thoughts by jumping to self-soothing imaginative conclusions that masquerade as logic for why they are psychic. For me, resisting metaphysical concepts and all the well-meaning yet self-affirming egotism associated with psychic iconography is important. I drive this point home in my book. Honestly, though, I have had wonderful mentors. These are people who influenced my thinking. But in the end, my mentors were only guides. My actual individual expertise concerning ESP developed solely from study and direct personal experience working with more than twenty thousand clients over nearly thirty years. This is where true authoritative expertise comes from – critically observing both success and failure while doing the actual work. So, I understand calling a psychic “gifted” is just a common-sense way of describing someone with heightened sensitivity. But being sensitive does not implicitly denote a skill-set that can actually be used to help people.

If I could push you just a bit harder, please. I get that you make a distinction between who you are and the service you provide. For example, a man or woman is more than their chosen trade. But, how did you come to the conclusion psychic ability, your “gift”, is not you? 

Real Psychic Los Angeles

Jack Rourke for Metaphysics daily

We’re headed into deeper water here. (Rourke answers after staring at the ceiling for a moment) Okay, so here we go…well, no, first let me clarify. I do not believe people are born gifted since extrasensory perception is a normal background process within consciousness. The true gift is what’s experienced when value is given away in service helping others.  This being said, let’s examine the notion of being born “gifted”.

For something like psychic sensitivity to be “gifted,” there must first be a subject and object. In this instance, one who gives and one who receives said sensitivity in utero – or perhaps prior. But since any subjective sense of duality is an illusion, there can be neither a giver nor a receiver ultimately. Any argument to deny non-dualism that establishes the uniqueness of an imagined receiver only aggrandizes the individual ego while also denying the role conditioning plays in the development of extrasensory potential.

Is this an atheist point of view?

No. Not at all. To reject earmarking oneself as gifted by way of supernatural generosity does not deny god. Rejecting one’s self as gifted actually fosters the humility required for realizing the felt experience of the divine within. Rather than just thinking about God as the giver of gifts that make me special.

I think I am lost.

Your original question was how do I distinguish who I am from what I do? The answer is I reject mental concepts. I don’t identify with labels or rationalizations that explain who I am. Rather than creating thoughts about a god I surmise chose to bestow gifts upon me, I inquire what is watching my attempt to explain who am I? If I can mentally turn toward this observing awareness, taking no thought for my personal self, then all thought including ESP falls to the background. What’s left is the authentic self.

It sounds like you are saying your thoughts including those about god are not yours. Therefore what you do is not really who you are.

You, me, everyone – we are ultimately are not our thoughts. We are also not our emotions. Moreover, and this is very important, “gifted sensitives” are NOT how their minds psychically process information… We humans, our personalities, who we think we are, are a composite that emerges out of a relationship with memory, interpretations, beliefs, unresolved karma, and sensual craving, as well as conditioned responses that we wrongly identify with as “me”. It is this conceptual me that is imagined as the gifted recipient of psychic power. But if ultimately there is no individual me that’s permanently real as a thing separate from the life-giving omnipresent universe, there can also be no person earmarked as gifted… Christ taught, “If I bear witness to myself, I tell a lie.” I firmly believe this…

Circling back around once again to your question, “How did I come to the conclusion my extrasensory ability is not me”, – to answer this, we need to get clear on what you’re really asking – You’re really inquiring, how did I come to relate to ESP in a way that is different than most who believe to be psychic means to be gifted? The answer is, I discovered it was true that to bear witness to myself is to tell a lie. But just agreeing with this statement does not make it experientially real. It has taken near thirty years but I now I own this statement as fact because I went through the very hard learning that showed me via direct practical experience – there is no permanent me. This in turn changed how I approach my work. I gave up demonstrating abilities that garnered amazement and build up the “gifted” identity, now I focus solely on helping people through offering resonance with the authentic self to the best of my ability.

Are you saying the focus on helping people was how you transitioned to the coaching profession?

Hindsight being 20/20, I would say becoming a professional spiritual counselor who is psychic took a very long time – way more than a decade. Truthfully, even after I was already very respected and working for many, many years, I would now say I was not yet a professional spiritual counselor. Becoming a professional required, at least for me, getting real about what I really believed based on actual experience, as well as how I truly needed to serve in order to express my skill-set authentically in a way that genuinely helps people. Part and partial to the difficulty of this transition was, and is, the fact that extrasensory perception is not a spiritual activity in the strictest sense.

Say more about that last part, please.

Without going too far into it, extrasensory perception is among a class of phenomena that are classically known as siddhis. These are mental phenomena that can offer fascinating mental experiences that are then encapsulated and explained by mental beliefs. These constructs are what most people use to craft a conceptual identity, the root of the I AM consciousness –  the foundation of the ego, the thing that is the primary obstacle to self-realization.

