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Are You in an Entangled Relationship?

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Relationships are a common topic of conversation, as they are the foundation of human existence. Thanks to the relationships we create, we’re able to connect with others, share intimacy and build families. 

What’s interesting is that for as much as people talk about relationships, there’s very little connecting going on at all. Instead, many of today’s relationships are actually entanglements. An entangled relationship is very different from a real relationship, which is built on love, trust and harmony. 

Signs You May be in an Entangled Relationship 

If you are questioning the security of your relationship, you could be struggling with entanglement. Entanglements look a lot like real relationships, so it’s not always easy to identify them on the surface. Here are some signs to look for.  

You struggle with the same issues. 

Do you have the same arguments with your partner over and over again? Patterns that repeat themselves are a sign that you have unresolved issues. These issues continue to surface in relationships and impact your happiness and contentment. 

You feel that you can’t be yourself. 

Real relationships are built from two people who are relaxed and in tune with each other. Enmeshed relationships are the opposite. You might feel like you have to hide parts of who you are when you’re with your partner. Perhaps you do this to impress them or to uphold a certain image. 

You commonly end up in power struggles. 

Power struggles are extremely common in entangled relationships. Both partners try to “win” in some way, whether that’s being the one who is right or the victim. Of course, no one ever wins in these situations, and the power struggles only further complicate your rapport. 

You feel emotionally drained. 

When a relationship is healthy, both partners feel comfortable and at ease. People may still have good days and bad days, but they admit to these feelings and take responsibility. Entangled relationships are often exhausting. You might feel like keeping your partnership together is a huge job. 

How to Resolve Entanglement Issues 

So, what if you believe that you are in an entangled relationship? The key is to work on yourself and realize that you don’t need someone to “complete” you. Here are a few things that are often recommend by mediums in Los Angeles

  • Identify the entanglement. Come to terms with the fact that you are in an entangled relationship. To stop this pattern of behavior, you need to face the unresolved issues that are holding you back.
  • Choose what you want from the relationship. Continuing the entanglement without change will only reinforce negative patterns. You must decide whether you want to: 
    • End the entanglement. This involves ending your relationship and working on yourself through counseling, self-help groups and spiritual coaching. 
    • Improve the relationship. It is possible to transform your entanglement into a healthy, loving relationship. This will involve open communication, soul digging and more, but it can happen. 

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