3 secrets to love and relationship psychic reading

3 Secrets to a Great Love And Relationship Psychic Reading You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

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Los Angeles – According to business analysts at IBISWorld the psychic service industry in America, which includes a broad range of metaphysical services such as mediumship, tarot, and astrology readings, is growing. Annual revenue is estimated to top out well beyond two billion dollars. During the height of the covid-19 pandemic, newspapers around the globe echoed these statistics. Major media outlets reported a psychic boom worldwide. It seems that during uncertain times people seek alternative ways to manage change especially when things feel out of control.

Anyone who has ever had their heart broken knows romantic uncertainty can disrupt every area of your life. It comes as no surprise then that psychics who offer love and relationship psychic readings play an increasing role in helping people deal with the ups and downs of love. But, how can you tell if a love psychic is a good one? What traits should you look for in a psychic when you want help with your relationship?

In this article, we’re going to explore three secrets to getting a great love and relationship psychic reading by helping you understand and evaluate the qualities of a good psychic. In the following paragraphs, we will navigate the psychic world using the expert assistance of Jack Rourke, author of The Rational Psychic. 

Many people think it’s fun to ask a psychic about their romantic future. When will I meet my soulmate? How many children will we have? What will the love of my life look like? These are common questions people ask during love and relationship psychic readings. There’s just one problem. These queries are requests for predictions rather than actual help with your love life.

There’s no harm in asking for a prediction about your love life. Unless that is, you believe everything you hear. Why is it potentially harmful to believe everything you hear when inquiring about your future love life? It’s simple.  Asking a psychic about your future love life is speculative entertainment.

In reality, everything that happens in your life results from your decisions. More importantly, how you experience what happens in your life is determined by the point of view you adopt in response to whatever events occur. This means even if a psychic correctly foresees an event what still matters most in terms of how you live tomorrow is your mindset. According to Jack, Mindset matters most.

Rather than an upbeat mystical distraction in the form of an entertaining psychic reading, a skilled psychic can really assist with your mindset. A good psychic can help you weigh options, get clear on what your real needs are, and evaluate your circumstances through the lens of precognition to give you a heads-up on what to watch out for moving forward. This way you can make decisions that will maximize amorous outcomes.

A love and relationship psychic reading is most beneficial when the appointment discerns your relational needs and your capacity to function in a relationship. First in your relationship with yourself and then with a partner. Alternatively, for a psychic to tell you whatever they see as if you have nothing to do with the outcome only reinforces the falsehood that life is happening “at” you rather than as a consequence of your informed decision-making.

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke is widely recognized as an extrasensory expert who truly helps those he serves. According to Jack, “A good love and relationship psychic will work to understand your mindset rather than tell your future. The most gifted love and relationship psychics, those who genuinely want to help you, will not just hand out predictions like a game-show host giving away prizes. Instead, a spiritually motivated seer will consider your mindset and then take into account your goals while clairvoyantly observing your love and relationship patterns and potential. All this information combined creates your love life profile as it were. This is the data used to offer a client actionable assistance.”

A real love and relationship psychic reading is a process for better understanding yourself so that you can contribute to, and meaningfully experience your authentic self within a secure loving relationship. And since mindset matters, a good psychic will empower you with details that will illuminate your decision-making. But, the secret to really turning on the lights is finding a psychic who can truly discern context without bending to your preferences.

Context is the unique situational elements relevant to your person and your goals that a good psychic sees. Why is context important? When speaking context a skilled psychic is talking about the specific circumstances that surround and hold, shape, and inform your present and future life.

Context is critical because context is the minute and often overlooked details that influence decisions. Context is important because ultimately you can do whatever you want. But a psychic who relays context helps you be the person you want. For example, when a psychic describes your future or present love life contextually, you can ask yourself is that the kind of partner I want? Can I change that pattern? Or, is what the psychic describing the sort of life I really want to lead? Contextual information is truly helpful in preparing you for or executing a course of action.

Understanding context is additionally helpful because the way you consciously or unconsciously define your romantic circumstances, and whether you choose actions that are consistent with your values, is what ultimately dictates who you love and what you experience. This is why a trusted psychic is so valuable. A genuine seer will help you understand your real needs and explain why you are romantically drawn to certain people, then help you make good choices so you can create the life and love that’s most fulfilling for you. What does a fulfilled life look like? Fulfillment means expressing yourself accurately in the world so your relationships become vehicles for experiencing deep acceptance of your person. Two people accurately approving of one another for who each uniquely is is what it means to be truly loved and connected according to Jack.

love and relationship psychic reading Los Angeles

Only when you experience your life as love will your outer relations provide the interperosnal experience of soulmate fulfillment.   – Jack Rourke

Now that we know a love relationship psychic reading is not about predicting the future or finding out what the stars tell you about your love life. We can see who chooses as your psychic is really important. Here are three things to look for when choosing the psychic you look to for love and relationship guidance.

