The phrase “Psychic Medium Near Me” is a popular search term for people seeking spiritual guidance. But did you know the title psychic medium refers to a specific kind of practitioner and that most psychic mediums are not able to provide what is considered genuine spiritual guidance? This article will teach what a psychic medium is technically speaking, and how to get meaningful spiritual guidance from a real psychic nearby.

What is a psychic medium?

To understand what a psychic medium is, it is best to first independently define what psychics and mediums are.

The words psychic and medium are not interchangeable. Jack Rourke, author of The Rational Psychic, explains that “A psychic is someone who can senseLos Angeles Love Psychic ‘energy’ around living beings and then interpret that energy into patterns of information which subjectively emulate the five physical senses. On the other hand, a medium is someone who does not read the energy of living beings. Mediums are people who believe they can sense the presence of deceased people and then telepathically communicate with them.” Now we are ready to explain what a psychic medium is.

A psychic medium is an individual who claims to possess the ability to communicate with the spirits of deceased people, as well as perceive information from and around the living. This means that when you search for a psychic medium near me, you are searching for someone what can read you and communicate with dead people.

Why Searching for a Psychic Medium Near me is Not always Best

Mediums do not provide spiritual guidance. They only commune with thoughts about the dead. Real spiritual guidance is a process. One that frees you from all that inhibits you living your core divine identity.

Rather than a psychic medium, your spiritual guide should be someone who sees you for who you genuinely are while naturally inspiring you to feel safe and cared for. A good spiritual guide can help disentangle you from your mind, your emotions, and all the automatic behaviors causing you to create and identify with your false self. But since a medium is someone who serves the dead, not you, the role of the medium is not necessarily fit for functioning as your spiritual guide.

A medium’s purpose is proving their identity as a medium and the existence of the afterlife. This means mediums do not help people reach enlightenment. They only create other mediums and convert people to believing in mediumship. These two roles, medium and believer, are not spiritual. They are only two additional personas that need to be dissolved through genuine spiritual practice so you can enter into union with the divine.

How to Get Good Spiritual Guidance

You now know that using a psychic medium to experience magical feelings of “connection” with the dead is not helpful spiritual guidance. Working with a medium does nothing more than indoctrinate you into an afterlife belief system. It is for this reason, most mediums play no valid role in offering ego dissolving spiritual guidance. Why? Because the sentimentality mediums promote around death affirms the survival of the ego beyond death when authentic spiritual unfoldment demands surrender and ego death.

A genuine spiritual guides leads you into experiencing reality as it really is and you truly are beyond ego. Once liberated from the fears associated with your ego, you will become more creative, have more energy, and find it easier to form meaningful connections with others and achieve your goals. This is the irony of spiritual evolution – by surrendering all you think you are you receive all you hope for.

So, when you seek genuine spiritual guidance, you do not need to Google psychic medium near me. What you really need is someone who understands you and helps you feel safe while showing you the way to living who divinely are.

Sometimes, a spiritual guide can be a good therapists. Spiritual guidance can also come from a romantic partner. The unconditional love of an animal can be a source of spiritual truth too. And, a genuine psychic who has abandoned serving ego identity and beliefs in spiritualism can definitely function as a truly meaningful spiritual guide.

Psychic and Spiritual Guide Jack Rourke

Renowned Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke began his career as a sought after Spiritualist Medium. However, due to his commitment to genuine spiritual study and practice, he walked away from his ordination.

Jack had come to see much of what spiritualism promotes and promises as causes of egotism and factually untrue. What followed were more than two decades of professional experiencing using extrasensory perception to help people in real world ways. Mr. Rourke eventually developed his step by step client focused psychic method. He is now known as one of the top psychics and spiritual counselors in North America. ☼

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