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3 Possible Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose

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When you know your calling and purpose, it’s easier to have a healthy perspective on life. All too often, people get caught up in the little things and don’t give any energy towards making a difference in their lives. Having a clear purpose allows you to set goals and give attention to the things that matter to you. 

But what if you haven’t discovered your life purpose yet? What happens then? Sadly, many people live their lives never really knowing what their true calling is. Instead, they go on chasing their purpose, when really, it comes from the inside. 

If you haven’t figured out your direction in life, there’s a probably a reason for it. Everyone has purpose after all! Here are three reasons why you haven’t discovered your life’s purpose just yet

1. You’re not living life for yourself – you’re living it for others.  

People are taught to look to others for guidance and validation. But when it comes to your life purpose, you have everything you need from within. You don’t need to get approval from others. In fact, this can steer you away from your purpose. 

To ensure you are living life for yourself, know who you are and what makes you feel happy. Do not look to others to guide you down this path. Look at your past and the things you have accomplished. You have plenty to give, and your unique talents and gifts will be valued by the right people. 

2. You accepted a job instead of listening to your calling. 

In the U.S., people are defined by the work they do. However, people usually accept jobs for other reasons beyond their life purpose – insurance, money, commute times. The problem with this approach is that the job itself doesn’t do anything to make you happy and fulfilled. 

Before you get any type of job, listen to your calling. What do you want to do? How do you want to feel at the end of the day? What are some defining moments in your life when you felt happy? This will help you discover your calling and the type of work that will enrich your life. 

3. You spend too much time comparing yourself to others. 

Comparing yourself to other people is not a healthy practice. When you’re always looking at what others are doing, you miss your own unique path. Sure, it might look different from what others are doing, but this is the whole point! Limit your time on social media and focus on yourself and the things that make you truly happy. 

Once you realize that you’re in control of your life – not your parents, siblings, friends, etc. – you’ll feel incredibly liberated. The last thing you want to do is spend your time living life for others. Life is short! Being true to yourself will also inspire others to do the same. 

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