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The Key to Finding a Spouse or Life Partner – Work on Yourself First!

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Finding the right partner or spouse involves a lot of moving parts. You’re not just looking for someone who fills your time and makes you laugh – you’re looking for trust, communication, honesty, intimacy, attractiveness and so much more. But choosing a partner isn’t hard because it’s impossible – it’s hard because people often go about the process in the wrong way. 

Oftentimes, people look for someone who can ‘complete’ them, which is the wrong approach. Instead, you can enjoy much healthier relationships when you complete yourself first. This means loving yourself and making yourself whole before dating other people. This can take time and work, but it will pay off in the long run. 

Below are some tips on how to choose a partner or spouse that will enrich your life for the better! If you’re having trouble moving forward, book an appointment with love psychic Jack Rourke.

Love Yourself First!

It sounds simple, but we can’t stress this enough. Before you start looking for someone to spend your life with, work on the relationship you have with yourself. Otherwise, you risk getting together with someone to boost your self-image. You should be happy with who you are, what you do and how you look. Being confident will attract the right people to you and allow you to find someone who makes you feel even better!  

Be Happy Being Alone 

It’s not always easy to be single when your friends all have someone, and this can make you feel sad and alone. But as a part of loving yourself, you should also be relatively happy with being alone. If you’re not happy being by yourself, you’re more likely to enter a relationship with the first person who comes along. Also, you are probably ignoring bigger issues that are stopping you from feeling whole. 

Know What’s Important to You

Consider the qualities you want in a spouse or life partner. Many people don’t experience ‘love at first sight,’ so you want to look beyond the looks and feels. Think about the qualities that are important to you – religion, family values, personality, interests, attitude toward relationships, etc. This will help you focus on the right things – someone who is truly compatible with you. 

Also, consider what qualities you don’t want. It’s fine to disagree about certain things – this is actually healthy! – but you don’t want everything to be a struggle. Be flexible, but also know what things are deal breakers, such as a lack of physical attraction or opposing views on an important issue. 

Be Ready to Compromise 

Relationships involve a lot of compromise – and this isn’t always easy! It’s helpful to write a list of the qualities you want and don’t want in your partner or spouse, but you also have to be willing to compromise. Your future partner will have their own unique personality, interests and opinions, so no one person will meet all of your needs. Find a balance between finding a person who makes you happy without having to give up the things you love. 

Look in the Right Places 

There are many ways to find people to date – your friend groups, online dating sites, classes/groups you’re interested in, church, etc. Be open wherever you go, but also be patient and give yourself time. Many people admit they found love when they were least expecting it! The same could be true for you, too!

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