My head is melting. I have never heard any other psychic say anything like this. So…

So, let me keep it simple. What I am trying to say here is that in my view, being a professional spiritual practitioner requires more than demonstrating ESP and being paid for services rendered. To be a professional one must reach a certain level of expertise where one can add value by opening a window that can free people from the illusion of the ego regardless of the issue one is presented with during a session and regardless of the client’s disposition. So, being a professional takes to time.

One must develop not just one’s unique methods but the experience of freedom within while also developing a deep understanding of how and why you serve as you do. A professional solves problems. If you are a psychic who simply demonstrates, you are to a degree an entertainer or advocate for a belief system that may or may not provide lasting takeaway value. To perform or advocate for a belief system is not wrong or bad. There is a place for presentational style service that can be truly meaningful for those thirsty for mystical experience and not yet prepared for something deeper.

At the beginning of my career, like many good psychics, I only demonstrated ESP. I am embarrassed by admitting this now but years ago when clients were booked for me I instructed the receptionist not to even tell me the client’s name. It seems ridiculous today looking back. But, once upon a time, I was afraid knowing a name might provide an ethnic clue to a person’s back-story. Twenty-five plus years ago, I just wanted clients to sit still, say nothing, and let me channel information for them. I see that as selfish now. Even though the details that would come through were amazing quite frankly – names, precise relational issues, conflicts, secrets, afterlife communication, etc. (laughing at himself) I was a wizard, or so people joked, at offering a mystical experience. BUT, what I did not do at the beginning of my career is meaningfully help anyone through demonstrating in my opinion. Instead, like many young mediums, my work was sentimental and awe-inspiring. (laughing) It also included a fair amount of very earnest humble bragging as a way to deflect praise. Don’t get me wrong. I really cared. I really wanted to help people. It’s just embarrassing looking back knowing what I know now.

Don’t people want a psychic who can pull accurate details out of thin air?

Yes, people do like being quiet and witnessing the psychic do their thing. There is a place for that. But to genuinely help someone professionally the client must be involved in the process and the solution.

What’s also very important to understand is that after a certain phase of development, extrasensory demonstration for the purpose of showing what can be done becomes a self-aggrandizing slippery slope. So, once a young psychic becomes reliably competent they must stop showing their “talent” and instead work to help others. Otherwise, egotism based on pseudo-spirituality and a sense of being gifted develops which is harmful to not just the seer but the client as well.

To be clear, demonstrating ESP in a presentational fashion is necessary during training and at the beginning of one’s career. After all, it is important for the young sensitive to focus on demonstrating so they can come to trust their ability. However, when psychic ability is put on display for no specific purpose, this is demonstrating only for vanity’s sake. The only benefit to a witness might be how the psychic provides an uplifting albeit sentimental release of stress. But such relief is usually only temporary.

So for you, being professional is all about helping the person who sets the appointment rather than proving ESP real by offering a kind of entertaining psychic experience?

Exactly. The sole focus of my work at this point in my career is helping people. To help someone is to restore their connection to the felt sense of their inner observer. It is in relationship with this, their innermost being that their authentic self emerges in the form of creative inspiration and living a morally congruent life.

This is not where I expected this conversation to go. I’m a bit stumped… How do you help people be spiritually more authentic?

Maybe I can make things a bit clearer this way… Last night, after work, I took an emergency session with a client. This client is someone who has worked with me for many years by phone. I have never met her in person. She commented that sometimes, she feels me as a mentor, other times a father, and sometimes a brother. Then she asked, how do I see her for who she really is?… The answer was this. I let go and turn within.

I do not try to present as a mentor, brother, father, or coach. I allow my clients to see me how they need to. My role is only this. Each day, and before every session, my prayer is to let go of my contrived identity. I give over my being in service to unconditional love. It is by surrendering the personal self to what underlies within that a resonance is created with the same life force animating the client’s breath and body.

Because individuality is an even bigger illusion than the troubled personality reaching out for guidance, once surrender of the personal self occurs, the client is seen fully as if automatically since there is only one single self-observing and mirroring back to itself during a spiritually motivated counseling session.
Extrasensory perception, therefore, is just a technique for undoing the attachments that keep people tied to the very limited version of self they wrongly assume is “me” no matter how counterproductive that identity is. What most people think they are, is just a collection of mental habits and actions that exist separate from the authentic self.  So, the strategy for awakening authenticity within a client is this. Find what’s real and true and then empower clients to embody and communicate these as their individual self-expression.

