young woman preparing for a psychic reading

3 Things to Know Before Your Psychic Reading

Think that psychics are all about predicting the future and communicating with dead people? This is actually a misconception! According to this article from the New York Times, psychic mediums are the new wellness coaches. People now see psychics to heal negative energy, discover their life purpose and learn how to trust their intuition. 

If you’re thinking about scheduling a psychic reading over-the-phone or in-person, you’ll be amazed by the things you can learn about yourself and your greater purpose in life. Below are three important things to know before consulting with a psychic. 

1. Be open to hearing the information that comes through your psychic. 

Some people attend a psychic session with a specific agenda in mind. However, we advise against this. A good psychic will have information come through them, so they’re not in control of what they sense, feel and hear. Be open to receiving this information, as it’s what you need right now, not necessarily what you want. 

2. Let the psychic lead the session and do most of the talking. 

As we mentioned above, good psychics let the information come through them. So, let them do their work – this is what you’re paying for after all! 

A psychic reading is not a two-way conversation or therapy session. The psychic will do most of the talking and ask you to validate the information they are receiving. In fact, this is one of the best ways to distinguish between a good psychic and a fraudulent one. Saying too much will give a fraudulent psychic too much information to manipulate.  

3. Pay attention to the small details, even if they don’t make sense at first. 

An authentic psychic will provide you with details that show they are connecting with you in the right manner. As your psychic shares this information, pay close attention to the small details. Some may not make sense at first, and that’s okay. In fact, some of our clients don’t connect the dots until later on when they’re at home! However, these small tidbits of information reassure clients that we’re truly connecting on a spiritual level. 

Schedule Your Psychic Reading Today 

A psychic reading is an excellent self-care tool that you can use at various times in your life. Be sure to choose an authentic psychic who connects with you and makes you feel comfortable. Psychics are still people, and they have their own unique personalities. Choose someone who you “click” with. 

For instance, some psychics are incredibly kind, sincere and non-judgemental while others take more of a “tough love” approach. Remember, you’re not picking a friend but rather someone who can deliver your messages in the way you need. To schedule a psychic reading with Jack Rourke – a top psychic in Los Angeles and New York – contact us today