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Barriers to Intimacy and How to Overcome Them

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We all benefit from having intimate, connected relationships with our partners and spouses. However, certain things can block intimacy. These “barriers” can break down your relationship and cause you and your partner to build walls around each other. As a result, you and your partner won’t be as close. 

Fortunately, you can change your relationship by being aware of these barriers. By acknowledging them, you can work on improving yourself, addressing past trauma and building a stronger relationship. 

What are Some Common Barriers to Intimacy? 

There are many different things that can work against you in your relationships. Some are in your control and some are not. For example, if you were abused or neglected as a child, this is not your fault. But if you have trouble controlling your anger, this is something within your control.

Even people who have good marriages find that they drift apart from time to time. The key is to be aware of these barriers and make spending quality time with your spouse a priority. In the meantime, here are some common barriers to intimacy: 

  • Anger 
  • Triggers from the past
  • Miscommunication  
  • Childhood trauma
  • Poor self-image
  • False or negative beliefs
  • Brokenness from past relationships 

How Can I Break Down these Barriers? 

Barriers to intimacy build up over time, so you can’t avoid them entirely. As you can see, some barriers happen before you enter the relationship, while others develop over time. To break down the barriers, you must start by identifying them. This can be done through self-reflection, by talking with a counselor or by scheduling a love and relationship psychic reading

As you discover what your barriers to intimacy are, you can work on eliminating them. Some of the ways you can do this are through improved communication, spending more time together or taking anger management classes. There is no one right way to build intimacy in your relationship, but it does take a conscious effort to remain closely connected. 

Tips for Building a Happy Marriage 

Remember, it’s normal for couples to drift apart at times. It’s generally not a concern as long as you come back to each other. Here are some tips for keeping your marriage fresh: 

  • Remind your partner that you appreciate them 
  • Say thank you for the little things
  • Be honest and transparent 
  • Maintain healthy relationships outside your marriage
  • Be mindful about the things you say 

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