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Can a Life Coach Help Me Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

Many people struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. According to a study by EY, roughly 50 percent of millennials and Gen X employees saw their responsibilities increase over five years. At the time, more than 40 percent saw their obligations at home increase as well. 

There’s no question that Americans are working longer hours and juggling more responsibilities – often with the same pay. If you’re currently struggling to find a healthy balance between work and home, the next step is to find ways to ease this burden. 

If you’ve tried a few things before that didn’t work, don’t give up hope. Below are some tips for restoring this balance in your life. 

Talk to a Life Coach

When you’re having a hard time balancing your work and family life, the normal response is to find ways to make things easier. But more often than not, people don’t know where to start. Or, the things they try aren’t effective. 

If this is the case for you, set up a time to speak with a trusted life coach like Jack Rourke. Jack is known for being the best psychic in Los Angeles and he uses his intuitive abilities to help people be more goal-oriented. 

Through life coaching in Los Angeles, you can get a new perspective on your attitudes and behaviors, learn how to improve your relationships and identify what is subconsciously holding you back. All of this information can help you make better decisions for your mental and physical health. 

Prioritize Your Time

Make a list of the things you have to do each day, week and month. Prioritization is important because it ensures you allocate enough time for your tasks. You can prioritize your tasks into different categories such as: 

  • Urgent and important 
  • Urgent but not important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Not important or urgent 

By following this structure, you can be most productive with your time.

Establish Your Boundaries 

Without boundaries, other people won’t know what is okay and what isn’t. For example, your boss might expect you to be on call nights and weekends without any extra pay. Or, you may be expected to take on projects without help. 

Sit down and think about what boundaries are important for you. Your life coach can help with this. In time, you’ll find that boundaries prevent you from burning out or finding yourself in uncomfortable situations. 

Make Time for Self-Care 

As you consider all the things you have to do, be sure to leave yourself some “me time.” When you have free time, it’s easy to want to put that into work – catching up on emails, returning phone calls, etc. However, you also need time to relax and recharge. 

In addition to spending time alone, here are some other self-care tips to follow: 

  • Exercise daily
  • Get enough rest at night
  • Use technology to speed up tasks 
  • Create a productive workplace
  • Have set work hours and stick to them 
  • Stay connected to your support circle 

Talk to a Life Coach Today 

If you’re having trouble finding balance between work and home, you can benefit from life coaching. Schedule an appointment with Jack Rourke, a psychic in Los Angeles, to discuss your struggles. It’s possible that you just need to set better boundaries or identify what is subconsciously holding you back. With Jack’s help, you can achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance.