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Why People in Los Angeles Often Have a Therapist…and a Psychic!

A few days ago, an article was published on Secret Los Angeles: 40 Things That Are Considered Totally Normal in Los Angeles…But Nowhere Else. And it’s a great article that covers some of the quirks that Angelenos have, such as eating Mexican food for breakfast, paying $20 for a smoothie and bringing your dog, well, pretty much anywhere. 

But one of the points that we found most interesting was this: people in Los Angeles often have a therapist and a psychic. Can you relate? If not, this post covers the reasons why everyone should have a psychic on their speed dial – not just Angelenos! 

Build Self-Confidence 

Self-confidence is more important than you think. It’s linked to almost every element involved in a happy life. By cultivating more self-confidence, you can live your best life. 

But how exactly can you build more confidence? There are many things you can do, such as saying positive affirmations, challenging inaccurate thinking and practicing self-care. A therapist can help with these things, though they do take time. 

A psychic in Los Angeles, on the other hand, can provide you with immediate confidence. How? They can help you recognize your gut feelings, reveal the validity of your uncertainties and give you a higher level of reassurance in your decisions. 

Enhance Intuition 

Intuition is the sneaking suspicion that something isn’t right, even when you can’t put your finger on it. Learning to listen to your gut feeling is important because it allows you to make good decisions (rather quickly) for yourself and your life. 

Consider that your intuition is closely connected to your subconscious. Therefore, trusting your gut instinct allows you to identify your dreams and live according to your core values and true sense of purpose. 

By working with a Los Angeles psychic, you can learn to trust your intuition more. This will help you make decisions quickly and confidently without needing others’ opinions. 

Decrease Self-Pity 

Some people play the blame game and become victims of their circumstances. While we all feel sorry for ourselves at times, too much self-pity can be a negative thing that prevents you from taking control of your life. 

Psychics can provide an objective perspective of a situation so that you can regain mental strength and take action. Once you give up the “poor me” mentality, you’ll be better equipped to solve problems, cope with your hardships and develop a more positive outlook. 

Gain Clarity 

Perhaps the main reason why people should have a psychic in Los Angeles is to gain more clarity. Psychics are highly intuitive and can help their clients deconstruct false beliefs and perceptions that would otherwise be harmful. 

In fact, clients often have a “blockage” that prevents them from reaching their full potential. Psychics can tap into the subconscious mind and help relieve clients of these obstacles, such as childhood trauma, karmic cycles and regrets. 

Whether you need guidance and direction, a renewed sense of purpose or a listening ear, a psychic can meet you where you are. Schedule your psychic session with the best psychic in Los Angeles – Jack Rourke. Appointments are available!