California is a spiritual mecca. From Hollywood’s Self Realization Center to San Francisco’s esoteric storefronts, California Psychics have become a cultural fascination.

Perhaps it’s the state’s longstanding association with new age philosophies and unconventional beliefs. Or maybe it’s the many celebrities who have embraced psychic advisors and mediums. Whatever the reasons, business is booming for California Psychics.

The Booming World of California Psychics

California Psychics are known worldwide. Yes, California is the place for sunshine and surf . But the Golden state is also known for people claiming all kinds of psychic powers. From telepathy to psychokinesis, and the ability to channel the souls of departed figures, you can get private a reading with California Psychics for a variety of ways for almost any reason. 

When you want a psychic reading that is more than an entertaining mystical experience, then the most common California Psychics are not going to be able to genuinely help you. There are less than a handful among thousands of psychics in California who both format their appointments as a helping service and have the skill to assist you with real life issues.

Among Great California Psychics there is only One Mystic

When it comes to California’s flourishing psychic scene, one name stands apart – Jack Rourke. This Los Angeles-based clairvoyant has amassed a cult following and reputation as the preeminent psychic and mystic in the Golden State. Despite his retreat from public life in recent years.

Los Angeles Love PsychicRourke’s uncanny abilities are legendary. Especially his medical intuitive readings. From accurately foretelling scandals for his celebrity clients to precisely pinpointing major news events, his premonitions carry an eerie accuracy. He has been featured in national and international media and counts known self help gurus and authors as students of his work.

Clients rave about the intricate details and deeply healing revelations Jack effortlessly provides about their love lives. But more importantly, Rourke skillfully teaches clients how to find love and peace while optimizing their lives based on their genuine real life needs so they can achieve. No one else comes close to how Jack cares for his clients. It is why he is so much more than most California Psychics. He is mentor, friend, humorous teacher and spiritual ally to all he serves. 

California Psychics are Everywhere 

Given the poor reputation of psychics you may be asking are psychics real? Yes, they are. And, in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and the Bay Area you can find psychics of all varieties – tarot readers, palm readers, astrologers, channelers, and more. Ritzy neighborhoods like Santa Monica and Malibu host high-end psychics who command top dollar for personalized readings. But you’ll also find neon-lit storefront psychics in grittier areas offering cut-rate services.

But because the psychic movement is so active in California, thousands of people every year flock to train with California Psychics. Which means in every part of the United States you can find a Psychic influenced by a California Psychic or one they saw on television.  

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