Extrasensory perception as provided by Jack Rourke is a process for discerning objectively verifiable information that is fact-based, actionable, and solely focused on addressing and resolving your real-world concerns. However, unlike conventional psychics who tell you things without the ability to help you integrate psychic visions into actionable steps or practical insight, Jack is a master.

Spiritual counseling as master psychic and teacher Jack Rourke provides is a powerful holistic helping process for achievement derived from extrasensory perception and ancient wisdom.

Counseling is spiritual guidance for connecting with or understanding your true self. Coaching is how to implement spiritual guidance in an actionable manner to achieve your goals or fulfill your needs. 

The client-focused psychic process Jack uses within his spiritual counseling appointments is employed with all clients. It is the exact method Jack has used to serve surgeons, mental health professionals, Olympic athletes, politicians, police, and intelligence personnel, as well as people from all over the world in serious sometimes life-threatening circumstances.

Jack does not offer ordinary psychic readings formatted as stress-reducing spiritual entertainment as is most common. Likewise, Jack is not a motivational teacher who gives you ideas to make you a better version of who you are today. Instead, everything Jack Rourke offers provides a way of incrementally freeing yourself from mental concepts that keep you small. What are mental concepts? The justifications you unconsciously use to define who you think you are by remembering the past, reacting to happenstance, relying on magical thinking, and imagining a fictitious future.

Transformation, as Jack teaches, is discovering it is safe to let go of all that stifles your eternal being from powerfully manifesting through you until it lives your life as you in the form of an expression of your authentic inspired presence.

This page will teach you the essence of Mr. Rourke’s psychic-infused spiritual counseling. Precise details about who we serve, how we serve, the outcomes we strive for, and our exact step-by-step methods are on our home page and spread throughout this website. Read carefully. Below we also highlight the myriad benefits gained through being guided toward a profound connection with the underlying divine and creative power within.

If you are ready and want infinite creativity, spontaneity, and a life of deep meaning and purpose followed by all the blessings of life you must free yourself of the mental strategies and concepts ill-informed psychics commonly advocate. Here is where you begin.

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“Jack Rourke provides a path to holistic well-being elevating countless lives every year on their quest for a more fulfilling existence”.

Defining Spiritual Counseling

Our spiritual counseling, in the form of our client-focused psychic session, is a holistic approach to problem-solving, self-exploration, and personal growth. It helps you integrate practical, psychological, and spiritual truths in order to create interpersonal clarity, inner peace, and the inner fearless certainty required to achieve. Every psychic appointment is a transformative journey that helps clients navigate the complexities of life by fostering a deeper understanding of themselves, those around them, their circumstances, and their powerful connection to the divine source within.

What makes our client-focused appointments so powerful is they are anchored in eternal truths and tailored to meet your needs by providing real-world actionable solutions via expert extrasensory perception. But what makes our sessions especially powerful is that Mr. Rourke does not warn you of things so you can react. He gives you information that empowers you to take action on who you choose to be. Why? Because our appointments do not function from the vantage point that life is happening to us. Instead, Mr. Rourke gives you the information you need to proactively engage with life divinely aligned and prepared to create the outcomes you require.

Ordinary Psychic Readings Versus Our Spiritual Counseling

Conventional psychic readings seem fun but they are spiritually harmful. Especially when one bills themselves as a natural psychic. Natural psychic means untrained.

Many natural psychics purport to be spiritual counselors even though they only answer standard psychic questions in predictably metaphysical ways that uplift and embolden the ego fostering increased anxiety and dependence on the psychic. People seeking such common psychic readings are not ready for our service. 

People who want more than an ordinary psychic reading come to Mr. Rourke. Our clients find us after feeling unfulfilled by repeated and often profound paranormal and mystical experiences. They do not understand the disillusionment they feel when the benefits of past experiences subside. Such clients become filled with self-doubt and confusion. Why? Because the impact of conventional psychic readings never lasts.

Any metaphysical experience that was once healing can become a source of pain when one attempts to prolong feeling the magic that the original metaphysical event inspired. It does not matter if it’s a reiki session, mediumship display, or any prophetic or paranormal event. When a metaphysical high subsides depression, self-blame, and striving for magical distraction can result. The only way to recover is to find your way home to the true nature of your innermost being. The process is genuine spiritual counseling.

Genuine spiritual work dismantles ego identity. Since all suffering is derived from a dysfunctional ego, our spiritual counseling is a strategy for helping people contact the egoless state abiding within, around, and expressing through them. Our goal for you is to unleash this power within.

How does Mr. Rourke know these teachings to be true? He has lived it. he has been where many are and found his way beyond psychic phenomena.

Principles of Genuine Spiritual Counseling

  1. Holistic Perspective: Spiritual counseling recognizes that individuals are not just a sum of their thoughts and emotions. It acknowledges the existence of an inner essence that is interconnected with the universe. This holistic perspective enables individuals to see themselves as part of a larger tapestry, encouraging a sense of unity and purpose.
  2. Exploration of Beliefs: Central to spiritual counseling is the examination of one’s beliefs and values. Clients are encouraged to explore their spiritual, religious, or philosophical convictions and how these impact their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This self-awareness aids in aligning their actions with their core principles.
  3. Mindfulness and Presence: Spiritual counseling emphasizes being present in the moment and cultivating mindfulness. This practice allows individuals to observe their thoughts and emotions without judgment, leading to greater self-acceptance and emotional regulation.
  4. Transcending Ego: Ego, often responsible for negative thought patterns and emotional distress, is addressed in spiritual counseling. By transcending ego-driven perceptions, individuals can experience a shift in their perspective, enabling them to approach challenges with greater resilience and understanding.
  5. Inner Wisdom: Spiritual counselors believe that individuals possess an innate wisdom that can guide them on their path. Through introspective practices, clients can tap into this wellspring of wisdom and make decisions that are aligned with their higher self.

Benefits of Genuine Spiritual Counseling

  1. Deep Self-Understanding: One of the most profound benefits of spiritual counseling is the deep understanding individuals gain about themselves. By exploring their spiritual beliefs and values, they uncover layers of their identity that may have remained hidden. This self-awareness contributes to better decision-making and a stronger sense of authenticity.
  2. Emotional Healing: Spiritual counseling offers a safe space for individuals to address emotional wounds and traumas. By connecting with their spiritual essence, they often find solace, forgiveness, and release from emotional burdens.
  3. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Mindfulness and presence, integral to spiritual counseling, are powerful tools for reducing stress and anxiety. Individuals learn to detach from the incessant chatter of the mind and find tranquility in the present moment.
  4. Enhanced Relationships: As individuals gain insight into their beliefs and behaviors, they often experience improved relationships. By fostering a deep connection with their own spirituality, they become more compassionate and understanding towards others.
  5. Life Transitions and Purpose: Spiritual counseling proves invaluable during major life transitions. It provides guidance and support when individuals are grappling with questions of purpose, direction, and meaning. Through this process, clients often discover their true life’s purpose.
  6. Holistic Well-being: This form of counseling not only focuses on mental and emotional well-being but also on the physical and spiritual aspects. By addressing the entire spectrum of human experience, spiritual counseling promotes holistic health.
  7. Connection to the Divine: For those who seek a connection to a higher power, spiritual counseling acts as a bridge. It aids in developing a profound connection to the divine, universe, or source of life, fostering a sense of transcendence and belonging.
  8. Resilience and Inner Strength: Spiritual counseling equips individuals with tools to cultivate resilience and inner strength. By tapping into their inner wisdom and understanding their place in the grand scheme of things, they become more adaptable to life’s challenges.


In a world often preoccupied with externally focused spirituality and the acquisition of material things, genuine spiritual counseling offers a gateway to the depths of the human experience.

By delving into spiritual reality individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Through his unique blend of extrasensory insights and ancient wisdom, Jack Rourke provides a path to holistic well-being elevating countless lives every year on their quest for a more fulfilling existence.♦