3 secrets you must know to get a helpful love and relationship psychic reading

Secret 1. Rely on a professional

A professional psychic is someone who can offer more than intuitively gleaning information. Analyzing and accurately describing your failed love life or your ex’s character may seem exciting and very psychic. But interpreting people and situations without actionable steps that supply for well-being can actually be a survival response to anxiety which might indicate such a psychic is caught in their own reactive mind – or worse, their broken heart.

Mr. Rourke explained how 25 years ago he was participating in a workshop where a psychic was describing their sitter’s unhappy marriage. The psychic was agitated and speaking with an increasingly urgent conviction. The sitter was on the edge of her seat hanging on the psychic’s every word. From far away this reading appeared impressive. But what followed was the psychic insisted the sitter handle her troubled relationship as the psychic personally would.

Just because a sensitive has the frame of reference to clairvoyantly view your romantic situation accurately, if the discerned assessment is not grounded within a professional skillset, the psychic may not be able to actually advise you without personalizing. Keep in mind, the ability to recognize relational patterns you are struggling with might indicate the psychic has not yet healed similar wounds. You need a professional psychic who can care for you in accordance with your needs. Rather than try to coerce you into doing what makes them feel better.

A professional psychic does not assume their needs or experience are the same as yours. This means a professional psychic can accurately view your relational matters and adopt your frame of reference to provide objective guidance without being personally triggered. This is why it is important to schedule with a psychic who has years if not decades of personal spiritual practice and professional client interactions. A spiritually disciplined mind is emotionally tolerant and equanimous enough to deal with your heartache and guide you appropriately without personalizing.

Personalizing, like supposedly natural extrasensory perception, results from poor boundaries. “Natural psychic ability” sounds impressive but it is not. It really means the psychic is untrained. Without ample experience, such “intuitive knowing” can be harmful to the psychic and the client. Personalizing is just one example of unhealthy psi-functioning. Therefore, from the vantage point of a seasoned professional who is focused on actual client care, the intuition among improperly trained sensitives is potentially less valuable than the wisdom gleaned from a trusted friend.

Becoming a professional psychic who can truly make a difference in the lives of those they serve takes years of study and practice. These days, most psychic enthusiasts adopt a psychic belief system. Reimagine their past in a manner that confirms they were born psychic and begin offering readings. As someone seeking a love and relationship psychic reading, you need to know that adopting a psychic identity is how many rationalize chronically projecting their intuitive hunches onto others. This is not a professional skill set. Making assumptions about others or their future does not make one psychic.

As a client, you may not be able to tell the difference between a novice psychic who wows you by personalizing and projecting and a seasoned professional.  In fact, dealing with a genuine pro might be less exciting than the novice psychic eager to prove themselves. But here’s how you recognize the mature professional seer. A  spiritually mature professional psychic is clinically objective. They always put your needs first even when it is not obvious to you. They also possess the capacity to hold your pain – still love you – and truly help you without being overwhelmed. The professional’s expertise is in how they care for you not in how they paranormally amaze you.

So, what does it mean to be objective as a psychic and why is it important? Being objective as a professional psychic means extrasensory observations are not filtered through the lens of one’s personal anxieties like those who are naturally psychic because they have poor boundaries. The important benefit of a psychic with strong boundaries and a seasoned skillset is you are protected and provided for. The psychic with good boundaries will not be triggered by your love problems. Nor will they trigger you by exposing you to emotional contaminants when they empathically insert their awareness into your aura.

Secret 2. You want a psychic who is humble

There is such a thing as fake humility. You can recognize fake humility among psychics by listening for humble-bragging. Humble-bragging is when someone makes a seemingly modest or self-deprecating statement that flatters or draws attention to themselves.

A good example of metaphysical humble-bragging is the psychic who mentions the amazing thing that happened during a reading by saying spirit did this or that and they are so thankful to “Spirit”. Putting aside what “spirit” is or why it requires praise, actual thankfulness only requires a simple silent prayer of gratitude that’s unheard by anyone.

Another seemingly impressive example of humble-bragging is the psychic who brings focus to themselves by pretending they have no control over their extrasensory experiences. These are psychics who act as if they are reluctant victims of their psychic perceptions. They complain they are just so psychic that spirits appear to them in ways that disrupt their lives. Ghosts show up in the grocery store, in the bathroom, and in other unexpected places.  Reports of spirits showing up uncontrollably might sound impressive. But when not a lie, claiming spirits randomly appear is actually an admission the psychic is so untrained they have no understanding or control over their mind. Their eccentricity may be intriguing but they are likely not someone you want helping you with personal concerns as they might make the session about themselves.

A lack of humility is a sign of an inflated or deflated ego. The deflated psychic ego perceives spirits as afflicting them while the inflated psychic underscores their own importance by overtly praising invisible spirits to draw attention to themselves.

Both the inflated and deflated ego are a problem for you if you are seeking genuine help through a love and relationship psychic reading. Whether a psychic’s ego is inflated or deflated when the ego is out of sync with reality it covertly calls attention to itself by striving for its own agenda. So, the reason you want a psychic who is humble and professional is this. The psychic who lacks humility might amaze you with feats of mediumship but they are covertly extracting praise, attention, approval, or validation from you. Make no mistake an egotistical psychic, even if well-meaning, serves their needs, not yours. They might not even know it.

How can you tell if your psychic is humble? Well, they will tell you the truth. They will admit they can be wrong. And they will confess they are not omnipotent. A humble psychic will also explain their methods and why they work as they do coherently.

Additionally, a professional psychic who is grounded, honest, and clear will not solicit praise or impose their grandiosity upon you by presuming to know what’s best for you or require you to adopt their belief system. Instead, they will empower you with information and options. A grounded psychic is also recognizable because when possible, they will refrain from using command phrases like the following terms.

You should…

I would…

You must…

Overt or covert command phrases can be comforting for the confused or those under duress. Directives from psychics can provide a sense of certainty that can make people feel safe. But, beware – command phrases can also indicate personal preference and demand for your conformity.

When a psychic gives commands it can be a sign they have lost professional objectivity, their ego is imbalanced and they cannot personally tolerate empathic resonance with your aura or circumstances. The resulting overwhelm can motivate unskilled psychics to rescue or change you to mitigate the feelings they sense from you. Under such circumstances, the psychic is not really trying to help you. Instead, they are motivated to fix you so they can quiet the emotional urgency surging through them as a result of their empathic connection with you.

A wise professional psychic will never assert control over your life or decision-making because it may prevent you from having valuable experiences necessary for your evolution. So, remember, objectivity fosters humility, and humility and love are what spiritual professionals employ to help and heal. No amount of praising spirits or humble-bragging ever helped anyone.

If a psychic does not transparently live love as their truth they cannot help you with your love or relationship. Instead, by you asking them to predict your love life they will become an agent of spiritual deception by confirming the falsehood a future person is your source of love. Sadly, predicting the future and disempowering you is how most psychics operate. – Jack Rourke

3. A good relationship psychic reading empowers you in the now

A love and relationship psychic reading formatted to help you provides actionable information that allows you to make proactive informed decisions about your love life today. More importantly, with a skilled psychic, your session will always enhance your ability to feel love and be loved for who you authentically are right this moment.

With a spiritually mature and motivated seer, there is no need to worry about the future. A good psychic is a spiritual teacher and mentor who can move you into lived realization you are already fully loved. What this does is liberate you from needing to acquire affection from a future someone. By shifting focus from the future to the now you can feel your lovability. The benefit is you immediately see the world differently and the world feels you more accurately.

When you are living fully in the present who you truly are you are no longer viewing life mentally through a lens of emptiness and expectation that distances you from all genuine love and relationships. What makes living in the now meaningful is it is practical rather than mystical.

A love and relationship psychic reading never requires spells, extra money candles, or magic. A psychic reading is not about imposing your will, manifesting anything, or getting people to do what you want. trying to get something using mental tricks is a method for imposing your will onto reality rather than opening up and surrendering to the unknown moment of now.

Romantic love as something requiring spiritual manipulation is a codependent fantasy encouraged by unskilled psychics. Genuine love is something more elusive, raw, and honest. Real love is experientially lived only under the rarest of circumstances because it requires an absence of a self trying to get something.

Only when a psychic can live the emptiness of right now can they guide you into the experience of now where your life is love. It is only when you experience your life as love will your outer relations provide the interpersonal experience of soulmate fulfillment.

If a psychic does not transparently live love as their truth they cannot help you with your love or relationship. Instead, by you asking them to predict your love life they will become an agent of spiritual deception by confirming the falsehood a future person is your source of love. Sadly, predicting the future and disempowering you is how most psychics operate. Why? Because their identity as a psychic requires you to need them.

Dependence on the future and striving for external circumstances are what common psychics require for the public to rely on them. But, if your psychic is humble, they will instinctually prioritize your well-being over their role as a psychic. The humble psychic will then empower you with kindness, wisdom, and truth that immediately affirms your inner resources thus spiritually liberating you from being dependent on any psychic and any future relationship.

Mental time travel to the past or future can be an unconscious strategy for minimizing stress among those who developed extrasensory-like perceptions in response to personal anxiety. Even those who can produce the most magical psychic experiences do a disservice when they encourage bypassing right now using inspiring paranormal perceptions.

You may feel uplifted sitting when a psychic helps you escape heartbreak or longing for love. But a good psychic who provides a real love and relationship psychic reading enables you to feel pain and emptiness as a gateway to your eternal being.

There is a deeper dimension accessible to all through our willingness to be right now with what is, says Jack Rourke. Heartache cannot be cured by a lover. Craving romantic love deep down is really a longing for union with our source. That source is within. When we focus humbly on this moment, the soulful state of who we naturally are becomes our lived experience. This is when love emerges as our life. What follows are beautiful partners and situations beyond our imagination.

Why enlist a love and relationship psychic

In today’s world, finding love and maintaining a healthy relationship has become increasingly challenging. There are so many factors that can affect the course of a relationship, and oftentimes, we find ourselves lost and confused about what to do next. This is where a love and relationship psychic reading can be helpful.

Jack Rourke is one of the most renowned psychics in the world, known for his accurate and insightful readings,  his work is solely focused on helping people.

real psychicDubbed world-renowned in 2009 by AOL celebrity news and declared the top psychic in America by Russian State Media & Buzzfeed in 2017 & 2018 respectively, CNN sought a spiritual perspective from Jack upon the passing of superstar Michael Jackson. CBS Television featured Jack as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV show The Mentalist. FOX television and the WB network hired Jack to psychically profile the Casey Anthony and Jon Benet Ramsey murder mysteries as well as the tragic death of Elisa Lam. 

Jack is notably the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic™ and the source of wisdom behind countless magazine articles on well-being.  He has contributed to the books Kids Who See Ghosts, and, What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening. And, he co-authored the 2007 21c Psi Survey with the American Institute of Parapsychology. As a featured extrasensory expert, Jack has appeared on Coast to Coast with Georg Noory, Playboy radio, the CBC, the BBC, ABC News, NBC, Showtime, Destination America, SyFy, the History & Travel channels, and many more respected media platforms. For more info please visit www.jackrourke.net. For now, let’s examine the top 5 ays jack can help you with your love life.

Insight into Your Relationship

One of the most significant benefits of a love and relationship psychic reading by Jack Rourke is gaining insight into your relationship. Jack has years of experience in the field of relational counseling and psychic readings, and he has helped countless couples over the years. By tapping into his psychic abilities, Jack can provide you with insights into your relationship and its dynamics that you may not have considered before. This can help you gain a deeper understanding of your partner and how to build the love you truly want.

Understanding Your Partner

Sometimes, it can be challenging to understand your partner’s actions and behaviors. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts that can cause strain on your relationship. A love and relationship psychic reading by Jack Rourke can help you understand your partner’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Jack can help you gain a better understanding of your partner’s personality, what drives them, and what they need from the relationship.

Identifying Relationship Issues

Relationships are complex, and there are often underlying issues that we are not aware of. These issues can manifest themselves in various ways, such as communication problems, emotional distance, or lack of trust. A love and relationship psychic reading by Jack Rourke can help you identify these issues and provide you with guidance on how to resolve them. Jack can help you address any negative patterns in your relationship and help you find a way to move forward in a positive direction.

Clarity and Guidance

A love and relationship psychic reading by Jack Rourke can provide you with the clarity and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your relationship. Jack can help you understand your own needs and desires, as well as those of your partner. He can help you identify any obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving a fulfilling relationship and provide you with guidance on how to overcome them.

Predicting the Future of Your Relationship

While no psychic can predict the future with absolute certainty, JaLove Psychic Los Angelesck Rourke’s psychic abilities can help you gain insight into the potential future of your relationship. Jack can tap into his psychic intuition and provide you with an idea of what to expect in the future. This can help you prepare for any challenges that may arise and provide you with the tools you need to overcome them.

In conclusion, a love and relationship psychic reading by Jack Rourke can be immensely helpful in many ways. Whether you’re struggling to understand your partner, facing relationship issues, or seeking guidance on how to move forward, Jack’s psychic abilities can provide you with the insights and guidance you need.

If you’re considering a love and relationship psychic reading, there’s no better psychic than Jack Rourke to help you navigate your relationship challenges.best psychic Los Angeles

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