Rational Abundance Now

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Rational Abundance – Well being now

One of the benefits of being a public personality is experiencing firsthand how small the world really is. As a spiritual counselor and psychic whose fielded thousands of intimate questions over the years, I’ve learned that regardless of geographical location, social standing or education, the most common fear is not having or being enough.

Fear of not having or being enough, is a universal fear. Putting a positive spin on such afeeling, it demonstrates on some level you’re aware you’re more than what you currently experiencing. It also shows that you fundamentally yearn for a greater expression of your person. The problem is that so long as you over-identify with physical existence you mistakenly imagine financial surplus as the source for satisfying fear and longing.

Escaping fear

We’re all guilty of believing from time to time that wealth affords the experience of greater well-being. But for those walking a spiritual path it’s essential to remember that  yearning for more really symbolizes a desire for a spiritually rich and inwardly centered life. A life that infinately creates from the felt expereince of one’s innate fullness.

People often imagine fixing a past hurt or accomplishing a future goal, will
bring them satisfaction. This sound reasonable but these are  just ways of avoiding the present where abundance is actually found.

To blossom spiritually one must be still. Most people imagine walking a spiritual

path as a kind of journey – a life long struggle where one follows a continuous path of self-improvement. But we only need to look at nature to see that transformation happens naturally without any effort at all.rational abundance  This does not mean we shouldn’t educate ourselves, take action or hold a job. What I’m saying is that creating abundance by becoming the person you imagine deserves fulfillment is a fallacy. All you need to to do is create harmony between your inner and uoter world and this process begins by accepting your innate goodness and loveability.

Letting go

Living a spiritually abundant life requires letting go of both your imagined identity and an idealized future you. You must also let go of how you conceive the world should be. When you do this, you will blossom.

Fear of not having or being enough means you are afraid to be and feel who you are. It demonstrates you do not have confidence in your ability to handle what ever comes your way.

Rather than using unfortunate circumstances to beat up on yourself, struggles can be helpful reminders. Encountering resistance tells you its time to be fully present with who you are, where you are. We are present with ourselves when we feel the depth of our situation emotionally. This doesn’t mean getting caught up in “woe is me” sentimentality or rationalizing your situation as a spiritual lesson. Both of these strategies are actually just ways to escape feeling the present moment. And , indulging in metaphysical rationalizations obscures your innate wisdom by discouraging emotional awareness.

Real poverty: fear, low self-worth and lack of confidence can’t be resolved through material gain. Wealth is only a distraction from a scarcity mindset. 

I have extremely wealthy and glamorous clients who fear not having enough the same as my minimum wage earning clients struggling to raise a family. Every situation is relative to one’s income and lifestyle of course. But on a deeper level whether one is living in a mansion or a studio apartment, lack of abundance is ultimately a state of mind that somehow supports an unconscious sense of who we are.

Conscious creation requires deliberately fulfilling our basic developmental needs rather that allowing unconscious conditioning to dictate how we experience life. When are most basic needs are met we feel loved.

Your basic needs are met when you are given attention, appreciation, affection – and when you are accepted for exactly who you are. As children we relied on our caretakers to teach us our value by giving us healthy and sufficient amounts of appreciation, attention, affection and acceptance. Now that we’re adults, regardless of our upbringing, it is our responsibility to give these “loves” to  ourselves.

When we love, we are abundant. Life is abundant. Abundance is not something that can be measured, earned or striven for. It’s simply a state of being. All throughout nature, when an organism lives in harmony with its environment, it’s life is abundant.  Similarly, you will blossom when your mindset is harmonious and self nurturing. When you treat yourself as valuable by being present and attentive, accepting who you are, appreciating your goodness and allowing yourself to be seen – your whole world will change.

Do not try to become anything.
Do not make yourself into anything.
Do not be a meditator.
Do not become enlightened.
When you sit, let it be.
What you walk, let it be.
Grasp at nothing.
Resist nothing.
If you haven’t wept deeply, 
you haven’t begun to meditate.

-Ajahn Chah