The world that human beings perceive is only a small portion of a larger whole. In addition to what the five senses smell, hear, taste, see and feel, there are a number of energies that are undetectable to the majority. Only some privileged people like the best psychic in los angeles Jack Rourke have the gift of extrasensory perception (ESP).

ESP is a set of psychic powers that allow the gifted to feel that hidden dimension, and also to understand the relationship that affects many events in the lives of human beings. These psychic powers are what make the real difference between genuine professionals and those who want to take advantage of other people’s money. Each skill grants a capacity to feel different things.


Parapsychology also calls this gift as “natural clairvoyance”. It is the ability to visualise past, present and future events. It is one of the most studied phenomena in the field today, although it has always been a favourite topic. Throughout the history, there are many kings, rulers, professionals and regular people who have looked for a psychic in search of answers to their most intense problems.


This gift consists of perception through energy vibrations. The person who has this ability can obtain knowledge about something determined, from the feelings produced by individual elements or people.


This ability allows the psychic to detect sounds, music and voices that can not be heard through the average ear. The professional can experience the sound at different levels of consciousness, both in dream states or naturally while consulting.

How do these abilities work in consultation with Jack?

During work with his clients, these three skills combine and act simultaneously. Also, the ESP of the best psychic in los angeles, allows him to step the shoes of the other person and live their past, present and future experiences. All this combined with other secondary skills allows generating a large information matrix about Rourke, which helps the development of the session.

With this information and through a warm, pleasant, and cordial meeting (personally or by phone), Jack processes that information and interprets it for you. It allows you to know all those invisible factors that are generating cause-effect relationships in your life and your particular circumstances.

Thanks to the interpretation of these signals, you can make more precise decisions, not only resolving specific issues but lead you to a more balanced, peaceful and happy life.

The Best Psychic in los angeles and is at Your Service

One of Jack’s most distinctive characteristics is that he considers himself a servant. For the past 22 years, he has helped many people, leaving all manifestation of ego aside. He puts all his experience and skills in the service of humanity.

The prestige of Mr Rourke is so much that in addition to his multiple awards, was the inspiration of the successful TV show “The Mentalist” broadcast by the CBS network, where they recognise his career as psychic detective worked on criminal and missing person’s cases. If you consider that it is time in your life to start living fearless and happier, do not hesitate and book now through our online calendar, or email, Liz for pricing, scheduling and further info.

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