The Psychic Appointments We Provide Are Not a Form of Entertainment. Therefore, Our Sessions Are Not for Everyone. This Webpage will Teach You Who are Psychic Appointments are NOT intended to serve. 


We are not a normal psychic service that offers conventional psychic readings presented to you as entertainment for you to witness… We are a holistic helping service. The psychic appointments we provide are a spiritual counseling service that employs an evidential client-focused psychic method that is strictly formatted around our client’s specific questions and concerns and executed for the sole purpose of helping clients with their personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns in order to empower decision-making, support growth, and help clients achieve and live their best selves. We do not deviate from the stated purpose of our service or our methods.

 All psychics are NOT the same. Every psychic has different beliefs. Each psychic serves a different purpose. And, every psychic provides for their clients in their own unique way. Our service is unique and is not intended for everyone. ONLY SCHEDULE WITH A PSYCHIC WHO WORKS HOW YOU WANT AND FOR THE PURPOSE YOU NEED. This is the only way to ensure your happiness.

The service we provide is a professional holistic helping service. People not seeking help do not need our appointments. Those not seeking help can be made very uncomfortable by our highly personalized methods.

On our homepage and throughout our website, we deliberately communicate in detail how we serve, who we serve, the outcomes we strive for with clients, what we require from clients, and what we do and do not do, while also describing our methodical step-by-step process on our website.

For ethical reasons, we will not accept an appointment if we even suspect someone will not benefit from our service. Because we are so transparent, we will immediately refund every appointment deemed to have expectations our service is not designed to fulfill – minus the bank fees that are not refunded to us by our merchant service. 

People Who Should Not Schedule A Psychic Appointment

  1. People who want a face-to-face appointment
  2. People who only want predictions and focus only on the future
  3. People expect Mr. Rourke to predict your decisions rather than help you identify opportunities to make decisions and empower you with information to make said choices.
  4. People who want to talk to the dead, ghosts, spirits, spirit guides
  5. People who insist or expect their session to conform to how they want it
  6. People who fear they are being watched, spied on, or persecuted by other psychics or enemies, law enforcement, or people who are secretly trying to harm them
  7. People who believe they are being attacked by demons or evil forces
  8. People who believe they are being contacted by alien or extraterrestrial intelligence
  9. People who believe Mr Rourke appeared in their dreams or that he alone has a special message for them only he can share
  10. People who want to feel wowed by magical demonstrations of ESP.
  11. People who believe they have a curse on them or are being harassed by an evil spirit or ghost
  12. People who KNOW they are destined to change the world and want Mr. Rourke to tell them how they will do that and what an incredible life they will live.
  13. People who only want Mr. Rourke to confirm what they believe
  14. People who want Mr. Rourke to confirm their psychic ability.
  15. People who believe they are psychic and want Mr. Rourke to agree with & conform to their belief system
  16. Coaches, therapists, or counselors who need help with their practice and personal issues but resist new points of view that might take them outside their comfort zone.
  17. People who diminish insight by saying “I know this” but do not take action
  18. People who suffer severe anxiety & are triggered when their worldview is not shared
  19. People who only want to try a session to see what it is like or want to witness the psychic process to see if ESP is real
  20. People who are prone to panic attacks and want a psychic reading to uplift and soothe them in order to keep their inner life stable
  21. People who are prone to being defensive, argumentative, passive-aggressive, or counter-attacking when offered new ideas
  22. People who think they are going to dictate how their psychic session is conducted.
  23. People who are tourists or visitors to Los Angeles
  24. People who do not read our website.
  25. People who want to remain quiet and witness their appointment happen in front of them while they remain quiet.
  26. People who believe their appointment should entertain them or make them happy rather than point them to how to experience joy and fulfillment within

Evaluate if a Psychic is Best for You

Your values, wants and needs must match how your psychic serves. Prior to booking any psychic appointment, always learn the outcomes your psychic of interest strives for with clients. Also, learn who their service is for, their methods, and their individual philosophy. Always check out reviews last.

Many people only read reviews when determining if they should schedule with a psychic. This is a mistake. A positive review means that the needs of that person were correctly aligned with the way that psychic works. Never chases the experience another client had.

A psychic can be wonderful but if your beliefs and needs do not align with the purpose of their service, their philosophy, or their methods – your expectations will impede your psychic appointment and you will likely not enjoy that session.

If ever you do not understand a psychic’s methods, or you do not need the results that that psychic strives for with clients, do not schedule with them. You might be made very uncomfortable by the vulnerability you feel during such an appointment.

If you are unsure of whether a psychic practitioner is correct for your needs and you find yourself with many questions about them or their service, you are looking for external reasons to trust that psychic.

If you find yourself questioning if a psychic is correct for your needs, do not schedule. It is important to note that when you have too many questions about a practitioner or their service, this indicates you do not implicitly recognize the value of their offering. You should never schedule with any psychic unless you are well informed about their service and you unquestionably feel in your gut, yes, this psychic service is right for me.

At Psychic Readings Los Angeles, we require prospective clients to read about our service and then decide for themselves if the service we provide in the exact way it is described is best for their needs. We will not answer anything beyond superficial questions about our service or in any way influence anyone on whether to schedule. We view answering questions as unethical since by scheduling with us we are the ones who collect a fee. Whether or not to schedule should only be decided by your own judgment.

How to Get a Conventional Psychic Reading

If you need real help, go to a psychic who advertises as a professional at helping you in the way you require. But, if you fear being transparent and you want a psychic to spontaneously amaze you and trigger positive feelings, you are not seeking help. You are seeking an entertaining distraction in the form of a conventional psychic reading.

Conventional psychic readings are those offered by tarot readers, some mediums, and most psychics who advertise talking to guides or accessing the Akashic records. Conventional psychic readings are formatted to showcase a psychic who creates a metaphysical experience for you to witness akin to entertainment.

Conventional psychic reading is a form of entertainment because it provides a distraction by ushering you into a feeling of being in contact with an uplifting mystical reality. These appointments may not be entirely real in how they help you in a lasting way from a certain point of view, but they will satisfy your needs for connection without accountability and feel good in a way many wrongly believe is spiritual.

Psychic performances can seem spiritual in how they leave you uplifted, inspired, mesmerized, or surprised – touched, awestruck, or mystified. These emotional reactions, through the psychology of awe, reduce stress by breaking attention from everyday life temporarily. This is another reason conventional psychic readings are a form of mystical entertainment.

Even though conventional psychic demonstrations can be uplifting and awe-inspiring they can actually amplify confusion and anxiety long term leading to dependence on the psychic. This is a problem.

If you found any information on this page contrary to your expectations you have learned our service is not correct for your needs. We appreciate you have invested the time to read this material. You may learn more about why our service is special and more than entertainment here.