Unlike most psychics, my work is formatted to genuinely help people rather than distract them with an uplifting mystical experience akin to a form of entertainment that happens to them. For this reason, people not seeking actual help can feel uncomfortably vulnerable by the work I do. Specifically, because I do not permit clients to use my extrasensory perception to build up a false reality based on attachment to what’s “out there”. What’s “out there” includes mystical concepts and the awe-inspiring experiences most psychics use to establish themselves as gifted or real. For example, mediumship, reiki, spells, predictions etcetera. My focus is always within by applying ESP skillfully to unravel what’s true from entanglement with the false illusory self. When this is even partially successful, magically what’s “out there” happening to us in the world appears to change.

The outer world cannot make anyone feel how they imagine they should feel. The outer world is just a reflection of one’s inner state. Therefore every drama in life can be viewed as the search for the true self. This means every client session has the same spiritual goal. Reunification with the natural essence of our shared innermost being. When you discover this truth, serving others becomes an exercise in letting go rather than proving any fixed identity – including that of being psychic – as real.

Sounds exhausting.

A client who is a psychiatrist and department head at a major medical institution recently said the same thing.  After a particularly long session with him, he asked if I ever get tired. I thought for a second and discovered, no, because there is no finite me doing. In the end, I reminded him, as professionals who help people it’s not about what we do – what truly makes a difference to those we serve is our capacity to love them. When we get out of the way by surrendering the personal self, we discover the unified field that holds all life and indeed animates the breath in our bodies, this is love. It alone is naturally restorative. Surrendering to presence is the way.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?

It took years and years for me to refine my service methods and identify the exact spiritual outcomes I truly wished to offer my clients. Once I acquired this wisdom though, I learned the more value-adding focused my business became the less my efforts were actually about me. This discovery freed me to fully focus on serving. Reaching that place of surrender was not easy, however. Many business owners would probably admit to working too hard and taking things too personally. This is a trap that’s hard to let go of. The key again is going within. Distinguishing yourself from your business allows you to meaningfully supply for your personal and professional needs separately. Rather than using the professional operation to provide for your personal identity.

Growing personally and evolving into a value-adding service does not happen easily or overnight. For people who do what I do at a reliable professional level, development takes decades. In Hollywood parlance, we older practitioners do the work. We do not show the work.

Think of a seasoned actor in her sixties versus a young starlet in her twenties. The older actor is internally still yet emotionally vibrant and ever-present and responsive. While the young starlet is buzzing with thoughts and techniques on display, her dialogue still sounds stilted by memorization rather than spontaneously alive. The young actor must reach a point of disillusionment in her career before she can give up trying to be Olivier or Streep. Only then, when she accepts who she uniquely is, does she step into her power becoming fully human on stage rather than an actor saying her lines. The same is true for the genuine spiritual counselor. When the work is in you, you can live and serve without worrying about becoming something more or conforming to expectations.

About 15 years ago, I entered a serious stage of disillusionment. It was at that time that I became increasingly concerned with traditional psychic methods and teaching. What bothered me was the egotistical striving for paranormal experiences as a source of spiritual authority. My concern then was how does any of this help anyone?

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles?

“Psychic Readings Los Angeles” is a serious yet fun, solution-oriented spiritual counseling and personal optimization service solely focused on helping people live and achieve their best selves. I am also a best-selling author who has consulted for numerous paranormally themed television and film projects as well as writings on metaphysics, personal development, and enlightenment. But my day-to-day passion is helping people thrive.

Every day I deal with folks from all over the world who seek real-world growth, outside-the-box solutions, and strategies for living empowered decisive lives. My clients include billionaire entrepreneurs, fortune 500 CEOs & philanthropists, royal princesses, and retail heiresses – psychiatrists, psychotherapists, surgeons, clergy, professional & Olympic athletes – law enforcement, military, & intelligence personnel – NASA visionaries, politicians, rock stars, and countless celebrity faces.

Aside from my sophisticated clientele, what sets my work apart from similar businesses is that it is neither an impersonal coaching service that assumes what works for one works for all. Nor is it a traditional psychic business offering feel-good pseudo-spirituality in the form of mystical experiences akin to a metaphysical performance.

Somedays, I’m helping an international business person in a foreign country navigate a high-stakes legal issue. An hour later, I’m helping an overwhelmed psychotherapist or a mother with a sick child. After that, I could be soothing the heartache of a famous individual whose love life is playing out in tabloids. And, then similarly there are my Hollywood clients needing objective feedback on creative projects. Or reassurance and insight on impending multimillion-dollar deals. But no matter the circumstances, my service is special because sessions are always strictly formatted both to address and resolve my clients’ most important personal, interpersonal and spiritual concerns.

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