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6 Mindful Habits to Practice Every Day

When it comes to improving your life and appreciating the little things, mindfulness is key. At first, mindfulness may not come easily. Many people have a hard time shutting off their brains and teaching the mind to be present. This can be especially difficult for those who don’t believe mindfulness will really work. 

However, research shows that meditation practices are effective at treating a wide range of problems such as substance abuse, trauma, anxiety and depression. If you’re currently struggling in your life, mindfulness can help you work through your problems. Rather than expecting yourself to jump into mindfulness, here are six mindful habits to start with. 

1. Write in a Gratitude Journal 

Learn to appreciate the good things in your life, no matter how small they may be. Write in a gratitude journal each day and list out the things you are grateful for. This conditions the mind to look at the positives and realize how blessed you are – which you are. Everyone has something special and unique in their lives. 

2. Practice Breathing Exercises 

Set aside a designated time where you practice breathing exercises. We recommend starting with at least 15 minutes a day. The most basic way to start this process is by focusing your attention on your breath. You can do this while sitting or lying down, with your eyes closed or open. This article offers simple tips for starting out with mindful breathing. 

3. Meditate 

On the outside, meditation might look easy, but it’s something that takes time to master. Be patient with yourself and pay close attention to the present. Your breathing exercises will help you relax and go into a deeper meditation. Let yourself feel your thoughts, emotions and sensations. If your mind starts to wander (which it will), take a moment to come back to the present and resume your meditation. 

4. Speak with a Life Coach 

Life coaching is a self-discovery process that helps you understand who you genuinely are. This can be especially helpful if you’ve just gotten out of a bad relationship and feel that you’ve lost yourself in the process. Life coaching can bring you back to yourself and the life goals that are important to you. Discover the things that are holding you back and transition into a new experience. 

5. Avoid Passing Judgement 

A quiet mind does not judge. As you become more self-aware, you’ll be able to stop yourself from passing unnecessary judgement. A better approach is to try and understand the person and why they might be acting out. Once you begin to accept them for who they are, you can hopefully learn to love them, too. 

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